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FreedomPop Samsung Galaxy SII Android Smartphone

FreedomPop Samsung Galaxy SII Android Smartphone
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Voting History

My experiences with Freedompop have been quite good.
Am experiencing short Battery life on a HTC EVO Design, though.

Shipping adds $7, so $166 total ... I just ordered one

And as wmnetid points out below, they are refurb.

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galaxy (10.35kB)
Thanks BMWLVR82
Most Recent Posts
Terrible customer service. Cancellation process will be really hard; also hard to reach their support. Stay away...

webring (Feb. 22, 2014 @ 4:02p) |

let them reach you

wtfu (Feb. 22, 2014 @ 4:10p) |


I found this before but know people are generally noisy when they are upset and silent... (more)

nixGuru (Apr. 11, 2014 @ 4:52p) |

REFURBISHED Samsung Galaxy S2. This phone is not LTE compatible. CPU Speed 1.2 GHz Samsung Exynos C210, 16GB internal storage, 8 mp camera, Connectivity: Bluetooth® v3.0 with ADP, WiFi 802.11 a/b/g/n, WiMAX plus EVDO Rev. A, MicroUSB v2v2, Li-Ion 1800 mAh battery. Phone is selling on eBay for $75 and up so you are paying Freedompop about double. Best deal is to return the phone to Freedompop before the trial ends and buying the Galaxy X2 off eBay.

If you don't like the phone, wait as Freedompop plans to add more phones later this year.

Voice service is VOIP over Clearwire's WiMax 4G network (owned by Sprint) so coverage, reliability, and voice quality will vary accordingly. Since it's VOIP, it cannot be compared to voice calls on any other carrier. People on the Howard Forums FP thread are pointing out that VoIP on 3G doesn't sound good - you really need WiMax. Sprint's WiMax isn't available everywhere - check out this coverage map.

Basic 200 (Free): 200 voice minutes, 500 text, 500 mb 4G/3G data. VOIP calls do not incur data usage.
Premium 500 ($7.99): 500 voice minutes, unlimited text, 500 mb 4G/3G data. VOIP calls do not incur data usage.
Unlimited ($10.99): unlimited voice minutes, unlimited text, 500 mb 4G/3G data. VOIP calls do not incur data usage.
1 cent/minute over allotment.
There is a current promotion which adds 500mb of data (presumably for the first month only)on top of the 500 mb monthly. Don't be tempted to get the free 1 GB first month trial as it will be a pain to get rid of it.

Data overage cost
2.5 cents/MB or $25/GB over allotment. That means one HD episode will cost you at least $25. A movie can easily cost $50 to $75. Data users should think long and hard about this. Alternatively, you can buy 1 GB data/month for $10. If you do this, your data overage cost will be $10/GB instead of $25/GB.

Customer service is sub-par compared to all carriers. Note the lack of phone number on the contact page. The support number (888) 915-2647 listed on the support page is only active 9 am to 5 pm Monday to Friday (Worse than bankers hours). You can also try this number..Some users have reported them taking weeks to ship the internet devices.

$2.49/month voicemail is checked by default so make sure you UNCHECK it. *Cough* Google Voice.

Subscription begins when you click activate so if they take 2 weeks to ship your phone, you only have 2 weeks left. Two users on this thread have reported receiving the phone after 20 and 24 days leaving just 6-10 days to try the service.

This is the fine print on the order page:

"Unlimited Voice Plan - 100% FREE for the first month. This trial is only available for a limited time. You can cancel your trial anytime on site or by calling customer support. You'll continue to receive your voice and text every month for only 10.99 after your trial period expires.
Your subscription begins when you click Activate. Cancel service by contacting support. By clicking Activate, you authorize Freedompop to charge the Monthly Total provided above at the beginning of each subscription period. You can change your plan at anytime. See Terms of Use for subscription details."

Number porting
Phone number porting is not available but you can port your existing mobile number to Google Voice for $20. Note that doing this will disconnect your mobile service and you may incur an early termination fee if you're on contract. Once your number is ported, you can then configure Google Voice to ring your new Freedompop mobile number.
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Talki said:   I do not know if they are new or refurb.
They are refurbs. Under the picture of the phone, it says "Refurbished Phone" in grey text which is slightly darker that the grey background.

Have never heard of this before, you hav used this service? Is it decent? I will look more into it but i have to pay Virgin Mobile in two days and 110 dollars for two years is freakin awesome...pls respon

See comments here.

Will it work with their $5 plan?

FYI they are Sprint MNVO. Only up to 4G speed

Bad services. Hidden cost is the most concern.

