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ProFlowers grows excellent service with a wide variety of garden-fresh flowers, plants, gift baskets and beautiful gifts for any occasion. Choose ProFlowers for your next flower delivery to send someone special a bouquet of beautiful flowers – even if it’s just because. ProFlowers has roses, orchids and many other flowers to choose from.. Check out Proflowers coupon codes for additional savings or free shipping. Get a Proflowers coupon and seal it with a 7-Day Freshness Guarantee to plant a smile on a loved one’s face.

The reason behind the guaranteed freshness is the fact that ProFlowers does not have middlemen, but instead delivery straight to your door. Over 50 million bouquets have been sent from ProFlowers. They have been doing business since 1998 by starting with 500 rose bouquets for Valentines day. 10 years later, ProFlowers serve more than 7 million customers. Stop by their flower blog for some creative ideas.

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Most Helpful Positive Review

4 stars

Nice flowers, decent service

by Weedman on May 26th, 2010
I've used ProFlowers for years and have had no complaints about their service. They have always delivered fresh flowers quickly. The delivery charge is high, but that is why I use FatWallet's Cash Back, to offset the additional cost. I would recommend using ProFlowers because I've always had a good experience with them.

Most Helpful Negative Review

1 stars

Bait and Switch

by guinealady on May 20th, 2010
I've placed 2 orders with this company, and there is always a hidden charge that is finally displayed at the final review of the order. The "free vase" advertised so heavily on Radio/TV and other ads isn't free--there is an additional delivery charge. And another order I tried to place for a gift basket had an additional care and handling charge of $2.99 in addition to the $10 standard delivery charge!

If you order flowers, caveat emptor--they are delivered by UPS or FedEx, and left in the sun at the recipients door. Mine were wilted, and totally dead in 3 days.
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Most Recent Store Reviews for ProFlowers

1 stars

GOT SPAM? ProFlowers leaks or sells your email address

by riznick on September 14th, 2014
I used a unique email address for a ProFlowers purchase. This is a special address that only would be used at ProFlowers. It contains the word "proflowers" in it. I've been receiving malicious emails and phishing scam emails to this email address. I'll turn off that email address.
1 stars

ex pro flowers customer

by chloedt on June 17th, 2014
I placed two orders from proflowers on the 15th of may 2014. One was supposed to be delivered in pasadena and one in arcadia. The one in arcadia was delivered i believe two days late even tho i payed extra for a shorter delivery time. (SMH) I let it slide but the dozen choc dipped strawberries were overpriced. But thats not the issue. I was tryin to surprise my mother and ordered a bonsai plant to be delivered to her job in pasadena. By the 27th i still didint hear any thing so i called them (pF) and the lady said it was at fed ex and they just forgot about it and that its litrally sitting somewhere rotting. She apoloized and offered me a cheap (not worth my time) discount and gave me a refund. Now its the 17th of june, more than a month later since i placed the 1st order. Talking to my bank i still havent received my refund. They say 5 to 7 business days, i take that literally like i do with every thing else. Where the hell is my refund?? I know one thing though. I will not be ordering from pro flowers again. Im pro nothing with them. I understand businesses make mistakes BUT when i demand a refund. I EXPECT a refund. Messing with loyal customers is exactly how you lose them. Theyre not pro anything. Ive been conned.
1 stars

Did not deliver my order

by kaymaesmoody on May 14th, 2014
I placed a Mother's Day flower arrangement order and selected a florists choice option and selected delivery for the Friday before Mother's Day. I paid quite a bit extra for the "rush" delivery. I rec'd an email later that afternoon from ProFlowers saying that the arrangement I requested was no longer available and asked me to make another selection. They gave me so preselected options, one of which, coincidentally was the “florists choice” (the original selection I made). I went ahead and made this selection, again, and received a confirming email that it was received and the order was being processed. Friday, Saturday, Sunday rolled around and no delivery was made.

I phoned ProFlowers on Monday (the day after Mother’s Day) and waited on hold for 60 MINUTES!!! I spoke to a rep who stated that the reason the flowers weren’t delivered is because there wasn't an “available” a local florist in the area that could fill the order. What!? Why in the world would this not have been brought to my attention when the order was placed, or at least very shortly after so I could have made other arrangements?

Needless to say, my mother-in-law was left with no card, no gift, empty handed on Mother's Day. This was totally unacceptable and very bad business. I will never use ProFlowers again! Oh, but my story goes on . . .

