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Groupon offers daily deals and discounts on a variety of products and services. If you can eat it, see it, do it, or travel to it, Groupon has a deal for it. Included are Groupon coupons and Groupon discount codes on everything from a day at the spa, to having an unbeatable travel experience in cities around the world. They also offer discounts on tickets to the hottest concerts, sporting events or shows, so check out what is going on in your hometown today!

Groupon is a deal site that operates on a global level. It is now in over 250 markets around the world, and is known for offering discounts up to 90% on a huge variety of goods and services. Their mission is to exceed the expectations of each and every customer, by giving them the best experience possible at an amazing value.

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Most Helpful Positive Review

5 stars

Great service

by Mikaly on March 13th, 2011
I had a horrible experience with for a Valentine's day order (reviewed separately). FTD went above-and-beyond for their customers, pressuring FTD to honor discounts that they claimed on the site but subsequently and quietly removed after checkout (charging customers more after they'd paid). I never got the full discount FTD promised and they never answered my e-mails. Groupon, on the other hand, refunded me my full coupon purchase! Excellent!

Most Helpful Negative Review

1 stars

Groupon is a scam, stay away from it

by dwang2k on January 16th, 2013
Stay away from groupon. it's really a scam. I bought 2 wineinsiders coupons. but can't make the wine purchase since wineinsiders can't ship to Georgia based on state law. wineinsiders told me the get refund from groupon. But groupon refused to refund. The groupon guy said the reason has a fine print description said can't ship to the following states.
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Most Recent Store Reviews for Groupon

1 stars

bad order processing and lack of support

by lliang1 on September 12th, 2014
I should have looked at the reviews here before placing my first order from groupon. The order is in "waiting fulfillment" after 5 days. I asked to cancel the order but got no response yet. I ordered a shaver, which I founder later cheaper from a real online store. Why bother here?
1 stars

They dont fulfill the orders when placed and then cancle them after you wait forever

by cobraspyguy on September 11th, 2014
Would not do business with this place ever again. Placed an order for a tablet , they charged my credit card for the item, then a few weeks later they told me they did not want to honor the price they charged me. I sold my old tablet thinking I was getting a new one . They would not return my emails and trying to reach them by phone was the worst and was never able to get thru. Just shop elsewhere and save yourself the headache
1 stars

Read before Referring!

by anticiacia on September 11th, 2014
I have referred a friend, when didn't receive the $10 as promised, contacted customer service they said it could be that:

-. Multiple people referred your friend and your friend clicked a different link to subscribe or buy
-. Your friend didn't click on your link to buy
-. Your friend is not a first-time customer
-. Your friend has not purchased their first Groupon yet (even though they have subscribed)
-. 7 days has not passed since your friend made their purchase from your referral - for security reasons, 7 days must have passed since the purchase before the credit will be applied to your account.

I couldn't find anywhere on their website that says friend must buy the linked deal. Don't make the same mistake!
4 stars


by dynosherri on September 10th, 2014
Very easy to use, always has great deals.
1 stars

Groupon= Horrible

by 320cdi on September 8th, 2014
Placed and order for a tablet listed on Groupon, order placed, received email confirmation, then two days later I went to check the tracking status and it showed "ordered cancelled" due to some fulfillment issue. I have received no update via email on this and I am waiting for a call back from their customer service to understand what this means and why there was no email confirmation. I checked my CC and I already see the pending charge. This was the first time using this horrible business and will be my last!!.
1 stars

Groupon PROMISE is a JOKE!! What Happened to such a good company!

by cscialabba on August 13th, 2014
Difficult to obtain a refund once a voucher is purchased even if the merchant is unwilling to honor the Groupon! I've utilized groupon several times in the past and have been happy, but they DID NOT live up to their promise to make things right when a merchant was unwilling to honor a groupon. I ended up having to call the credit card company in order to initiate a refund. You'll be disappointed with Groupon's customer service when a problem arises with their selected merchant's. In addition, the only way you will be able to solve the problem is through e-mail as they DO NOT have a contact number. In addition, the first several e-mails you receive will be canned responses from a "representative" that doesn't even seem to read the issue at hand.
1 stars

It was a good company

by Tapatio75 on August 9th, 2014
I've been using Groupon for a long time, I got pretty good stuff, but a couple of bad ones

shipping was free, no taxes, and I would get my stuff in no time

Then they added taxes (I know, thank uncle sam), then free shipping for 15 and up, so more 9.99 deals since I had to pay for shipping, now is $25 for free shipping, really? ive seen stuff that I liked but it was 24.99 of course, so they added the shopping cart so we could add more items, no problem, until they decided to remove it from the iphone app

Lately, Ive been getting way too many refunds because their third party crappy warehouse is not shipping anything, and we have to wait 2 weeks before they can even look it up, and they cant cancel it because is been more THAN 2!!! Hours sice I placed the order and they could be processing it, really? Only 2 hours to cancel it?

Im done with groupon and customer service sucks
1 stars

Stole 960.00 from me

by mamaphe on August 6th, 2014
I booked a get away to the red rock resort through groupon in May of 2014. In June I cancelled the trip because my fiance at the time didn't want to stay in the desert after we were married on July 5, 2014. I called groupon they told me they would refund it in groupon bucks. I decided immediately I didn't want 960.00 in groupon bucks. So, I called right back and requested it be refunded to my debit card on file they said ok. THey sent me a email stating they refunded my money but to my disbelief they deposited my money to a old account and the card wasn't even on file anymore. I was baffled why would they do that. So this began the phone tag, emails, repeated request and its been over 2 months and I still don't have my money.d ((this is only a few emails just to give you a idea of how inconsiderate groupon reps are, they are worst over the phone)) The fact that they stole my money cause me to have to change some of my wedding plans and boy was I not happy!

Ms. Pissed at Groupon

We'd love to hear what you think of our customer service. If you feel the issue has not been resolved, please simply reply to this email and disregard the link below.
If the issue has been resolved, please take a moment to let us know how Carla did by clicking either link below:
Good, I'm Satisfied
Bad, I'm Unsatisfied
Below is a reminder of what your conversation was about.
Groupon Customer Service

Carla R, Jul 03 07:33 AM:
Hey Philishia,
Glad I could help. Please let me know if I can be of further assistance.
Take care,
Carla R
Groupon Customer Support

Phlowa, Jul 02 05:58 PM:
Thank you I will contact my bank again.

