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1SaleADay offers online daily deals that start at midnight EST. These sales last 24 hours, and then repeats itself with another new sale. The feature an outstanding deal in each of their categories offered: electronics, watches, home and family items, jewelry, and fashion. 1SaleADay is for those who love great prices, as well as casual shopping for fun. 1SaleADay is allowed to offer up to 90% off of the retail price of the listed items.

Since its founding in 2007, 1SaleADay offers something new everyday. If you sign up for the emails, you will know about all of these deals and never miss out! You can also earn cash back with your purchases from 1SaleADay. Check out their news blog that offers topics like helping with your budget, recipes, and other engaging topics.
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Most Helpful Positive Review

3 stars

VERY slow customer service response

by sewfunfatwallet on March 23rd, 2012
While 1SaleADay has great prices and items, my first experience was not a good one. I bought a namebrand refurbished mp3 player which had the items I wanted in one and was a good price. I have had very good success with reburbished items on other sites and thought this would be fine.

The item did not power up. I charged it, and tried over and over. When I went to 1SAD and found their little customer service email place, I sent them and email. I waited and when I had not heard for several days, but had checked my account every day, I contacted them again. Just before doing so, I found that an RMA had been issued for the item. BUT there was no communication about it to me!! I have been told I could send it back - at my expense - or not. I have received a refund through my credit card and am not spending money to send it back.

Before I had received this I had ordered two other items, both of them new and both are fine.

This place has great prices, just be sure you are willing to deal with slow or no contact from customer service if you need it.

Most Helpful Negative Review

1 stars

PITIFUL customer service and chintzy merchandise

by jerpat on October 13th, 2012
Too 3 weeks to get "KIng" comforter set that is full bed size. Email about shipping got reply in 5 days with no answer. Don't even think about phong them. Google them and you'll find it takes 90 minutes on hold if they even answer the phone. I stayed on hold for 30 minutes then entered a dispute with my credit card company. This merchant is really BAD NEWS!
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Most Recent Store Reviews for

1 stars

Bad Customer Service - Junk - Made in China products

by jricethegreat on July 29th, 2014
This company doesn't have phone number and company address. You can only contact them via email, and other social media. However, it takes forever for them to respond your message. Their products looks very cheap and most of them made in China. Stay away from this company...
1 stars

Read Product Descriptions Carefully...Don't buy if in doubt...Slow Customer Service

by CIDBi on July 24th, 2014
Very, very, very slow customer service. Sold me used phones (they had marks and looked dirty) and the product description did not mention that the phones would be used... only that that they were new unlocked phones... I had to send many emails to follow-up and somehow secure refund after shipping them back. The reps kept replying, expressed apology, but took days, sometimes weeks to respond. If you have endless patience to write multiple emails to keep things moving, you can try this place... all others should stay away.
1 stars


by haroldcotrina on July 10th, 2014
Stay away from this company!!! they just fired 90% their employees...fucking Jewish giving cheap and fake products , is the worse company. NOW are in BANKRUPTCY don't bother buying from them , you might not get the product. STAY AWAY!!!
4 stars

Don't buy electronics or jewlery over $15 and you'll be happy

by foxy88 on July 8th, 2014
I have purchased many items (designer sunglasses, toys, inexpensive jewelry) and have only had one item I was not satisfied with, amethyst earrings. The amethyst was cracked, but if you look at the image on their site and know what you are looking for you can see the cracks. Shady on their part, yes, but at $25 I learned a lessen and will never buy any jewelry from them with any types of jewels in it. Otherwise I've been happy. Shipping is slow, but after two weeks they contact you if there is an issue. One time they ran out of stock, refunded me and then sent me the item, for free, 6 months later when they got it in stock again. Not bad.
1 stars


by joshbaisch on July 3rd, 2014
I ordered a Galaxy Gear Smart watch over a month ago. After 4 weeks of waiting for it to ship (it was actually on the 5th week they contacted me) they told me that the product was "In unsatisfactory condition" and that they weren't going to ship it to me. I was issued a refund almost instantly, but the credit had to go through my paypal account and through my bank. So far, after 2 weeks, still not seeing my credit. Your mileage may vary of course, but I would not recommend this vendor to anyone. Ever. I don't understand how it could take 4 weeks for them to determine the quality of ANY product before deciding to send it or not. Not to mention how frustrating it is to not see your money back for all this time.
5 stars

Item received in under a week

by abefriedmann on June 30th, 2014
After making my purchase and reading some of the reviews on Fatwallet, I was seriously reconsidering my purchase. But, I ordered sunglasses on a Wednesday, and they came shipped exactly as described 5 days later on Monday. So, maybe the company is getting their act together somewhat, but 5 days from a deal website is pretty good.
1 stars

Takes money first; ships as slowly as possible; poor customer service

by sechs on June 24th, 2014
If I could give negative stars, I would.