After emailing their customer service department about my experience, they had the nerve to write back and apologize and say, “We apologize for your bad experience with our company. We strive for 100% customer satisfaction. With that being said, we have refunded the total amount of your purchase. We hope this rectifies any outstanding problems.” Seriously! Of course they are going to refund my money, the services were never provided. Not only that, had they told me a florist in the area was not available, I could have made other arrangements. When I replied with that response, they wrote back saying “We apologize for the disappointment and would like to rectify the problem immediately by sending a replacement order, courtesy of our team, at no charge to you.” I thought to myself, “finally, some good customer service.” I took the time to write them back with the info they requested, name of person to deliver to, address, phone number, day of delivery, flowers I wanted delivered, card note, etc. and thanked them for trying to make an effort to make this right. Believe it or not, yep, I got another response from them saying “We apologize for the disappointment. Our records indicate that your issue was addressed per an earlier communication with another customer service associate resulting in a refund issued for $54.47”. Are you serious!? What in the world is going on over there? So, I guess that means, no flowers are being delivered after all. Needless to say, they have defeated me and I no longer have the energy. Rather, I responded that I would write up my review online so others can decide if they wanted to use this company for their flower orders to their loved ones.

Proceed with heavy caution, or not at all is my opinion.
1 stars


by joanneshaffer on May 13th, 2014
recieved flowers from my son for mothers day,three of the roses had detached heads,others were past thier peak with petals falling off,as I attempted to put them in the enclosed vase.A total disappointment,
2 stars

Poor consumer service

by glenn4746 on May 10th, 2014
Over the years, the flowers that arrive have gotten worse. Poor packing, dried out and damaged leaves and buds, and now forgetting to included a gift card for Mothers Day.

Flower basket was ordered, and for $5 more, you are suppose to get a gift card along with the order. My mother got the box, opened it with help for nursing home aids, and no gift card - "Who are these from?" Checked with ProFlowers, and they advised me that a card was included - as per their email to me - but no proof of it. Offered to send a gift card 2 days after the fact...and 5 minutes of my life writing emails to them. They then offered me a $5 refund - by check - and that amount would be $4.64 - not a full $5. Standard email-cyber responses - asked about the receiving the full amount instead of $4.64 and they did not supply a reason. Very poor explanation. Difference people responding on every email.

I hope they drop from 3rd place down further in the standings....
5 stars

Great gifts and perfect service

by kcmenze on May 4th, 2014
I've been a customer for several years of ProFlowers and have never had an issue with either their service or their products. I've found the flowers last more than the week guaranteed and the items are always as described. Delivery fees are a bit high, but for the quality they are well worth it. I go to ProFlowers for all my gift needs when needing an out of town gift for family and friends. They've never let me down and I will continue to count on them for future purchases.
1 stars

Spoiled birthday surprise by delivering wrong item!

by alxindc on April 29th, 2014
ProFlowers delivered the wrong item for a birthday! A pendulum was delivered instead of a teddy bear. How easy is it to make such a mistake? Don't people who work at ProFlowers know the difference? The company assured me on the phone that the delivery and the present will be fine. Even paid extra for rush delivery. They did deliver, but not the right item. The mishap is utterly unpleasant, and hence the company will lose my business and the business of all my friends. The full refund is simply not enough, as in life some things are more precious than money.
2 stars

not as I remember

by jball88 on February 24th, 2014
Ordered from ProFlowers in Feb 2001 and received the best flowers of my life in a huge Styrofoam lined box. Ordered for VDay 2014 and although selecting long stem roses, received thin, brown tipped, red roses in a cardboard box. Should have taken a closer look at the FW reviews. :-(
1 stars


by tonimonique on February 15th, 2014
My husband ordered me some chocolate covered strawberries for Valentines Day from these people and they were supposed to be delivered to my office. Well they never showed up even though he got an email confirming the delivery. When we tried to call 1800 PROFLOWERS to see what happened, we got hung up on. Our next call will be to the credit card company to cancel their payment. We will never do business with these con artists again! Thanks for ruining Valentines Day!
1 stars

This is eaither SCAM or a JOKE

by armandosamaniego on February 13th, 2014
February 2014 I ordered the 30 tulips for my wife at work. She took a picture of it. I was so embarrassed. The tulips look dead the whole arrangement look pathetic plus I ordered the balloon and instead of the balloon the flowers came with a stupid stick. The pictures on the page are PHOTOSHOP. I paid almost $100 dollars for a crappy job. At this pint, Not finding a good place to order a nice decent arrangement of flowers other than bunch of flowers="bouquet"; Next year I am planning to take the off,go to Wal-Mart or go to a local florists and Select a real in life arrangement or bouquet that I can see, then show up to my wife's work and invite her for lunch. Better way to spend my money. NEVER BUY FLOWERS online they are never the same.
1 stars