Carla R, Jul 02 03:59 PM:
Hi Phlowa,
I'm very sorry for the inconvenience.
Your refund was successfully processed on our end. This means that the money has been sent back to your bank, regardless of your account status or if you have a new card number.
Once your bank receives the money, they will attempt to deposit the money into your account. You can contact their claims department to locate this refund.
If the bank is unable to get the refund to you, they may refuse the refund and return the money to Groupon. In this rare case, it could take up to 30 days for the money to be returned, depending on your bank. If you do not receive a refund from your bank's claims department within 30 days, please let us know and we'll investigate further.
Thank you for your patience and understanding.
Carla R
Groupon Customer Support

Phlowa, Jun 30 04:11 PM:
I have explained this 8x
i had a refund sent to my closed bank account. The bank told me that the money was never sent to my account. I was told from a customer service agent that the money was deposited to my closed account last monday. My old bank said a deposit was never attempted by Groupon. I need to know where my 960.00 dollars. I don't know what the process is but I feel like my money was stolen. I told several people at groupon that I am getting married July 5th and the 960.00 was needed to pay for my wedding and honeymoon. This is a very big inconvience. I need someone to call me and clear up this situation, I am also seeking my funds to be returned in a paper check as I know this can be done by you!

Angela M., Jun 30 11:40 AM:
Hi Philishia,
Sorry for any trouble! Your refund processed successfully on 06/23 to the card ending in xxxx. It should appear on your statement as a refund from Groupon, Inc.
Though the funds are out of our hands, it can take a little time for banks and financial institutions to route those funds correctly and post them to your account. This typically happens within a matter of days, but we ask that you allow up to 10 business days for your refund to appear on your statement.
Unfortunately, we're unable to expedite this process. If it has been longer than 10 business days since the refund was issued and it hasn't posted to your bank statement, please contact the claims department of your bank directly to check on its status.
I apologize for any inconvenience, and thank you for your patience. Please let me know if you have any other questions.
Angela M.
Groupon Customer Support

Santhosh Yadav, Jun 28 12:04 AM:
Hi Philishia ,
Thanks for your email regarding Groupon Getaways. I'm sending your information along to a customer support representative on our Getaways team.
Thank you for your patience – they will be in touch soon!
Groupon Customer Support

Phlowa, Jun 28 12:02 AM:
Earlier this week I cancelled a hotel reservation at the Red Rock Resort. My 960.00 was refunded to a bank account that isn't active. I relocated to a new state that does not have that banking branch. I am getting married in 1 week and I explained to 5 different customer service reps that I need my money in order to pay for my wedding cost. No ONE HAS HELPED ME. MY BANK SAID THE MONEY ISN'T THERE BECAUSE THE ACCOUNT IS CLOSED IT HAS REVERSED BACK TO GROUPON. I WOULD LIKE TO KNOW WHERE MY MONEY IS AND IF I CAN GET IT REFUNDED TO ME IN A PAPER CHECK asap. My wedding plans are dependent upon me receiving my money back!

5 stars


by poojamohindra on July 30th, 2014
I have been using Groupon for a few years now and I love it! I will be using it even more often now thatI have a fat account!
5 stars

I love the deals I've purchased through Groupon

by carolethecook on June 30th, 2014
I have always enjoyed the deals, and never had any problems at all with Groupon.
1 stars

not recommended, late delivery, pathetic customer service

by advpukhraj on June 12th, 2014
Firstly................. the customer service is extremely bad, pathetic or i must rather say there is hardly any customer service. When u place the order the order confirmation mail will be sent to u after 2 days, that means for the 2 days you don't even know that u have placed the order. Secondly for any query they take more than 2-3 days to reply and that too will be just copy+paste reply. They never provide tracking number, u can never track your order as and when you are going to receive.

Delivery time is 10 days, I bet, you will receive your order from overseas before you get it from groupon. When the other platform are delivering next day or within 3-4 days, this guy will never deliver within 7 days, so if u want something in time bound manner, never search for it on groupon. I suggest you all to go for COD, if at all you want to place order, never prepay, these gays will give to tough time otherwise
5 stars

love this site!

by jlboyer on June 9th, 2014
Ordering is simple, getting vouchers for different restaurants/stores is simple, everything that is said about every product and voucher have been completely accurate!
1 stars

Fraud and pathetic... beware....

by pawankshrivastava on May 10th, 2014
I took three deals -
BVS mechanics in hedge end...
They charged 30 for oil abd very poor valet... also in 2 days I had power steering leak... when I went again they said they are too busy to look... 70-75 u can get the servicing in any local garage. Groupon and their dealers are just cheat... they dont bother about customer services.

Kutz n beauty.... in portswood road... it took me 2 months to get a weekend appointment... and then the address website puts is 2.5 miles away from the actual then they said its tom tom fault... and provided only half of service...

Raymon redfern photography... in sholing...
He will give you three prints... which are really small... after 1 month... and to get the good quality CD he charges 200 gbp... A robbery... not sure whats the point of having a deal if you have to pay 230 for 3 small prints and some good photographs...just cheating by group on.... I will prefer buying a cheap SLR camera instead... a printer and photo paper....

The deals look fantastic... but inside they are bad with poor custimer services....
5 stars

Excellent Getaways and Shopping on Groupon

by scotlandfog on May 2nd, 2014
I have purchased three Getaways on Groupon in the past two years. ALL of them were excellent! I have never had an issue with any of them. I also purchased products and I have been very satisfied with the quality of the merchandise. I recommend Groupon to all my family and friends!
5 stars

Love the Deals!

by alljunkmail5829 on April 30th, 2014
Groupon is easy to use and has great deals. When I needed to cancel an order, the phone reps were friendly and helpful. It's a great way to try out services and restaurants without a big expense. I've found more than one restaurant I'll be returning to without a coupon.

Groupon is also a great way to test a business's customer service. Too many businesses treat Groupon customers poorly compared to the customers paying full price. I'm delighted to return to a business that treats me well when I come in the first time with a discount, but there's no way I'm throwing good money after bad when I receive bad service.

I highly recommend Groupon!
4 stars

I just love using groupon

by awaypet on April 28th, 2014
fat wallet thank you so much for including groupon in your stores to shop. I especially enjoy when its 12% back. please keep on doing this. love it loveit LOVE IT ALL.
1 stars


by troostnews on April 4th, 2014
Wanting to do some advertising for the business, our new owner contacted Groupon. To make a long story short, their representative tried to bully us into giving nearly 50% off of our services - to make the offer more "attractive" to customers!!! Of course 50% is attractive - but it would be way too costly for our budget. He refused to even work with me for less - because Groupon's whole deal is to make money for THEIR company - NOT yours! They want 50% of the amount of the coupon - so their package would have ended up costing us nearly 75% of the usual cost of our services. The rep was a rude, insolent cretin. Don't bother with Groupon. People only use the coupons for the freebies - and they don't return for repeat business.
1 stars

I have placed three orders in the last three months. All had problems...

by scrufdm on March 28th, 2014
And rather than give a refund, they want to just give a credit to my account. I really am sick of Groupon.
5 stars


by Volney on March 19th, 2014
Great way to try new stuff and have always had pretty good luck with the deals.
5 stars

Saving twice

by theyancey on March 16th, 2014
A great deal from Groupon and cash back from Fat Wallet!
5 stars