1Sale charges your card immediately, not when it ships.

After my item had not shipped by the delivery date, I contacted them. After no response after one week, initiated investigation through my credit card. After doing that, 1Sale finally responded that there would be a delay in shipping, with no idea how long. I asked them to just cancel the order. Days later, they come back that it can't be cancelled because it has shipped! Actually ships a few days after that.

Since I had already ordered and received the item from elsewhere, I said that I didn't want it from 1Sale any longer. I was told to refuse the package. Weeks later, the package arrives, but is delivered when I am not home. So, I have to drag it back to a post office to return it.

After getting the package back, 1Sale does not give me back my money, so I have to open a dispute with my credit card. They didn't even bother to reply to the investigation. I still got my money back, but had to wait for the thirty days they are given to respond.

I would strongly suggest avoiding 1Sale. No deal is worth this effort.
1 stars


by vmwilkins on June 19th, 2014
I ordered three items on May 5, 2014. My credit card was charged immediately upon ordering and the estimated delivery date was May 16th. I reached out to 1Sale at the beginning of June, after realizing that my items never arrived. First alarm - you cannot speak to anyone by phone. You must email them. Their first response was "sorry but it's been more than 21 days since delivery. There's nothing we can do." I emailed them back that I had contacted them WITHIN 21 days of their estimated delivery date of May 16th. They claim that the items were delivered on May 10th. I am contacting my credit card company for restitution. I WILL NEVER ORDER FROM THEM AGAIN.
Also note that they are NOT ACCREDITED by the Better Business Bureau. I wish Id done my homework before ordering from them. :o(
3 stars

Shipping is Slowest of ALL online Stores!

by stoneyford on June 14th, 2014
Overall I've been ok with my purchases but you better be prepared to wait a LONG time before you get your order. Website says shipping is 7 to 14 BUSINESS days. It might as well just say 14 business days and leave it at that. They have NEVER shipped an order to me before that. If your not in a hurry... Great! Otherwise... you need to shop somewhere else.
4 stars

Good products, low prices, slow customer response, 1 OSS

by sschong on June 4th, 2014
There are a lot of bad reviews for this web site. I can only speak for my experience with them for the past 3 years.

It can be summarized in the above title. There were 18 orders during the past 3 years. All products ordered were delivered as promised except one (5 - 20 business days). Shipping is not the fastest on the internet but is free. Expected shipping time frame is usually stated on the order form.

The one occasion where they failed to deliver was for a set of travel luggage. 2 weeks after my order, I received a letter saying that there was a problem with the quality of the luggage and therefore they will not be shipping them. My credit card was refunded. As a token for the inconvenience caused they said they will send me a small gift. A week later I received a brown package with a hand luggage scale in it with no explanation (no notes/letter). It was annoying not receiving my order but they did mitigate the inconvenience by not shipping the sub-standard luggage, notifying me of the problem and refunding my credit card immediately. I only had to contact their customer service on 2 occasions. They took 2 - 3 days to respond. Again not the fastest, but tolerable. The products that I received are new and were as advertised.

I can only assume that to keep the prices low and offer free shipping they have to keep their costs low and therefore certain areas of their business suffers. This may not be the way I would run my business but this is their business model.
1 stars

Order #107725515 Emjoi RotoShave Rechargeable Razor

by bastrakhan5 on May 29th, 2014
please do not buy anything from this site, they will send you a piece of junk and not allow to return, there is no customer support available
1 stars

Changes descriptions after you order

by Kivutar on May 28th, 2014
I am not one of those people that think I'm going to buy a $1k diamond for $15 and have it look ok. I am fully aware the items I'm buying are probably cheap knock offs.

That said, there are at least two times when important aspects of the product description has changed after I've purchased something and they haven't notified me. The first time was when they changed a 10 for 10 deal of "chunky jewelry" to "chunk of jewelry". I'd ordered their 10 for 10 jewelry deal before and it was small cheap crap so I wasn't going to order it again until they changed it to "chunky jewelry". I figured it would still be crap but large costume jewelry. Imagine my surprise when it was the identical junk I'd purchased before.

