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From You Flowers delivers flowers for any occasion. They work with over 20,000 florists around the world to make sure your flowers are fresh and delivered on time. From You Flowers has been quoted by CNBC as,”Best Overall Quality & Price.” A From You Flowers coupon will take a percentage or flat rate off of your final purchase. And if you are in a hurry, same day delivery is an option!

Save on those floral blooms with a From You Flowers promo code. All types of flowers are available, roses, lilies, orchids, tulips, daisies and more! For all occasions such as birthday, get well, sympathy, funeral, graduation, etc. There are plants for purchase too. Give a gift that keeps growing! Examples include blue hydrangea, succulent basket, zen planter, and Azalea Bonsai. Or you’d prefer to give a gift of candy, snacks, or fruit, From You Flowers has that too!

From You Flowers
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Most Helpful Negative Review

1 stars

This company writes fraudlent reviews about themselves!

by lemoncrabby on May 3rd, 2012
Pleas notice how the reviews here are spaced out between days and weeks, and months. For example the first 3 reviews are spaced out between 3 months, and the next set are spaced out between several weeks or so. It is EXTREMELY rare to have multiple reviews left on the same day, and if that happens its only 2, and thats rare even at extremely large companies, it almost NEVER happens. Now pay careful attention to the reviews here on January 24th 2012, it just so happens that TEN, thats right, TEN reviews, all of which are 5 stars are all posted. The odds of that are 1 in millions, however the big red flag is that every single review on here is one star, the very first(or last) review is 2 stars, then by some miracle, some gift from god TEN five star reviews just happen to pop up on the SAME day!! Clearly we all know whats going on, this is a sad, fraudulent attempt at tricking people into thinking the company isnt as bad as they are, boosting reviews is shameful, particularly when done by the companies employees. This is the second site ive found where has attempted to deceive potential customers, in essence already ripping you off before you even give them your money. Now, go to and check out their reviews of this company, they have close to 38 5 star reviews in a 2 day period, on 2/22/12 and 1/27/12, and the funny thing is there isnt a single review other than those that is higher than 1 star, and there is a single day on there where there are more than 3 or 4 reviews, but again magically in a 2 day period this company gets 38 5 star reviews (i guess it was a slow 2 days for the employees and they were asked to right fake reviews.) The effort is putting in to deceiving us all should be criminal, if they put that much effort into actually running a reputable business they would have higher reviews. Please be alert to these fraudulent reviews, im sure there are other sites where this company has lied, use your heads, know how to spot these false statements, and whatever you do dont give this company your business based on their own reviews of themselves. Thank you.
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Most Recent Store Reviews for From You Flowers

1 stars

Confirmed delivery was a lie

by jakalstad on September 16th, 2014
Received a conformation email the my order #92969811 was delivered. However it never was. They stated the the florist they used would not deliver the flowers. Do you think that someone could have said we don't deliver in that area before they took my order and charged my credit card.
Still waited for refund.
1 stars


by rustygray on August 12th, 2014
I failed to read reviews prior to placing an order. The birthday bouquet for my daughter was not delivered even though I paid for the guaranteed delivery. That is a running theme with this company as you will see from the reviews.

Basically you put your faith in this company to deliver flowers, and they fail. FromYouFlowers is one the biggest reasons that people stop ordering flowers online. Their idea of customer service must come from the book of sadism.

Save yourself a headache and your loved ones the heartache, order from any other company but these people. I will never order from them again.
1 stars

Flowers Not Delivered!

by runningjilly on July 11th, 2014
I ordered a sympathy plant on 7-8-2014 to be delivered to the funeral home on the 9th. I could not attend so I was glad my plant would be there. On the 10th I received a message that it was never delivered!! They wanted to know if I wanted it delivered on the 10th or 11th and they would give me a $10 gift coupon!! The deceased was already buried and the family went home by the 10th. Maybe the funeral director would have enjoyed the plant!! The plant that started out costing $27.99 and with no add ons and a 20% Google discount ended up costing $49.00!! SCAM that I accepted and never read any reviews. Boy have I learned a lesson!
1 stars

How embarrassing!

by bswiftbot on May 2nd, 2014
I ordered sympathy flowers and they arrived when they were supposed to, but I was told that the next day that the flowers had already wilted. What a waste of money. I thought I was ordering from a local florist, but figured out they were an online company after I checked out. If I had known that, I would have ordered from Proflowers instead. I have received roses from Proflowers and they usually last about two weeks, which really surprised me. I will never order flowers from From You Flowers again. Burn me once and I learn my lesson and won't be back.
1 stars

What Guarantee!

by ljrhein on April 23rd, 2014
I tried to send my wife flowers thru this company, paying extra for their "We Guarantee the Florist Arranged Flowers will be Delivered Today" not once, but twice. Both times, it took a call from me to their customer service department to find out that the deliveries were not going to happen on that day! DONT BE FOOLED! The line I got from the so called customer service agent was "the local florist had a funeral and could not make the delivery" - serioulsy, do funerals just pop up? The florist should not taken on the oreder if they could not deliver and fromyouflowers should not have guatateed anything or taken my money - full me once, shame on me fool me twice, I am an idiot! Lesson Learned - NEVER AGAIN!
1 stars

