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Abe's of Maine has been a family owned and operated business since our inception in 1979. Originating as a Mom and Pop electronics retailer in Old Orchard Beach, Maine, we began to cultivate the outstanding customer service we are proud to provide for our customers today. Our goal is customer satisfaction and we appreciate your patronage! So, remember Abe's of Maine for all your online shopping needs.

Abe's of Maine
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Most Helpful Positive Review

4 stars

Fast shipping, good communication

by Dolemite on October 26th, 2011
Bought a DSLR lens from them. They called to verify the order. Good communication, but also tried a bit hard to cross sell some additional products. Shipped the next day and received 2 days after I ordered. Would definitely do business with them again

Most Helpful Negative Review

2 stars

terrible customer service

by onii on July 27th, 2011
Ordered an exercise bench from them, then later that night I got an email to call them. There was no reason given, just that I should call them about my order. When I called, the rep gave me hard sell on upgrading my shipping. After I refused a few times, he basically told me that unless I upgrade there's a high chance that my items will be damaged in shipping. All the while he could not have sounded more apathetic.

Wish this section of fatwallet was BIGGER and easier to see! I would not have bought from them if I saw this earlier.
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Most Recent Store Reviews for Abe's of Maine

1 stars

Beware of deceptive business practices

by climbbike on July 23rd, 2014
"Delays orders in order to call you and try to up sell you. Very unprofessional about it too. I was upset that they delayed my order and their response was "no, it's not delayed, they all take 48 hours". Yes, they do, because you delay them in order to try to up sell customers over the phone. 48 hours to ship an order is absolutely ridiculous for an industry as competitive as the electronics industry. No Thanks! <br><br>**UPDATE** Abes's of Maine has been calling me constantly and harassing me about this review. They have also contacted ResellerRatings and has lied to them telling them this review should not be allowed because I did not actually do business with them. This is a complete lie. It's Order #B1803078 places on July 20th at 7pm. They called me the next day around 3pm in order to up sell me. The item # was NK1635G, a Nikon Lens. These people are not just bad business folks, they are vindictive!"
1 stars

Buyer Beware

by kjsmith1 on March 24th, 2014
BUYER BEWARE!!! Purchased a TV from Abe's of Maine. Next day got an email to call them. They said there were extra Freight Charges in the fine print that was not in the final check out amount. For me it amounted to over $100! To get the TV I already paid for, I had to approve the payment of additional charges over the phone and subsequent to check out. In talking with Abe's representative, it was an obvious condescending, repeated dialogue of how I should have read the fine print by clicking on the hyperlink "View detailed shipping information" where it says in the fine print "For certain large screen LED/LCD, Plasma TVs, Large Appliances, Fitness equipment, SLR cameras, Camcorders and Lenses, a separate insurance charge is mandatory. It will be calculated based on the item value, weight and dimensions. Please call today to discuss your shipping options. We look forward to serving your needs." I guess my 46" TV was "certain large scree LED/LCD". I'll repeat, they do not give you the extra amount owed until after you have checked out and paid for the item so you can not know your final cost! That's apsurd! This method of doing business is extreemly unprofessional and hurts internet sales as you become weary of all small retail internet businesses.
5 stars

Very friendly & Fast service.

by howardcooks on March 4th, 2014
Very friendly & Fast service. Product arrived sooner than expected. Great experience. The staff answered all questions thoroughly. I really enjoyed doing business with them.
5 stars

Very quick response to my order

by jobofferwest on February 25th, 2014
Very quick response to my order with email upon shipping and delivery to Iowa very fast. Excellent service! Thanks!
5 stars

The item was exactly as advertised

by nickysinks1 on February 24th, 2014
The item was exactly as advertised, it was in stock, it arrived when promised, and it was the lowest price I found.
Abe's provided a tracking link and I noticed it shipped the same day I purchased it. Very simple transaction.

Update- I was looking for an on-camera flash for my Canon 6D. I wanted a unit that would make use of the features on my camera. I ordinarily research products that I want to purchase before I buy.. The flash normally retails for +/- $550 at camera stores. Needless to say, it's available cheaper on line.

I checked out a couple of on-line guides, and Abe's showed up as a reputable retailer. Abe's had the flash for $319. Others listed a cheaper price and free shipping, but of course when you go to the site they are either out-of-stock or it takes weeks to order. I figured a cheap price isn't any good if they don't have it. Shipping was free, Abe's was less expensive than other reputable sites I've dealt with.

