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HP is one of the worlds largest information technology companies. They not only sell consumer computers, laptops and accessories, but they also have a strong business division that specializes in efficient servers that are made to scale with your datacenter. If your business is best served with a cloud based solution, they offer that too, and with their diligence to security you can rest easy knowing your data is secure.

HP Home
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Most Helpful Positive Review

5 stars

Best computer I ever owned

by nightengale7 on June 28th, 2010
I bought a laptop from HP over a year ago, and they have been very helpful when I had problems (although so far as I can tell, my problems were caused by windows, not HP) and the laptop performs beautifully. My husband and I are about to get a great deal on a new desktop from them, I would recommend HP to anyone!

Most Helpful Negative Review

1 stars

Screwed me on the bing cashback

by dyam45 on July 1st, 2010
I was supposed to get 25% back or about $350 on an order. Without reason, they cancelled my cashback.
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Most Recent Store Reviews for HP Home

5 stars

HP takes a while but they came through.

by richlentini on June 2nd, 2014
Bought 2 HP Envy laptops and got 3% back. I was going to buy them anyway but going threw Fatwallet I got the cash back. Good deal.
5 stars

surprisingly good

by ender6461 on December 20th, 2013
I don't think its a secret that HP let their business go downhill...but I think they are on an upswing. They have some pretty good high-end products at lower prices (after coupons) than their competitors. Manufacturing was not as fast as just going to the store, but customer service was very helpful.
3 stars

Inkjet Cartridges the Same Price as Local Office Supply Stores

by FWFans92630 on November 26th, 2013
Why would I buy from HP direct when I get the same price and a rebate at Staples?
5 stars

great store

by nutrisue1 on October 4th, 2013
very easy to shop, frequent sales, great service.
5 stars

HP Computer

by furshore on August 17th, 2013
Purchased new did not work but FW took care of everything.
3 stars

Getting Cash Back

by furshore on July 29th, 2013
I purchased a computer through Fat Wallet...but the cash back never showed up so I thought it was dead. No! Got an email from Fat Wallet asking about the purchase. I gave them the info...FW followed up and I am getting my cash back thanks to the follow-up by Fat Wallet. Thank You!
4 stars

good deals!

by denyseninja on June 27th, 2013
genuine cartridges - no more icky substitutes.
5 stars

CyberMonday purchase of Envy Touchscreen PC

by enkresge on December 13th, 2012
After initial research and deciding what I wanted, went through FatWallet to order a new computer from the HP official site. Everything went very smoothly. It also included a free B&N Simple Nook. Received it in 2 days, even with free shipping. It was on sale and I now have heard that I can receive my Fat Wallet rebate.
5 stars

Always the Best

by chowelloply on November 25th, 2012
Been getting computers for many years from HP. Have a small company and purchase 4 to 5 laptops & desktops each year.

Don't worry about the warranty, as the mean time to failure is so long that you won't need it.

Items that failed after 4 years: fan on laptop CPU was noisy; hard drive after many years.

These computers are being used almost every day under heavy workloads.

I recommend HP computers. When you purchase, look for HP coupons and customize your box to increase RAM, CPU (but not to highest level), and the video card. Extend the length of your PC and also speed by putting in an SSD.
3 stars

Computer arrived with noisy disk drive, didn't get cash back.

by Gibbylet on November 24th, 2012
Don't know if it was jostled in transit, but my drive is very noisy while accessing cd's, unlike any other computer I've had before. The only options were to send the whole thing back or to fix it myself, so I'm going to see if I can re-seat it.
On top of that, I wasn't on top of the cash back for fatwallet - merchants I use almost always report cash back right away and I forgot to make sure HP did - so I spent a lot of money and they didn't bother to report it so I've lost out.
4 stars

HP Envy dv7t 17.3" laptop

by trojanEE on November 1st, 2012
Huge savings on high-perf HP laptop. I researched it, and it's definitely the best deal on high-perf 17.3" laptop (currently). I recommend upgrading the Nvidia 630M graphics card from 1GB to 2GB, for only $25 more. It took a couple of tries before the HP website accepted the was a little cranky! Can't say much about the laptop itself until I receive it in 2 weeks.
5 stars