Scam order

by bababeckyf on February 10th, 2014
Tried to place an order from the photo I found online for $29.98 roses and irises named Dozen Hugs and Dozen Kisses. It was shown in a ruby vase. No mention of cost for the vase. As the order proceeded, he gave me a total of $73.60 (of which I assumed $29.98 was the flowers. Nope, "$39.98" for the flowers, $9.98 for the vase (never referred to online) $2.99 for "Care and handling"??? $15.99 for standard delivery (next day) and $4.65 for tax. When I got the total I cancelled while I was still online with "Loren". But when I went to my e-mail, there was a confirmation for the order with my credit care info. So, I emailed the cancellation back to them from their e-mail and then called my credit card company to "not honor" this charge. Took half an hour and still no flowers! yES,
1 stars


by birddogbieker on February 8th, 2014
Not like their TV advertisments for $19.99 for a dozen roses. More like double that amount with all fees. Why not be upfront about true cost of flowers????? Many people may order with false impression that they are getting flowers for the discounted price of $19.99. Shame on you.
1 stars

Shady Business Practices

by schwanjoe on February 6th, 2014
Before voiding out over $10 in Fatwallet Cashback that my purchase should have earned, the merchant decided that adding a coupon code from Living Social should actually raise the price on certain items in the order to make sure that I wasn't actually saving any money. And then, as stated above, they petitioned Fatwallet that my purchase didn't actually happen through them, and that I should not be entitled to cashback.

You have lots of choices in vendors for online flower orders. I'd recommend taking your business to any other option.
1 stars

100 blooms of daisey's

by nadiabj on February 5th, 2014
It's a lie. I am embarrassed...I wish you could have seen what I paid top dollar for.
1 stars


by ghenrytaylor on January 30th, 2014
please do not order from this site you will be unhappy. I worked there you will be ripped off,you will be totally unhappy.If you get any flowers they will not be what you ordered.You will get the leftover crap they have to get rid of and they will charge you top dollar.PLEASE DONT ORDER FROM THESE PEOPLE!!! You will be very disapointed. and they will offer you a discount on your next order.OHHH YOU WILL BE SO SORRY you ever delt with these people.OMG You Will Be So Sory you talked to these lyin bastards. THEIR jOB IS TO TAKE YOUR MONEY! iF YOU CANCEL THEY WILL KEEP 70% OF YOUR MONEY...30 % IS WHAT YOU WILL GET BACK.BUT YOULL GET STORE CREDIT UP THE ASS YOULLL NEVER USE CUZ THE OWNER JUST WANTS YOUR $$$$
1 stars


by slkium on January 27th, 2014
1 stars

No price until you enter credit card information

by Pez on January 25th, 2014
Every other website in the world seems to be able to give you a final price before taking payment information. The competitors do, and PF doesn't, there is a reason for that - despite the promotion, you're not getting a deal and they want to make it very hard to shop around.
1 stars

Despicable practices

by terrierag on January 16th, 2014
I ordered a get well plant for delivery. Not only was I charged a fee for a service I didn't ask for, but when I called to have the charges reversed the customer service agent tried to convince me it was my own doing. This company is despicable and I will not use it again. They are taking advantage of people and assuming they are stupid and lazy.

After I finished the process of putting in my billing info I noticed that a 4.99 rush delivery charge was tacked on to my total - not initiated by me. It gave me a "delivered on or before" date two days hence by 8 p.m. on the 15th, so I figured I'd let it slide since they were get well flowers and should arrive in that time period. However, the flowers were shipped from Memphis the day it was supposed to be delivered (to Los Angeles), and confirmation from FedEx confirmed the item was not delivered until 15 hours after the due-by rush delivery time.

When I called for a refund, the rep, in a pleasant manner, told me, "Oh, it shows they were delivered on the 15th" as if I were an idiot. Both Proflowers and I had confirmation from FedEx that showed it was total BS. Realizing there was no choice, she began the refund process, but not before saying "You know, the site has a quirk where there's a plus sign you have to hit..." and more BS, none of which would explain why selecting "standard shipping" would tack on an additional rush delivery fee.