I also tend to research the retailer, whether with a phone order or on-line purchase. I prefer to deal with a retailer that has a real telephone number in addition to the 800 number. I also prefer a retailer with a physical presence, rather than just a web site. Abe's has a store with actual business hours. A physical store is not a requirement, but it is preferable to me. I don't deal with retailers that won't list their physical address or direct dial telephone number; it's just too risky for my money.

Abe's site was easy to navigate, but I knew what I was looking for. The flash was listed in stock with a USA, new, with a USA warranty. I'm not opposed to gray market equipment, but I want to know what I'm buying.

The transaction was simple, I was done in a matter of a minute or so. I got a confirmation email right away, with a tracking number. I got another email when it was handed off to UPS. UPS had the package in less than 24 hours, and I had the package less than 24 hours after that.

The flash arrived as advertised, in it's retail package packed securely in a shipping box. I verified the serial no with Canon to make sure it wasn't a re-furb (it wasn't).

I can't speak about the customer service line because I didn't need it. I don't know where the name "Abe's of Maine" came from because they're in linden, NJ. but I could certainly recommend them as a reputable retailer.
5 stars

Fine establishment

by superrog on February 20th, 2014
Great shopping experience with them, very helpful customer service, I was helped with my tracking information.
5 stars

thank you for great prices

by hymiemeyers on February 17th, 2014
Check out was a breeze - on line customer help was very fast and efficient. Shipping was free for UPS for this order! Only thing I could praise was delivery because I just placed the order!. Not only do they have the cheapest pricing but for all the extra things like the salesman explaining in detail the differences between Nikon and canon Dslr cameras
5 stars

fast shipping

by kerinstarsud on February 17th, 2014
Fast shipping on lenses, ordered the canon 24-105. i paid about $200.00 less than amazon and bestbuy.
5 stars

had two good experiences with them

by mariarodrig on February 13th, 2014
had two good experiences with them, I ordered a TV back in December, I paid the cheapest with them then any other major retailer. Their is an up sell call but it worth it. I recently bought a canon 6D from them. Everything shipped well and price was excellent as usual
5 stars

Ordered from them a couple of years ago and a had good experience

by sallyanddan on February 11th, 2014
Ordered from them a couple of years ago and a had good experience. Their prices are pretty low plus they don't charge tax or shipping. So far I got an e-mail confirmation and a phone call confirming my order and shipping option.
5 stars

Been using them for over 10 years

by tanysteacher on February 11th, 2014
Been using them for over 10 years, I don't know how other people feel about them but Ive been treated like family on all my purchases. The reward they provide for customer loyalty is unmatchable. Ive been getting discount on everything from TVs and cameras to toasters. Thank you Abes for the royal treatment.
5 stars

recently purchase a microwave from them on amazon

by phildonache on February 10th, 2014
recently purchase a microwave from them on amazon, everything shipped in 2 days and in good condition.
5 stars

Great shopping deals

by jbakes4u on February 9th, 2014
I wasn't sure which camera I wanted to go with so I called and had a salesman walk me through the various products. Great service!
5 stars

Worth buying from them

by sarajaythegreat on February 3rd, 2014
I live in California and stumbled upon their website, I was a little nervous to order from them since I live in California. I ended up ordering a TV from them, I got an up-sell call to buy white glove delivery and also an extended warranty. Everything arrived in good condition, the delivery company A/M did a good job taking out the Tv plugging it in and making sure it worked. They also called to schedule delivery time with me.
5 stars

good buy, ordered a freezer from them last week

by lesterparx on February 3rd, 2014
I ordered a Frigidaire freezer from them they do not charge for regular shipping or taxes, which is a money saver. Their pricing is competitively low, Shipping is fairly fast (got white glove delivery) and customer service is easily accessible via phone. I donít know how easy the returns havenít returned anything yet.
5 stars

Competitive prices and really easy site

by ryandun on January 6th, 2014
Competitive prices and really easy site. I'm very satisfied with my new tv and with the shipping speed. Will be back again
5 stars

Great prices

by avarules on January 5th, 2014
Great and low prices
5 stars

Site was easy to navigate

by madd3264 on January 5th, 2014
Site was easy to navigate and process for checkout was simple and efficient. If the item arrives undamaged and delivered only with signature as requested, then I will consider the experience excellent.
5 stars

Easy shipping process

by jasonwium on January 5th, 2014
"Ordered a sharp 80 inch from them. I ended up upgrading to white glove shipping and am very glad I did. The deliveryman called to set a convenient time that worked with my schedule. When they arrived, they brought the tv into the living room, took the tv out of the box and set it up for me. They plugged it in, even mounted it for me, and made sure everything worked before leaving. All in all I saved about $1100 with their company and received royal treatment. Thank you!"
5 stars