The other more recent purchase was for a 6 pack of shirts. When I ordered, you were allowed to choose colors. My receipt did not show the colors I chose, and when I received the actual shirts, one of the sizes was nothing like the colors I chose. When I complained they showed me a page that did not allow for color selection and told me it said I would receive random colors. I started to believe them BUT then I realized one of the sizes was exactly the colors I chose. Odd that I received the colors I chose when I supposedly wasn't allowed to choose colors.

Their bad business practices aren't worth the few bucks you'll save. Most of their better deals can be found on other more reliable sites. They give the daily deal sites a bad name.
1 stars

Save your time. Don't even shop here!

by yohk on May 27th, 2014
first time to have bad experience for my online shopping! 3 days to get respond from the customer service, and shipping take forever to deliver. WILL NOT SHOP THERE AGAIN!
1 stars

Don't order diamonds no matter what!!!!

by JasmineD on May 12th, 2014
Yes, I read the other reviews that said the diamonds were like cut scratched up glass and I didn't believe it. I thought maybe it was a jealous retailer trying to discourage people. Wrong, wrong wrong! Believe EVERYTHING bad you read and more! This diamond is the biggest ripoff I have ever encountered in my life. I can't say enough bad about it. RUN AWAY!
1 stars


by shirazaboy on February 19th, 2014
They cancel order anytime and takes forever to ship any product. I would never buy anything from this site.
2 stars

order it and forget it !!

by vijaybist on February 12th, 2014
extremely late delivery spoils the taste !!
5 stars

No issues!

by jlppimb on February 7th, 2014
Saw alot of reviews AFTER I made the purchase and was kind of worried about how it would pan out. Thankfully I had no issues! Headphones even arrived earlier than site said they would. Guess I was fortunate!
1 stars

By far the worst experience with online shopping

by fridmank on February 6th, 2014
In my entire time buying anything online, this store is by far the worst experience. This site is a fraud and scam. Avoid by all means. Don't get fooled by low prices. I wish I read all the reviews about this site online before I bought anything.
1. They completely misrepresent the products. Most of the stuff they sell is either broken or refurbished.
2. It takes them 2 month to send you merchandise.
3. Customer service does not exist.
4. Return service does not exist.
5. Lie after lie from the person who answers emails once a week.
6. Only automated responses.
I'm glad that my lesson only cost me 40 dollars. I feel very sorry for people who lost hundreds with these crooks.
1 stars

slow shipping, cheap product, terrible cust svc

by HKStallion on January 19th, 2014
i have only purchased a few things from here. i have had to return 2 items. the first item i had to track down their number and call them to get even a response. the second item were "preshrunk" t shirts that when washed on cold, shrunk down to belly shirts. i emailed them within a week, they respond every few weeks to buy them time before the final email that said we were outside of the 21 day window for returns. i normally dont listen to bad reviews and assume they just had a bad experience, but 2x is enough for me. if you want to save $2 on a deal, but wait literally 3 weeks (11/18 -> 12/6), be my guest. do a search, i will post the actual email with dates so you can see for yourself.
1 stars

Do Not Order From Them!!!!

by user3657 on January 16th, 2014
Have orders pending since 11/17!! Have sent over 10 emails the past month to cancel, no responses until this week. On Monday they said that the orders were canceled, but the order status still says "processing". Not canceled. They are just holding onto my money at this point.

I'm really trying to avoid contacting my CC's for something so stupid but 1Sale will be getting charge backs from me. I can only imagine they get a huge amount of charge backs and I dont understand how they are still able to find a CC processor?!
1 stars

HORRIBLE Dont shop there!

by emilyboley1 on January 15th, 2014
Do on November 25th, 2013 I order in IPOD Touch for my son that was going to be a Christmas gift. About 2 weeks before Christmas I got an email from 1 Sale a day saying that there was a delay in shipment and my order would be there in 1-2 weeks well a week later I received another email say would be 2-3 weeks until I received my order. I sent an email asking a question, which populates an automatic email saying I take 1-3 days to get a email back. Well 1-3 days later nothing. So I decided to wait for my package to come. And it never came. So on January 3, 2014 I sent another email asking about the status of my order. Again I received a automatic email saying I would get a response in 1-3 days. Three days later nothing. January 10th send email again same thing. Did this again on 13th and 14th nothing. I finally sent an angry email saying that I have sent many emails and I have never received an answer and I am not happy regarding this. Oh and guess what I finally got an answer and you know what they told me. The product is no longer available, and not until I sent the email almost a month an half after ordering it and them charging my card did they process a refund.
1 stars