Problem-free, but YMMV

by sachind1231 on June 20th, 2012
My transaction went through fine for a customized laptop from HP's site (CTO, or custom to order). I used a coupon they had going and no other discounts (student, etc). Within a few hours the cashback had been reported and was pending, and now, a few weeks later, it's available to cash out. Still, I've heard that sometimes HP will not report the cash back if you use a coupon, so YMMV.
5 stars

Best option for customizing a Laptop I found online

by bkmaster1 on April 19th, 2012
HP has the best site for creating the best Laptop customized to your specifications that I found online and the price was great but the savings from FatWallet made it better! I was already going to purchase this PC to my specs for $1,300 but FatWallet had a coupon on the very same PC that saved me $300!
5 stars

good deals at hp store

by carodom on April 4th, 2012
It is great to buy things at the HP store and get discounts
5 stars

Bought a HP Touchsmart AIO Core i7/Vid Card

by GabeG on March 7th, 2012
I've had no issues with my touchsmart All-In-One and was very happy with the price. Even when one of the two others I purchased had fan noise issues, they replaced it with no issues and it has been running great ever since. If I was in the same situation, I would buy it again.
5 stars

Got 5% cash back for real on HP online purchase!!!

by joshyas on February 27th, 2012
Bought the HP Pavilion g6z series customizable laptop by getting redirected to the HP online store after clicking the HP 5% Cash Back (over and above the promotional coupon codes) on
It worked for real and I was reported by e-mail of the 5% cash back within hours of the transaction.
gr8 thanks to
5 stars

awesome HP coupon & cashback

by shawnc52 on February 22nd, 2012
i used the coupon to save about $450 on my custom dv7t laptop and received 3% cashback as well. cash back transaction was very quick and easy. highly recommend fatwallet!
1 stars

Worst Store Ever...Buy Elsewhere

by dragonflyzalm on February 15th, 2012
I purchased a new HP All-In-One printer in January 2011 to replace my old dead HP printer. When the new printer arrived, it was broken. (The printer could not complete set-up, failed to recognize ink cartridges.) At first, I thought one of the cartridges had been damaged during transit, so I went out and purchased a genuine HP replacement cartridges from a major US retailer, knowing that I would eventually need to buy replacement ink. Same problem. When I called HP customer support, I was first told that the ink cartridges I had purchased were obviously the problem and that I should just return them. HP would (begrudgingly) send me new ink. When I told the CSR how unlikely that scenario was (ink purchased from Staples vs. HP store causing the problem), he had me put my printer through a battery of tests. It failed. I was then told that my new machine would be replaced with a refurbished model, even though it had arrived broken and never able to be used. When I refused to accept a used replacement for my new machine, I was sent to the "customer escalation" department & assigned a "case manager". Result: I was promised a new printer, but still sent a used machine!! Bonus: the used printer was broken! In the end (4 months later), I ended up with a used (but working) printer after dealing with 4 different "case managers" in the escalation department, a non-working coupon code for discounted ink, multiple trips to and from the UPS store (at my expense) with the broken printers and a major headache. Bottom line: there were no savings! Steer clear!
5 stars

Couldn't ask for better service!

by dizziemr on February 1st, 2012
I was pleasantly suprised at how fast, supportive and such a great product! I will always use for office needs. My Computer is exceeding my expectations. The web site had the best deal on the comuputer I was looking for. Plus the online help was indeed helpful!
5 stars

Great store

by rnoyes on January 18th, 2012
Bought my second laptop from HP store. It arrived 7 days before the shipping date they originally gave me. HP makes a great laptop plus, got an extra $25 off with the coupon code i got from fatwallet!I highly recommend HP store!
5 stars

Just purchased a laptop. . .

by jerenlanoue on January 12th, 2012
and fatwallet just let me know I'm getting another $50 back. Pretty slick.
4 stars

Good prices after coupon, but watch out for cart changes

by MartinMc on December 8th, 2011
I ended up getting a good price on the Pavilion and specs I wanted, after first catching the cart revert my laptop back to the basic build, then having the 33% coupon I entered from Fatwallet replaced by the $250 default discount after I selected my payment method and signed in.