Amazing Experience

by evelyngzamora on March 10th, 2014
Very friendly staff, made us feel safe. helped us understand every step, explained each process over and over again if needed. Our heart was made by Us and it was an experience we will treasurer forever
2 stars

Misleading, no fine print to explain the many caveats of their Niagara Falls Package deals, read on for details

by rockviolet on March 9th, 2014
The Ramada Plaza Niagara Falls Hotel, Groupon and the city of Niagara were misleading in their advertising and cheated us out of what could have been a pleasant trip in the following 8 ways (in order of importance). We advise that you consider this feedback before buying a Groupon deal, since many of the deals offer essentially the same ‘perks’ regardless of the hotel you stay in:

1) After an 8-hour drive, we arrived at the Ramada to find that they gave our reserved room away. They refused to provide an explanation. They were trying to instead put us up in nearby motels and would not consider putting us in a hotel of equal or greater value. After spending nearly an hour "checking in", we could see what their business model was. They could knowingly overbook the hotel, and selectively rebook those who booked with cheaper rates (such as through Groupon) elsewhere. As long as those rebooked customers had prepaid reservations, the Ramada could rebook at rates equal to or lower than what was prepaid and then reap the reward of hand-picking rates without having to come out of pocket.
2) Niagara, Canada has something like a 16% tax. To put this in perspective, if you buy $50 of food and drink at a restaurant, after 16% tax and paying 20% tip on the entire bill (including tax), your total is now $70 (effectively 40% more than the $50). Some employees around town said that Niagara has a "tourist tax" built in.
3) Undisclosed to anyone, casino vouchers provided in the deal were for a casino on the American side of the falls which requires a back and forth across the bridge, going through customs and waiting on that very time-consuming line to get back into Canada.
4) The activation fee for the $50 Dave&Busters credit is $17, thus eliminating 1/3 of the card's value. Also, if you purchased more than one Groupon, you have to pay the $17 each time to redeem the D&B credit even if redeeming them in the same transaction and onto the same gaming card.
5) The $40 voucher for the Skylon Tower Restaurant “Spinning” restaurant was only valid if you spent $120 on a dinner for 1-2 people.
6) You will find hotels gifting you restaurant coupons/credits for $20 dollars or so. For example Red Lobster, Outback, and TGIF hand out these “coupons.” Firstly, they are only good for 1-2 people dining and require you to spend a certain minimum amount on food. What is even more frustrating is that these restaurants are "resort style" but are not advertised as such. Resort style restaurant menus are very limited and more expensive than their other chain locations. What this means is they jack up their prices, allowing them to give hotels these $20 off coupon credits to hand out to customers, which lure in the customers, who then find themselves paying $20 more for what the meal would have cost at another chain location.
7) We bought two Groupons for a 2-night stay in Niagara and therefore received two casino vouchers. Unfortunately, even with two people, the casino forced us to make two separate trips to the casino since the vouchers are linked to the room and one “room” could not use a voucher within 24 hours of another.
8) Parking anywhere on or near the strip (main street of downtown Niagara Falls) was time-consuming and expensive. Safe to say, it is not worth it to stay anywhere “off the strip” like the Ramada included in this particular Groupon.
1 stars


by michelleok on February 22nd, 2014
I have had good experiences with Groupon until recently. Now I will never use Groupon and I will share my experience with everyone so save them from the same inconvenience.

I ordered a 12-Month Xbox Live Gold Card 2 months ago. I received a tracking # from DHL and waited, expecting that my item was sent as Groupon told me it was. Weeks go by. No update on the DHL tracking info and no update from Groupon. I contacted Groupon's customer service last month and was told:

"We know it’s been a while since you’ve gotten an update on your order, and we don’t want you to feel left in the dark. As of right now, it looks like your order is still without tracking information, and it likely won’t be arriving within the time frame that we promised in the Fine Print. We’re so sorry about this.

Although we don’t have a new delivery estimate to share with you yet, please know that we’re doing everything we can to ship your order as soon as possible. When we have a tracking number or another update on your order’s status, we’ll let you know right away. We’re confident that your item will ship soon, but we understand that this news may change your plans. If you prefer not to wait any longer, I'd be happy to issue a refund to your Groupon account to be used for future purchases, or to your original form of payment. Please let me know which you prefer. If you wish to wait for the product, you're certainly welcome to do so. Tracking may still become available, and at that time, we'll be able to give you more information regarding a delivery date."

Another month goes by. No updates. No card. I contact Groupon's customer support again asking when I can expect to have an update or expect my item to be shipped. I also specifically said that I do NOT want a refund. I want to wait for my item.

Well, this morning I get a message from the customer support representative named "Sheeba" saying:

"I can't apologize enough for the delay. Of course, this is not the experience we want you to have when using Groupon. At this point, I can no longer provide any further updates on your order's status, so I've issued you a full refund and removed this Groupon from your account. Please allow up to 10 business days for this to be reflected on your statement. Situations like this can sometimes occur due to an unexpected inventory shortage or a complication with the shipment while in transit; but obviously, this is not the outcome we had hoped for."

So... not only did they give me a refund after I specifically said NOT TO, they are still selling the 12-Month Xbox Live Gold Card on Groupon when they obviously are unable to fulfill the orders!

Looks like a scam. Sounds like a scam. Must be a scam.

I will never use Groupon again and I plan to tell everyone I know about my bad experience and post reviews all over the Internet to warn others. Buyer beware!
5 stars

Great tasting pizza

by tiger536 on February 14th, 2014
I've been to the Stonehearth on Western Ave in Allston twice already. The pizza is consistently good. The wait staff was extremely accomodating when they had a big take-out order and couldn't put out the pizza fast enough on my last visit.
1 stars

Don't use them unless you can't print the coupon and pick the item up yourself locally

by nitaylor on February 9th, 2014
Buyers beware! Ordered a pearl bracelet with silver monogram the first of December as a gift. Didn't arrive until the third week of January. Received a bracelet with no monogram. Now being told by Groupon that there Is nothing they can do but refund money. DO NOT buy from Groupon unless you can print out the coupon and go pick up the item yourself!
1 stars

Shocking service.... Beware!

by kimmytamplin on January 18th, 2014
I've never called a company to complain before, however I've made an exception for Groupon - after ordering an item on Christmas Day with an expected delivery time of 7 working days and having not received it last week, I sent 3 emails to them with no reply, then after checking my account on their website I saw they had credited it with the funds from the item and no explanation why. Upon calling their unhelpful helpline and being in the queue for 20 minutes, and listening to a recorded message repeatedly telling me "we are experiencing high call volumes" (why am I not surprised) I got told they lost it in the post and there were no other items to send in their warehouse... Thank you very much for contacting me and telling me this information... And they won't even refund the money back to my bank account. I now have Groupon "credit" which I will never use and won't get my money back... Absolutely useless, waste of time and money - SHAM of a company. I advise everyone to never use this disgraceful company... This is also the message I left on their FB page in which I received a reply stating my complaint had been passed onto the UK team to look into.... Almost a week ago and still NOTHING! Worst customer service I have ever experienced... And I'm still £19 out of pocket and I've had to buy a replacement gift from elsewhere for double the price... I cannot stress this anymore, don't ever purchase from these people, they are thieving pigs
1 stars

Fraudulent scumbag

by frankzhangyi on January 5th, 2014
They will charge your card immediately and never ship your items.