Horrible customer service, doesn't respond to refund requests

by erikanc704 on January 14th, 2014
Customer service and response time is horrendous. The only way to contact support is via email. The company does not have a phone number. The company says they respond to emails within 1-3 business days. That is a flat out lie. I have emailed them 4 times in the last 11 days about a pair of diamond earrings that I purchased that were not as advertised (clarity stated as SI1-SI2, but earrings have HUGE black inclusions throughout both center stones) and asked for a refund. I still have not gotten a response. I just opened a case with the BBB, opened a paypal "item significantly not as described" to try to get my $480.00 back for the earrings. Stay away from this company!!!!!
1 stars

Roku 3 ... bad remote ... purchased mid Dec 2013

by alexjudy on January 12th, 2014
Have emailed support 3 times 12/31, twice between 1/4 and 1/10 ...
I am yet to receive a response. The remote does not work so I guess I
have a very expensive paper weight !!!!!
1 stars


by jaybepr on December 26th, 2013
Ok this is very simple(((( DONT'T BUY FROM 1SALE.COM))). I placed my order on 11/23 for a tablet, a Christmas gift for my son, 1 month later I have nothing no Christmas gift for my 7 years old son. I had to run to Best Buy on the 24th and buy a tablet because today is the 26th and nothing. Send like 6 or 7 emails to customer service and no respond. PLEASE DONT WASTE YOUR TIME AND $$$$$$$.
1 stars

All the items I bought from are defective, and I could not return!

by fwuser2 on December 22nd, 2013
This store will give you very good price and send you defective products. I could not return them because they do not response my email, which is the only way to contact them.

Example: IPad Mini battery case does not charge. Aerb speaker mouse does not work as a mouse, only works as a speaker, etc.

I will never buy from this store any more.

By them way, I agree 100% that should ban this store. Otherwise FW is ruining its own reputation.
1 stars


by jwarner4avon on December 19th, 2013
Ordered laptop on Dec. 1st - Billed my account right away. Got UPS notification that label had been printed Dec. 4, 2013. Here it is Dec. 19th and nothing has been updated or even shipped???? Sent email to customer service which is to respond in 2-3 days, still no response. No phone number available to call them with concerns or to cancel and order. DO NOT ORDER ANYTHING ON THIS SITE YOU WANT IN A HURRY - With no customer service to speak of - buy at your own risk.
Great price but not if I never receive it....sign
1 stars

Does not respond to emails

by user3657 on December 16th, 2013
Have order pending, 36 days old. Still pending. Sent 3 emails with in a 2 week period simply requesting to cancel my order and not a single response saying my ticket has been received and should get a response in 1-3 days.
Contacting bank.
1 stars

After many times requesting an RMA # I sent the return now no refund

by netseller on December 11th, 2013
This started out looking like a great deal. I needed a small foot print Keyboard with a touch pad. 1sale offered a refurb Logitech unit for $19.99 with free shipping. I have used this vendor before and they are a tad slow on shipping but they do have outstanding deals.

I got this unit delivered and it included the keyboard and a bluetooth USB dongle. No software or manual. I went to the Mfg. site and was told Win7 would auto set up. It did not work. I tried it on 3 different systems ranging from XP, Vista, and Win7 DEAD. I downloaded the MFG software. DEAD. I looked at the Mfg photos and the dongle looked way different.

I emailed support twice and got no response. The offer a 21 day return so within that time range I requested a Return Auth number. I again got no response.

I had paid with PayPal figuring that I had their protection. I filed an initial dispute. The dealer turned down my refund request. I then escalated the dispute with PayPal and the vendor sent a note to me through them asking if the unit came with a dongle and I said it did.

PayPal then instructed me to return the unit. I used USPS Click and Ship with tracking.

A few days later the vendor said they never recived the item. PayPal asked me for proof that I sent the unit. I sent them two copies from USPS, one showing the shipping address and the other showing the tracking that showed delivery.

I just got a PayPal decision that said I did not return the unit, my activity wa going on my record and I would not be getting a refund.