Hope you used Paypal if you ordered from this company

by captivagirl on March 11th, 2014
I had a terrible experience with from you flowers. I ordered flowers to be delivered to the hospital to my stepmom who had double bypass heart surgery in VT. She and my dad were expecting them, yet they never came. I called this company the day she was being discharged saying she had not received her flowers still, and they apologized stating they would personally apologize to her directly, as well as send a much larger, fuller bouquet to her home address. I gave them a few days to get things together and reroute to her home address in NY. She never received the flowers on the new delivery date to the rerouted address either. So I called AGAIN..they apologized, and said the florist was waiting on delivery of lavender roses which came in, she was working on the arrangement as we spoke, and they promised delivery by 5 pm that day. Well I looked like a fool again because they never came. It has now been almost a week later after paying same day delivery for a large bouquet of lavender flowers. At this point even my stepmom and my dad were like just get your money back, they sound like some fly by night company. I called from you flowers again, this time for a full refund. They told me they were sorry but they could not start to give me a refund without speaking to the florist and the florist was closed but they would call me back. Oh they called me back all right, the next day saying they must have the wrong address and please call them back so they could deliver the flowers. (keep in mind each time I spoke to someone previously they always repeated the phone numbers and delivery address back to me) I told them I was promised a full refund the night before once they spoke to the florist in the morning since they failed to deliver the flowers yet again (now a week later). I also had ordered flowers from a local florist in NY since I was told I would get a refund and I just wanted her to have some get well flowers from me. They apologized again saying, "Oh I'm sorry, but it's already out on the truck to be delivered, and we figured out the correct address without you, but we'd be happy to knock some off the arrangement and offer you a 20% discount." I was infuriated at this point. I said no, you are giving me a full refund like you promised and I've already ordered flowers from someone else because of all of this. I said I have a dispute with Paypal started. They told me they could not give me a refund until I dropped my dispute with Paypal. I said so you're telling me you won't give me a refund unless I drop my dispute? I then stated I have an open dispute with Paypal, but I will escalate this to a claim if you don't give me my money back. Thanks to Paypal I got my money back. I ordered flowers from a local florist in NY (Verville's) and my stepmom loved them. I will never order flowers online again anywhere. I will always call a local florist. Don't let this happen to you. And if you decide to go with this company. I hope you used Paypal so you can get your money back if need be as I had to do.
4 stars

Overall, a pretty good store

by rados on March 2nd, 2014
The prices and variety for my needs is good.
Please let the consumers know upfront the total cost of their purchase. Waiting till the last step to add delivery charge is a turn-off.
It would be helpful to zoom in and get a bigger view of the pictures. If there is such a feature available, I missed it.
I ordered the flowers on Friday night and they were delivered on Saturday as per the instructions. We spoke with the person receiving them and they loved the flowers. Thank you for prompt delivery.
1 stars

Valentine's Day ruined

by peterdumont on February 17th, 2014
I would have given a half star if I could have. This was the worst flower delivery experience I have ever had. That said I gave them the opportunity to make it right and they failed completely. I ordered flowers for my daughter for Valentine's day. I knew she would be leaving the office at 1:30 pm to catch a flight to Denver. I chose the deliver before 10:30 am option and paid for it. At 11:30 i called to find out what was going on and I was told that they should be there before noon and if not they will make it right. They refunded the early delivery charge. So far so good. Well as you can imagine the flowers didn't arrive and my daughter left thinking I forgot about her. The next call to from you resulted in them telling me to call UPS and have the flowers sent back. UPS only accepts change of delivery instructions from the sender. I called back they said sorry we can't do anything but we will give you a 20% discount for your next order. I explained that their advertisement stated satisfaction guaranteed and I wasn't satisfied so I wouldn't be ordering again and I wanted my money refunded. 3 more calls and they said they would refund my money. Got an email 1 hour later sating they changed their minds, no refund. This is getting long so, the flowers were delivered just before 5 pm the receptionist signed for them. If my daughter sends them back I can have a refund. Now I get a 10% on next order. DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY.
2 stars

Expired Candy & Phony Store Reviews

by Case1096 on February 2nd, 2014
I ordered a candy basket for a child who just had surgery. While the basket arrived on time as expected, we were disappointed to find out from the parents that several bags of pretzels had already expired. For the price we paid the basket was very small and we were not happy to find out about the expired items. From You Flowers did try to make up for it by giving us an additional discount and a future gift card. But I don't think I will be using the gift card based on the reviews listed here on Fat Wallet. Also very surprised Fat Wallet has not taken down the 6 positive reviews all posted on the same day from "themagicflower" "motherdayflowerlover" "mommaknowsbest" "ladyflowergogo" "monsterofflowers" and "heartisthebestflower" I guess the admins don't actually check these reviews.
1 stars

Just really bad quality

by jhojati on January 28th, 2014
I have had 3 total arrangements delivered from this store, and they are very low quality flowers. I have pictures to show just how bad. I let them know about the first arrangement being very poor quality, and they did re-deliver at no charge, but the second arrangement was worse than the first. Go to Bouqs - much better quality, and right at the same price point.
1 stars

Wish I had read the reviews

by zman10 on January 28th, 2014
Don't bother looking at the pictures on their site - the flowers will look NOTHING like it! They essentially call a local florist and get them to make the flowers... I could have done that (and they wouldn't have even charged a delivery fee....) I complained and they gave me a coupon that has to be used in the next month. First I'm skeptical about ever using them again, second a month? Really? I agree with others - you get what you pay for.
1 stars

Never ever use this place

by dylanfreak on January 23rd, 2014
You will not get what you paid for! Best advice: call a local florist in the area of which the recipient lives. You'll save yourself a lot of money and disappointment! My grandma was supposed to receive a stunning birthday bouquet (as claimed on their website), but instead received a sparce, thrown together bunch of crap that looked generic and stupid. I've seen more beautiful arrangements at my local Costco- for much less money, too. When I provided proof of the discrepancy in product vs. advertisement, they gave me 20% of my order price back (a whopping $8). Don't support these sheisters. Call a local florist where the recipient lives. You will get a better deal every time, guaranteed!
1 stars