Contact customer service? Stuck with auto replies and the first reply from an actual person will be your account closure notice.
1 stars

Never Again

by bruvorp on January 3rd, 2014
I bought a mirror from them which was around 160$. The mirror came broken and they never exchanged nor gave me a solution for it.

I'll never trust them again, they are not reliable and I work really hard for my money to get rip off like that.

There are other companies that does the same as they do.... I wouldn't take a chance!
1 stars

Terrible fulfillment

by rcmeltzer on December 27th, 2013
I've ordered merchandise from Groupon twice within the past six months - a laptop PC and a wireless video camera. In both cases my card was charged immediately. In both cases after two weeks their website showed my order in "fulfillment". In both cases I emailed the same day I checked the website to inquire about shipping. In both cases the merchandise was magically shipped on the day that I emailed. In both cases it took customer service several days to respond with incorrect information. In both cases the merchandise took two weeks in "shipping". A month from order to delivery. Totally unacceptable.
5 stars

Fantastic customer service

by riced on December 18th, 2013
There was a problem with my order (my fault) I wrote to Groupon for help, not only did the answer me in minutes but they followed up a few days later to make sure everything was ok. FANTASTIC CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!
1 stars

Be Aware - Do NOT buy anything

by dcrasania on December 7th, 2013
Recently I bought technology item (router) from Groupon. After 3 days I saw item prices were down on other sites/stores so I contacted Groupon by email that I want to cancel this order as prices were down in the market. (Even after 3 days there was no update on my order so it was easy to cancel for me). Now, next day in the morning I got reply back from support (not to mention support email from some office abroad, Asia) - customer support said since it was more than 24 hours I can not cancel and Groupon unfortunately do NOT price match. I was stuck, back and forth we exchanges emails for 3 days but no resolution. Then I got email from Groupon to fill survey on their Horrible customer service. What a shame, then next day I got email from Groupon that my orderhas been shipped, looks like I have no way other than accepting deilvery.

Bottomline, not a good experience - stay away even merchants who work with Groupon are not happy to work with them, it takes time to build a credit - Groupon - learn something other you will be kicked out.
1 stars

I ordered a Google chrome laptop been over 2 weeks to be exact 17 days nothing

by allroundwork on December 6th, 2013
There is no uptodate tracking info on the product .I called customer service and they have no clue as to the status of the product or if the order been shipped or in transit.I am going to get a refund after seeing all the reviews.They advertise products thats they not able to deliver on and keep you waiting over a weeks month.
5 stars

Groupon.....Always a goo deal

by silverteg2nv on November 23rd, 2013
I have used Groupon many times and continue to use it monthly.....Great deals and combined with Fatwallet Cash Back......cant get much better....
3 stars

Tint and goods

by gngm on October 30th, 2013
I bought two things from groupon one was tint and the other was a shower.i liked the tint job done by extreme audio it was awesome.BUt the groupon goods i bought were of very cheap quality and broke while installing...
3 stars

Groupon rarely reports cash back to Fat Wallet

by blkwidow on October 20th, 2013
I always shop Groupon via Fat Wallet cash back link. Additionally, I always "reset" safari (clear browsing history and cookies and data) prior to shopping via Fat Wallet link so that there is no question on Groupons behalf how the purchase was made. Unfortunately, they rarely report cash back to fat wallet thus requiring me to submit a support ticket which takes more time than I would like to spend. It's not Fat Walllet's fault so I gave Groupon 3 stars.
1 stars


by shabiaranjeet on October 10th, 2013
Don't buy deals from Groupon. They lie to the customers to sell deals. They tell the customer anything to make the customer purchase. I bought a Groupon deal on some transformer toys. The deal did not allow me to pick which toy I wanted, but stated that it was an assortment. I called Groupon trying to get information about actually selecting the toys that I wanted before making the purchase. I was told that it was a random assortment and that if I bought more than one toy it would not be duplicated. I ended up buying three toys, of which there were six or seven to choose from. I have received my purchase only to find that they shipped three of the very same one. I am now stuck with three of the same toys as they were a gift for my son, who does not want three of the same thing. To add insult to injury, that was not even the one that he was hoping to get. I called Groupon to get some recourse, and the Groupon agent was nice enough to inform me that the sale was a final sale and that I am indeed stuck with three of the same thing. I believe that Groupon was a dumping ground for Hasbro. Hasbro shipped the ones that were overstock for them and there were no others to choose from. If I had ordered 10, I would have gotten 10 of the same thing.
5 stars

Love Groupon!

by MotherMary99 on September 27th, 2013
I use Groupon to get coupons to try "new" (to me) restaurants for less money. Since I live alone, I usually end up bringing the "extras" home with me (I call it my "groceries"!). With it being Football Season, it's ideal to try new places to watch the games. Since the games can last 3+ hours, the Groupon deals are good to sample different menu items throughout the games.

I also have purchased a few items for Christmas gifts and birthday gifts. There are a lot of good deals offered throughout the year.

Groupon also has some good travel deals to lots of destinations. If I had the money, that's where I'd start looking for my next vacation.
1 stars

1st Choice Home Services - Bought Coupon for Air Vent

by dynoiyer on September 26th, 2013
1 stars

Groupon Review (Merchant & Customer)

by codypaige on August 31st, 2013
I am actually one of the Groupon Merchants. The only good thing that came out if it was the advertising. But I'm even now questioning if it was worth it. Groupn is unfair to both the merchant and the buyer. They mislead you on deals to get your money, and they mislead merchants who end up with a lot of angry customers because of it.

IT IS NOT THE MERCHANT'S FAULT! ~ we have NO control over the wording. Yes, we can approve it before it goes up. but a lot of the technicalities slip through the cracks & you don't notice it until its to late.

By that point, groupon refuses to fix it.

I cant say enough bad things about them & how they used me. They are a pain in the ass to get a hold of. They took forever to give me my money (Even through the online merchant center said that payment had been made). It was a nightmare!

When my client wanted a refund because I was booked for the day she wanted (on my deal, I had them state that appointment was required prior to purchase). groupon told my client they were going to MAKE me give her the day she wanted. They have no authority to do that. They actually lied to my client, because they never even tried to contact me regarding the issue on her behalf.

I have a photography company. Groupon worded my deal completely wrong (You aren't allowed to word your own deal), I had to ask them to change the wording multiple times. They kept asking me to lower my price or give them a higher percentage (They ended up with 51% which left me with nothing for all the work I did). They pressure you to put a large cap on the amount of groupons you can give.