At one time I was a very big internet seller and I have seen this type thing go on in the past where a giant retailer just stonewalls return requests and refunds

Here is my trasaction data Transaction #8S274288K64885648 Claim - #PP-002-767-582-993

I guess that I will not be doing business with 1sale again. Urge that if you do, that you use a credit card and not PayPal for your payment
1 stars

Do not trust this company

by oxnardprof on December 5th, 2013
Fat wallet should halt their agreement to support this site.

They are a scam site, they do not answer the phone nor respond to email messages.

Fatwallet should not provide implicit support to the company by offering cash back if members buy from this company.
1 stars

Con, total rip off

by pkodali1jr on November 29th, 2013
Ordered urbeats and waiting and waiting.....They charged total amount on day of order. Order is sitting in processing status for over a month. No reply to email phone calls. I checked BBB later and a ton of complaints against 1sale. Plain ripoff.
In the mean time I ordered klipsch S4i from Amazon. I figured pay a little more and actually get the goods.
1 stars

Con, total rip off

by pkodali1jr on November 29th, 2013
Ordered urbeats and waiting and waiting.....They charged total amount on day of order. Order is sitting in processing status for over a month. No reply to email phone calls.
In the mean time I ordered klipsch S4i from Amazon. I figured pay a little more and actually get the goods.
5 stars

Good products and prices

by azreal on November 27th, 2013
I've never had need to use the customer service because the products are always good and arrive within a reasonable time frame.
1 stars

CS does not exist!

by user3657 on November 16th, 2013
I have sent 3 emails in a 12 day span. One 12 days ago, two 4 days ago. I have not gotten one single response back. Their website says 2-3 days response time. One of those emails was to cancel an order. That order has been shipped and now im stuck with something I do not want. Had 1Sale responded to my email, they could of canceled my order before it was shipped.

Other then them missing CS, as much as I dont want to say it I have never had a problem with my orders in the past. If 1Sale provided CS, they will allow me to return the order that I had originally wanted to cancel but they did not respond to my emails. If they allow me to return my order, I will update this.
1 stars

Shady business practices - do not encourage

by alxndr on November 7th, 2013
The negative reviews are true, I ordered and paid for a tablet 10/17, they printed a shipping label 10/21, as of 11/7 (22 days after paypal payment), the order has not shipped! They will initially respond to your emails saying they are having problems "momentarily", and they will ship soon, even saying they will issue a partial refund of $5 but never will and drags on and will stop responding to you. Look at BBB and complaints, the complaints are not isolated.
4 stars

Rebate worked

by Meadow1212 on October 18th, 2013
Today (10-18-13) I just got my rebate debit card from a purchase made on 7-12-13. I sent the rebate materials in the very day the product (with the required proof-of-purchase) arrived. A three month turn-around isn't great - but they did keep their end of the bargain and the headphones I ordered work well. Thanks!
1 stars

You need to create an account just to look at the deal

by slappycakes on October 15th, 2013
F that and F them.
5 stars

Great variety in this store and super cheap prices!!

by jojo1965 on October 6th, 2013
Not just jewelry or batteries or socks, it is different every day! Clothing, kitchen stuff, electronics, sporting goods, a huge variety of choices. Something for everyone! Shipping is usually free and they are dependable which means they don't cancel your order because they ran out!
2 stars

Used to love this site ...

by raymno on October 3rd, 2013
I used to love this site until this last experience with exceptionally long shipping delays. I placed the order on 9/2 and now on 10/3 the item still does not show as being shipped. I emailed support with the gist of their response being, "Hey we're Jewish. We've had holidays this month". I'll think twice about buying from these folks again.
5 stars

A++++ Site !!

by poohenk on September 29th, 2013
I been a customer of 1 sale a day for over a year!! this site is a great site, shipping is free and are name brand and you get 70% off or more what not too love !! Customer service is great so this an A++ site !! You will love it !!
1 stars

Slow, customer service joke

by cerobinson2 on September 22nd, 2013
Order IP camera indicated on confirmation shipping would be 9/3/13. Generated UPS shipping label on 9/12/13 and UPS didn't receive it until 9/16/13. Customer service is a joke. They don't read the emails and respond the way they want to. If you don't care when you might get your order try it...
1 stars