I eventually got through with the correct build and discount, but almost clicked the submit order button with both wrong.
5 stars

Bought HP Touchsmart w/i5

by awmoten on November 25th, 2011
No issues with the HP online store; quick delivery. Computer is great and had no problems with it, so have not been able to test their customer support.
5 stars

Excellent price and easy to place an order

by icecream31 on August 6th, 2011
I placed my order today without any problem. Price is right. Easy to find the product that I wanted to buy. Plus FREE NEXT DAY Delivery.
5 stars

wonderful laptoop

by hmilypp on July 24th, 2011
HP is one of best laptoop on the world!
1 stars

When one you thought would cover your back just stabs you.

by amathews99 on July 20th, 2011
I will let you choose who to blame, because I have tried to write this review for hours and it seems no matter how much detail I put into it none of it makes since and this lasted for 2 months.

- I have been a Senior Systems Architect for over 20 years.

- I received my formal education from the University Of Kentucky and earned my Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science.

- I have had the opportunity to work on project HP had bid on and had a high level of respect for the knowledge the professional reps had as well as the quality of their hardware, business systems, services and support.

- I have bought 2 laptops in my life, both for my wife and both from HP and they performed well.

- My wife got a new client she had to meet with in 2 months and her laptop was a little banged up due to our kids use. So she wanted me to purchase a new and pushed me to get it as soon as possible so she could become comfortable with it.

- I am the kind of person though that if I can't get what I want, I will wait as long as I can to get it. So that included the possibility that I would rent a laptop for her because I new everything about Intel's Second Generation Sandy Bridge microprocessor and Series 6 chips set and the enormous amount of new or extremely improved functionality. I should have said that earlier because the day they were released I bought a i7-2600K Sandy Bridge and a ASUS P8P67 Deluxe mother board sporting the the Intel Series 6 chip set as well as every thing else needed for a build I would integrate into my home test lab's virtual infrastructure. Then Intel recalled the Series 6 chip set due to a big they found. So I pulled the motherboard, popped of the heat sink and fan, pulled the Sandy Bridge off, boxed up the motherboard and shipped it directly to ASUS. A while latter I saw that Intel was shipping the B3 revision of the Series 6 chip set and not too long after that I received word form ASUS they had shipped my replacement and would receive it in a few days.

- So given the manufacturers were shipping the revised boards, the recall was over and my wife could not have picked a better time to ask for a new laptop because I figured if she gets a laptop with all the new toys surely, I must not just one, I must get one that's better than what I get for her, it's my job. You understand, right?

- Now on the job trust can give you a slight advantage with me but never the foolishness I showed ignoring so many things that should have tipped me off. But every one, I think, would be much slower to conclude a friend was cheating them and accuse them of it than they would a stranger. But I can't even justify it that way given it took me 2 months to figure out what actually had been done regardless of the fact that I did eventual suspect something prior to the 2 month period ending.

- Ok, I have stalled long enough. So given what I have said, I planned to by 2 laptops with Second Generation components, and where do you think I went? HP of course.

- So on Feb. 22 I went to HP's WEB site but I couldn't even find a letter contained in "Second Generation", when in fact the moment I hit their main page and did not "Second Generation" taking up half the page, changing colors, blinking all in 3D, I should have stopped right there. Make note the following action is the first sign of denial on my part. So rather than leave, I dug so deep on HP's site, I found an advertisement for an XT that had a 10 Meg hard drive the size of a Buick. And that's all it took to make me give up.

- I then began a chat session to ask why HP did not have any laptops with Intel's Second Generation components. My message read clearly, "Do you know the phone number for the sales desk?". But instead of answering my question he sent me the phone number of the help desk. Now how do make a mistake like that when I could not have been any more clear. Make note of second occurrence of denial.

* If I have to be confused, so do you. And that is honestly the best I can describe, in any detail, the content of that chat session. And I was given the phone number of the sales desk. This was the only time I used chat.

- So I call and ask my question and rather than an answer they begin the patter asking me what capabilities did I need and they were sure they could find one.

- After a while I asked if I could speak to a technician who could build a machine by hand and was told "no, I am sure I can find something.".

- I asked if they new whether HP would be releasing new models. Now if you have not gathered by point that I did not know HP had already been selling new laptops with the Second Generation components prior to my call, well now you do. So while I was confused about their actions, they were probably confused by mine when rather than ask about the recall, I ask if HP has let you whether they are going come out with new models and if so is there a time frame.

- So given that HP did not have them then I knew no one did. And that part was not trust but a fact. No one is going to have more advanced equipment than them. But that was not what I was dealing with. They had already been selling them. That fact alone would have cleared things up for me. Because I would know that they had gone thru the recall and even though they should have recovered by now I would have understood these employees perfectly, just like if they said aloud, "We have no inventory!".

