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Sears is a leader in home appliances, tools, lawn and garden, electronics, home fashions and services like Sears auto. Save money using Sears coupons on exclusive brands like Craftsman, Kenmore, Die Hard, and more. Whether youíre looking for clothing, patio furniture or jewelry, a Sears coupon stacked with cash back will maximize youíre your purchasing power. Their Shop Your Way rewards program gives you points on every purchase you make. Redeem these points to save even more on future purchases!

Sears has more than 2400 stores throughout the U.S. and Canada. They carry a wide variety of products from clothing and appliances, to tires and TVs. Sears is a industry leader in the appliance space. Leading the way is their highly rated Kenmore line. Tip: If you are looking for new appliances, try to hold off until they have their 30% off sale on Kenmore appliances. With that big of a savings itís worth the wait! If you are a DIY person, they carry the highly regarded Craftsman tools and equipment line. From socket sets and circular saws, to lawn mowers and hedge trimmers, if you need a tool, Sears has it.

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Most Helpful Positive Review

5 stars

No Problems Here

by KEN001 on December 10th, 2010
Ordered online for store pick-up. Item was ready sooner than stated in initial order email confirmation. Picking up was easy. Employees were quick and courteous. Discount code worked fine. Cash back pending in my account. No problems here...

Most Helpful Negative Review

1 stars

shady company

by jasondaub on August 25th, 2011
STAY FAR AWAY. They have a price listed on their site for 4 weeks, then when I go to order it, they price doubles. The customer service lady tells me to wait an hour and the price will be fixed to the lower price, then when I go to order it, the price gets fixed to the higher price and they refuse to honor the original price that was there for weeks.
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Most Recent Store Reviews for Sears

5 stars

I love to shop a sears!

by jhernand on July 16th, 2014
I love to shop at sears because it gives me the confidence to purchase big ticket items and buy insurance and they even haul the item as well. I love that!
1 stars

Price changed when using cash back link

by jacksgt on June 13th, 2014
Ilooked up the item I wanted it was $126. There was a 10% off acessories and the criteria was met. Then on other computer I went thru cash back link price is $133, 5% higher. The 10% off had become 5%. This infuriates me. As far as i know this hasn't happened to me before. The original computer still has original price and discount. This also occurred at the Kmart site that I tried the same item; both are the same co.ô
1 stars

Too many gotcha

by ussaver on June 9th, 2014
In general they put out so many coupons and marketing gimmicks with tons of fine prints. They've now given me one more reason to avoid shopping with them in the future. From my recent purchase I came to know that as per Sears "policy" gift cards aren't cash back eligible. "Gift Card Details: Cash Back available on purchase, not redemption, of gift cards." I can't figure out their logic or reason behind the discrimination amongst form of payments. I mean someone had to pay for the gift cards they aren't purchased with rocks, aren't a form of discount or coupons. They aren't much different than the prepaid credit card gift cards. Heck if anything I would say they are cheaper to process for Sears than the 3rd party credit cards. Yet Sears actively discourages the use of them?

Had I known that I would have either skipped on the cash back link or sears all together.
5 stars


by nathanviet on June 9th, 2014
Sears always have great deals on tools, Craftsman all the way.
5 stars

Sears offers a great cash back percent

by ambonito on June 4th, 2014
It's nice to get cash back on purchases you would make anyway so I am glad I looked to see if my Fatwallet account had a Sears special. Great.
5 stars

Convenient and straightforward

by shadowfax on May 8th, 2014
Never had a problem ordering from them.
1 stars

Poor customer service

by mtg326 on April 8th, 2014
Poor in-store customer service. Poor online order pickup. Poor response to emails.

Claim to have online orders ready in 5 minutes - 20 minutes later the order was still wrong. Filed online complaint- stated would get response in 8 hours- it had been 48 hours.
1 stars

Sears, once a superstar of retail, now circling the drain.

by CobrahoundPhoenix on March 28th, 2014
I was attracted by the sale and free delivery. When I checked the tax in my cart it read the proper amount. When I began checkout the sales tax increased by over $20! Strangely, the proper sales tax came back when I changed from free delivery to store pickup. On my arrival to pick up the refrigerator, an elderly lady limped out pushing my refrigerator on a hand truck. I had a hernia surgery recently, and I asked how we would get it loaded into my truck. After about 15 minutes she gathered some other staffers and they managed to get it into my truck. I asked if they had some twine or poly line I could tie it off with for my trip home. They had NOTHING. I ended up having to buy some tiedown straps from them and they tried to overcharge me for them. I had to take the cashier to the display and point out the sale sign to him. I grew up on this place, but it seems ever since being acquired by KMart, they have become KMart. So sad to see this once-great industry leader reduced to this current level.
5 stars

