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Cowboom is an excellent way to shop for pre-owned, refurbished, and even new TVs, cameras, cell phones, laptop deals and more! Discount prices even more with and udderly amazing Cowboom coupon! Cowboom also has free shipping on thousand of items, and always have free shipping on Best Buy brands like Dynex, Insignia, and Rocketfish.

Cowboom is a Best Buy brand, so you don’t have to worry about buying from some fly by night operation. To add to this reassurance they offer a 15-day money back guarantee on every purchase. If that doesn’t satisfy you, they also offer protection plans of up to 2 years on most items they carry. With those kinds of assurances, grab your Cowboom promo code and save up to 75% off MSRP on that “Deal of the Day” TV deal you have had your eye on!

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Most Helpful Positive Review

3 stars

Good potential for improvement

by 1218251 on November 20th, 2010
Ordered the refurb'd Apple magic mouse I saw posted here on FW awhile ago. I didn't know that Cowboom used Paypal regardless of payment method (if you pay by credit card, it's transferred into a Paypal eCheck); if/when I do order from them again, it will be through Paypal directly. The process was supposed to take less than two weeks - three weeks out, my order still hadn't shipped. The good news - when I contacted them, they were able to track down a larger problem in their system, and not only did my order ship that day, they refunded 100% of the purchase price. Know that DealTree processes their payments and such. Both companies are owned by Best Buy.

The mouse I received is a bit scuffed up (expected), but works flawlessly. For the price I initially paid, I'm quite happy with it. Their level of service was high enough I'm willing to give them another shot. Their ratings on is low, but from my experience, it seems like they're ready to improve. Only time will tell!

Most Helpful Negative Review

1 stars

Does not ship correct item; customer service is poor!

by Timelord on January 24th, 2011
Bought a netbook and did not come with everything; contacted customer service which gives the run around. Very poor company to deal with.
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Most Recent Store Reviews for CowBoom

1 stars

Poor Poor Customer Service and No Marketing Sense.

by wwoogen on May 14th, 2013
Purchased Amazon Kindle Touch eReader for my Wife for Mothers day. Upon receipt I
charged this item and turned it on. All seemed OK. However,
when trying to connect and register via WIFI yesterday we
experienced difficulties and it would not register. Also the unit
does not allow us to reset.

Contacted Cowboom and explained the situation but they stuck by their return policy. Instead of doing the RIGHT THING and exchanging this unit for one that operates correctly, they acted like children and hid behind a very poor return policy that in this industry, should not be allowed for any refurbished items.

Although I bought from Cowboom in the past, anyone want to guess how many items I will be purchasing from them in the future ?
5 stars

Buy with rating of 6+

by hchen42 on April 1st, 2013
I've purchased 4 tablets, 1 charger through CowBoom. I've purchase 3 Acer Iconia tablets A200; 2 rated 7, 1 rated 6. Another tablet I purchased was rated 6. The charger is brand new. All three Acer Iconias look brand new. The Asus tablet looks a bit worn, but still pretty good. I got all three with great prices. On top of that, CowBoom customer service gave me a $30 coupon because they dropped the price on one of their tablets. Not as good as getting a price match, but I thought it was very nice of them. When I decided to return the charger, I foolishly clicked the wrong return method (I clicked replace instead of refund). The customer service noticed the discrepancy and emailed me to correct this error.

I was a bit skeptical about ordering from Cowboom, but after doing much research. I would recommend buying only if you can find an item with rating of 6+.
5 stars

Great Deal on pre-owned

by jfond on February 28th, 2013
Great deal on pre-owned tv, quickly and accurately shipped
2 stars

Website is broken, but hey.... chat support is great

by bddt on February 15th, 2013
Do use if you plan to pay by means other than credit card. Handshakes with Paypal don't work as of 2/15/2013.
4 stars