They are sly and are only looking out for how much money they get.

I can really go on. I am so mad at them. But PLEASE don't make the same mistake I did. Don't go with groupon, they are other sites that wont try and bankrupt you. And dont buy a groupon either because you will be disappointed.

~ Paige [edit review]
4 stars

Paulys Hot Dogs

by vhzomatic on August 22nd, 2013
The food was very good. We will definitely be back to try some of the other specialty dogs on their menu. The best part of the meal was the fries. We tried the cheese and bacon fries, excellent.
1 stars

Ripped Off and Horrific Customer Services!

by qutemember on August 21st, 2013
After purchasing a few hundreds worth of coupons from restaurants to body message chiropractic service, which are all ripped offs; not worth the money even using coupons. "You get what you paid for." Actually even worse than after coupon's value. The participated businesses are very low quality and VERY inferior customer services. I have been requesting my refunds for the unused coupons paid, for over 10 months, Groupon refused to respond. I hope that I did not need to use Small Claims recourse to get my money back including interests. Even 60 Minutes showed the horrific ripped off on Groupon's travel coupons that are really an eye-opener! Strongly NOT recommend Groupon to anyone.
5 stars

highly recommend to everyone I know

by TabL2011 on August 11th, 2013
I love both fatwallet and I always check with fat wallet before I buy anything on line and I always recommend them to others and groupon too.
1 stars

Low quality product, false advertisement, slow shipping, non-existant return policy

by rvdfatcash on August 5th, 2013
I bought "$11.99 for an Oral-B 12-Pack of Replacement Toothbrush Heads ($60 List Price)" from Groupon. The product is low-quality junk. It is not Oral-B, but some "compatible" variety. It breaks after 3 uses instead of holding up for 3 months as Oral-B would. Groupon misleads customers with false advertisement and sells inferior knock-offs. Shipping is super slow and return policy is practically non-existent. I highly do NOT recommend buying anything from them.
4 stars


by christengteng on July 20th, 2013
5 stars


by misscd on July 11th, 2013
So many opportunities to try out so many places and things. Groupon has your back. It has come to my rescue more than once with vendors. Do not hesitate...great deals!
1 stars


by consumerdh on June 25th, 2013
I bought an Akribos watch from Groupon for $55 that Groupon claimed was a $445 watch. When it arrived, it had a big red X on the back. I contacted Groupon to ask if this meant it was a reject, and they basically stonewalled me.

Now, approx 7 weeks post-purchase, the finish has worn off the inside of the watch. One MIGHT expect that on a $55 watch, but on a "$445 watch"? Not so much. When I contacted Groupon, they offered me a refund, but refused to even acknowledge that their supplier (and Groupon) sold a piece of junk to me, saying rather that they "We stand by all of the businesses we feature and the deals we offer""
5 stars

great deals to be had at groupon

by babytoothrdh on June 20th, 2013
I love groupon, we have been able to attend live music concerts and dine out for half price, as well as find unbelievably great deals for services such as hair coloring and cutting, sclerotherapy, laser hair removal and such, and plus here we get cash back on our purchases through groupon... highly recommended, we have been quite happy, especially as it gives me the opportunity to try out services at very reasonable prices, and it has been especially valuable since we moved recently to this area from NJ...
3 stars

Like some of the offers

by ComputeThis on June 16th, 2013
When there is a problem with the offer, Groupon used to be very agreeable and try to please the customer - the buyer. Not so much anymore. Right now they are trying to save every sale no matter what!
5 stars


by hughmcq on June 7th, 2013
Got cash back within 2 hours
5 stars

A new app called "FullCircle"

by laurenhh25 on May 29th, 2013
A friend of mine told me to download the app "FullCircle". It has lots of great features! One of them is called NearbySuperDeals and it is like Living Social, but I think better. You don't have to purchase anything online! The deals are all local and it says that it currently is free for a business to post a deal so it seems like new companies are signing up everyday. This app seems to take care of the many complaints I have heard of a read about LivingSocial and Groupon.
5 stars

Great Deals at Groupon

by babytoothrdh on May 21st, 2013
I have been using Groupon for about one and a half years now, and have gotten some fabulous deals thru this site, and also found some excellent local services and dining establishments this way. I have been extremely pleased with their customer service as well, anytime I have a problem of any sort I email or call them and they have been very responsive and helpful. What more could a consumer ask for?
2 stars

Poor Costumer Service and Bad Business Practices

by xpolarx on May 16th, 2013
Experience with a specific purchase:
- I purchased a product for $1070
- Groupon sent me an email saying the product I ordered was out of stock and that the price was different so they changed my order to another product (Without my consent)
- Groupon sent me an inferior model of the product line I purchased hoping I would keep it (Without my consent)
- The product was received 11 days after my purchase
- Groupon will not refund my credit card until I return the product they sent me without my consent
- Now I have to go through the return process for an item I did not order
- Also I'll have to pay interest on my credit card on a purchase until I receive my refund
- A Groupon supervisor said sorry and that all they could do in the meantime was to give me $20 in Groupon credit...
- I'm still debating whether to file a complain with the BBB about this one

Overall Experience:
- Many products listed can be usually found in other websites for a lot less
- Shipping times are usually REALLY slow (Average of two weeks)
- Long wait time for e-mail customer support (They replied in 48 hours when I complained about the order described before)

- You can find good deals for Goods once in a while
- Some Getaway and Service deals seem to be good

Overall I will stay away from Groupon unless they have an irresistible offer.
If they play with my orders again I'll definitely report them with the BBB.
1 stars

Never use Groupon--a complete joke of customer service

by books4love on May 10th, 2013
If you expect to be treated with great customer service, look elsewhere. My friends have continuously experienced problems with Groupon and I was willing to forego the nonsense that I had experienced with them (outrageously longer than advertised shipping, poor treatment from vendors who do not want to honor the Groupons, order mistakes that they would not reconcile), I have had enough. DO NOT USE GROUPON. Try Livingsocial, Travelzoo, Bloomspot--any other discount site. I assure you it will be infinitely better than Groupon. I bought a Groupon for a restaurant in the area I wanted to try out. The place went out of business before I could redeem it. I contacted Groupon to a refund, and they refused to provide one. They do not care about customer service. They are just looking to steal your money. If you experience any problems, you won't EVER be compensated. Period. They will find one way or another to screw you over and keep your money.
5 stars

Love it!

by mistblu on May 6th, 2013
Great Deals!
5 stars

it's a great way to get money back when you're already spending

by vegan73 on May 4th, 2013
Too bad I sometimes forget to go through FW because I buy a ton of Groupons.
5 stars

reported cash back very fast

by sh123 on March 30th, 2013
I was quite surprised to make a purchase on groupon through fatwallet and the cash was reported barely 2 hours later. nice
5 stars