Blaming the customer for your practice? That’s beyond low.
1 stars

Completely Dissapointed.

by sutttton on January 4th, 2014
For my sister's sweet 16, we had ordered a set of roses.This is what they should have looked like:

Overall, the service was TERRIBLE. Our flowers came a day late and when they did arrive, they were completely frozen and dead. The green mums were brown, the ruscus's lifeless and gone, and to top it all off there were no dark pink roses! Only four light pink ones- which were wilted and falling off. The stem of the plant was also falling over. There's no more abuse this plant could take. The only reason why I give it one star is because they had given us a full refund. Never will we purchase from here again.
4 stars

ProFlowers Review Delivery Issue

by schnasebusiness on December 21st, 2013
I ordered some flowers to be delivered on the 21st. The flowers were not delivered on time so I called the support. I was answered within minutes to speak to a very kind/live representative. She helped me and sent a brand NEW order out to go out on the 24th free of charge and refunded my delivery cost which I thought was very appreciated. Definitely will think about using them again if they don't screw it up this time
1 stars

Terrible Website and many hidden fees

by carolswiecicki on December 14th, 2013
Ordering flowers from ProFlowers is a nightmare!! You never really see your total until the bitter end. There is no mention of the tax, shipping charges, handling charges etc. until you are almost finished. It practically doubles your original amount!! It's as if they wait and hide it until the end because by then you have had to input the delivery addresses and card messages and you feel resigned to ordering. I called about a problem with a Living Social deal and the rep said the deal had expired when, in fact, I had just purchased it. I had to go to a supervisor and insist on the correction. What a mess!
1 stars

Ordered a flower arrangement for a funeral but got a plant with fake flowers stuck in it

by kitoriley on September 5th, 2013
One of our employees had a death in the family and we ordered a flower arrangement from ProFlowers.They called me the day of the delivery to see if they could switch it to a plant instead of the flowers.

I said No, I didnt order a plant, I didnt want a plant I wanted the flowers that I had ordered. Today when my employee gets back to work she brings a thank you card for the plant. I was really upset and apologized to her as it was suppose to be flowers and she then tells me that the plant also had fake flowers stuck in to the plant. I am beyond shocked and livid that they would think that this is okay.

When I called them they said sorry for the inconvenience and we can give you 50% off your next order.

I explained that I would not be using their services again and that a 50% discount would not do any good.PLEASE do not use ProFlowers unless you dislike the person you are sending flowers to or the way they look makes no difference to you.
1 stars

Bait and Switch

by katmail8 on August 29th, 2013
I ordered "Country Basket Blooms" and the recipient received an entirely different, less-elaborate bouquet that was not even comparable. It wasn't even in a basket, was entirely the wrong colors, and did not include the items listed in the description. After badgering the company, they issued me a small, partial refund, which was insulting. And they did not report cash back, either! DO NOT ORDER FROM THEM. I would give them a zero rating if I could.
1 stars

Because of PROFlowers, I cannot eat for a WEEK! Don't use them!!!

by hdunn on July 6th, 2013
It was my mothers birthday, and I decided to use some promocodes I have for ProFlowers. The flowers with vase and card and shipping for saturday, it said it would be $20. I get Email from them, ADDING ON $30 of extra charges that it NEVER said it would be charged on the website. My budget was 20 - 25. I saw these charges, called them and flat out got told, no exaderation, "theres nothing we can do bout it, sorry". REALY?! Then they said they can't refund me yet because that department is closed. So I'll have to wait 3-5 Business days (its a Friday when this happened), So BECAUSE OF PROFLOWERS I CANNOT EAT!!! they took my food money and when i told them this, they said "i'm srry there is nothin we can do". So I have to starve because they didnt want to help me.....REALLY?! Bravo proflowers. Bravo for starving a college student and ruining my moms birthday -.-
1 stars

ProFlowers sent a piece of scrapyard junk to my Mum!!!

by JadeWoon on June 11th, 2013
It is appalling what ProFlowers delivered to my mum especially considering it was meant to commemorate the anniversary of the passing of my grandfather.The watering can shown on website is pastel cheery yellow one, much finer and daintier than the piece of scrapyard junk you sent to my mum.

I will think twice about ordering anything else from ProFlowers or ProPlants FOR SURE!!!!

The glorified photo of what I thought I ordered turned out to be the most horrific misrepresentation and disaster especially considering the sentimental significance of this order!!
4 stars

My moms loved their flowers

by vronjh on June 11th, 2013
I ordered two sets of flowers for mothers day and they loved their flowers I got a great deal on both sets and even got to see them candy at no extra cost! Although I was dissappointed to see I got charger for not only shipping at the price 12.99 a set which I understand and had no problem with but I also had an extra charge of 2.99 on each set for care & handling. I feel thats a given to be handled with care and shouldnt have been other charger when already getting chargered for the shipping. Besides that everything was great!
4 stars

Deserve a 2nd Chance

by pobsummer on June 4th, 2013
4 days ago my review would have been a 1 star. The plant delivered on Mothers Day came in an unhealthy state and soon died. I informed ProFlowers 3 times before getting any response. But once I did, they could not have been more accommodating. I was refunded the total minus the handling fee, and a replacement of my choice was resent to my Mother. They even upgraded the container for N/C. I am willing to give them another chance in the future but will be more selective when ordering.
Give a second chance, Harrisburg PA
1 stars

Should've looked at before ordering

by mdl5774 on June 2nd, 2013
Ok, maybe I was a little rough, the experience was very fresh and I was sore. I had to vent and here's what I just emailed ProFlowers...