Very disappointing

by franticj on January 18th, 2014
I was bedridden and my wife had been doing everything around the holidays. A few family members were sick and she was too, but she still tirelessly took every one to the hospital as neede. I wamted to thank her and arranged for our son to come and cook her dinner while I ordered flowers from these people. They emailed and called me to say they didn't have a way to deliver on the day I wanted and that it would have to be a day early. I asked them to have the driver leave the flowers at the door and just call me when it was there. The flowers never showed up and I never got a phone call. I called customer service to get a refund, as I obviously had to order from someplace else (plus it would now be more expensive for same day delivery). The rep said they couldn't do anything til the next morning, when they would call the florist to see what happened. I explained none of that would do me any good and asked for a manager. After holding for ten minutes, the rep came back and said they would refund me. I emailed customer service after that to file a complaint. They replied with an apology ans said I would be credited within 3 days. 11 days later, I still haould d no credit so I emailed them again. They replied saying the credit was only noted in my file and wasn't actually processed. They said they would take care of it and were happy to be of service. I replied back asking for an address where I could send a written complaint. They replied to that with a stock letter again saying they were happy to be of service, were looking forward to my future business and that they would send me a $15 gift certificate (which won't buy anything of course, and I'm not going to use it... I told them I would not order from them again). They did not give me the address I asked for.
1 stars

From You Flowers isn't a Florist-they are an order Harvester

by chadbarton on January 1st, 2014
We sent flowers thru this company and they were delivered. My sister sent flowers from to my Mom and she called a local florists (the same one that delivered my order that was placed at from you flowers) We all arrived for Christmas Dinner, and our arrangement was a puny little vase of flowers that we paid $24.00 more than what my sister paid for from the same florist, so we called the florist.

They explained that From You flowers is not a florist. They are an order harvester. They sit in front of computer screens and take orders, and get first placement on google etc because they up the per click charge (which the consumer ends up paying for. so if you send $50 from From you flowers, they will charge you about another $20 in fees. Then they skim about $10-15 off the order and send it to the local florist for $34.99 to make up and deliver. They keep about half of your money and then send the rest to the florist who can only do what they get the money From You sends them . Call the local florist ytourself this place is a number one rip off...
2 stars

Same Day Delivery

by isomz on December 30th, 2013
I was extremely disappointed when I got a call 3 hours after placing an order. They told me that they were unable to have the flowers delivered same day, which I paid extra for! They gave me the option of having them delivered TWO DAYS LATER! I was very upset. They did their best to make sure I was satisfied, and I am still not satisfied. This is completely inexcusable. I don't care if they have to out and deliver it themselves, it needed to be taken care of.
1 stars

Birthday flower delivery ruined!

by osdtm on December 29th, 2013
From You Flower touts a 5 star rating which is a complete fabrication! I fell for it without checking other sites that provide ratings. Ordered an UPGRADED birthday arrangement for my bride to be delivered to her office, as pictured on their site. What she received was FIVE blooms, and a plain vase, NOT the one pictured, and NOT the upgraded arrangement, as well as they got the From: names WRONG on the card! After three calls to their customer service, I was given 20%, then a total of 40% refund. DO NOT USE THEM if you do not want your event ruined! How do you get the names wrong on a gift card when they are TYPED IN? Idiots! Ended up getting another arrangement from another local florist. Complete waste of $50+ ! BEWARE!
1 stars

Three-Days Late and Half-Dead

by behin19 on December 27th, 2013
Flowers are meant to show up on time and brighten the receivers day. I ordered sunflowers for this EXACT reason from the company From You Flowers. They were supposed to arrive on Christmas Eve and showed up on December 27th.

The company blamed it all on UPS and it took several emails to even get them to offer a replacement order. They refused to give any kind of refund other than a gift certificate for my next order. HA! I will NEVER Order from this company again.

When the flowers finally showed up they were half-dead, of course. They sat on a truck for over 3 days. The company blamed UPS and said it was due to weather. Tracking showed my order was in the UPS hub 30-40 minutes from it's final destination on December 24th. The skies were clear and temperatures were in the 50s the entire time they "were out for delivery," which happened 3 times.

I will NEVER use For You Flowers AGAIN!
1 stars

From You Flower Review

by uberesque80262 on December 6th, 2013
MrNotHappyWithThisCompany, Chicago, IL.
Don't waste your time or money with FROMYOUFLOWERS.COM
They guaranteed delivery to my wife by 2pm, arrived after 3pm. The bouquet had a brown wilted filler that I though was baby's breath, and it looked really terrible, so bad that my wife didn't want to display them on her desk. Really blew my 1st wedding anniversary surprise. When I called FROMYOUFLOWERs, they stated the filler wasn't babys breath, was a yellow flower called "Limonium", that the florist doesn't use babys breath. I explained that whatever it was, it was dark brown and wilted, that I was very unhappy with it and it ruined my wife's moment at work when everyone crowded around to see when she opened them, she was embarrased. Customer Service offered me a $10 gift card and refunded my expedite fee of $4.99, but I don't feel that was fair compensation. Their prices may be appealing, but do yourself a favor, don't spend a dime with this company, what good is saving a penny if you get terrible flowers... Correction "LATE terrible flowers"...
1 stars


by lozentruth on October 14th, 2013
Crooked slimeball of a company! They truly provide no service yet act as "brokers" for florists charging the actual floral company as well as the consumer.Embarassing dead flower arrangement and the crappy florist they contract gets away with complete anomomity so they can substitute cheap dead crap for the gorgeous bouquet you think you are sending a loved one. Never use unless you want to insult the recipient!!!!
1 stars