Best Deal $5 for $10 Starbuck gift card

by klho888 on March 21st, 2013
I love this deal. I wish there are more deals like this one in the future.
1 stars

Bad customer service

by newf6600 on March 15th, 2013
Bad customer service. I purchased a cleaning offer from them and I contacted the cleaning group several times. Each time they took my information and say that they will contact me later and they never did. several months and several calls and still the same. Last time I told them I am moving and I want to use it before I move they said ask groupon to refund your money because we are fully booked. After waiting for weeks for the Groupon response, they refused to return my money and they ask me to give it away to anyone.
5 stars

nothing but great experiences

by jessmayumi on March 11th, 2013
I do my research when necessary and use the website that rhymes with help before I choose my Groupon. Groupon gives me the opportunity to do things, eat food...that I otherwise am too cheap to buy. Also, soon I will be going on my first Groupon vacation to Mexico.
1 stars

Worst business ever!!!

by eylvia on February 25th, 2013
This is the worst business that provides the most terrible customer services!! I bought a hotel deal (I later found that it wasn't any cheaper than the official hotel reservation) on groupon. It turned out to be wrong dates. I didn't pay much attention to the confirmation page that was sent to my email. Later, I just realized that it was wrong dates before I could cancel it. Groupon did not send any other reminders before the trip was supposed to happen. I called their customer support to see if they can reschedule my trip for me, and they said NO. they were not even willing to refund even half of my money. Unlike hotels which only charge one night for no show, greedy Groupon charges for all of my money for no show. They make money basing upon not providing any services. This is my first time using Groupon, and definitely not coming back to it again!!!! I recommend everybody stays away from it!!
1 stars

completely unsatisfied

by squidward7 on February 18th, 2013
Purchased a few Groupons around Christmas--one was a wine-tasting class for $40, a good deal, but there's no way to look at a calendar before purchasing. Bought it, then immediately went to schedule it. Nothing I could do, Groupon said they'd refund, but gave me this awful Groupon Bucks instead. Don't want them, want my credit card charge reversed. Then bought a Ferrari driving experience for spouse, very exciting, read all the fine print on Groupon AND the company site. Terms were acceptable, but turns out NOT very specific. You had to have insurance that covered the Ferrari, and there were lists of things they could charge your credit card for that you had to sign before driving. I understand liability, but there's no way you get to charge my card starting at $7500 if you think 24 hours later that the car isn't running right or is damaged. Then they charge you hourly to fix it. We didn't agree to these terms, cancelled the appointment. Groupon said "too bad", the fine print covers this, you should've known better, give it to someone else, it was past the 7 day purchase. If I would have seen these "fine print details" before, I would never have purchased.Never doing business with Groupon again.
1 stars

Poor customer service

by deeanneweyel on January 24th, 2013
I will never do business with Groupon again. I purchased a wine tour and after trying months to redeem my Groupon unsuccessfully, Groupon refused to refund my money. It is the worst experience I have ever had. Don't waste your money with Groupon.
1 stars

Picture it on Canvas - expired groupon(s)

by jadakthegreat on January 24th, 2013
Just a warning/clarification to others. Picture it on Canvas routinely offers 70% off deals on their products. Last year I chose to take advantage of a similar deal through Groupon. I purchased 4 groupons at $49 a piece, each good for a 24"x30"x1.5" Photo-Print Reproduction on Gallery-Wrapped Canvas... and I let them expire thinking that I could use the $49 towards any product they offer in the future. Well, it turns out I CAN use the purchase value of the expired groupon towards any product but not if the product is in a promotion. So if Picture it on Canvas has the 24"x30"x1.5" on sale from $200 down to $50, I can either buy it for the $50 current promotion or use my groupon value against the full price of $200 and fork over an additional $150. This obviously renders the groupon useless unless you are really desperate enough where you can't wait for their promotions to come up. Groupon buyer beware.... I lost $196... Groupon support insisted they couldn't do anything for me since the seller still accepts the value of my groupon against the original full price product.
1 stars

Buyer Beware....Groupon Goods!

by mikemckinley on December 28th, 2012
"Buyer Beware is Groupon's customer support theme apparently, rather than attempt to provide a solution towards customer satisfaction.
In my case I purchased a Kenneth Cole Reaction Men’s Anorak Jacket offered by Groupon. It finally arrived late Oct. when it was still too warm to wear it. I started using the jacket a few weeks into November, and noticed that the zipper was fouling a little, then after a couple of uses, the zipper broke all togeather, making the jacket unuseable. One would not expect such a problem with such a name brand clothing item so soon. I contacted Groupon customer support to request an exchange or refund, and after more than a week, they responded and advised me to "read the fine print" of the offer which limits returns to 2 weeks after delivery. Folks, I think you would agree, this I find to be a real cop-out as GroupOn shrugs any effort to make things right in this case (and I suspect many others)."
5 stars

great customer service

by acroalice on December 13th, 2012
also great shipping and return policies
1 stars

avoid at all cost!

by shadowman2k7 on December 11th, 2012
I bought voucher for a flight experience from The company involved in this event never answered my mails and when I asked for a refund, since the company can not be contacted, they refused to refund the money. We are talking about a few hundred euros here so I can only recommend avoiding this site at all cost!
1 stars

Dr. Larry Burch, D.C.

by yayyahuasca on December 8th, 2012
DO NOT BUY ANY GROUPONS FOR THIS DOCTOR. Called several times to make an appointment and the line was going to a cell phone. What kind of doctor's office operates this way?!?! Found this to be very shady and it made me uncomfortable. Groupon wasn't willing to give me a refund...
5 stars

Luv it!!!

by LauryRush on December 4th, 2012
Always great deals to be had!!!
5 stars

Hale 'e pa nui therapeutic massage :)

by jevonashae1 on December 2nd, 2012
This experience was the most pleasant I've ever had in any spa, groupon or not! :) if I could give Arnaud more than five stars I would! He went about and beyond to help me when my phones GPS had me lost and made me late for my appointment :) he apologized profusely as if it were his fault instead of mine, even going so far as to offer me a free 90 minute massage if we couldn't fit my whole time in that day! :o I can hardly believe how nice he was and that was before I even had the privilege of experiencing his massage which was stellar!! One of the best massages I've ever had and his kindness and caring comes through in his hands :) this is a man that truely lives to help people. He has a gift that is clear. I will be going back to him again and again even though his office is on the other side of the island from me I don't care!! If he had a team Arnaud shirt I would totally wear it. I'm not kidding. Do not hesitate to get your massage here groupon or not you will not regret it!!! :) :)
5 stars

Best of social network deals

by ragmanfl on November 16th, 2012
We have used Groupon ever since they came on line and have saved alot of money buying products and services from them. They have great variety and wonderful service.
5 stars

In love with Groupon

by mfgreta on November 15th, 2012
I am on this site 2 to 3 times a day checking on new deals...usually buying as often as I can. Excited to use this in conjunction with FatWallet!!!
5 stars