I think this works ONLY with Sprint WiMax so voice quality should be sub-par and coverage VERY spotty.

Terrible customer service.
Sneaky and dishonest folks.
Stay away.

And I know it is cheap/free.
But it is not worth the $0 price tag.

in for one with free plan for my kid. hope it works out.

If you end up getting Freedom Pop phone or hotspot then check your account for "additional services"

I signed up for their free 500MB hotspot and I found out that they added to my account "special features" worth $10/mo.

Also, if you end up getting a paid plan then you cannot change to the free plan without calling them. (You can switch between paid plans in you online account)

It will be very time consuming and frustrating to try to talk with costumer support for a service you pay almost nothing and therefore that's what you can expect in quality.

Time Magazine: "Freedompop’s Free Wireless Would Be Cool If It Wasn’t So Shady"

I have the free plan. Voice quality is bad, messages are not reliable, but data over 3g does work. That along worth it for me.

I have the free plan with additional *free* 1st month 1G when I signed up using my own Samsung Galaxy S2. Now voice quality is real bad and the Freedompop messaging app (for phone/text) drains the battery real fast. It only last half a day. Service coverage is poor. And it took me almost an hour to call in just to remove the extra 1G premium data plan. Oh well, now I gave the phone to my kid with the free plan and told him to use it for texting us (instead of calling us because of the voice quality).

i have p+ prepaid voice only excellent coverage and voice quality on verizon network, i carry the Freedompop evo as a back up for its usable data (3g+4g) and voice to save my p+ minutes, but i would not rely on it as my primary phone

wtfu said:   FYI they are Sprint MNVO. Only up to 4G speed
  as opposed to other providers that provide higher than 4G?
(Sprint's 4G sucks - yeah)

I had them for 2 months and got ripped off. Got charged for a service that never worked, the visual voice mail and got charged for my trial month. I called and complained, they said they would refund me but never got it. Then I had to call them like 9 times to cancel my account, which they said it did but it didn't. So I just called my bank and block them from taking money out of my account. Their customer service was just bad.

It's good if you just want the free service without going over it but I didn't like it. Enjoy, those who starts a service with them and hope you have a better service than I did.

I guess being secretly ripped off is worst than being blatantly ripped off by at&t and Sprint

I just activated a galaxy S II with them BYOD, that I purchased on E_BAY for $89 w/free ship.
Phone calls with their system are hit and miss as far as quality. Rigged up the phone to use my Google voice # and GrooveIp.
Now it works like a charm on sprints 3g and wifi, some echo and delay but not unreliable and often great call quality.

I bought the EVO design from them, battery runs out in 3-4 hours sitting idle without wifi connection.
voice call is bad, I often the one side hearing and chapping sentence.

well, it is free. I do not mind to keep it as backup.

These people are scum.  Scum.  Total, complete scum.


There is no customer service line.  You will sit on hold and then get hung up on.  You may or may not get the phone delivered to you -- I have not.  Emails stating "Oh yes, you're going to get your phone, you're at the top of the list now."  Scum.  These people are total scum.  They are garbage.

I am telling you -- and I am not kidding, not one bit -- if I lived where these pieces of garbage live they would truly regret being born.

Do not give these people a dime.  Do not attempt to do business with them.  Do not waste your time.  Do not waste your money.  Do not open yourself up to this garbage.  Tell anyone you know who is considering this to not do it.

I am extremely patient.  I am a good customer.  I give people the benefit of the doubt.  I go as far as I can with people, I trust that most people are doing the best that they can.

But these people are truly scum.  They are intentionally hosing anyone unfortunate enough to buy into their game.

Nothing.  Ever.  Do not ever buy anything from these people.  They are the worst vendor I have ever dealt with.


So does anyone have any thoughts about this company?

Last winter bought one of their freedom pop hot spots. Works great after getting it setup with free and no other fees. Also added tons of froms from another site's thread and got another 500MB per month. So 1GB of free 4G wifi for me a month is plenty. Kinda slow in starting up but for wifi, it's great for me.
I can't say anything about the phone service. Also, I had to deal with CS since I had made 2 orders but wanted to cancel my first and CS did it for me no problem. Not greatest service like the best out there but for a free service was good enough.

robasha4 said:   So does anyone have any thoughts about this company?
  read all the comments above & you'll get an idea 

Got three phones and a hotspot. Sure, you need to call them and make sure you have their free service. But, hey, it's a free, after shelling out for the phone. What do you expect?

swon19 said:   . What do you expect?
  I expect that they will send me a phone after I send them money -- how's that for starters?  I expect that they'd quit playing this email jive and just send me the flippin' phone.  I expect a vendor to at least attempt to do what they say they do.  I expect decent customer service.  I expect to find at least one person inside an organization who will take troubles to heart and actually see you get whet you paid for.  This list of things I expect could go on for miles.