Finding the right item was very easy as well as ordering

by richte on January 5th, 2014
Finding the right item was very easy as well as ordering. Delivery was super fast. I was ecstatic as I had misplaced my Canon battery charger, having two beautiful grand daughters and with Christmas coming up, I had been panicking about not being able to take pictures. Thanks to your great service, stress no more
5 stars

Just ordered so far I got an e-mail confirmation and a confirmation phone call.

by minithegreat92539 on January 5th, 2014
"Just ordered so far I got an e-mail confirmation and a confirmation phone call. "
5 stars

Fast shipping

by kathynew on January 5th, 2014
Site was easy to navigate and process for checkout was simple and efficient. The item arrived undamaged and delivered only with signature as requested.
5 stars

I bought from this place before,

by berniceskily on January 5th, 2014
I bought from this place before, I am buying again because of the low price last time they shipped quickly. I will update my review when I get my order.
1 stars

stay away if you can

by stefray on July 14th, 2013
ordered a TV a week ago, and stated its a free shipping, but 7days later call back asking for insurance surcharge... even thought the total price is still not bad, but this is NOT what I ordered for, free shipping = free shipping, not to call back a week later to ask for more.. will NEVER order from them again!
1 stars

tv kit is junk

by rickg65 on March 14th, 2013
the hdmi and screen cleaner are junk
3 stars

Abes of Maine

by franzlichtner on January 31st, 2013
I dont know if 3 stars are deserved. They do not send out order or even process after you purchase on line. A sales rep calls and offers many additional products before completing order. I do not believe that this is legal or acceptable business practice. It was the best price and so long as I receive my product (which I havent, nor have I received a tracking number) I will be happy. Do not purchase expecting your product to be shipped immediately. Otherwise not too bad of an interaction.
2 stars

Poor Experience

by Beckles on December 5th, 2012
They had an appliance I wanted for about 20% less than I could find it anywhere else, so I went ahead and ordered it from them. They upsold me on shipping, 'suggesting' I pay $30 more for premium service over the included free, which I did. Item was ordered on 9/21, they claimed to have shipped it on 10/23, but it was not delivered until 11/23 (with the 'premium' shipping I paid $30 more!). Product was cheap, but service is terrible.
5 stars

Guaranteed product and Easy purchase at a competitive price

by horsecrazy on December 1st, 2012
I bought a little Samsung camera from Abe's and it was shipped quickly with all the warranty information and when I was on vacation the camera somehow got squeezed or bumped in my purse and the screen got ruined. I called Samsung and they sent me a prepaid return label and emailed me the camera's status during its trip to the repair shop in California. I had it back in 3 days, good as new. I am just saying Abe's sells great products that back their products. Now I look for Samsung whenever I make a purchase.
2 stars

Arrogant, unresponsive, and lied--will never buy from them again

by zhu2012 on July 5th, 2012
I bought Canon 5d iii kit and found no warranty card. I otherwise would not bother but this is a big investment for us. So I called multiple times and left messages for the sales contact--never heard back. Then I tried to use their online chat but again not available. So I sent an email per their suggestion--never heard back. I finally got through on the phone and talked to a guy, who claimed to be the sales contact's manager. The guy lied several times about the missing warranty card. He first claim that Canon was going green and no longer printed the card. After I pressed him, he changed by saying it was Canon to be blamed since Abe's does not open the box. He then claimed that I can call canon and got verified with the S/N--another lie. Canon support guy (two actually) said they don't maintain such kind of database. The guy was extremely arrogant as well. When he was bragging about their reputation, I pointed out negative online reviews. He said they don't read nor care about those a few. The guy then went on by saying that the kit was so hot and I should just return it if I worried about the warranty card. I eventually decided to keep it because: 1. being confirmed later by Canon that it will be covered as long as it is purchased from authorized dealers; 2. the shutter number read 0.
5 stars

5D Mark III

by yongp168 on June 12th, 2012
Great Services and recieved the product I ordered.
2 stars