I just got off the phone with your staff to cancel my order of flowers that should have been delivered yesterday to my heartbroken 90 year old dad on the anniversary of my mother’s birthday, June 1st.
I made this order May 29th online, paid extra for morning delivery, paid extra for weekend delivery, three days in advance of the expected delivery date. My dad was home all day too sad to go out. His phone was open for calls.
You must put into place a system to follow-up and ensure delivery, or give your unsuspecting foolish customers a way to rush for a contingency plan. This was poor on your part.
I had this same experience with Teleflora. Your unorganized, unsupervised work is low par with them. Enjoy that company. I give Teleflora lots of free advertisement for their lack of service and still do. You’re in their category for efficiency.
Like with Teleflors,you have given me a great lesson.
You are in the business of the heart. You should be very cognoscente of this.
I was going to call a florist in my dad’s neighborhood and by-pass established companies such as yours and I should have. I will highly recommend this method to everyone I speak to. You’re too big I guess to care about every customer. Things happen. Not twice with me.

Oh well, that's what I sent. They got my Brooklyn up. I'm quicker and good for compliments usually and overlook complaints but, hey, come-on, for Papa...uh-uh.

I live 250 miles from dad and see him monthly, my sister and brother see him weekly, and are with him at the cemetery today. Yesterday was unusual and too important. Two thumbs down for ProFlowers and Teleflora.
1 stars

Bait & switch!!!

by Curt1118 on May 16th, 2013
The $30 Mother's Day plant I ordered turned out to be $50 (after I paid for it!)
I cancelled the order and did not have time to
order anything else. Thanks for ruining Mother's Day!
1 stars

Worst flowers I have ever seen

by resptherp on May 13th, 2013
Ordered a bouquet of flowers for my wife on mothers day. they came on mothers day, it was the WORST bouquet I have ever seen! Looked nothing like the picture on the website. As for the money, the website said flowers were 29.99, total price...60.00 dollars with a pile of additional charges. BUYER BEWARE! Don't waste your money on these so-called flowers.
1 stars

Want to disappoint your mother.. use Proflowers!

by Bargainman on May 12th, 2013
Ordered flowers for Mother's day, paid extra for guaranteed Saturday delivery, still waiting.. it's Sunday afternoon and still no flowers for my mother who is 1500 miles away. Great job, Proflowers!
1 stars


by brendensmile on May 12th, 2013
I went through Pro Flowers International to order flowers for my Mom for Mother's Day. The experience was one of the worst I have encountered. I don't know if they even communicate with the florist that actually does the floral arrangement or not, but the flowers that were delivered were absolutely nothing like what I had picked out and ordered, not even the written description were similar and the value of what was delivered was no where near to what I paid (I'm not including taxes or fees added on, I'm just talking the price of the actual arrangement. I picked an arrangement for $60 and what was delivered I could have gotten in a gas staion or grocery store for $15 and gotten a better floral arrangement. I wish I had known what florist they were going through, because after the flowers were delivered and I found out what one had done the actual arrangement, I found their website and nothing but negative reviews, wish I had known before. Learned my lesson, from now on, I'll chose a florist directly and order directly from them.
1 stars

Rip off

by ultragsh on May 9th, 2013
Pro Flowers in my opinion is a rip off they claim to give you a discount on curtain holidays but it's REALLY NOT what they do is discount the flowers but double charge on the delivery I ordered some flowers for 24.99 and ended up pay over 50.00 for them it was 24.99 for the flowers 14.99 for a mothers day delivery 9.99 for "standard delivery" 2.99 for care and handling and 6.99 for the vase. So in the end you may get the discount on the flowers but you WILL end there is no discount and you'll end up paying FULL price anyway.
1 stars


by cashesque on May 9th, 2013
I placed an order online on 5/9/2013. The online ads stated that the flowers had free shipping. However, when I check out and was given a confirmation number my bill was $44.37. I called the 1800 number and I was informed that my order was not free and they could not give me free shopping. I informed the person on the phone that my account was low and I different know ProFlowers was going to charge me $12.99 for shopping and $4.99. I was informed that there was nothing they could do for me. They could not give me my money back or give me free shopping on the item.

This was my first time using ProFlowers and I thought they would be a good place to buy flowers for someone I love. However, this was a bad experience and I would never recommend telling anyone else to use Pro Flowers.