Always quality, great pricing.

by marpou on March 12th, 2014
Just love Sears. You can always count on quality. Pricing is great.
5 stars

Sears - always good!

by MyCozy on February 19th, 2014
I have shopped in Sears stores and online. I much prefer online, because I can take my time.
Sears is great for Shop Your Way rewards (works for Kmart too!) and discounts I
find online.
The two experiences I have had with Sears and FatWallet were excellent!
4 stars

Good for the prepared shopper

by thenry3 on January 30th, 2014
Sears offers a great range of items online. The website is useful for finding a description of the item and is good info to have before going to the store to see it for yourself if you prefer to buy that way. Prices can be good, but there are hoops to jump through. Enroll in shopyourwayrewards to get coupons and points toward future purchases. Get a Sears card to get additional points with purchases. If just walking into the store and buying an item without rewards, you can probably find better pricing elsewhere.
5 stars

Last of the great superstores..

by dmicohen on January 26th, 2014
Bought appliances with my parents 60 yrs ago, clothing by catalog, bought our first washer/dryer in 1973, and continue to buy Die-hard tools, tires and household goods at Sears.... First in old fashioned customer service, great service contracts also. Penny's and Ward's are no longer in the running, but Sears remains..
4 stars

Very Good Store

by francisp on January 9th, 2014
The refrigerator I bought online was ready in few days. The sears agent helped in loading the item to the pick-up truck. Nice guys!
5 stars

Good store, greatr product!

by edprizant on January 8th, 2014
Bought a Craftsman snow blower. Very happy with my purchase. Bought it on-line and picked up in the close by store next day.
4 stars

Sears Kenmore appliances

by bjraskidmore on December 19th, 2013
Sears is the Kenmore appliance store - all very good. I just purchased an electric range there and I love it! The store personnel were very friendly and helpful.
5 stars

Just Love It!

by marpou on December 12th, 2013
Sears is always dependable. Can count on quality products and good service. Grandma was right on this one.
5 stars

I LOVE Sears at Christmas Time

by keishasemail on December 9th, 2013
I hardly ever shop at Sears, but when I do I find amazing deals. I never ever know what to get my Husband for gifts but do know tools are always a safe choice. I always find outstanding deals at Sears. Their site to store pick up is extremely easy to use and saves money on shipping costs. There is even designated 15 minutes Sears Pick up parking right near the front of the store! Being that my Sears is located at our very busy mall, this is a huge bonus to me!
I've been able to buy my Husband a ton of Craftsman tools this year and I know he is going to be so excited. Thank you, Sears, for allowing me to make my Husband feel spoiled by all his gifts this year. My dollars really went a long way!
4 stars

Cash Back with Sears site

by chitangt on December 4th, 2013
Sears usually reports the cash back to Fatwallet prompt. However, there is time that you made a purchase but you do not see the report from Sears. I wonder what happen within the process that prevent Sears to report the cash back to Fatwallet. Anyhow, thanks to the prompt service offer from Fatwallet and Sears. They are able to resolve the issue quickly as soon as you report the issue.

Thanks Fatwallet/Sears for great service.
1 stars

Check out procedure as a guest is pathetic

by Savyasachi on November 28th, 2013
I have loyalty card and wanted to check out as a guest but it forced me to sign up otherwise it came coming back to the same screen. The system is not set up to extract my info from loyalty card database.

The site is slow to load with a ton of scripts running at a times. and if you have blocked few scripts then good luck with the check out.
5 stars

With points and fatwallet, Got my order free!

by rabidnerd on November 24th, 2013
I wanted to get a red can opener, and Sears had it for $18. I had $17 in Sears/KMart points and with between free shipping and 6% fatwallet cash back, I actually MADE a penny on the purchase! I even got more back by earning Sears points on the purchase for the future!
Tip: Sears and KMart often have the same items (same company!), and in this case, Sears was cheaper!
4 stars

Have to file requests manually

by ebennick on November 13th, 2013
I have had mixed experiences at Sears, but they always resolve them in the end. I don't like going back after the fact and talking to customer service but they seem to always be able to sort it out. In the end, I get approved but I have to manually submit the requests for cash back.
4 stars


by csubudhi on November 5th, 2013
Got a great deal on a refrigerator with Shop Way Rewards Points, Cash Back, Free Delivery and 50$ 300!

