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Most Helpful Positive Review

5 stars

Heck ya!

by veejl on October 11th, 2010
Love FP, been using them for couple years now. Good price on little things and free shipping to boot. Although shipping times can be long (usually 2-3 weeks from Hong Kong to east coast USA), the prices are great if you're not in a rush. Lots of 3rd party iPhone/iPod accessories. Customer service is good too (for less than $5 items, I've just gotten full refund on issues I've had; for bigger ticket items, sometimes store credit, otherwise ship it back).

Most Helpful Negative Review

1 stars


by cgmolden on November 5th, 2010
I placed my order on 09-22-10. They promptly took the money from my paypal account,end of story.As of 11-05-10 I have recieved nothing!! No products and no response to my 6 emails. I am not sure how to get my money back. I ordered because of a deal posted on Fat Wallet,I still trust Fat Wallet but will never order from Focal Price again, and I'm pretty sure I will never see my cash again. So, if you want to order,good luck. I think you might do better taking your money to a Vegas craps table.
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Most Recent Store Reviews for FocalPrice

1 stars

Fraud Seller Beware Guys please don’t buy anything from this seller……..!!!!

by patsam on June 28th, 2014
Scam!! Scam!! Scam!! Fraud Seller Beware Guys please don’t buy anything from this seller……..!!!!
Guys, Please be careful to buy anything from this seller as you won’t believe after 3 months I haven’t received my item and refund back from them till today. I have been using online website for consumer purchase last 10 year using EBAY, Ali express, China Buy, DHgate, Ever buying, tinydeal etc…but I never face such a worst purchase and ridiculous experience in my whole life.
Just explain my story may be take time to read but I try to save your money as I have bough tablet with registered post on 4th April 2014 after not receiving item after 20 days I start asking regarding delivery status, they have provided tracking number, checked and contacted our local post office with this tracking number which is not valid in your country yes, correct tracking number provided by them totally rubbish and they keep going with this and waste my time. Then I have made RMA request (copy from website) RMA No.: RMA1404230092, Order ID: FPTZFEQG12NH Request Type: Request refund, SKU: CE0895P/1; Complaint Reason: Order Not Received, You started this RMA Request at 23/04/2014 17:43:39. After RMA request just keep going till today. Also in between I have contacted by email,,,, and finally I have also contacted millions of times but helpless and feel like I am bagging to them for my money but they all are heartless. Also try to contact PayPal to not allow using their service and made complaint to them and still in contact with provide all information.
Guys, you won’t believe it till today 28/06/2014 I am keep asking refund from this seller and finally decided to forgot my money and try my level best to help other people will not part of this kind fraud from this seller as we couldn’t not go to China and get money. Please check and compare price & review some of this websites before you buy from Focal price.,,,,
Finally, it’s your hard earned money and yours decision how to deal with fraud seller. Best of luck!!!!
1 stars

10 reasons to don´t buy in focalprice

by tqgux on June 27th, 2014
I make a list of 10 reasons to don´t buy in focal price:

1 - The products don´t have quality. I receive a broken phone.

2 - The products take a lot of time to arrive (I am waiting by 3 months for a functional phone).

3 - If you have problems with the product, to have your money back have to send the item to china. Normal, but you have to pay 70% of sending cost, even if the fault is them.

4 - Focal price take a lot of time to respond too messages.

5 - They receive the money and only after this, say to you that don´t have the product in stock.

6 - The comments, rantings and videos don´t are real. I post a comment, rating and a video and don´t be aproved by them. They select the information that show in the website.

7 - The live chat don´t work.

8 - Most of the products they don´t have in stock and don´t ship in 3 days like say in the webite.

9 - Don´t meet the delivery deadlines.