Slowest to ship, worst customer service

by auburnnandu on September 11th, 2013
I have bought around 25 items from this site. The average time for these to arrive was around 21 days. I tolerated all this just because the prices were really good. About three weeks ago I bought 2 pairs of shoes from the site. 2 different styles from the same manufacturer but same size. Finally, when it arrived , one was the right size and the other at least 2 sizes larger even though both said size 10. So I contacted them for a replacement. One of the reps contacted me and said that they don't do replacements but offered a 5$ partial refund. I was blown away by this response. So after a few more emails they finally agree to take it back if I can ship it at my expense. Moral of the story: if you fall for the cheap prices better pray that the product is right the first time they ship or else it's your fault .
1 stars

Place an order, never received, never return my money

by cyrilyan on August 26th, 2013
as title
1 stars

Shipping is slow , if you even get your item. service sucks

by Chloedechanel on August 21st, 2013
Ha they cancel my order after a month of not even getting the merchandise then they tell me it is out of stock . I had even contacted them twice through the whole process. Ups label was created but they never received the item.

Other items took a month to get and if I was lucky maybe 3 weeks.

Something is wrong with this company will never use them again. App was just deleted..
1 stars

Takes 2 months to get an item

by doblin on August 14th, 2013
I placed an order on August 2 and it will be available on October 31. Wow! Won't use this again.
1 stars

Horrible Horrible experience.

by tunghlo on August 12th, 2013
Bought a nook, sent me an empty box. Did not refund my money. These guys are scam artists.
1 stars

Delivery service non-disclosure

by AuntyChar on August 7th, 2013
I purchased 2 wireless cameras and have yet to receive them. They were ordered on July 29th and then after purchasing and receiving the confirmation. This company then mentions they will ship the product out out on August 12th, no disclosure of this late delivery until you place the order. This is not worth the savings. I wish I had read all the other reviews before purchasing from this place. Fat Wallet should think about dropping this organization all together from their list. I will check in when the product arrives and see if it even works....from the comments, I hope it is not a refurbished item...if so I will return it.
1 stars

A scam at worst, un-usable at best

by mikkeymagic on July 23rd, 2013
I ordered 2 pairs of headphones from them early in July after seeing the fat wallet post. The price was half of normal retail which looked good.

I received a UPS tracking code July 8 and an email saying my order shipped. I waited a week and the tracking number still showed only that a label had been created. No shipping activity. I emailed customer service on 7/12 and received an automated response.

The estimated arrival date of July 16 came and went and I made 2 more attempts to contact customer service via email. My order did not arrive and the UPS code showed no activity.

I finally gave them 1 more chance threatening to charge back and when they didn't respond to that I did a charge back through my credit card company. Only then did I get an email in which a person lies to me and tries to tell me that July 16 was the date it was supposed to ship, not the date it was supposed to arrive which is a lie. It's now July 23 and that UPS label still shows only that a label was created back on July 8. No activity.

This company is a scam, they charged the money immediately, did not ship a product, and did not respond to repeated emails until I started a refund process, and then lied to me.

Avoid at all costs.
1 stars

Worst website ever. Never purchase

by teku on July 20th, 2013
I purchased a roku xs device with them however the device didn power up outside the box. Dismal customer service. Phone number does not work and email replies are very slow and not helpful. I still haven't been able to get a refund or exchange response And its been 2weeks in waiting. I recommend spend 10$ extra and buy from a more reputable merchant. Not worth the headache and time waste.

I wish I could give it less than 1 star.
1 stars

Rebate Scam

by Meadow1212 on July 12th, 2013
I just ordered headphones with a promised rebate on July 12 - which now looks like a SCAM. My order confirmation e-mail says that the "First shipment will be on Friday, July 26." Shipping will then take 7-10 business days. The rebate, however, must be postmarked by August 2 - including the "original product label" from the product which will have not arrived by then. By delaying shipping by 2 weeks (even though the website promises shipping within 7-10 days) - they are guaranteeing the product will arrive after the date the rebate is due. There is no way to cancel the order and no phone number to call. Fool me once...
1 stars

Spend the extra money elsewhere

by mrc911 on July 8th, 2013
Items are cheaply made and all 3 didn't even fit the opening of any Apple device! I've had cables that didn't charge as advertised but never had a cable that wouldn't even plug in! Matter of fact the Apple device end isn't even close (about 2mm to wide) to fitting the opening and yes I have the right cable. Problem is it is just a piece of junk! Customer service? Does it even exist here? Never got through to anyone.
1 stars

Slow and painful

by leoxuli on July 3rd, 2013
OUt of stock or slow delivery..
1 stars


by PoohBare on June 5th, 2013
I found this website through Fat Wallet. Order one pretty good deal, but took several weeks to get here. It was a Father's Day gift so I had plenty of time to wait. After 2 weeks, I did begin to wonder if it was going to arrive at all or if I'd been scammed. I received tracking info so I chilled.