Everything I have done through Groupon has turned out good!

by gypsyzera on November 14th, 2012
I have used Groupon for a number of restaurants & even some items.... I LOVE Groupon & have recommended them to others
5 stars


by drewhoughton on November 1st, 2012
C'mon - Groupon let's you try out new restaurants (or whatever) at a discount ... plus you get cash back from FatWallet? It's a win-win!
2 stars

never again

by naknak7811 on October 26th, 2012
Horrible customer service! I shouldn't have to make a purchase and follow up with the purchase to make sure it's processed correctly! It's funny I receive an email that I made a purchase but than told they need detailed information about the purchase..really? Never again!
4 stars

great deal!

by deanna4chef on October 17th, 2012
This is a great opprotunity to get something for a great value and get money back.
5 stars

I absolutely love Groupon!!!

by bigredvoice on August 28th, 2012
For the past few years since I have found Groupon, I don't even know how much money I have saved, but I know it's alot & I have taken advantage of some great deals from getting my house cleaned, my car cleaned, & trying new places to eat! I always tell people about Groupon & hope that they get in on the savings like me! and right now you can get more love in your life as well as give an animal a 2nd chance with their great AZ Humane society groupon. $25 for a newlove in your life! You can't beat that! It's the gift that keeps on giving!
1 stars

Groupon Goods is HORRIBLE!!!

by jawomack25 on August 2nd, 2012
I purchased an $400 exercise machine through the groupon goods site. After 3 weeks of waiting I inquired as to where it was and was told it was in route. It's now a month later and I have a refund sitting in my account for the purchase price. Basically Groupon borrowed my money and returned it, and that's a bunch of crap. Get it together or you will find yourself out of business. I will be spending my money at Amazon and from here on out. If you want what you pay for do not shop at Groupon goods.
5 stars

Groupon awesome

by lorymills1 on June 6th, 2012
Great deals on things you already use!
5 stars

Just the best!

by marpou on May 28th, 2012
I love Groupons. Whether it's something I want to try for the first time, something I like that is usually out of my budget, or something I love, having it on Groupon seals the deal. If it's there, I'll get it. I know it will be honored, and Groupon stands behind it promises.
1 stars

Groupon only refunds for future groupon, Do business and pay only after you get service.

by benx5 on May 23rd, 2012
Groupon Atlanta review: Tricky small print, REFUNDS only for future groupons NOT to your credit card. so you are forced to do more business with a bad business. Had to call groupon 5 times to get someone on phone for future groupon only refund and waited on hold only to get an answer with a busy sinal. The company "Green Clean technology" took me 7 messages and almost 2 weeks to get a call back for carpet cleaning only to find out they don't service my area. Sugo's restauraunt in roswell GA had an event called "Dinner with the mob"charged me extra $20 fee because they "overbooked" and another dinner show by "Atlanta Events" was at a dirty rented cafeteria and had a sign at door "NO REFUNDS" and the food/show was terible. For no headaches and bad service just stay away from groupon. Always remember that when a company has your money before you get service its probably won't go well for you. Only do business and pay with company that gives you the service and product before you pay.
1 stars


by esta on May 20th, 2012
I placed an order using a coupon, 5 weeks later they still did not ship, they held my money (I paid them directly for the shipping) with no communication, and then they called me Impatient and Rude. Avoid this company at all costs, unless you want a headache.
5 stars

I love Groupon

by bibbyro on May 16th, 2012
Is been a year since I started using Groupon, and I got so many good deals, I'm tottaly addicted. From nights out to pampering spas and weight loss deals, things that before Groupon, I couldn't even dream about, I saved so much money. Customer Service alwais friendly and ready to make you happy by handling any issues you might have ( I maybe had one or two in a year ). Anyway I recommand it to everybody.Groupon is the new lifestyle.
5 stars

Very happy with Groupon

by jmr1 on May 3rd, 2012
I've been a consistent Groupon purchaser for more than a year, and I've been very pleased with the service. The daily deals have allowed me to try several new service providers, and often at incredible discounts. Best of all, the few times I have had a problem with a merchant, Groupon has always been great - graciously and quickly resolving the problem or refunding my money. They really seem committed to their customers!
5 stars

Getting money back for buying a coupon - gotta love that!

by ComputeThis on May 3rd, 2012
I really like Groupon. It gives me a chance to try restaurants, stores, events, etc. that I have never tried before. I have only had a couple of issues with business owners, but for the most part Groupon has corrected the problem.
5 stars

Fatwallet cash back for a trip to China

by grrbud on May 1st, 2012
Groupon is awesome for their customer service!! I totally love Groupon for everything that they do from offering great products at fantastic prices. Whenever I email and let them know my experience whether it be good or bad they have always had excellent customer service to help resolve the issue. Groupon rocks and I am waiting for them to ipo so I can also purchase shares in their company. I love them!!!
4 stars

free money is nice

by alisanicole on April 26th, 2012
was super easy and got some money back!
3 stars

I don't know what to think about Groupon any more.

by moliuchick on April 15th, 2012
I had great experience with Groupon before. I emailed their customer service and I got a response within an hour. Now, they are getting so big that they don't even care to catch up with their customer service. I have a transaction that I want a refund. I have been waiting for over a month and they have done nothing so far. I called them and they said the health club deal cannot be returned. I am wondering why. I do not know that this place is focused on intense athletes training. I am just looking for something like a lady bootcamp. When I told Groupon I wanted a refund for that reason, they said they couldn't refund the money to me. It is obviously their stupid "deal description" that is causing the problem. Don't you think most of the time you try to read their deal description, you don't even know what they are trying to sell to you? Why do they have to make their "deal description" "cute" and "try to be funny"?
5 stars

one of the best ideas EVER!

by cheekytica on March 29th, 2012
whoever came up with groupon is awesome, they have such great deals on all kinds of goodies, and time and time again the costumer service i receive is top notch, i cannot rave enough about them. :]
5 stars

i love groupon

by crazypurl on March 2nd, 2012
Groupon saves me money and gets me stuff for half price. I love it. I save even more, when I go through Fat wallet ( I love fat wallet, too.
4 stars

worth the price of $99 for 4 windows

by minicooper0 on February 29th, 2012
The lightest tint hue is darker than expected. The owner also has a slight attitude.
5 stars

Great deals!

by astarkorama on February 16th, 2012
Never had any problems, always satisfied!
4 stars

Can be a great experience, depending on what you get.

by DubyaRules on January 16th, 2012
The restaurant design is a mixture of old west and random antiques. The staff is usually very friendly and attentive. The salad bar bar is large and has many options. The hot food bar does not have quite as many options, but if you're looking to fill up, it can certainly accommodate.