The Worst Ever!

by kr1ck3tul on October 5th, 2013
I had a terrible experience with them! They promised that they would deliver the flowers on time and it ended up not being at the promised time. I had paid extra to get them delivered by noon. They have the worst customer service department of any company I have ever encountered. I hated every bit of it. Instead of making up for their mistake, that gave him a cheap discount on the next purchase with them. After such a terrible experience I would never try them again with their cheap discounts. They can keep their money, they suck! Don't use them no matter what!
1 stars

let me down

by bbinns9 on October 1st, 2013
failed to deliver funeral flowers ordered 2 days in advance. No delivery after I called twice begging for any appropriate arrangement or plant
1 stars


by kkasallis on September 7th, 2013
I ordered flowers to be delivered to my mother for her birthday. I paid the extra fee for delivery before noon and was given a written guarantee (that is also posted on their website) that the flowers would look exactly as the picture does. The flowers arrived just after 3 and were brown, dying & not even the flower arrangement I had ordered!!! I could've bought a nicer bouquet at Wal-Mart for goodness sake. I was denied a full refund and am currently fighting for at least a partial. Save your money and skip the hassle. Disappointed doesn't even cover it.
1 stars

Truly Awful!

by evanszoocrew on August 17th, 2013
Ordered same day delivery. Flowers arrived when they should but they looked NOTHING like the photo on the web site. When I complained they offered only a 15% off coupon good for a future order! As if I'd EVER order from them again!!! Total waste of $50.00!
1 stars

Delivered the wrong flowers

by susoleh on July 27th, 2013
The flowers were delivered late. They were the wrong color and also very unorganized. The vase was smaller and looked completely different. I paid $160 for the flowers but I've seen better in Fred Meyer for $40-50. Never buy from them.
1 stars

Awful experience!

by irishguy8 on July 19th, 2013
Have ordered flowers for my mom many times and thought I would use From You Flowers - WORST MISTAKE EVER. The flowers didn't arrive, so I called to find out what was happening. Was told by customer service that the florist was really busy and that there was the only one individual working in the florist shop that day. Was told the flowers would be delivered that evening. I paid extra for delivery by noon. At 830pm the flowers arrived at my mothers home. The flowers were left on the front porch - just sitting in a vase. No box and not wrapped. The flowers were old and the water in the vase was green and dirty. This $65 arrangement looked like it was sitting in a nursing home or hospital for weeks and was just picked and delivered to my mom's home. It was disgusting. Have used 1800Flowers before and they are pretty good but Calyx and Corolla is the best. Always amazing flowers - a bit pricy but worth it. Thought I would give From You Flowers a try. Big mistake. Terrible quality flowers, arrangement looked nothing like the picture on their website, poor delivery service, and lousy customer service. Don't waste your money with From You Flowers.
1 stars

0 stars, scam, theft, full blown robery.

by vette95 on July 9th, 2013
I placed an order on July 2nd 2013 for July 6th, 2013. As of now the flowers have not yet arrived, I placed a claim on their site yesterday, where they say they will reply within 1 hour, no reply so far. Placed another claim 10 minutes ago, and sent an email to, I am asking for a full refund, still no answer. I'm placing a claim on Paypal for a full refund.
1 stars

From me flowers.... SCAM COMPANY

by kanaantx on June 15th, 2013
Whatever you do... DO NOT SPEND YOUR MONEY WITH FROM ME FLOWERS....this website is an absolute scam... 100% guarantee my ass! Paid extra fees for same day service (4 hour window) and expedited service around 11am.... it is now 6pm and STILL NO DELIVERY! contacted "customer service" and they had absolutely NO ANSWERS! SPENT MY LAST $100 ON FLOWERS FOR MY GF ON HER BIRTHDAY AND THEY SAY ITLL TAKE 3DAYS FOR A REFUND!! TODAY IS HER BIRTHDAY NOT TUESDAY!!! DO NOT I REPEAT DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!!
1 stars Ruining Family Relationships!

by kierbugcoe on May 13th, 2013
Ordered Mother's day flowers on the 3rd of May to be delivered the Friday before Mother's Day (the 10th of May 2013) Received a confirmation e-mail that the flowers had been delivered. Trusted they had been delivered cause who would send a confirmation letter if in fact they had not been delivered? On Sunday- Mother's day my husband calls his mom and asks her how she liked the flowers and her reply was that she had not received any flowers. Can you imagine being a mother and thinking that your child has missed your day? Cause I'm pretty sure that is how she felt. I cried. I immediately called customer service. The customer service man Paul or Pat was very apologetic and called the florist (which of course there was no answer it being a Sunday) so he couldn't help me and left it for someone else to take care of it the next day, Today. And as of 2 today no one has called me back, therefore I called again, the customer service person named vicky put me on hold for about 5 minutes, called the florist. Gets back on the phone with me and says "They are not open for some reason, what would you like us to do?" I reply. "I want the flowers delivered and I want my *dang* money back." So, then she puts me on hold again for another 5 minutes. Comes back and tells me "The flowers will be re-delivered with an apology note from them and we can give you 25% back on your purchase, we cannot give you a full refund." You people ruined a mother's day for a mother. Hurt feelings are not taken care of with your note of apology. This is a day that we can never get back. Giving them a one star is not even deserving.
1 stars


by kentas on May 12th, 2013
I ordered my mom flowers for Mother's Day, and what was supposed to be a thoughtful gift turned into a huge stress inducer. I purposely ordered the flowers a week and a half ahead of time and set to have them delivered the day before Mother's Day. I did this because I knew they would probably be busy on the actual Mother's Day and would have a better chance of getting them delivered on time.