I next ordered a tablet and a bunch of accessories for it. They shipped the accessories in 2 separate shipments after about 5 days. I contacted customer service after more than a week. They stated that they ship items within 7-10 business days. What? I read on their website that they shipped most things in 5 days. This is what it states in their FAQ: "Most orders are processed and shipped within 5 business days, but on rare occasions can take up to 10 BUSINESS days." The customer service reps that answer the email are surely in India and no help whatsoever. After 2 weeks, my tablet is finally shipping and it is going to take ANOTHER week. In this day and age, 3 weeks to receive something is ridiculous. It is like they are going out of their way to be slow. Shipping from Florida to Texas does not take a week. Currently I have a tablet screen protector in my hands, no tablet, no docking station and no second charger. Nice.

The deals are so so but definitely NOT worth the hassle. I'm willing to pay more and deal with a company that wants to get the products in their customer's hands and has some sort of customer service.
1 stars

horribe merchant

by alx2539 on May 8th, 2013
Never will purchase anything from them again!!!
1 stars

horribe experience

by darekable on April 19th, 2013
I will never buy from them again.
4 stars

No issues yet, just delayed shipments

by archena on April 18th, 2013
Never had any issues with them, just have to wait to receive your orders. Also have been able to return items with a problem with any issues.
5 stars

it was a very nice treat....

by jadeaccentcz3 on April 16th, 2013
I am happy about the low prices and how easy it was
1 stars


by bobbykevin2 on April 14th, 2013
Purchased two items about 3 months ago. Not even a call or E-mail/text about order status. Honestly, this merchant should be removed from any credible E-commerce site. Please do us all a favor and either lock up your doors or conduct business like you know what you're doing.
1 stars

bad bad service

by glickmartin on March 30th, 2013
wen ever i order something it takes a few weeks to get and sometimes it could arrive all destroyed
5 stars

Great value

by labwiz on February 25th, 2013
So far I have gotten great values from everything that I bought from the site. Shipping can be slow but do not expect Amazon here.
1 stars

good prices - when it works out ok

by impaul on February 23rd, 2013
I've dealt with this website over the past couple of years. It can offer great deals - but you've got to be careful.

1) Sometimes they send stuff in lousy condition - or pack it in a way that can cause damage - by not protecting the items from damaging each other when shifting in transit. Sometimes the boxes/containers/packages items arrive in are damaged - as if the items may have been returned items.

2) I have found their customer service to be disingenuous. They claim they're going to help when a problem arises - but then they lead you around and around in circles never solving the issue. For example - I ordered a number of items which were never delivered. I saw on the UPS website that they were marked as delivered, which is strange as I'm usually home during the day to accept parcels. I do, however, live on a busy street and if the delivery person doesn't ring my bell and just leaves the package on the front stoop - it can be stolen. I once saw someone carrying something away from my house which was something I'd ordered online - that's how I realized this was happeneing. Anyway, I contacted 1saleaday. They responded I had to wait an add'l 10 days before reporting a missing item in case it showed up. I waited, then was told to wait some more. Then after doing that, I contacted them again - they sent forms for me to fill out, which I did - then I never heard from them again and they stopped answering my emails. That was 2 weeks ago. It has now been 6 weeks since I first reported the problem and no word from them and no refund!!!

If I don't hear from them by Tuesday of the coming week, I'm going to report the company to the Internet Crime Complaint Center, or IC3 - which is jointly run by the FBI.

Because of this I've stopped dealing with this company as I think they're now a scam.
4 stars

This review is not from a reputation-building company as others tend to think....

by falchi on February 22nd, 2013
I've bought several items from this store - designer sunglasses, rachel ray knife, refurb handheld steamer, portable heater, refurb ninja blender, remote-controlled helicopter, cheap tablet (which i returned as it was pretty worthless), and i am about to check out with 2 sets of curtain panels right now. Prices can't be beat especially with their flash sales with free shipping but the main caveat is you are not going to get your items in a week like most online stores. Be prepared to wait several weeks for each item to arrive. If you don't mind this then you're golden. I've e-mailed their team a couple of times for some return and I have not had a problem. Refund was processed within days of receiving my returned item. I didn't like the fact that it cost me $12 to ship the tablet back but that's part of the deal when shopping on most sites. They should post on their site the length of delivery for each item so customers are aware and can be prepared.
3 stars

Slow but Successful

by almutirs on February 14th, 2013
Ordered over 6 times through the site, and each time got what I wanted for a price much better than anywhere else online. It's not a site you should order from if you're used to getting what you want within the week or in need of immediately.