Calling a steal!
1 stars

I really want to like Sears, but experiance tells me not to

by FuzzyWuzzyDan on November 2nd, 2013
I have tried to have good shopping experiences at sears, but time and time again i have been let down. Their website is difficult to use, and many times has shown items in stock, let me purchase them only to find out they were not in stock and cancel my order. They have just messed up things far to often for me to recommend them to anyone.

I used to like Craftsman tools, but they are just another made in China Brand now, with made in USA prices.
1 stars

Awful return policies and customer service

by poissonguppyphant on October 24th, 2013
Don't shop here! Besides having mediocre prices and selection, Sears (or Shop Your Way) has completely awful return policies and customer service. I ordered an item and wanted to cancel it immediately afterwards, but that's not an option with Sears. They require that you receive the item in the mail (even though it hasn't even shipped yet) and then ship it back to receive a refund; however, you DO have to pay the shipping cost! This seemed ridiculous to me, because I wanted to cancel the order before it had even left the warehouse. The customer service was awful, too. Besides not helping me, I had to answer all the same questions over again.

I should have listened to all the other reviews and not shopped here!
1 stars

Would not honnor my online cashback

by ssaddler2 on September 24th, 2013
Sears would not honor the FatWallet online cash back bonus for a large appliance purchase. They made up facts that were not legit and used them to support their position. Don't count on ever receiving your cash back from FatWallet when purchasing from Sears.
2 stars


by Dellen11 on August 21st, 2013
1 stars

Never have things in stock

by abretz06 on August 21st, 2013
Sears as always never has most things in stock they advertise. Then the store forgets to call me my when my order was in. Poor customer service and failing to live up to what they advertise.
2 stars

Sears Web Site trouble

by cheapgeek on August 3rd, 2013
The Sears web site is horrible. The in-store pickup often does not show correct inventory. If you are trying to order and cannot place the order you can click on talk, they will call you back. I had this happen today when I wanted to get a deal on a DIE HARD battery. I placed the order but, could not get my FW 5% click through.

I've been doing business all of my adult life with Sears and value their customer service and products. The Sears web experience falls far short of satisfying!
3 stars

Online ordering in less than 1 hour!

by gimmiecb on July 30th, 2013
The good:

1. user manuals available online for most Sears Kenmore and Craftsman products.

2. Intelligent answers from the people who answer the phones.

3. Free shipping to store, if product available.

4. Free shipping to home with Shop Your Way Max (90-day trial is free).

The bad:

1. Slow website.

2. Poorly designed web pages make navigation difficult for order checkout.

3. Chat agents who are supposedly product specialists know nothing about their products.

4. Was wrongly told clearance products not eligible for free Shop Your Way shipping to home.
1 stars

Beware... They didn't honor my cash back

by BrockRailey on July 27th, 2013
I saw a fatwallet promo for a TV at sears, clicked it and followed the link. I purchased 3 of those tv's at over $1000, and did not get my fatwallet cash back. Fatwallet has record of the click to the item, and I bought the exact item from Sears less than 10 minutes later (3 of them). But Sears will not honor the cash back. Fatwallet filed an investigation claim and Sears gave a blanket generic excuse as to why they will not give me my Cash back. I am not happy with Sears.
1 stars

Horrible, horrible, slow, clunky, cluttered, frustrating, and slowwwww website.

by jmdubya on June 6th, 2013
There is not enough characters in this text field to 'explain' my dissatisfaction with the family of websites. Their engineers/web designers/programmers/code monkeys/ecommerce marketers, etc. should all be FIRED. I have an MBA in ecommerce design/logistics and is the worst online experience (at least in my own experience) that I've endured. I come to this conclusion of having surveyed/audited over 4000+ websites in my last 10 years of ecommerce experience. If it weren't for the quality of most of their items and the (although baffling) pricing structure, I would imagine would die a faster death than it is doing now. TO 'less is more' - look into that with fervor.
5 stars

No problems with pick-up

by piroto on June 2nd, 2013
Can't comment on in-store shopping, but the pick-up at store service has been really good. One thing Sears is getting right.
4 stars


by duck761 on May 28th, 2013
Always wait for a sale on craftsman's products, they have a lifetime guarantee.
1 stars