'nuff said..

I have freedom hub with 1GB free date, overdrive pro with 500MB free date and stick with 500MB free data for almost a year. I never need to talk to them so I don't really know if their customer service is good or bad but I did need to call them before the first month ended to convert to the free plan. It took them half an hour to get it done, no hassle.

No problems with the EVO, gave it to my father to play with as his first smartphone. Bad battery life but no charges and no problems with the company.

I have been using this service (free mobile plan) for a month now, using their new BYOD program. I do not use their calling plan (I use Vonage app to call out, and it works great). Freedompop's service works great for texting and for using all other communication apps. No complaints so far. Their customer service has been decent.

Slickone said:   See comments here
  HOLY $HIT!!!!  After reading the comments, never Freedom Pop.  Never, EVER.

This company sucks. Don't deal with them.

I have their Hotspot and I bought to keep the service for a year so I can use this device in case of emergency. I had been paying 35$s for each use to T-Mobile, after buying this device I have used it three times which means I would have paid more to T-Mobile. Since AT&T has allowed Tethering and Hotspot on Mobile share, I don't need them. I am worried about my CC information. Company is below standard because they smell of being making difficult to get things done. I am more mad that why someone in Govt. does not go and puts them off. I don't like people doing third world like things in better than First World country. Foundation of capitalism is when business stands by its committment. Other than CC concern I will keep them for some time. I pay 3.95 per month.

I just LOVE FW... I was just about to post a question thread, " does ANYbody like Freedompop?
I got email from them, and started reading online.. COMPLAINTS! Wow! ... so, I Called... put the phone on Speaker, listened to music while I was busy doing other stuff... about.. 15-20 min? guy comes on, I explained my concerns, etc.. we talked a long time, he said, the 99 cent a month is no longer charged... we were just about finished when.. poof, lost call .. well, I have, OBi so, it Does happen to me, rarely... 5 min later, phone rings.. the guy Calls me back, it was Disconnected at His end.. and, he Knew I was concerned about customer service, we talked alittle more, and, that was all. Fairly good really.
so, you FW quiet ones... Anybody reading this, and having a ..... GOOD experience, pls, speak up, let us possible customers hear from you.
thanks, John

This company seems pretty bad despite what I read about them online. found this recent story that may be of interest


I tried their free plan, and selected the option to be cut off if my usage exceeded the free amount.
I used more than was allotted, they locked my account, and attempted to bill me for it.
Well according to their own staff, their metering doesn't work right. I was told that I should monitor my own usage to prevent them from charging me, on a free plan...
I gave up trying to work with a company who can't manage to do the most basic metering correctly.

i've got byod htc evo 4g to work with fp, ordered free 200 min/mo to check them out, calls only, no internet, no voice mail, no messages;
callers don't hear me well, volume up and down, i sound for them as i'm in a basement or something, gibberish, a lot of static, but i do
hear them pretty good
in some locations no ringtone when call coming in, speakerphone does not work at all
i've read their forum, emailed with fp support back and forward, searched internet, done everything to fix the problem, but no-go;
so what is the phone for?
reading the forum i understand that a lot of people just got screwed, they purchased their phones from fp, ordered paid plans, even ported phone
numbers to fp; now they have lot of different problems and they cannot downgrade plans cause fp doing everything not to allow this to happens;
so i'd say - stay away from them until at least they'll be out of beta


Overall, I had good experiences with Freedompop. Their customer service hold time varies tremendously (5 min to 15 min), but once I was able to speak to a live rep, they took care of my needs. In an instance, I complained about charges for services I didn't want and they were able to credit my account. Took a little while for credits to appear, but they did. As for the phones and hotspot, the freemium service suits my needs for limited texting, data, and phone for my kids. Freedompop is the only one that I can find that offers basic "no cost" service (other than one-time cost for equipment).

If you are satisfied with the quality of Sprint service in your area but want to buy the service from someone other than Sprint that:
1. Answers phone with real people
2. Has no pricing games
3. Has much lower price for most Sprint plans
...Then try Ting 

Moderator Comment: Please be sure the links you provide are the most direct possible. Thanks! — Feb. 13, 2014 @ 7:07am
Skipping 24 Messages...

I found this before but know people are generally noisy when they are upset and silent when things are fine, so I decided to give it a shot. However, thankfully the negative feedback I did read showed me I needed to proceed with extra caution.