Good price on lens but try to up-sell with filters

by trafflux on December 13th, 2011
My mom ordered a Sigma 50-200mm lens 3 days ago and they called her today with some BS story about how the UV filter that was ordered with it is no good and plastic and degrades image quality. So this being a xmas present for me, she wants to get something good so she agrees to get the 3 filter set the guy says is good for $99. She tells me about the call and I look on their website and that 3 filter set is $69, not to mention the super lens combo deal with the memory card, bag, lens cleaning stuff etc is like $72 more than the lens itself. Then I google the "plastic" UV filter model # and find out it is indeed glass, they just didn't want to sell a $13 filter when they could sucker some old lady for $99. So I call them up and they won't change the order for me so I have to have her call them and edit the order. So she tries to get it back to the original order and they're trying to charge her $6 more!! So she canceled the order (we'll see if this actually happens or they give some BS story about having already shipped it). So moral of the story, its going to be real slow shipping from Abe's of Maine because they need time to try to up-sell you some stuff you don't need for higher than it's listed on the website. That stuff must work on enough people where its worth all the canceled orders.
1 stars

always going for upsales

by onii on August 15th, 2011
Sent me an email after I placed my order telling me to call them. The email did not say why or even hint at reason. After I called I was put with the upsale for 'better' shipping, and each time I declined he dropped the price a bit, and gradually made the point that there is a high likelihood that my item will arrive damaged if I don't. Ridiculous.
1 stars

Didn't mail promised coupons

by pustule on April 17th, 2011
I bought an LED TV from Abe's of Maine. It was advertised on their website that it would come with a free wall mount. Shortly after ordering, I got the (usual) upselling phone call that purpoted to "confirm my order" but was in fact clearly an attempt to sell expensive peripherals. Anyway, I was asked whether I intended to mount the TV on the wall. I said no, and they said if I declined the (free) wall mount, they would send me some promotional discount coupons instead -- I accepted this offer.

A few weeks later, my TV had arrived (no complaints on delivery of TV) but not the coupons. I called Abe's -- the support guy claimed to not know of the coupon offer and had to ask me what I was offered (though the coupons were explicitly printed on my invoice). He offered me a $100 restaurant gift card instead. I took the offer. This was maybe 3 months ago. It never came in the mail.

Ironically, if they had mailed me some coupons for the store, I definitely would have made more purchases there!
1 stars

Abe's is still the same old pressure tactics store.

by hornagain on February 16th, 2011
Abes of Main still condones and supports the mean-spirited and aggressive sales tactics they have for over 30 years. Challenging and patronizing callers is still the modus operandi. They also did the normal routine of saying "Yes it is in stock" even though the website shows it is on backorder. In fact, this was even verified by their own customer service representative today. They promised the employee would be reprimanded but that is just fantasy talk.

I last called them in 1985 to order a lens and hung up after the "you need a warranty and these accessories" pressure. Yesterday I tried them again (instead of using my normal reputable dealer) and it's almost as if it was the same guy from 26 years ago answering the phone.

Nothing changed except this time I hung up after the first insult and before he could start his sales pitch.
3 stars

They like to call you.

by huetwallet on November 26th, 2010
I bought 1 DSLR, 2 Lens before and recently 1 netbook from them. For the DSLR, they called me, tell me 'there is a problem with the transaction' - I tell them, 'If there is a problem, I will just go ahead and cancel the order. They answer 'I will ship your order'. For the 2 lenses, they email me wanted me to call them, I reply their email saying the same thing, if there is a problem, just cancel the order and let me know. They ship the product.

Same thing with the netbook I order just yesterday. They call me on Black Friday! ask me to call a guy named Alfred. OK, I called. He wants my name and my phone number, I told him 'You are the one who called me, you should have my number and my name, and what is this about?' He said 'There is something I need to verify on your order'. I just told him 'If there is a problem, I will go ahead and cancel my order and buy it elsewhere'. He replied 'OK, I will ship your order right away'.

So, they like to call you, email you, etc. I don't understand why they want to do that -- this action is apparently doing no good to their reputation. Maybe they were force to do that by the owner, I don't know. For me this is just a stupid move to ruin their online reputation.

But so far the product they send me (1 DSLR, 2 lenses) are good. I will see if the netbook is good, else I will just never buy from them again.
1 stars

Horrendous Service & Return Service

by raho74 on October 6th, 2010
You e-mail me them and they don't reply back to you. You call their office and the office is close half of the week. They have the worst return policy that I have ever experienced. First, you have to call (since there are no e-mail replys) to get a return number. You have to write this return number on the original box. Then, you have to put this in a new shipping box. Otherwise, they will refuse. Finally, you have to pay shipping yourself. I've been shopping online for a long time. I would never order from them and I advise this on every body else. Please Please stay away from this store.
5 stars

Very satisfied

by DeelHunter on September 23rd, 2010
I've bought a couple of DSLR lenses from Abe's and couldn't be happier. Good prices, fast shipping, and no hassles whatsoever. Can't comment on customer service since I haven't had a need to contact them.

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