- Many more things happened especially at the end when I quit politely acting like a consumer and order the sales person to put down the phone and get a manager. I started politely and explained what had happened while he did not listen. Because once I start my rapid file question tactic where once a word is spoken that tells me you are not answering my question I rudely cut them off may ask them to start over or ask a different question and long you have them answering your questions but lie and once you have them rattled you give them some relief by saying you have just one more question and you go in for the kill and ask a question that has a obvious answer if you wish to lie. But take that same answer and review all the questions asked you basically have a full confession.

But I had already shown them I could prove they cheated me and they made it clear they did not care

- Believing I had no other choice that first day when I had no clue whether HP had already released new laptops with the Second Generation components nor did it cross my mind I needed. Then the spotless WEB site. I didn/t even find a link where those who had sent their laptop back could get a status. Whereas ASUS did and they did not remove their new motherboards but continued to advertise them. What did removing any clue do for HP? Then there was the 2 employees who I knew would have told me if they had them but were still recovering. That one comment from the person I spoke to when I started that chat session or when I made my first call.

- But at the end I went looking for the date I thought their first release came out. Digging deep again I found a date, but it was on HP's recall notice that showed they had been selling them up until at least Jan. 9. So that gave them a little over a month before I called on Feb. 22 to remove all traces of these machine for which I still don't know why.

- So on Feb. 22 seeing that there would be no way I could wait for an indefinite time to buy my wife a laptop, I bought a First Generation laptop with HP's help. Yet I thought sales and support were suppose to keep you from making a bad decision, not help when they knew good and well I would not have long to wait to get what I wanted.

- So I called the end to complain about something other than the confusion around the machines they released with the Sandy Bride and they lied and confessed to selling laptops with the same bad chip set when it really was a problem with the hardware reporting it was the same when it wasn't. So even when they were innocent the lied.

- So with all the information I had and now the recall notice asked twice for them to exchange it and I would pay whatever the difference was. Both time I was refused because I had longer than the 21 day they allow you to retun. But it was them keeping me running in circles that made me keep it that long.

- Then I had the shoot out with manager catching in a life when I asked why after 2 months of speaking with your people I had no idea you had sold any Second Generation laptops and he screamed how can they tell you something they don't know.

- So given my interpretation of the events from the perspective HP had not sold Second Generation laptops prior to my purchase of the First Generation. The managers answer was an obvious lie. Then I thought again what someone would answer if they thought I did know but all my questions were in regard to the recall. If that were true then those employees would not be privy to any details about the recall as hard as HP was covering it up.

- But I don't how they could thin my last question and anything to do with the recall. I just concerned their selling them prior to my purchase of the First Generation laptop. Everyone was selling them so how would telling me that be a threat.

So their you have it.

- HP recalled their Second Generation laptop they had sold.

- They scrubbed their WEB Site laving no information about the laptops that were recalled.

- Feb. 22 after the above events I call HP in hopes to buy 2 Second Generation laptops.

- There is no doubt that the sales and support group all were withholding information I needed to make a informed decision and if they had not done that I would not have bought the First Generation.

- There is no doubt that rather than come to the conclusion I did, the WEB site, the chat and the call to sales should have been enough to make me consider that HP might do something like this to me.

- Regardless, the fact remains I made a purchase that made no since and even the manager said so when I had him rattled, because that was the point of the entire call. Why would I do that?

- So I have a First Generation laptop and my wife will never miss anything because she hats them.

So there you go.
5 stars

great company

by dnick on May 20th, 2011
HP issued cash back same day as I ordered.
HP last order was here next day at no charge.
I have never had any complaints for HP company always correct and quick.
Have and will keep referring them.
5 stars

Lots of bloatware, but great computer otherwise

by kyle13um on May 20th, 2011
This computer is great. Haven't had any problems running any programs including photoshop, some games, etc. Lots of extra junk on it from HP, but it can all be removed by a clean windows install. Very happy with my purchase!
5 stars

laptop purchase

by fiveoneooo on May 19th, 2011
I bought a dv6t quad edition today, there was an amazing 30 percent discount posted here on fat wallet that I used, that along with the 3.6 percent you get back using fat wallet turned out to be an amazing deal. I only wish I could access the money sooner than 3 months from now.
1 stars

Wish I can give zero star

by ebookybaby on May 8th, 2011
So many restriction placing an order, declined order for any reason they want, useless customer service.
5 stars