10 - If your phone is broken, focalprice tell you to pay more for new one.
1 stars

Focalprice stands for Fraud

by sudetho on April 26th, 2014
I am an online shopper for the last 12 years and never had such an experience. I am writing this to let other shoppers know that this is the company which loots you and has no moral values. I ordered an expensive HTC one mobile phone and received an earphone in the mail. Despite of continuous emails and communication, they never bothered to refund the money. Finally I got my money through Paypal after shipping their earphone back in my own expense.
They do not value your time and probability of you loosing the money is high.
1 stars

Never Received My Product

by jogoliveira2 on February 7th, 2014
On August, 27 2013 I ordered a watch, model AL111 AL35 and never received it. The order number is FPTWR00000G0. I do not recommend this store.
1 stars

They will take your money and screw you up.

by remora4 on January 11th, 2014
I bought a USB-VGA adapter, it was delivered after a month and a half. the product did not work at all. When I try to contact them I never got an answer. they would not answer your email and when you go to the live chat they tell you to send an email.
They will screw you up big time. DO NOT BUY from these people.
1 stars

Focalprice does not return my money on RMA request

by michaelki on October 30th, 2013
I bought 2 smartphones on Focalprice site at end of April. I didn’t get the delivery. From End of May I’m trying to get my money back. Focalprice promise me to refund all the money until Aug 15, but it is still not refunded. It is end of October now!!! Just don’t by anything from Focalprice! You was warned about!!!
4 stars

I recommend it to all my friends

by vopalde on October 14th, 2013
Focalprice has almost the best prices of the sector, and the shipment is relatively fast, so fast to be free and I never had problems with customs with them.
The only problem comes with the stock info, sometimes an article that is not in stock is marked as in stock and you don't notice it after 1 or 2 weeks later, but they make a full refund to you asap.
1 stars

steals your money

by skystarjr on September 16th, 2013
Don't be fooled.
This shop is now nothing more than a cheater. I made a few orders last year and they were delivered.

But that's not working now!

I made two orders this August. After I paid them - orders went into Paid&Unshipped state. Few days later I noticed they are at Invalid state. After contacting support I received reply that they don't have my items in stock. They cancelled my orders and promised to return money. After one week I asked them - when?
And they answered - we are not going to return money. Simply!
I had to go through PayPal dispute and then claims. PayPal restored my money but that took time and nerves.
1 stars

Terrible company

by blindkarma on September 16th, 2013
I ordered a watch. Received no confirmation. Watch was shipped in a paper envelope and thin bubble wrap only. Fragile watch crystal arrived completely shattered. The RMA link on the website goes to a server error page. The live chat is staffed by people who do not speak English fluently and do not handle refunds. There is no working email address listed on the website. I filed a dispute with Paypal. Focalprice denied it without any reply. Had to file a claim with Paypal in the end.
4 stars

Awesome products and quick delivery

by carlmagnusjson on August 3rd, 2013
I've done several orders and have only positive experience. Quick delivery to Sweden and items have arrived in good shape. Can recommend this web shop.
1 stars

FocalPrice May God Have Mercy on You

by aulchavez on April 4th, 2013
Beware of FocalPrice! Just check all the blogs and you will see for your self how many people have been ripped off from this company. I am so tired of telling my story that I will just let God take charge of it now, and hope he see what kind of company they are and hopefully he will destroy it.
1 stars

Liars & Cheaters

by julieapruitt on April 1st, 2013
I add to all the other horrible reviews about this place. They lied throughout the process, sent me junk, and tried not to give me my money back. But, I had the returned package insured and tracked, and my credit card company went after them. I also had the USPS go after them when focalprice said they didn't get my package. Liars! I still lost money on the return postage. Don't be fooled by their cheap prices. Yes, it's one of the worst places I've dealt with on the Internet!
1 stars

Anyone who can leave this place a positive review is smoking crack.

by David444 on February 22nd, 2013
Worst shopping experience EVER! Went to buy a tablet on Feb 17. They took payment immediately. I get a message the following evening (read the next morning since they are in china) saying that in order to continue they need a scan of the front AND BACK of my credit card. This is NOWHERE on their site that you can find PRIOR to placing an order. This is also their policy for ALL credit card orders (giving some excuse how they've been frauded before so they do this now). I told them I wont provide that and if they can't ship then they are to refund my money. They said they would but it would take 15-25 days to get a credit.

It took a call to my credit card company and MULTIPLE messages to get the credit back on my card but not before changing the refund time from 15-25 days to 15-20 BUSINESS days to 7-13 days. I guess because of my credit card company's good policy I got my credit today.

They also REFUSE to have any correspondence outside of the messaging system on their site. The one email I did manage to get from them that was outside their site was from some random number at Its through their site or not at all.

