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Microsoft Store offers a full line of trusted software and hardware along with a full selection of computers, laptops, notebooks, cell phones and tablet deals. Look for Microsoft Store promo code to increase savings on Sony, Dell, Acer, Xbox consoles and other great products. Save with a Microsoft windows 7 promo code for great savings along with instant software downloads. Get discounts on the Surface tablet when using a Microsoft Store coupon.

Microsoft started out as computer software company. Now, they not only sell computer software, but also have moved into the retail space with their Microsoft online, and retail stores, which sell a variety of products running their Windows based operating system. They are also making their own line of tablets called the Surface. The Surface RT is targeted more for the consumer crowd, and media consumption, while the Surface Pro is a high-end powerhouse, aimed at the business and power user market. The Surface Pro is basically a laptop crammed into the size and format of a tablet.

Microsoft Store
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Most Helpful Negative Review

1 stars

can't check out

by jacekrsx on September 11th, 2013
I tried exp, chrome, firefox and everytime I tried to check out I was getting an error. Then I spent almost 2 hours calling CS and nothing.
I'm not happy.
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Most Recent Store Reviews for Microsoft Store

5 stars

good cash back rate

by bond82K176 on August 26th, 2014
good cash back rate
5 stars

recent purchase

by rebopbot on March 20th, 2014
It is an easy site to operate. Secure purchasing allowed me to feel comfortable making a purchase here.any accessories I could have wanted were displayed making it easy to find everything I wanted.
2 stars

customer service needs improvement.

by saba333 on January 11th, 2014
I didn't get $25 App store GC with laptop purchase by email as per offer. Contacted them 4 times and still don't have any resolution. Every time another wait for so many working days. Last time got a reference number and escalated issue. Already 4 days of 6 working days over, still nothing. I have given up. I wont call again and waste my time.
1 stars

Price change after order

by dr2013 on December 20th, 2013
I purchased an Hp computer from Microsoft. I received order number and then notice to call customer service due to technical problems. After 30 mins of waiting was told that there was a price change while waiting. Bait and switch?
4 stars

Sometimes have to follow up

by Darktide on December 9th, 2013
Great store, always better to get it right from the source. Sometimes slow to rebate...
1 stars

Dell Venue 8 Pro Tablet (32 GB)

by RaleighZ on December 9th, 2013
Tried to get this deal within 1 second after it was offered and I have very fast internet. I guess it wasn't fast enough.
1 stars

microsoft down?

by andrewwhittington on November 27th, 2013
Can't log on - why would you ever buy Azure "cloud" service if they can't keep their own website running on it?
5 stars

My new xbox w/ kinext t Nike

by uuising on February 2nd, 2013
Still having trouble trying to get my Nike training stated but everthing else is exceptional & I'd buy from here again
5 stars

Great deals and great service

by tshizzle on December 4th, 2012
bought several XPS machines and they arrived faster than quoted AND have Microsoft Signature which means no bloatware and a cool screensaver feature. saves me LOTS of time not having TP uninstall crapware.
1 stars

Eh seems fishy

by dgcoupe4755 on November 12th, 2012
Seems fishy, great deals but checkout wouldn't process my payment and wants me to call a 1-8xx number so I decided to go with a different company despite the savings. Not gonna risk my Card or hopes
1 stars


by chettymeister on October 22nd, 2012
This is a review for the online store (since I couldn't find anywhere else to put it). AVOID AT ALL COSTS! I really wanted to like the Microsoft Store, they had amazing deals for Xbox video game pre-orders where you would get 1600 MSP and $10 off your next purchase. I pre-ordered over $300 worth of content for the month of October 2012 alone, then after some small troubles with my first pre-order (Borderlands 2), my second pre-order (Fable the Journey) got cancelled for no reason, when I complained to customer support, they could give no reason why they cancelled it, so I cancelled all my orders with them. The next day I received an email saying that they were sorry for the inconvenience and that I would be receiving the game along with the pre-order bonuses for free. I was ecstatic, and I re-ordered all my pre-orders plus more.

Then came my 3rd pre-order (Dance Central 3, a gift for my wife), the release date came and went without me receiving the item. I contacted customer service and they admitted that because of a fault in their system, my order hadn't been processed properly. They asked me for my credit card information to place the order for me and I gave it to them; however, they were not able to place the order and they said they would "escalate" the issue for me and that I would hear back from them in two days. After two days I had heard nothing, so I cancelled all my orders (again). Note that this requires you to contact customer service every time, since you can't cancel orders through their website.

Finally, after three days I was contacted by Microsoft (a person named Fazeela) who said the exact same thing, that if I gave her my information, she would place the order for me. I told MS that I didn't trust that they could do it and that I wouldn't shop there again unless I was compensated for the hassle they caused.

Then I received a personal email followed by a personal call from an MS employee named Bryon, who, while a very nice person, said the same thing for the third time, that he could place the order for me and offer me $10 off, now after the Fable the Journey fiasco I expected more than that (at least the game for free and maybe another free game, hey it was worth a shot, right?), plus he offered me no reason to trust him or the MS store other than he seemed nice and he could get me $10 off, since he wasn't authorized to give me the game for free (well then who the heck is?). Moreover, he offered to be available on the phone for any other pre-order I had, which was a nice thought, but it's ridiculous that I'd need to call Microsoft for every single order, that defeats the purpose of having an online store (the fact that he needed to offer that to reassure me to shop at the MS store definitely did not reassure me).

My response was that I expected better from MS, they were willing to admit and pay for their mistake the first time, but I had to pay for their mistake the second time by spending a ridiculous amount of time with customer support figuring out, not to mention not getting my pre-order on day one (which defeats the entire purpose of a pre-order). So I told them I'd never shop at their store again, I'd never buy any more MS products other than Windows, since I didn't have much choice, (was considering picking up a Windows Phone 8 to replace my Samsung Galaxy S and the Surface in anticipation of Xbox Smartglass) and that I'd make sure everyone knew about their poor servers and nice though not entirely helpful customer service (to be fair, that's because the customer service people seem to have no authority to do anything useful).

So if you want to order great deals that you might never get or will have to waste hours emailing and calling customer service to get late, then MS store has everything you need. Otherwise, AVOID LIKE THE PLAGUE. I really wish they could have resolved my issues better, because their deals are sweet, but if they're going to make me wait forever, I might as well wait a little longer and pick up all the games on Black Friday for the same price with less hassle (I do all my Black Friday shopping online) from a company that can actually guarantee I'll get my orders.
5 stars

No ridiculous bloatware

by samrueby on August 31st, 2012
I was very impressed and happy to find Windows was installed clean on the HP dv6 I purchased. No ridiculous HP bloat. Great purchase for a good price.
1 stars

Horrible customer service and return policy

by raptor22a on February 23rd, 2012
The MS Store will not accept returns on an Xbox 360 even if it is delivered defective. I've never seen a store with a return policy that anti-customer. If you call their support line, expect long wait times and a representative that doesn't speak English well and has no authority to solve problems without getting a manager. (Which means more hold time) The worst online shopping experience I've had in quite some time.
5 stars

good priceing

by erdemsarah on February 19th, 2012
better pricing then any other pleace
5 stars

Who would have thought the best price was at Microsoft Stores

by megajennifer on December 14th, 2011
I searched for XBox 360 with Kinect for weeks. I knew the price in every store on the web. I ended up getting it from Microsoft stores for $100 less then anywhere else. Then I got my Fat Wallet rebate! Sweet!!

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