THEY SHOULDN'T get 1 star..
1 stars

Raises rates for FW members

by FreeForMe on May 7th, 2013
If you shop on their website before clicking through using FatWallet you can see their regular customer rates. For instance I was going to order $24.95 flowers that included a free vase... once I clicked through FW the same flowers were listed at $29.95 + $6.00 for the vase, not worth the 13% cash back... time to order from a local florist. Horrible.
2 stars

Good flowers, lots of hidden fees

by jonathancarter on May 7th, 2013
I've used ProFlowers for quite some time. The flowers are usually decent quality, but don't expect to get the price you're initially quoted.

After the hidden surcharges, which aren't revealed until the end of the transaction, such as vase fee, extra S&H, holiday processing etc. this will add 40-60% to your total despite any "promotions" such as % off or free vase.

Prices are comparable to FTD, Teleflora etc. but don't expect a deal.
1 stars

bait and switch

by mastram on May 2nd, 2013
i totally agree with other folks. i tried to order and in the end there was $2 handling charge and $13 standard shipping plus tax not shopping at this place anyone
5 stars

Don't Believe the Bad Reviews

by koolkmd on May 1st, 2013
Obviously someone is trying to game the reviews. I have been using ProFlowers for serveral years now and I always get a great deal. The free vases ARE free, the free chocolates are tasty, and the flowers are beautiful and last a long time. They remind me to send flowers to my mother and grandmother religiously and always offer me great deal to do so. I have absolutely nothing bad to say about them.
5 stars

Proflowers romantic pick arrangement

by laurarodriguez9 on April 9th, 2013
So I just received a bouquet of flowers today from the best guy out there :). Let me tell you that after reading all the reviews I was supper surprised how bad luck a lot of people have had with this company but my flowers were beyond beautiful. I couldn't have asked for a better bouquet of red roses. The petals aren't completely open which is amazing because I want to see them bloom, but they are gorgeous. I strongly recommend this company to anyone with my eyes closed. Good luck with your flowers everyone :D
2 stars


by jerick on April 3rd, 2013
I have ordered from proflowers many, many times. For years. I ordered flowers for easter- they arrived Thursday and when I came home Saturday afternoon they were wilted over! I took pictures because of my disbelief. I left feedback on the contact spot of their actual website Monday, and never had any response. I do not want a refund or new flowers, but acknowledgment would be appreciated. I run a business myself, and whenever my clients have a question or a concern, I respond within 24 hours. I will never use them again. FTD may cost a bit more, but good service is worth a few extra dollars.
5 stars

Beautiful Flowers by mail

by bellasmama on March 30th, 2013
I have been very pleased with all of the Proflower orders. They are fresh buds and nicely packed. Delivered on time. Many of my orders have been last minute and have arrived on time. Also with the Texas heat the flowers manage to hold up very well. I call with any questions and customer service is great!
5 stars

Repeat purchaser

by built4comfort2 on March 28th, 2013
So far they have always been beautiful and delivered on time. :)
1 stars

It's just a game

by wangrich168 on March 24th, 2013
I bought a $15 voucher at livingsocial for $30 spent at ProFlowers. I thought it's a good deal. But wait! Once you use the voucher, all the discounts, or free vase, or free shipping, will be invalid. You end up paying way more than if you order without the voucher. But then you have to pay $14 shipping plus care and handling (what is that?). When I called the customer service, it's not helpful at all. ProFlowers are way overpriced. You're better off buying from a local store. Cheaper and fresher. Not again at ProFlowers......
1 stars

Never Again

by aaiken on March 3rd, 2013
I will never be using your fraudulent company again. On Friday I was looking for a website that would allow me to send flowers to my mother for her birthday on Sunday. I wanted to ensure they were delivered on Sunday and low and behold, your website has a special, more expensive site that ensures delivery on Sunday. I paid extra for my flowers, and twice as much for my delivery in order to ensure my mother's flowers were deliver the morning of her birthday. To my unfortunate surprise, I get a message Sunday at 11am (an HOUR before my very expensive GUARANTEED delivery deadline) that your service needs an alternate day for delivery. NO APOLOGY. As if, this sort of thing were acceptable. IT IS ABSOLUTELY UNACCEPTABLE THAT YOU TOOK MY MONEY AND BUSINESS ON THE PREMISE OF A LIE. When I spoke to the customer service agent, she actually expected me to understand that many florists were not open on Sunday. I DO NOT UNDERSTAND. WHY WOULD YOU TAKE ORDERS ONLINE FOR A SPECIFIC ZIP CODE AND MAKE ME PAY EXTRA MONEY ON SOMETHING YOU KNEW YOU COULD NOT DO. Further, how is it possible that you had my order for 2 days and only called me an hour before my flowers were supposed to be DELIVERED. I actually had to speak to a supervisor to get my delivery charge refunded. YOUR COMPANY DID NOT DELIVER ON SOMETHING I PAID FOR, THEREFORE ITS REFUND IS EXPECTED AND OBLIGATORY. I am shocked you are not refunding my entire order as an apology for your horrible service. It speaks to the fact that this situation is a RULE with your company and not an exception. I will never be duped into using your service again and further, I will be posting this letter on every available review site I can find as I would not want any other innocent consumer duped.
1 stars