All in all this is one of the shadiest business dealings I've ever had with a company. Do not be fooled by any of the few positive reviews you may come across. Notice how some of them use short, simple sentences to hide their lack of English knowledge and speak in very generic terms (e.g. "Love my item"- why not say what the item is?)?

Bottom line: Anyone who requires a scan of your credit card (both sides) so they can have the full number with CCV, won't communicate outside of their website and changes the terms of their sale AFTER they get your money is a SCAM!!!! AVOID!
1 stars

This is the WORST online shopping experience I have had in my life time!!!

by jzdeng on February 8th, 2013
I ordered a $23 "Mesh Design WII to HDMI Conversion Cable" from on 12/25/2012 which is used to connect Wii to TV. I received it on 1/4/2013, but it did not work. I contacted the same day. They requested that I send photos to prove that it is not working which I did right away. They responded by saying that they would make a decision soon. I didn't hear from them for more than 2 weeks until I send another email requesting a refund and threatening that if the issue is not resolved I will dispute the transaction. Since then we have exchanged multiple emails. In their emails they suggested a few way to fix it such as having it repaired in local store, offering me a coupon, resending me a new one, etc. This has been my worst online shopping experience.
1 stars

Wish I found this site last month

by mrcable on January 25th, 2013
Only giving Focalprice one star because I have to push something. Ordered a tablet from them on Dec 17th was told it was shipped on the 18th. Still have not received my order they refuse to tell me where my package is. From what I can tell from the BS tracking number and site they give you to track it, it is still in China. This was a Christmas present for my girl, then I had to change it to her B-day, then chanced it to our 1 year anniversary, now if I'm lucky it might make a Valentines gift even though she no longer believes that I order her one, and from what I been reading if it makes it here working and in one piece.
Hope others read this before they order from Focalprice.
1 stars


by calidan on December 6th, 2012
Terrible experience dealing with this FocalPrice company. Paid alot of extra money to have our purchase delivered extra fast, however the delivery process is instead EXTRA SLOW. Instead of a couple of days, we are approaching a couple of weeks. And the item IS STILL SITTING IN CHINA ! ! ! ! And FocalPrice is refusing to refund the Fast Delivery Charges too! This company cannot be trusted. BEWARE ! !
1 stars

Cheap, Fraud, theives

by amber1234 on November 21st, 2012
Fraud Company.Please be aware of them. we purchase 11 items and after waiting month and half they send only three items. cheap quality products,do not waste your money not even phone lines working. cheap,cheap cheap shameless company"
1 stars

The best online-shopping scam - FOCALPRICE.COM

by hmwinky on November 19th, 2012
This is the most typical scam. I ordered the items from and neither got my items nor the refund. One thing I really appreciate is, how shamelessly they keep replying to your mails and ask you to wait for few more weeks.
1 stars

Waste of money

by fgeorgoulis on November 7th, 2012
It's almost impossible to get in contact with the Customer Service of the company. So for a 99% if you face any problem in shipping or you need any guarantee service nobody will solve it. I faced both problems. At the moment i hold my broken device i bought, and 2 months now i am trying to get in contact with them in order to replace it. Never again for sure.
1 stars

If you see FOCALPRICE click your back button Fast!!!

by FUSIK1 on November 5th, 2012
Paid for a Pipo M1 tablet 8/29/2012. I received a massage from focalprice saying that my package was shipped 10/5/2012 via China Mail with a tracking number. I searched that number on the tracking site for over two weeks and never found info for my package. I asked the seller for help locating it and they asked me to wait. I waited.Then I received another message from the seller stating that my package had been shipped 10/23/2012 via DHL. I have searched till now for my package on the DHL site and it cannot be located.I believe that my package was never shipped and the seller is stalling by sending me false shipment notices and empty tracking numbers. Filed a claim with paypal. I will never shop with this seller again.