However, I clearly thought wrong. I waited and waited on Saturday for my mom to call me and thank me for the flowers, and nothing. I finally decided to give my mom a call to tell her that flowers were going to be delivered to her and that she should try to be home at a certain time. I called FromYouFlowers at 10pm on Saturday night asking about my order. They said that there had been a delivery confirmation at 9:05pm. I called my mom thinking she had just forgotten to let me know that she received them.. nope. They had lied about delivering them and also.. who in the world would deliver flowers this late at night?

All in all, the flowers never got there. I called and I called to see where they were, and they would keep saying, "Oh, they will be there in 20 minutes." "The truck driver should be there any minute." Yeah right.. They were really voted "Overall Best Quality and Price" by CNBC and Vera Gibbons Valentine's 2010 AND "Best Value" by CBS News for V-Day 2009? Maybe back then, but something must have happened and their service has definitely slipped.

I am a college student, and obviously being tight on money is common for my age group. I wanted to do something nice for my mom, even if it was a little pricey (I spent $60 in total including shipping and handling). Now I feel like I disappointed my mom and it's all because this terrible company didn't pull through. Get your stuff together FromYouFlowers!
1 stars

This FLOWERS FOR YOU company sucks!

by haybobby3 on May 12th, 2013
They love to use the excuse that YOU agree to have your order "substituted", Which actually means they will throw whatever crap they have left over together and call it good. Dont waste your money with this company. I only wish I would have known to search for their reviews prior to wasting my money this mother's day. It's really hard to hear your mom tell you " it's not your fault that they look terrible" I wish I didn't have to select a star. BEWARE!!
1 stars

Terrible! Order from a different company

by caycooper on May 10th, 2013
Horrible customer service and they do not deliver what they promise! I would not recommend to anyone ever.
1 stars

Look Elsewhere for a deal

by look2cn on May 8th, 2013
The website is like any other; the deals are like any other. The price goes up if depending on which way you enter the site. Not really a deal if the price and fees adjust accordingly to offset any discounts.
4 stars

Some assembly required

by dominickford on April 5th, 2013
I'm getting cash back for something I would have bought anyway. Only drawback was that when it shipped to my wife she had to put it together.
5 stars


by ecojennywhitley on March 27th, 2013
I got flowers and a balloon for my mothers bday,the florist forgot balloon,so they brought her 4 more and a coke for free,it made for day.sHE LOVEs the flowers,and will order again.
1 stars

What you order is not what you get...

by vanessaahaden on March 5th, 2013
I wish I could show you photos. I ordered a bright pink & orange bouquet with roses and gerbera daisies. "A beautiful day" for a friend out of state.

What my friend received was a deathly cold and mismatched bouquet of red roses greenery, white lilies and pink smaller lilies (Both of which I DESPISE). Not the same flowers as ordered, not the same color scheme in different flowers. Horrible.

When I complained they tried to give me a 20% discount and an apology. It took three escalations to receive a refund but they wanted to pick up the bouquet. I told them absolutely not, why should my friend be impacted by their blatant disregard for my order. Customer service was responsive and polite.

I wonder how often this happens on flower orders. I will never use this company again.
1 stars

Repo Flowers

by alleys4joy on March 5th, 2013
This company should not even be aloud one star, not even half a star.
I purchased flowers for my mother-in-law who lost her daughter to cancer. I paid for expedited delivery. When the flowers did not arrive shortly after 12:00, I called to find out what was going on with the order. They gave me the run a around. At around 5:30 that evening as I am on the phone with this company once again, my mother-in-law calls on the other line letting us know the flowers arrived but it was apparent that the arrangement wasn't anything like we ordered. They weren't even the same flowers. She sent us a picture and said Thank you! This company asked that I send the picture in by email. Shortly after we got a response saying "Sorry" and that they would pick up and replace the flowers if we would like. Under the circumstances, I thought it would be in bad taste and that was my response. Then we received another email saying that they refunded 10% of the cost of the flowers and the expedited fee. Fine!
It gets worse. This all took place on a Saturday. The following Monday, they KNOCKED ON HER DOOR AND ASKED FOR THE FLOWERS BACK! She was very upset and called right away. She asked why they were taking her flowers and there response was "THATS WHAT HAPPENS WHEN PEOPLE DONT PAY THEIR BILL" I called this company immediately and asked what happened . I was so angry. Their response was that they were refunding me the full amount and I would have to wait 1-3 business days. What? I couldn't believe it. I have emails to verify they were refunding 10% of the cost and the expedited fees. How did something like this happen. They truly don't care!
I reordered her flowers from a local florist that was reputable and family owned. She loved them and admitted that the previous flowers ordered from ( from you flowers) smelled like cat piss.
1 stars

