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Every year, 43% of computer users lose irreplaceable files. But Carbonite users don’t have to worry! Carbonite automatically and securely backs up photos, emails, music, financial records and other important documents for only $59 per year– no matter how much data needs to be backed up. Restoring lost files takes just a few clicks. Find a Carbonite coupon to help you save on your online backup needs!

Their services will backup your files automatically and encrypts them for your privacy. You have the ability to access your file via computer or through a smartphone app. So now you don’t have to worry about losing your files because of a damaged or stolen computer. Try out their free trial for both personal and business plans.

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Most Helpful Negative Review

2 stars


by treinstein on October 12th, 2012
OK, I must eat my words, even though the Carbonite agreement states NO REFUNDS, they were gracious enough to make an exception. So I must give them five stars for customer service. As for the backup? It would have taken nearly a month to back up my computer. Seriously? With a T-1 line? I'll keep looking.
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Most Recent Store Reviews for Carbonite

1 stars


by ngodzgrace on February 4th, 2013
After a hard drive crash - and FIVE DAYS of attempted recovery - then another week restoring accounting files that were lost - and replacing files that were put in the wrong place - I realized Carbonite was not for me - it seems as if they are running a sham operation.
After so many phone calls and emails that I lost count, I finally reached someone who said they would process a refund on my subscription. However, after two weeks, I called back to check up on the refund - and was told that they could not do that unless they reinstalled carbonite on my computer to make sure that it didn't work for me! Really? After I had already done this with someone else two weeks before - because they didn't have a record of the call, they wanted to do it again! I was amazed at the customer service they provide - and did my best to help them understand why I wouldn't consider carbonite redoing my files on my computer because of the problem I had after the restore it did for me - but was told that would be the only way they would consider a refund.
Would highly discourage anyone from ever using carbonite -
If you have a Mac like me - Time Machine is your answer - not carbonite!
1 stars


by treinstein on October 12th, 2012
At the rate Carbonite is backing up it will take nearly a month to complete. I have a T-1 line. My computer is used in a recording studio environment with no internet access. I cannot ferry this computer to a separate office every day for a month. I waited 2 hours on chat to ask how to cancel my service and get a refund. Their answer? Tough nut, you didn't read the 3500 page agreement which states:

"When you installed Carbonite, you agreed to Carbonite's Terms of Use which includes Carbonite's Refund Policy. We give customers the opportunity to run our free trial before they purchase as a way to know if Carbonite is right for them."

In other words we have a stock price to hit and need your money, too bad for you our service is horrid.
1 stars

Watch out for Auto-Renew and NO Refund

by dberk on October 2nd, 2012
Watch out for the Carbonite auto-renew and the NO refund clause buried in their extensive Terms of Service document. I tried Carbonite after Mozy raised their prices through the roof. After an initial burst of backing up files the "throttled" speed was so slow that it was going to take 6 months to finish my 250GB backup - so much for unlimited storage. I stopped using Carbonite and uninstalled it over 9 months ago. They hit me at the end of July for a surprise auto-renew. I went to their website and used a contact form to ask them to cancel the renewal and give me a refund. No response from them for 2 months. Finally I replied to the invoice they sent me and they did reply but pointed out that they give NO refunds AFTER you have paid. I did't realize or remember that the account would auto-renew - they don't tell you that when you register for an account unless you read their 3400+word Terms of Service agreement and they DO NOT tell you anywhere on their emailed signup/Invoice/Welcome documents about the auto-renew feature. A great way to steal one more year's worth of service from unsuspecting customers. Charge-back here I come.
1 stars

Lack of Pro-Rated Refund is ridiculous

by ferris209 on March 6th, 2012
I had numerous issues with this service for the last couple of months. First, it simply wasn't backing up. I tried several fixes, uninstalling and re-installing software twice finally seemed to alleviate the issue. Finally when I needed to service, it simply failed. I could not download a file I needed, my computer kept saying that the file was corrupt or incomplete. At the end of it, I called and asked to cancel my service and a refund. Of course, I was three days out of the 60 and they absolutely would not refund my money or pro-rate my subscription. Beware of this company, despite their strong presence on the internet, they act more like a fly by night con service.
1 stars

No Pro-Rated Refund Avaialble

by Venad on September 6th, 2011
I experienced a bug that led to full restore. I was disappointed at the length of time it took for Carbonite to restore my computer. It's not a fast process by any means so you're not up and running without your files and software. Also the bad bug that you may have gotten when you downloaded that file or software is backed up as well. So beware. I decided to purchase a 1T external hard drive for backups instead. Carbonite service was on the automatic billing which I forgot to change. My BAD! When I checked through my email, I didn't even receive a reminder notice that my billing was near. Instead just a thank you when they received the money.

Today I attempted to cancel service. I did so and requested a prorated refund. I was told by the service rep that Carbonite did not provide prorated refund beyond the 60 days when payment was made. I have 8 months prepaid by gosh! I find that absurd and lousy public relations.

I have had all size companies stand by their product and deliver excellent customer service with refunds when requested. I can only ask why not the prorated refund? Who is so arrogant as to keep customer's money when they request a service cancelled? So off course, I am forced to use a product I don't want just because it is Paid For. So buyers be ware - check your account and remove that automatic payment that is on your account because you can't request pro-rated refund for your unused months.
4 stars

Works well, but bandwidth throttle sucks

by piyushjain on September 6th, 2011
The FW deal for Carbonite rocks -- 17.5%!!! Carbonite itself is pretty good for personal use. Picking files/directories to back up is easy, and initial upload performance is reasonable. However, Carbonite throttles uploads if the backup exceeds 200 GB, and in my experience that throttle seemed to kick in earlier. 200 GB isn't much these days, and I would strongly recommend Carbonite to increase the limit. (Note: There is no limit on how much is backed up, just that after 200 GB, the upload performance will suck. This means that if your backup size exceeds 200 GB, changes will take longer to get backed up, essentially increasing the window of risk.)

Overall, I'm reasonably pleased with the service and will use it till something better comes along. (Another note: I was a Mozy Home user and I'd say I was happier with it, but they changed their pricing model and it is now affordable to only the most basic home user.)
5 stars

Back up

by byronr1160 on May 30th, 2011
I had used another back up service and found it it difficult to tell when a file was backed up. Had some technical problems as well. Had no challenges with Carbonite and I always know when a file has been backed up because the file is marketed.

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