I shop this site if it's for something I can use but fine with it getting to my address whenever it gets to my address, if your getting too anxious you can also keep track of your orders from your account as well.
1 stars

Received an old breadmaker with dings all over it that smelled like skunk

by mkovach on February 10th, 2013
I opened up my box to find a banged up bread maker with discoloration spots the size of my fist and dings/ scrapes on every piece. The inside smelled like a skunk and 3 months later it is still in my garage and smells like a skunk. I thought it would air out and be ok, but that was a negative.
4 stars

Shipping getting better, good prices and products

by scoobydooby on January 20th, 2013
Yes - their shipping can be very, very slow. In my experience it has become better in recent months, and my past two orders arrived within 10 days. Products are usually well priced, but they are starting to offer far too many products in each 24 hour window, plus many products are repeating too often. You can tell which items they have too much inventory of. That said, do some research and know in advance that your item won't be shipped the next day and you won't be too disappointed.
1 stars

One month and still waiting...

by krusty0001 on January 19th, 2013
I ordered a Simmons Black King mattress (1399.00) from 1saleaday It seemed like a great deal, as regular sale price at Macy's was 2400. My wife and I had been wanting that exact mattress. It's been over a month and 1sale hasn't delivered. I written 5 emails and, to their credit, each has received a response. They keep telling me its coming, they are busy, etc.. I told them to provide a firm eta or canx the order. They said they will "try" to canx my order, but it might not happen. They said to refuse shipment in a worse case scenario. I am calling the credit card company tomorrow to dispute the charges. There is no way I will ever do business them again.
1 stars

horribe experience

by lisasjm on January 9th, 2013
I will never buy from them again. I ordered my daughter's Christmas present on December 10th and it arrived the 27th! I tried to return it (I had to go out Christmas eve and find one), and after 10 e-mails back and forth with a different person responding each time, they said I could not return it. One of the responses was snarky and rude. None were helpful.
1 stars

Horrible experience.

by tunghlo on December 18th, 2012
Delays, nobody to answer your calls. Never replied emails.
1 stars

Transformer Prime - Junk!

by xanxere on December 12th, 2012
I ordered a Transformer Prime on November 15th and they promptly charged my card. The tablet didn't ship until November 27th (which is a violation of Visa's shipping/billing merchant rules). I received the tablet on December 5th. The inside box had been ripped open and there were scratches on the front and back. The wireless only works withing a few feet of the router and the GPS doesn't work at all (apparently a common Transformer Prime defect). I have been trying to get an exchange or refund, but now they want me to take pictures of the tablet even though the wireless and GPS are the primary problems. Their Customer Service is very slow and not helpful at all. I'll give them a few more weeks to make it right then ship it back and file a claim with my credit card company.

Do a little research before ordering from them. If you read the reviews it looks like people are mostly dissatisfied or VERY happy with them. To me, most of their positive reviews sound like they were written by a reputation rebuilding company. Saving a few bucks isn't worth the gamble even if they do end up refunding or exchanging the tablet. I should have done my homework first.
1 stars

Wrong item, very rude and unhelpful CSR, if you ever manage to talk to one.

by tunghlo on December 7th, 2012
I bought a tablet and they sent me a used camera. I tried to call them like 20 times and finally managed to talk to a human being. Guess what happened, I was "transferred" then the got cut off. I will never ever buy from them again.
1 stars


by ig1979 on November 28th, 2012
This is the worst experience ever. Place an order and has been 2 months and my order still is processing. I contacted Costumer Service and they told me the cannot do anything but wait. This store SUCKS!
1 stars

Horrible customer service

by dhelmic2 on October 24th, 2012
Purchased a laptop from them. Was told it shipped 8 days ago. The tracking number shows that UPS hasn't received the package. Have contacted customer service numerous times via email and phone, to no satisfaction. I told them my issue, which was they emailed me telling me my item shipped and what the tracking number is but UPS doesn't have the package, and they responded by telling me when they ship it, they will email me the tracking number. There customer service is non-existent. Horrible.

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