A solid 4 stars, and I've used them many times

by S105dude on January 9th, 2013
My first purchase from Cowboom was a 17" Samsung laptop for a steal. It arrived in good condition but it creaked a bit and although it was a 2012 model, the hard drive had been replaced previously and it was one from 2010. I was nervous about returning it after hearing horror stories, but I requested an RMA and had a prepaid label right away. Mailed it off and got my refund 7-10 days later. After that, I bought three more laptops and two were prestine, one was a little more used than I'd like so I returned it and again got a refund no problem. I also ordered a couple iPods, and all were in excellent condition. My most recent purchase was a Verizon smartphone and it's in MINT condition with a clean serial number. I agree with some of the reviews here that Cowboom can be hit or miss and some of their products are duds, but their return policy is unmatched so I never worry. I actually just bought another laptop so we'll see how that one is when it comes next week but I'm confident it'll be nice. I've gotten many good deals and the two times I wasn't satisfied, I just packed up the item and returned it for a refund no questions asked.
4 stars

Great prices on lightly used electronics

by jacobpark on December 28th, 2012
I got a Samsung Galaxy S (facinate) in good/excellent condition (it was listed as a "5", but it arrived in borderline excellent condition) for $60 (no contract of course).
5 stars

Great Service

by medicus on December 25th, 2012
Originally I bought a Samsung Nexus phone, I did not like it, I returned it within 30 days without difficulty. Then I bought a new Samsung Galaxy S3,way below other websites price. It was as advertised with all of the OEM accessories.
1 stars

I wish i can give zero stars

by monkey0yan on November 30th, 2012
I am sure lots of you had a great experience with Cowboom, i purchased an Iphone there couple months ago, and it doesn't work! I couldn't get any signal! So i bring to ATT and waste 40 dollars for 2 sim cards!(first i though the sim card doesn't work), then I bring to Apple store to find out what's the problem, they tell me is the antenna, and it appears that someone has open the case(the body). They wouldnt do anything once the case is open cuz is all mess up! I mean, i just spend 280 dollars to buy a broken phone. And they refused to take it back or give me an exchange. Maybe I happen to be the unlucky one, but I am not going back to Cowboom again.
4 stars

Do You Want to Save Tons of Money?

by sundowner81482 on November 23rd, 2012
I'm amazed at the negative comments about Cowboom. I've ordered three TF101 Tablets, one 17.3" Samasung laptop, a 10" Netbook, and a car radio receiver. All except the car radio were brand new. Not a single scratch, finger print or ding on any of the units. I saved $200 on each tablet, $500 on the Samsung and $100 on the Netbook. I'm a happy customer.
5 stars

Hassle Free Indeed

by cheapNlow on October 17th, 2012
I've bought many items from this site including notebooks, tablets, and other electronics. The items always come in the physical condition they describe, and are shipped pretty fast too. I will admit that none of the laptops ended up working out for me due to some hardware glitch, but all of my returns have been hassle free. Click on RMA, print out shipping tag, and drop it off at UPS.

I primarily use the site to purchase refurb and pre-owned devices at really prices that often rival Craigslist. I have seen the occasional site glitch when ordering one of their flash items or daily items. It took trying over and over again, but everything eventually worked out just fine.
1 stars

Broken website

by greebly on July 10th, 2012
Ordered one item, and there was another item already added to the cart that I had to remove (an iPhone) before submitting my order. Was told the item I wanted was out of stock and removed from my cart, yet I was charged twice on my credit card for the 'out of stock' item and have to wait 3-10 days for the charges to be reversed. Complete waste of time.
5 stars


by meredithemmons on March 8th, 2012
I am so shocked to see so many negative reviews. I bought an Ipod touch which came when it said and is in better shape than what I thought. I totally recommend them.
1 stars


by MeRateServiceForce on October 1st, 2011
the one star is only because the prices tend to stay cheap, but i suppose with cheap prices also comes cheap items and cheap customer service.The customer service is absolutely awful. I spoke to a rep. who went by the registered name "Kimberly" at 10 A.M. central time and she was just about the worst rep. and person i have ever had the displeasure of talking to. She was so rude and sarcastic the whole time.And she even lied to me during the first part of the conversation. I asked her if she could provide the "notes" for certain items that it CERTAINLY did not appear for on the website and she proceeded to lie to me and informed me of how this could not be done. "THEY HAVE NO INFO. ON THEIR OWN PRODUCTS" she said to me. but i ignored her comment because i knew it was a lie (hopefully), and proceeded to list the item numbers i had on record for the items. Then she started listing some info. about each item!!! Though the info. was still vague and not much help, why would she lie i wonder!!! COWBOOM, PLEASE FIRE THIS WOMAN!!! IT IS NOT THE FIRST TIME I'VE HEAD A NEGATIVE COMMENT ABOUT HER! SHE SUCKS! and then i asked her if thee was a way she could help me put those specific items in my cart so i wouldnt have to look them up all over again, and she said "no we don't do that. we are not a cart force" i was like WOW! REALLY! B-I-T-C-H!!! (and i don't even like cursing). please if you can avoid this website please do, or if not and you need C.S. please avoid early morning shifts!
1 stars