carnations are not lillies or roses

by y2kbytzu on March 4th, 2013
my story is rather appualing! i orderd the beautiful yellow lillies and pink roses boquet and paid for the upgrade... instead my recipient got two completley different flowers and they looked as though they were thrown in the vase, not arranged. i called to have it corrected and was told by "KELLY" that its not like she she knew what she was getting anyway and they compensated me with the same dollar worth of flowers......this outraged me, i asked to speak to someone above her and she asked me to hold... "kelly" came back and said she left a message with the florist manager in regards to the matter to pick up the flowers wrongly deliverd and to deliver the correct ones... "kelly" said they simply didnt have the right amount of flowers to do what was asked for and so they just wanted to get them deliverd today as i requested. (so they send something i didnt want! and sent a mess!!) i was first angry that not only did they deliver the incorrect flowers, now they want to take them away and make her wait for the correct flowers. the next day i seen the flowers that were suppose to be the correct flowers and AGAIN!!!! a complete mess and not what i orderd. they gave her all colors of carnations and 2 red roses... A MESS!!! carnations are not yellow lillies and red roses are not pink roses and not even the amount they should have been but only 2!!!!... i paid alomost 50$ for crap!!! and was offerd 20% back and a gift card for 15$ to compensate me... i wont be using the 15$ dollar gift card that i still havent recieved and i only got back 11$ and some change when i paid 48$ and some change!! I WILL NEVER USE THIS SERVICE AGAIN!!! and i am going to my bank to dispute these charges because you did not give what i paid for!!! and not only that but u did not even honor the corrective action against your mistake! NEVER EVER AGAIN
1 stars

Failed to deliver or honor guarantee

by timlavida on February 15th, 2013
Ordered flowers for my wife on 2-11 for Valentine's Day delivery. They never showed and despite the '100% Satisfaction Guarantee' on their website which says I can get a refund or replacement at my choice, they are refusing a refund. They tried to tell me they need to contact the florist first but why should this matter? I am not satisfied so they need to honor their guarantee. Bottom line - go somewhere else. Compared to this fly-by-night organization, anyone else is a bargain at twice the price.
5 stars

Beautiful Arrangement!

by ecozadams on February 8th, 2013
We ordered a centerpiece for Christmas - beautifully arranged!
1 stars


by jgregorioff on January 23rd, 2013
My grandmother just had a stroke, and lost use of her entire right side. She's in need of constant 24 hour care. I am disappointed in not being able to get the flowers, I thought I was choosing, for her. The word "Winter" next to the bouquet of flowers, that had both blue and lavender colors (her favorite), appear deceiving and threw me off. If I knew that I was going to get simply red carnations and white daisies, then I would have 'chosen' those (cheap) ones. Then, when calling customer service, a manager wouldn't even speak to me, throwing the customer service representative back into the phone call to tell me "there's nothing we can do about it. I'm sorry. We can give you a $10 off gift card." I would have gladly paid MORE for the arrangement I wanted, for my dying grandmother, the FIRST time. Change the wording in the description, at LEAST, to say: "Arrangement may appear different than pictured." Unhappy and disappointed customer.
1 stars


by jdskinner on December 23rd, 2012
I sent flowers to my 101 year old Grandfather in Michigan using a company called from you Flowers. Do not use this company I have sent 3 arrangement's from this service and they have messed up every single one. They are now telling me that he wont get his Christmas centerpiece till after Christmas. They have messed up every order! I sent my girlfriend flowers same day as she was crying at work. They delivered them at 7 pm to her work. what is the point of a Christmas centerpiece after Christmas or flowers at work after everyone has left for the day! Horrible
1 stars

Horrible experience

by kimahi on September 18th, 2012
I ordered a fall floral arrangement for a funeral and was contacted by From You Flowers the following day saying the flowers and container were unavailable. I was ok with that just asked for a fall color arrangement in a nice container. I clearly stated, at least twice, do not just put some flowers in a clear glass vase. Guess what was delivered? Six yellow roses with some little orange flowers in a clear glass vase. I was embarrassed that such an inappropriate arrangement had my name on it. I will never do business with this company again.
1 stars


by d2ward on July 3rd, 2012
I selected an arrangement of flowers to be delivered to my wife. The price of the arrangement was readily apparent, but the delivery charge was not. In fact, the there was no mention of a delivery charge until all selections and options had been made, delivery address specified, and credit card/billing information had been entered. The delivery charge increased the cost of the order by approximately 50%. I think that is sneaky -- basically a fee ambush -- but that's not all. I paid a separate premium to have these flowers delivered before 6:00pm local time. The order was placed before the time specified on their website as the cutoff time to make same day delivery. However, delivery was not made before 6pm.
When I informed the Seller of these issues, they offered me a $5 credit toward a future purchase. However, as I explained to them, there will be *NO* future purchases from them because their trade practices are deceptive and they do not deliver on services as promised and as paid for.

STAY AWAY - FAR AWAY - from this bunch of incompetent & lying thieves.
1 stars

Beware of Brown Box Shipping - Absolute Joke for Customer Service

by kgivant on June 15th, 2012
Be aware that this company (and I use that term loosely) uses UPS to SHIP your flowers. I would have never in a million years thought that this was an acceptable way to deliver a cherished gift such as flowers but nevertheless 2 hours after placing my order I received a TRACKING number. I was very upset at that point but nowhere near as much as I was the next day (a Friday) when I received a Shipping Exception notification from UPS. They were going to attempt delivery to a Business Address on a Saturday instead of Friday which was my relatives Birthday. The flowers should look really good on Monday when they actually get delivered after spending the Weekend with UPS.

OK.. So shipping exceptions happen but what really ticked me off if the fact that UPS will not let the recipient change the delivery address, the SHIPPER needs to do so. FromYouFlowers was UNWILLING to do this. Now the shipment will be refused and the Credit Card Charge will be disputed.