Item not sent and VERY POOR Customer Service capability

by RR17302 on May 21st, 2013
Ordered tools on 5 May. Received "item shipped" email on 5 May with estimated delivery on 7 May but the tracking link didn't work. On 9 May and still no pkg received but order status showing delivered, I contacted Sears Customer Service. They couldn't tell me anything more than the status page did but said they'd forward the order to "research." On 13 May and no update from Sears, I contacted them again. LONGGGG story short I was told I had to wait 8 business days from 9 May to get further info. Remember, I PAID for the item on 5 May! On 17 May, I got an email saying a return was processed and I'd be refunded. Finally, on 21 May I checked for order status -- it showed "Returned" -- but I still haven't received a refund so I called Customer Service again. The rep immediately tried to get me to order something and kept trying through out the call despite my insistence that I wanted to find out where either my item was that I'd already ordered and paid for or where was my refund. After 15 mins of this frustrating phone call, I was told I'd have to wait another 3-5 business days to get my refund or at least an update on my order status. At this point, I ended the call and submitted a dispute claim in PayPal.
4 stars

Sears Shop Your Way Rewards Gives me bonuses!

by rlbruder on May 18th, 2013
Lately Sears has been sending me E-amails that I have bonus points for no reason and only good for a specific time period. Last week they gave me $7 and I used it for a Yoga mat and yesterday emailed me another $6. When I bought something today it said I $5.50 worth of points so I used it then later while at Sears buying a $12 item the cashier pulled up my number and it showed I still had the $6 bonus so she applied it. So I ended up saving a total of $11.50 SYWR & Sears5off50 and everything was half off clearance price. Plus 6% CB on Fatwallet.
5 stars

I have been shopping at Sears for 60 years

by dada1111 on April 24th, 2013
I have been shopping at Sears for 60 years and they treat you the way us shoppers should be treated. Montgomery Wards was another good store so lets noy let what happened to them happen to Sears, OK? other wise we will be forced to buy at Smallmart. I actually drove an extra 30 miles today just to avoid buying a lawnmower for the same price just to support a good company. Thanks Sears!
1 stars

Sears website sucks

by h2ofreezes on April 23rd, 2013
it took me multiple days to place an order via fatwallet on their website does not show some prices until checkout. the price in the shopping cart would change depending on whether or not i started off through fw or direct. direct was cheaper and the price would go up when i used fw. i finally got the price to match with FW but did not get the traditional pop-up from fw allowing me to make notes so not sure the pathway was recorded.

in addition, the site stated it accepted amex but it would not accept my card stating it did not recognize the number format. so strange and ineffecient.
1 stars


by cwhite4455 on March 24th, 2013
Sears sucks. On big ticket items, forget about cash back- especially if you use coupon codes. If there is ever a problem with your order, prepare for a long line of call transfers and overseas CS agents. The only thing I can say with any degree of certainty is, only use Sears as a last resort.
1 stars

Sears CS is terrible.

by sturnerirrific on March 18th, 2013
Good luck with sears CS. Cancelled order and I did not get a refund until I requested it 1 month later. Then they shipped a $500 gift card that was stolen. Lo and behold, there is absolutely no way to report a card stolen. The number on the back of the card only allows you to check balances. I reported it stolen to Sears CS and a month later they get back to me that oh the card was used up (they day after I attempted to report it stolen), and your sh*t out of luck.
4 stars

Excellent place to shop

by corniche on March 15th, 2013
Great appliances, very reliable, free shipping to store
3 stars

Good store but helpless service desk

by vzhuko on February 28th, 2013
I bought shoes on and the returned some of them that did not fit. Later I found that refund was less than I paid for shoes. Sears store cashier could not explain anything and sent me to I called service desk four days one evening after another one. Every time service desk agent asked me million questions and at the end, after 30-40 minutes of discussion, they told me that Searsís computer system is down and they are not able to open my account.
I can qualify it only in best case not professional and worse case mockery.
1 stars

The worst

by anzer on February 28th, 2013
I cannot even start with my experience with sears store. I can assure you it's a Sham and scam to keep your money and delay refunds . Do not buy from this store as you will discover the hard truth if you are unlucky that your order is back order or a an issue with the amount you bought with and the amount charged to your card. Or just simply call customer service you will hear only apologies but no real solution to your issue .
4 stars

Aging Icon but still values to be found.

by Jedi2155 on February 14th, 2013
I recently spent over $4000 at Sears this past Holiday shopping season mostly in new appliances and tools. I find their selection to be amazing, and their customer service is still okay. However their systems still appear to be hugely antiquated despite some obvious attempts to update it to modern times. They still need to finish their overhaul, and bring all their systems to the 21st century and until they do that, they will not win over most customers.