Good product

by bharatm78 on April 19th, 2011
I've purchased HP laptop before and I'm satisfied with the laptop. Now I again purchased for my friend who need the laptop for personal use.
5 stars

unbeatable shipping

by ChristLives on April 11th, 2011
the fact that I get overnight shipping on every and anything I buy plus I got huge discounts directly fromt he manufacturer is awesome.
5 stars

best deals

by ChristLives on April 4th, 2011
HP prices beats the prices of most retailers. I know they are the manufaturer but their prices are awesome, plus the overnight shipping on any order! you cant beat that. I can also use coupons/discounts, WOW!
1 stars

Poor Customer Service, bait & switch tactics

by sundevilsgolf on January 31st, 2011
Ordered a laptop through HP Store. 2 day free shipping was supposed to be free. When ordered they changed it to 5 to 7 business days. I received it on the 7th business day. I have sent 4 separate emails. Each response did not address or attempt to resolve the issue, just more sales pitches to buy more products. I will never by from the HP Store again. Fatwallet should cancel their contract with HP.
1 stars

Absolutely horrible customer service

by ratdan on January 23rd, 2011
My first ever online order with HP, was my last HP order as well. I placed the order, used a Fatwallet coupon code for $25. It worked and I was shown the discount until after I entered my credit card information. Once they received the credit card info. they charged me the full price. Then I called (within 2 minutes) and waited for about 30 mins on the phone to get the entire order canceled. They gave me a order cancellation confirmation number as well. Two days after, they sent me an email indicating that the laptop sleeve was shipped. WTF? Would I need a sleeve without a computer? After another 10 minutes on the phone, now they are asking me to return the sleeve upon receipt to get a refund. Never again HP, never again!!
1 stars

if only i could rate 0 stars

by cyberblue on January 21st, 2011
applied 500 off discounts for an Envy laptop and they canceled my order w/o particular reason (C115953604), called their customer service and i was told that there's no reason listed in their system as to why my order was canceled.
their customer service representative was courteous and polite, he apologized a few times but the fact that the company pulled something that low assured me to take my business elsewhere.
1 stars


by trader14 on December 15th, 2010
1 stars

Generally good computers but incapable, unhelpful Technical Support and Warranty fullfilment

by Thornhale on September 21st, 2010
The review is based on a purchased DM3Z.

I want to differentiate: HP computers generally are reliable. Sales representatives are capable of getting the computer you need to you within the desired time frame. However, technical support - although they formally try to be friendly - are incapable of fulfilling the terms of the warranty.

The computer itself is built very well and fit my criteria perfectly. Unfortunately, the wireless signal degraded. Over the last month (July-September 2010), I have been trying to resolve the issue with technical support. The issue has still not been resolved. No immediate resolution is in sight.

By now I have spent more than 12 hours with technical support on the phone during which the only actions performed were:

a.) updating a wireless driver.
b.) rolling back a wireless driver.
c.) performing a system restore to 2 weeks prior.
d.) performing a factory restore during which I lost my data.
e.) resetting the router.

None of the actions let to any improvement in signal quality. The computer was sent in for repair.

During this time, the only action performed was a Windows 7 reinstall. The technician failed to reproduce the problem, failed to check whether the problem persisted after the Windows 7 reinstall, and failed to call the customer to clarify any confusions. Promised turn-around time: 3-5 days. Actual turn-around time: 10 days. Cost: $ 16 for faster service.

Only after spending 1 hour on the phone, and a day waiting for a call back was the service fee reluctantly refunded. The case manager refused to take responsibility for getting the wireless issue fixed and hung up.

I have tried to get another case manager to take the case. None were available. A call-back was promised. No call-back has been received.

And so after more than 30 days, my laptop still has not been fixed, while the clock on the warranty continues to tick.
1 stars

low quality computer from hp owned compaq

by willair on June 15th, 2010
2 yrs ago I bought a compaq desktop during black Friday sale, great deal $329.99 not include monitor. lasted only 7 months with problem through out, reinstall vista TWICE due to software problem after that the fan blown?! maybe I played my game too much, sent back for services under "limited"1 yr warranty, later got a call from then saying they will not cover for over-usage and $250 some to fix it. i wonder what's normal usage?! i took it back and took the parts out and upgrade my old lenovo xp 1g to 4g, 250gb to 500gb

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