If you get the salad/hot food bar (using your Groupon) you will pay the full $9.99 (even during lunch) +drink, +tax, +tip, which is pretty steep for the medium to low quality dishes stagnating under the ol' heat lamps. That said, if you're a working man trying to fill up the tank on your short lunch hour, you can accomplish your goal with the all you can eat salad/hot food bar. Besides, with the Groupon discount, you'll be paying what the meal is actually worth. (Unless you are bringing your family, in which case, I would strongly advise against the salad/hot food bar)

If, however, you have a few extra minutes and a few extra dollars in your pocket, I suggest the John Wesley Hardin. They used to have the actual pre-cooked weight on the menu, but I guess they didn't want to be held to that, because now it simply says "medium cut". This leaves a lot to their discretion as they may feel that "medium cut" is 7 oz. Still, I have yet to be disappointed by the size of this steak. Again, if you use your Groupon, you will have to pay the full $12.99, even when it is on lunch special for $9.99. You cannot combine any discounts with your Groupon.

If you would like further advice, I suggest pairing the John Wesley Hardin with the steamed broccoli and the corn. If you are getting the $7 for $15 Groupon, this meal +drink will get you close to the $15 mark, and in my humble opinion, it is a great value for the good quality cut of meat, the portion size, the service, and the free desert bar.

If you are bringing the family, keep you eyes open for the $12 for $25 Groupon. The kids meal prices are comparable to most casual restaurants, and they love the free desert bar!
5 stars

Groupon is Great!

by marpou on January 7th, 2012
Have been using Groupon for over two years now. LOVE IT!!! Great values in a variety of items and services. Good, solid company with great customer service. Not only has local deals, but you can choose deals from other places, whether as gifts or for when traveling. And now to be able to use it through FATWALLET, well, I'm just giddy.
5 stars

Groupon policies are great!

by cheap2010skate on December 22nd, 2011
Usually, the businesses which offer Groupon discounts are great. I have been buying Groupons for over a year and saving hundreds of dollars. I recall only one time when I did not like the food and did not want to return to use my 2nd Groupon at the same eatery. Groupon refunded my money and as I requested, gave me credit for future Groupons. I was happy with the result. Groupon customer service resolved my problem by email within a few days!
5 stars

Great Deal

by meilingyoe on December 22nd, 2011
I got a GREAT DEALS and I got A chance to see A WHALE too, LOVE Groupon!!!
4 stars

Groupon is good if they have what you want.

by madscot13 on December 15th, 2011
usually a good deal. Better than trubates or crowd cut for deals, because they are more likely to be actual deals and not half off of an inflated price. It doesn't have quite the range of local shops but it is usually pretty good. The one catch, and it is a personal one at that, is not to get caught up with the good deals and just randomly buy stuff because it is a good deal.
5 stars

Groupon: the original and the best

by fivetalents on December 14th, 2011
I started using Groupon long before their deals began being posted on FW. They conducted themselves as a high quality enterprise hungry for my business back the, ans still do today. Any time I have had a problem with any offer (changed my mind, return-rebuy to get higher cash back, could not get merchandise from merchant), Groupon has been 100% responsive and always reach a resolution that satisfies me. There are many copy-cats but none of them hold a candle to Groupon.
5 stars


by kap10flirt on November 29th, 2011
Groupon allows me to try out things in my area that I would normally not consider or even want to pay full price for. Thanks groupon!
5 stars

Good Job Groupon

by Blawghog on November 20th, 2011
I've been pretty happy using Groupon, although for me it's been best used on products or businesses where I've already done business and know what to expect. Sometimes when I've purchased something from a business I hadn't previously known, I get the impression they've been overwhelmed and unprepared for the response - and I wonder if service or quality suffers. Having said that, it's great saving around 50% average from the usual price, and even better when you purchase through Fatwallet where a little extra goes a long way!
4 stars

Great customer service

by bandchick1823 on November 9th, 2011
I really appreciate the deals and offers that are provided by groupon and am highly impressed with their dedication to their customers!
5 stars

The Best Deals and Great Customer Service

by archena on September 16th, 2011
I am always looking for Groupon/Living Social/Woot and all the others. Considering Living Social and Groupon competitors, I would prefer Groupon over Living Social.
5 stars

Great Site for Fabulous Deals!

by sansby on August 16th, 2011
I joined Groupon several months ago, and each time I log into my account, I find interesting "deals" for products or services in my locale, many of which for establishments I'd otherwise not known about. The prices for each of these "deals" always seems to be way beyond any small discounts I could find by searching Google for promotional codes or coupons. I've found it to be a great site for purchasing gifts or tokens of appreciation for friends, employees, etc., as it's SO EASY to do online, and the gift gets delivered in the form of an email to the recipient, letting them know about the gift that awaits them. (They can then contact the merchant and make an appointment, reservation, etc., at their convenience.) I often find this more "comfortable" than hand delivering a gift certificate, as I'm typically not about to see the individuals in the near future, and this way they receive my token of appreciation promptly and without my having to go out of my house. Give it a try. You won't be sorry! (If you decide to join, referral bonuses are offered to whomever has referred you. Here is mine, which I'd be pleased if you would use for the purpose of joining: GO FOR IT! Should you not be happy with your purchase or the service rendered, Groupon stands behind the sale, and will work with you and/or refund the purchase if needed to remedy the issue. Can't lose . . .
5 stars

What a deal!

by NDC11 on July 5th, 2011
I travel as often as I can and I love this off site parking facility. You can come back to a nice clean car. They have many services available and this a great deal!
5 stars

I love Groupon!

by JennyJen412 on May 26th, 2011
Groupon helps me realize how much there is to do that I wouldn't ever consider. I've gotten photo shoots, tried new foods, discounts on flights, cheap gym classes, you name it! Not to mention that you get half off or some sort of discount with a Groupon :) I highly recommend signing up for the daily emails and try new things!
5 stars

fast cash back, great deals

by sportsgal06 on March 20th, 2011
I love! It reports cashback to fatwallet as soon as the deal has been activated. I've bought many deals and never have had a problem. It is simple to use and has great deals to save me even more money!
5 stars

I love groupon

by atsang on February 26th, 2011
save 50% on almost everything? heck yes
5 stars

Great Service! Great Deals! and money back!

by bubblehead0 on February 25th, 2011
Received a great discount on ice skating. Purchased the tickets through GROUPON via FATWALLET and received cash back!
5 stars

Great deals- in fact almost too many!

by kristina on February 18th, 2011
Love Groupon- substantial discounts for restaurants you want to go to, things you want to buy, and a few other little luxuries that make life better. Just check the date to make sure you'll use it in time...
5 stars

Great deals available

by amylouwho on September 27th, 2010
Sign up for Groupon and you receive a daily email with their deal of the day, usually a steep discount off goods and services from local merchants. Deals are available in select cities. Through Groupon, I've paid $7 for $15 worth of food at a local sandwich shop, and $40 for a museum membership that is usually $75.

One big catch - with the gift certificates to restaurants, etc - you have to use the certificate in one transaction. There is no cash back on certificates.

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