I give the site negative 5 stars.
1 stars

Beware! No customer support either! No merchandise..

by lovesshepherds on October 31st, 2012
I thought there stuff was kool.. So I ordered $150.00 worth of stuff. Paid on Oct. 5th via PayPal. I have tried over 15 times to contact them. Nothing no response. No merchandise either! Very fusterating. I had to do a Paypal dispute.
The only communications they have had with me is, I wrote about this on reseller ratings, Pamela offered me 15.00 coupon if I removed my statement.
Still they will not contact me via email.
1 stars


by domvar on October 17th, 2012
Purchased a tablet PC from them for $63.99 payed via paypal. Item finally arrived 4 weeks later it was not as described (no rear camera) smashed due to poor packaging and had a non uk power supply. Tried to raise an RMA request via website but kept telling me my order number was invalid. Contacted them via the messaging facility. After sending them photo evidence, and about 60 messages they refused to give a refund unless I shipped the item back to them tracked at my expense this was more than 50% of the cost of the item.

Contacted paypal who also insisted that I return the item at my cost before a refund could be issued.
1 stars

Don't buy from Focalprice!!!!

by arislanarides on August 30th, 2012
I don't usually write reviews especially bad ones but I am so disappointed by shopping from "focalprice" that I need to let people know about it!

I bought an android tablet from them which came defective. To cut the long story short, after two and a half months of e-mailing back and forth I haven't yet managed to get a refund. To be honest, I don't believe I will ever get one!!! The excuses these people can come up with are impossible, let alone that most of the time they reply with templates!

Unfortunately, there is only one advice I can give to people about focalprice! Don't buy from them!!!!!
1 stars

Do not shop from Focalprice

by hosseini on August 25th, 2012
I purchased a phone from them in April of 2012 which was not working when I received it. According to their refund policy I could return the phone and get my money back. I returned the phone right away and up to now, 4 months later, have not received my money back. This is part of their last response back to me “Regarding this issue, because there are something wrong with the third part platform GC.We can not enter in to our account to make any refund to our customer recently”. Save yourself from headaches and do not shop from Focalprice.
1 stars


by linnimorganstowelll on July 29th, 2012
The most dreadful experience ever! I purchased an Android tablet. After waiting weeks to receive the item, all the while being danced around by FocalPrice, who claimed not to have been able to track the package at various arrived...damaged...and little was completely under-packaged. A good sneeze would have resulted in the cracked screen I received.

This is when matters became ridiculous. I was first asked to file a damage report on the FocalPrice website, only to find the website was not accepting my identification number. After three different "customer service" representatives...and I use quotes because...really...there is NO customer service actually available. Each time I provided the requested information they could not view/upload/understand name it. After FINALLY admitting the screen was cracked they first offered me coupons against another purchase. Now, why would ANY consumer accept credit against a future purchase when the company was refusing to honour the initial transaction? They then asked that I have the unit repaired at MY cost, again with the promise of coupons for a future purchase. EXCUSE ME!!! After that I contacted PayPal to complain about this conduct, and they intervened. I shipped the unit back to FocalPrice, at my expense, only to be told they denied having received the item. PayPal ultimately refunded my purchase. THEY acted in a responsible manner. I WILL NEVER PURCHASE ANOTHER ITEM FROM FOCALPRICE! Caveat emptor folks!!!"
1 stars

FocalPrice = FocalScam

by eddyjure on April 7th, 2012
They promptly took money from my Paypal account even though I have not finalized my orders with them. Their 'Live Chat' help center doesn't exist as I have sent them 5 emails with no replies, their phone number is a fake (again doesn't exist). I have now got in touch with Paypal's dispute procedure to get back my money back (lucky it wasn't a significant amount) so if it goes nowhere I'm cutting my losses. DO NOT DEAL WITH FOCAL PRICE!!! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED
1 stars

Never order from this store!

by christinakluk on January 25th, 2012
If you pay for shipping you may not get the package they will just keep telling you the package is on its way even if its more then 60 days since you placed your order. Customer service does not respond to e-mails!
3 stars

first time to shopping here

by brilliant2011 on January 27th, 2011
maybe 5% cash back is low,but i find my stuff at fatwallet
1 stars

It's a gamble

by WingsOverVirginia on January 23rd, 2011
Shipping time takes over 1 month. For items not received they have an internal mail (message) system. You will not get an email back but will get a response on your account's message page. They will refer you to their RMA page which unfortunately does not work so you can't send them the report of the problem. I have just sent them a new message re my Nov 23rd order that has still not been delivered, will have to wait and see what happens. As of today, there are too many other relaiable sites that sell the same China rip-offs to gamble on placing another order here.

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