BTW... I called a Local Florist and they delivered the most beautiful arrangement my relative has ever seen. I suggest you all do the same. Find a Local shop, call them, discuss the arrangement, and SKIP using a crappy company like FromYouFlowers.
1 stars

Worst Floral Delivery Service in HISTORY!

by jabcjrroberton on May 26th, 2012
Worst Floral Delivery Service in HISTORY! did not deliver my mother's birthday flower's on her birthday - even though I placed the order 3 weeks in advance. They promised to deliver them the following day, and never delivered them! I demanded a refund and was told they would have to check with the delivering florist before they would honor my request. Customer service is horrible - they have canned answers for everything and aren't very helpful. I wish I would have know ahead of time that they were going to ruin my gift to my mother, I would have rather gotten flowers at the gas station and taken them to her - even picking some weeds from the yard - I could have delivered them on TIME! Please save your money, your relationships with family, your good intentions, and your future frustration - GO SOMEWHERE ELSE!
1 stars

If I could give less than a star I would.

by sunndown on May 22nd, 2012
If I could give less than a star I would. This company is a SCAMM!!! STAY AWAY!!! They never delivered the flowers, and won't refund the money!!!! They keep you on hold forever, give you excuses, and then put you on hold some more.
1 stars

This company is a SCAM!!!!!

by brandimoore on May 20th, 2012
Do NOT use this company....they will take your money and NEVER deliver the flowers!! They use the same lame excuses over and over again! They will steal your money and not issue a refund!!
1 stars

bad site design, no place to put in the coupon

by janyap on April 24th, 2012
The account is not saved unless the order goes through.

When picking out flowers, there is no place to put in discount code - it wants to charge full price.

Searching for help doesn't work. Frustrating.
1 stars

worst floral service there is

by dynopatrice on March 15th, 2012
nearly week late delivery, false claims/excuses, completely wrong product delivered first and partially correct product delivered 2nd time On 3/8 I placed ordered for promised delivery on 3/9. This never occurred so I called and it was reported to me that the florist stated change of dates was agreed upon by recipient which was a complete lie (florist called her and stated she was running late and would not be there until after 5pm and the recipient gave her directions to her place on 3/9). When it was finally delivered on 3/10 it was a cheap substitute (ordered vibrant bright yellow lilies and deep vibrant pink/magenta roses in a deep pink vase and what was delivered were a small cheap arrangement of white daisies with a couple pink ones in a cheesy cheap vase). When I sent the pictures to Fromyouflowers and expressed being upset at deceptive florist about delivery date followed by completely wrong flowers, they stated they would have to pick up the wrong flowers and would have another florist deliver correct arrangement on 3/12 as they couldnt do anything about it the following day on a Sunday. Nothing was delivered 3/12 OR 3/13 and I was not notified. When I called and complained again that still nothing had arrived, they said it was taking time getting the correct flowers for the arrangement. It would have been nice to be notified of this delay as I told my recipient be available 3/12 for the delivery! They stated they could also not provide the pink vase but only a clear one and asked if it was ok. I said yes as I figured the flowers were the most important. Finally, on 3/14 flowers were delivered but STILL not what was ordered as white roses w/ light pink tips instead and any "upgrades" to the size where clearly not evident. When I complained AGAIN that the product still was not what was ordered not to mention a week of dealing with this and inconveniencing my recipient with telling her to be around for deliveries that never occurred and getting wrong products that had to be returned they stated I could get a $20 gift certificate and $10 refund. I stated that all that a $20 gift certificate does is require me to buy again and spend more money on a service and product that has proven to not represent quality or dependability. I asked for a minimum of $30 refund but preferred full refund as date and specific product were never delivered as promised from a company that reports "Satisfaction Guaranteed". I now see that this company has MANY complaints online AND with the BBB so apparently this type of poor service, deception, and product misrepresentation is common practice for them. This company needs to keep customers up to date on delivery issues, product changes/substitutions etc. If they would have just told me that they could not provide the flowers I ordered, then I would have cancelled my order at that time and my recipient did not have to be inconvenienced repeatedly and me waste money on products I would never have purchased.
1 stars

Bad terrible and no delivery and no help....Should get a red negative star review

by cerisemgta on February 28th, 2012
Did not deliver for moms Birthday......did not deliver next day......I paid extra for early and expedited service.......$120.00 into the toilet
1 stars


by domartinez on February 16th, 2012
Worst customer service you'll ever.. and I mean EVER have if you run into a problem, which most likely you would... In my experience it was BAAAD. I got treated like a criminal I was accused by one of the "costumers service representative" of trying to fraud. They even went as far as to ask for my bank to send a letter head so they could process my order. They cancelled both my orders both my orders and some gift certificates that I had used they never refunded...

1 stars

Terrible customer service.

by nlakha on February 11th, 2012
I placed an order and tried to use the email link with a code that was sent for me in order to have the service fee waived. It did not work online. I called customer service and they were very unhelpful; refusing to use the code given by their company. Will not be taking my business to them again.
1 stars

Horrible communication!

by jakefirst on February 1st, 2012
I ordered a nice arrangement from because it was supposed to be "guaranteed same-day delivery" if ordered by 3pm. I ordered the arrangement at 2pm over the phone. The flowers were not delivered. I got a called at 5pm that same day to let me know they weren't going to be delivered, but by that time, the local florist was closed and I couldn't use them. They said they would deliver the next morning before noon and take 15% off of the arrangement (not the service charge or delivery fee). Next day, still no flowers. I called them up and they said that the florist they were using didn't have any tulips and that they were going to contact me to see if a substitution could be made so the flowers could be delivered... but that would have required someone to called me in order to ask!