keeps canceling oders

by nagemnna2 on September 28th, 2011
I ordered a replacement phone in July/Aug, it shipped promptly, but overall seems to be ok for a refurbished phone. I decided to use them to get a replacement phone for my brother. I've made two orders, both were refurbished phones, but both had a large number available for the same price on their website... Both orders have been canceled. I've contacted support in both cases via email to try to order another refurbished phone of the same type that I had tried to order, since the website still shows them still in stock.. no response. I've given up. I don't have the time to waste ordering items that show in stock only for my order to be refunded and canceled.

Dear Valued Customer,

Thank you for your order. We regret to inform you that there is a discrepancy with your order. We have reviewed our inventory and we do not have an exact replacement available. We sincerely regret any inconvenience this may have caused. We will be processing a full refund within 1 business day.

Dealtree Warehouse Staff
1 stars

Wonder how much longer will be in business...

by goozy on August 16th, 2011
My first purchased from on Auguest 4th did not go well. As of August 16th, I'm still fighting to get my product. shipped my item to my billing (po box) then charged me $10 more then the invoice, then requested return-item from UPS, and I have NOT received the product yet. I have called 5 times so far and each time I'm told that I have to wait until they get the item back and they can then re-ship it back.

I'm not sure if I really should do this for a refurbished camcorder! hmmmm. gonna call my credit card to put a stop to it since their customer service don't really care about their own company.

Never had any problems with and I've been buying from them since the year 2000.
1 stars

does not honor Deal of the Day Prices

by shopper56 on August 9th, 2011
I shopped on the day they had all the different ipods on sale randomly changing out as the day went on. I waited until the one I wanted was displayed, and completed the sale. I was so happy - I had gotten a good deal on something I really wanted. Then I went to other websites and ordered accessories for my ipod. A few days later, I logged in to see if they had an update, and the order was not there in my account history. I e-mailed, and they said that they cancelled my order because they were out of stock. But I could see online that they were not out of stock (the item was there at a higher price than before).
My accessories arrived, but I have no ipod. No raincheck, no notification, no offer to wait for another one to come in. Is this even legal? They can take your money but you are at their mercy to actually deliver the sale? They play games with you - making you jump in to shop for what you want at just the right time and then DENY selling it to you? This is more like dealing with a Chinese vendor than an American vendor. DO NOT BUY FROM THIS DISREPUTABLE VENDOR. This is the kind of business that should go belly up in these hard times. This is not the American way.
2 stars

Lesson Learned

by johnni on April 29th, 2011
This purchase was a laptop. It said open box on the carton. It also said it had been inspected by 2 people. I had to replace the hard drive and the battery is weak.

I ended up with a $600 laptop. I wish I had bought elsewhere.
1 stars

Fraud!!!! Do not shop with this company!!!

by danzzzz on March 1st, 2011
Beware of this company. I ordered a electronic translator from this company and just got it today. The packaging has been opened and the translator that is in the package is not the correct translator!!! It was replaced with a much cheaper model. Do NOT use this company....just type in "cowboom fraud" and see for yourself.
1 stars

Stay away!

by more123 on September 4th, 2010
I bought a laptop PC from them not too long ago and I was charged twice. I contacted their customer service and after hours with them on the phone they admitted it was a mistake and they'll refund the extra charge. a week later I chatted with them again to see when they will issue the refund. The chat rep told me that the info has been submitted to the vendor (Vendor!! really). One month with no refund I contacted my credit card company and filed a claim. The claim process may take up to 90 days. I'd stay away from them. Another thing, the Refurbished stuff they sell have no warranty!!! Whats up with that!! refurbished everywhere on the internet comes with warranty from at least the firm that is responsible for the process.

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