Here is what I noticed when signing up and what people should look out for:

* Choosing options such as the 1 or 2 year contracts versus the month to month looked attractive, until I saw that the WiMAX data plan with the pre-paid contracts had (3g) next to the data, but the month-to-month had (4g/3g) and a "Pro" preceding this. Apparently the "Pro" is a 3.99 upgrade from the standard (but you can't select anything either way), but you had no way of knowing what the difference was when signing up. That information was not available, and calling sales I got completely unclear answers from them on this. The catch is that if you sign up for the 1 or 2 year pre-paid contract for $5 or $8, you would then find out to get the 4g service you would need the "Pro" for another 3.99 per month. So they lock you in only to find out you're barely saving any money over the month-to-month.

* Bait-and-switch with "Bonus" data. After picking a plan and going to the next page, they announced that in addition to the 500 megabytes of data I was getting with my plan, I had a "Bonus" 500 megabytes for free if I signed up today. The bait-and-switch was that it was for one month, but since it was free, it never affected your monthly total payment and you didn't find out until you signed up that it was just for your first month.

* Your service begins IMMEDIATELY upon signing up, even before you receive your phone.

* Your 30 day return period begins IMMEDIATELY upon signing up, even before you receive your phone.

* You have 90 days from the time you sign up to exchange your phone.

* After selecting the Samsung Galaxy SII and the 1-2 day shipping option (I wanted it fast), I waited most of the week and saw no FedEx shipping notification. So I decided to call in. The automated system did not ask me who I was but said that the phone I selected was back-ordered and would ship out in 3-5 weeks. Keep in mind you are already paying for your service while waiting for your phone, and also that you have 30 days to return the phone from the time that you sign up, not from the time you get the phone, which may be after the 30 days has expired.

* Terms of Service say that IF you cancel, you are not entitled to a refund even if there is time left in your term. So this is another incentive to go with the month-to-month for $10.99, even though you need to add voicemail for another $2.99 per month. At least you're only out $14 if they decide to shaft you when you call to cancel. What also seemed somewhat fraudulent is that a phone sales person told me that I could cancel almost anytime and get a prorated refund, but their terms of service clearly say they don't need to. From my experience with contracts, a contract trumps whatever a phone rep may or may not have said.

* You have 30 days from the time you sign up to OPT OUT of arbitration by sending them written notice by mail. After that, you are bound to arbitration if they so choose when you decide you had enough with their crud and decide to sue them. Likewise, if you do not provide them immediate notice upon deciding to enter in to arbitration, you are then responsible for your own expenses in arbitration. There are probably other slimy, slick-rick types of things in their terms of service, so just be aware and READ THE TERMS OF SERVICE CAREFULLY.

* They do not display their phone number ANYWHERE in a normal place on their website, but they do list it in their terms of service up a number of paragraphs from the bottom.

* When calling in about the shipping issue and being told by the automated system (without knowing who I am) that it would be 3-5 weeks, I decided to speak to an agent. I told them that I *needed* the phone right away (lie) which is why I chose the 1-2 day shipping, but that I was told that they were back-ordered. Then I asked if they could verify that it was indeed back-ordered -- they said that they were shipping out (it is 4/11) orders from 3/12. This indicated to me that this wasn't a supply issue, rather it was them trying to delay sending them out until my opportunity to return and refund had expired, and also to eat up my entire first month of service. She then said that the shipping people (right..probably not) said if I could just hold on for one more week, they believed they could ship it out next week to me, but she said they could not commit to a day or that they would for sure even ship it out then. At this point I knew it was just them trying to delay more without providing any commitment. I told her that I just couldn't wait and needed a phone right away and to continue with the cancellation. She did, and said she issued a refund, but I had to clarify with her that the refund was for the full amount billed, which she confirmed. I also asked for a confirmation number, but she said she couldn't provide one. She did however issue an email upon request to me that confirms a refund was issued, but it doesn't say the amount. Needless to say I am a bit skeptical until I see the full refund on my statement.

Bottom line is that if you do business with these people, do your research completely and look very carefully at EVERYTHING. Assume the worst and you can't be too disappointed if it doesn't work out. Also consider porting an already purchased device over to them. While I don't have specific experience with that, it seems to me that part of the scam around this relates to them shipping the device.

It's too bad because I thought the whole concept around the business had some merit from a technology standpoint, and WiMAX service in my area was VERY good.  That said, I wasn't really too disappointed, because I was prepared for disappointment and how to handle them if I needed to.

Good luck.

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