I was then told it could be delivered tomorrow if I OK'ed the substitution, but they would not upgrade my order or further discount the arrangement (or remove the delivery or $15 service charge). I told them to just cancel the order. Now HOPEFULLY I will get a credit back in a timely manner, but after reading other reviews, that doesn't look like it is going to happen, either.
1 stars

Really bad service

by carolstimmel on January 6th, 2012
I ordered flowers for the birth of my new grandson on 05 Jan 12 and the flowers were not received. I paid extra for expedited service. When the four hour time had lapsed, I called and was told they would upgrade my flowers and deliver by noon on 6 Jan 12. That never happened. I called again and they promised they would be delivered by this evening. I was also promised that I would receive a discount of 20% and to give my money back for the expedited delivery. Folks, beware, as I was listening for the service representative to complete this new updated order, I heard other customer service representatives talking in the back ground with the same problems! I received an email from this company promising to delivery on 07 Jan 12. OMG I believe I have been scammed. I wished I would have read these articles before ordering from this company. I will be contacting the Better Business Bureau if these flowers are not delivered.
1 stars

No delivery, 4 days late so far.

by WhereMyHeartis on June 23rd, 2011
Where my Heart is, posted 3 days ago
Today is Father's Day, 1:20 p.m. Pacific Time. I received a call just now at 1:00 p.m. Pacific Time that my Father's flowers will not be delivered today! Dad lives in the Eastern Time zone so it's 4:00 p.m. there. This company waited until 4:00 p.m. in the delivery time zone to tell me the delivery would not take place as scheduled. Unbelievable! I am SO disappointed with "From You Flowers" and also with Screaming Daily Deals for putting an offer out there with a company that just doesn't come through on-time. To Screaming Daily deals I would say that it's more than the commission you make - you need to really check these companies out. "From You Flowers" is a real dog.

Where my Heart is, posted 2 days ago
Today is Monday, 6/20, the day AFTER Father's Day. I called my Dad and his flowers were not delivered today either. When the customer service rep called me yesterday to say the delivery would not take place on Father's Day she said they would upgrade the flowers to the next highest level AND deliver before Noon on 6/20/11. I have sent 2 inquiries this evening via email to "From You Flowers" with no response as of yet. What a truly disappointing experience with Screaming Daily Deals.

Where my Heart is, posted 11 minutes ago
Today is Wednesday, 6/22 and my Dad's flowers have not been delivered. Each day it's another excuse from "From You Flowers." Tuesday it was "The florist can't delivery today." Today it was "We couldn't find a local florist. We found one now but it's too late in the day to deliver." Odd isn't it that they had a florist on Monday and "just found a florist" on Tuesday? Each day they offer a 10% discount and I have to remind them that Monday (6/20) they had already offered a 20% discount and an upgrade to my Father's arrangement. I asked them what else they could do to compensate for the terrible customer service. He put me on hold for a couple of minutes and said that's all they could do. My Dad is 80 years old and has been waiting at home since Sunday for a delivery that hasn't come. Each day I call to apologize and he says "It's OK honey" but I know he's been anticipating a flower delivery and doesn't want me to feel bad about it. This Screaming Daily Deal has been a #1 lemon for my Father's Day gift to my Dad. It's just sad what they are doing to my Dad and outrageous the canned excuses they've been passing out to me on a daily basis for 4 days.
1 stars


by mrsmrose on May 6th, 2011
This company appears to be scamming hundreds of people out of their money.. They never delivered my mothers flowers,and gave me a different story each time I called. Finally they said they were notified that the florist couldn't fulfill the order. (I ordered 3 weeks ago and I was never notified) I tried emailing several times and no response (although their site promises to answer within an hour) Oddly enough every negative post I put on their facebook page gets deleted immediately. I will be filing a complaint with the better business bureau and my credit card company. I suggest everyone who has had a negative experience also files with the BBB. I wish I read the reviews before I ordered.
1 stars

nothing like picture cheap looking

by tanyac on March 10th, 2011
I ordered this cute pink flower in a keepsake watering can for my mother-in-law birthday. She got yellow flowers in some kind of straw basket. Very disappointed. Will not use again unless they can correct this problem. I was embarrassed when she sent me a photo of what she got. That's how bad it looked.
1 stars

No flowers, no refund

by shanrob7 on February 17th, 2011
Ordered flowers for my wife for Valentine's Day. I placed the order a few days in advance to be sure to get Valentine's Day delivery and even confirmed via phone call that it was a guaranteed delivery. Day of delivery, my wife tells me the flowers never arrived. I contacted the customer service line for a reason why they hadn't been delivered and received no answer -- had to leave voice message. At 3:30PM, I was called and notified that the delivery would not occur on Valentine's Day. No reason for the delay or offer of substitution. Just that they would deliver it *2 days* later! I immediately asked for a refund which they processed. But per their business practice, 3 days later had still not received a refund. Called to ask about it and they said the refund wasn't even processed until *4 days* after the refund request and would take another *3 business days* before the transaction would actually occur. Still waiting... Will definitely not use their service and even go the extra distance to discourage others from using them.
2 stars

Bad first time experience

by btynbst on January 20th, 2011
Ordered a plant to be delivered the next day. Due to technical glitch the contact number and suite number was deleted. However if delivery person asked at front desk, they would have contacted my wife to come down and pick up plant. Instead delivery person went back to shop then contacted From You Flowers late in the afternoon. By the time, I got the message, it was too late to deliver. Never had problems with other competitors. Guess that's what cheap got me. Wasn't worth it. Customer service called but they clearly weren't synched with communication. One asked for info all over again! Another told me to disregard then told me they needed my permission to deliver it tomorrow and I told them that the first time too. Spend a little more and go local. Sorry wifey!

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