Stay far, far away

by gwschultz8 on February 15th, 2013
"Okay. I get that this company makes its money from shipping and handling of cut rate, non-arranged flowers. However, how do they get return customers? Ordered roses for my girlfriend, paid the ridiculous surcharge for guaranteed Valentines Day delivery. The flowers are delivered with a card with another customer's message and "signature". Needless to say that the entire gift was ruined. ProFlowers response: We will refund $5 or resend the correct message at a later date. If that's their idea of customer service, then they do not deserve your business. Avoid them and send an accurate message to them: "You need to be out of business!""
1 stars

Rip Off

by apatelomatic on February 14th, 2013
I can guarantee that the good reviews are placed by the company it self. Horrible customer service and total rip off.
1 stars

Rip Off

by apatelomatic on February 14th, 2013
I can guarantee that they are placed by the company it self. Horrible customer service and total rip off.
1 stars

Total Rip Off

by apatelomatic on February 14th, 2013
I schedule flowers to be delivered to my Girl Friend for Valentines day. The flower never got there and the customer service keep giving me excuses that when I schedule the delivery that its not guaranteed to get there the time that you schedule, it is within 2 days of scheduled date. That doesn't even make sense because why even have a delivery date if that's the case. This site is a total rip off.
1 stars

Flowers never arrived

by cox4u on February 14th, 2013
Valentines day flowers never arrived. Thanks Proflowers for ruining my relationship. Customer service sucks. Company sucks. wish i could put minus 5 stars. one is too much for them
1 stars

Worse company and customer service

by cox4u on February 14th, 2013
Please stick to 1 800 flowers.They messed up my Valentines day delivery which was to my girlfriend at her job which closes at 5pm. All details were stated for an on time and precise delivery. Flowers never made it to her office. When customer service was notified they found it funny. I asked to speak to a supervisor and Ms Shannon the supervisor offered me a refund or to deliver the day after Valentines not guaranteeing delivery before 5pm again. I was all the way in the Caribbean and stayed on the phone for over 30 minutes being ridiculed. She even said her husband isnt getting her anything so she would be happy to get flowers the day after Valentines as if that supposed to comfort me, the nerve of supervisor Shannon. Never again trying this company. I think a mom and pops flower store has better service than Proflowers. They messed up my Valentines week as Im still away from my love and she had to be with her co workers who all received stuff from their special ones
1 stars


by cajuntalk on February 14th, 2013
arrived in a shoebox thrown at my door like a newspaper from the delivery guy. No vase, no card, no fillers, no bow. Just a few iris stems thrown in a box to get smothered by the sun. Just horrible. This company should be called ShoeboxStems not "pro flowers". nothing professional about it.
1 stars

really sad

by mynameisshayla on February 13th, 2013
My boyfriend sent me flowers while he was deployed and I have to say I am less then impressed of the condition of the flowers they seem to be dead already and it looks bugs have been eating the leaves ...I think it is really sad that he took all the time and effort to send these flowers to me and he ended up getting ripped off ...I do not recommend buying flowers from here to anyone
2 stars

Fat cash adds additional charges

by tstuckart on February 10th, 2013
I ran an order all the way out to right before final confirmation and then ran the exact same order for a $29.98 arrangement via the FatWallet link. Interestingly an additional Promotional Vase Shipping charge of $1.63 appeared that wasn't on the previous order. That IMHO is NOT cool! We'll see next week how the flowers look.
1 stars

deal.. not really

by spoonz on February 7th, 2013
Sub-total: $49.99
Standard Delivery: $14.99
Guaranteed Feb. 14 Delivery: $4.99
Care & Handling: $2.99

Order Sub-total: $72.96
Tax: $0.00
Order total: $72.96

you might get you lousy 14% back on the 49.99 but that is probably tucked into care and feeding and delivery...

from $49.00 to $72.96? not such a great deal at all... sucka!

I wonder if a kick back to FW (don't let me bring up kickback) is going on to make it even less funny! I got stung again! Knowing my luck she'll have a reaction to the purchase and they won't arrive on valentines day as paid for! LOL!
1 stars

ProFlowers leaks or sells email addresses

by giantsfan2 on October 24th, 2012
I used a unique email address recently for a ProFlowers purchase. This is a complex address that cannot be guessed by a dictionary attack. Today I got a spam to that address from a third party stating to contact an AOL email address if I wanted to be a "mystery shopper". Fortunately, I can just kill my address and boycott ProFlowers.
5 stars

Beautiful & On Time

by caseys514 on September 20th, 2012
This was the first time using ProFlowers, and I couldn't be happier. The arrangement was beautiful and delivered exactly when they said it would be. The even emailed me a receipt showing delivery service.
I was so impressed, I used Proflowers again a day later to send another arrangement.
Very Happy with this company!
3 stars

you gotta be careful and watch the total price during checkout

by morecowbell on May 10th, 2012
whenever i order flowers, it's like right up to the last minute. proflowers is hip to this about people and so stack fees upon fees during checkout. so the $25 flower deal you thought you were getting quickly becomes $45 or $50. this is because they add a standard shipping fee, a guaranteed delivery date fee, shipping for extras fee, and tax.

this happens to me every time. for some reason i can't manage to read the price before pulling the trigger and then i see the email confirmation. but rather than cancel the order, i let it go thru because...they got me. it's my fault i'm up to the last minute, and i don't want to totally mess up.

half my fault, but half theirs. seriously - just say up front "$50 shipped" rather than "oh, you'll get this for totally like $25" or whatever.

nice flowers tho. mom always likes them.
2 stars

charges pile up

by janyap on April 30th, 2012
They offer a multitude of coupons and discounts, but the heavy cost hit comes at the end of the [laborious] ordering process - they charge at least four different additional charges on top of the cost of flowers. That is, if you do not order anything else.

After 20min of navigating confusing and slow-loading site, what's another $20-$30? I haven't got all day, so I placed an order. But next time I'm calling a local florist.
1 stars

can't place an order

by janyap on April 24th, 2012
No matter what I picked, the site made me go through the entire check out process, and on the last page informs me that they can't deliver it. Useless!
5 stars


by mikelorz on February 22nd, 2012
Flowers were perfect!
5 stars


by bryan0226 on December 9th, 2011
Very fast delivery and good quality. Ordered the day before I needed them and they arrived no problem
1 stars


by duaneragan on May 23rd, 2011
The flowers I sent my girlfriend only lasted a couple of days. They weren't very fresh when they arrived. The order was supposed to include a free box of chocolates with the deal through FatWallet. They never came. At least they got the note card right. I will NEVER buy from them again.
5 stars

The Best~!

by dkny22 on March 11th, 2011
All the steps were very smooth! Loved their service!
1 stars

no flowers in sight

by janyap on March 8th, 2011
I ordered flowers to be delivered on a non-holiday. A regular Tuesday, no big rush, but it's an important date for me and for the recipient. Proflowers did NOT deliver.

Proflowers sent me multiple emails notifying me that my order is being dropped off at the UPS, that it's being delivered, that it is there. Except it was never delivered. The UPS status says that the flowers were 'dropped at the front door' - even though the address has an apartment number, and is clearly not a private house with a front door.

Curiously, none of the emails from contain a link to Customer Service. When I went to the website, there is no easy way to comment on or inquire about a particular order - it takes multiple clicks, going back and forth to get to the right page, and cut-and-paste to get the order number over. And when I finally got to the right form, the only relevant option offered was 'Positive Comment'. No, my comment is anything but positive.

No response from Proflowers so far. Not holding my breath either.
4 stars

Nice flowers...but pricey

by traceytatum on February 25th, 2011
Love the flowers, but when you add on the cost of shipping, it's so expensive. Just go to Target and pick up a dozen for $9.99! Also, was disappointed in the "up-sell" to the square glass vase. The one in the picture was very sleek and modern. What I got, though, was clunky and cheap.
1 stars

Cashback was not fulfilled on my order

by kirbydog on December 6th, 2010
10% Cashback seems too good to be true and that was the case for my September transaction of approximately $87 for which cashback was declined. I will definitely order elsewhere in the future since ProFlowers has so little regard for customer retention. Because guess what? There are LOTS of other places to shop.
4 stars

On-Time Delivery!

by kirbydog on September 22nd, 2010
On behalf of our company, I ordered a standing spray floral arrangement for a coworker's mom's memorial service. Obviously, this order had to be delivered on time or else! Co-worker later told me that the florist was at the church 45 min. prior to the beginning of the service (my delivery request was for about an hour prior to the service) and that the flowers were very nice and he was appreciative. I am very happy to have ordered via ProFlowers. Had I used a local florist directly, it would have meant a lot more time and effort on my part (to describe what I wanted and the price range, etc.). Note: I did pay the extra fee to guarantee delivery.

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