Still, their recent sales have brought me more and more to their store especially as a recent homeowner. The Craftsman line of tools still have some quality in them despite losing their famous warranty and outsourcing. Just be sure you understand what you get.
4 stars

Worked out well

by mphoply on January 25th, 2013
Purchased tv for $850 got a gift card for $250. Got 3% back from fat wallet and 5% from my credit card. Worked out to like $600 bucks so in pretty happy with fat wallet and sears
4 stars

love that cash back

by bugmankennyg on January 1st, 2013
went through fat wallet to purchase a freezer from sears, got $35.00 off the purchase because it was over $300, plus got $19.78 payed to me for buying something i was gonna buy anyway. hell i love free money and FAT WALLET
4 stars

A little more work

by SoundMan on December 28th, 2012
Getting a deal out of takes some work. I was first going to purchase one dishwasher, but their online support staff made changes to prevent more online purchases, maybe the fatwallet "extra" discount instructions scared them(ie cashback + shopyourway coupons). I was a bit frustrated, since the end date of the sale was extended, but I still couldn't purchase the advertised item for the advertised price. Anyway, I picked an alternate item.

Outline on how to get the best deal:
First, you need to use their "ShopYourWay" coupon system. Second, you need to wait for the right sale. Third, the fat wallet cashback is not automatically reported, so it requires a bit of record keeping and follow-up.

Sears always tries to pump up their end of year numbers, so they typically push through some sales in Nov & Dec. But be aware, the related sears/kmart web sites are being reorganized, so expect some issues.
1 stars

Slow shipping and lack of feedback. Avoid!

by cashius on December 23rd, 2012
No pickup confirmation mail within 2 weeks of order date and still trying to cancel the order. Keep getting promises of cancellation confirmation for the last three days. Will probably have to dispute the charge with my CC company.
1 stars

Chief of Scammers

by icreatures on December 14th, 2012
I placed 2 orders this week, {shame on me} both times, I used coupons, and on each order the coupon is applied to one of your items, not subtracted from the order total, so after the orders were placed, each time a received an email, saying that the items that the coupons used on were not available at this time so the canceled the one item off of each order that had the discount; thus meaning no saving at all for me. but the kicker is I went back to the website, and was able to put both of the "so called" unavailable items in my shopping cart and continue to pay for them, which I did not do again!
5 stars

Cash Back is Awesome

by kahmed0 on December 10th, 2012
I purchased a Cloth Washer from Sears and right awasy there is additional cash available in fatwallet. Thank You
5 stars

Sears Review

by Jimmyz360 on December 9th, 2012
I have had great experience with Sears. I bought a house and got 2 appliances, one thru the store and one thru the internet. I have also bought a TV through the internet and the cash back worked fast. They also have the shop your way rewards which do help out. A decade ago I would not go into Sears because they were too expensive and nothing on sale. Now they are very competitive and their site is easy to use.
1 stars

Nothing in stock

by Jcase76 on November 27th, 2012
Last week after cancelling a TV I had ordered and paid for online Sears gave us an additional $100.00 to spend at their stores. So, given it's free money I decided to give them a last chance and ordered from them yet again using their money as well as some of mine on Sunday. Today (2 days later) I get an email saying one of my items has been shipped and notice the status of the other item (Aaron's christmas present might I add) says "Cancellation requested". I call to see what's going on and find out they have cancelled yet another one of my orders because they are "out of stock". NOT ACCEPTABLE! When you order online at Walmart they will tell you in the middle of the process that they just ran out, I can deal with that but NOT 2 days later. Conveniently now that the "Black Friday" sales and "Cyber Monday" sales are over I'm now stuck trying to find a decent deal on part of my husbands Christmas present.
1 stars

a waste of time

by dolivares on November 24th, 2012
This Black Friday I ordered a TV online to ship to store. I checked the nearest store and it was in stock. I received confirmation that my order went trough. Then, I only needed a "ready to pickup" email. Over 3 hours later I received an email that the item was out of stock and my order was cancelled. By then I no longer had any change of getting a good deal on the same TV.

Never buying from Sears again!!!!
5 stars

No problems in-store pick up or delivered.

by zvmsh2oman on November 18th, 2012
I haven't had any problems ordering online. When I ordered online and chose in-store pick-up, it was ready that day.

When I ordered online and chose delivery.It was super quick!
1 stars

very bad

by noorilaki on August 6th, 2012
Sears doesn't have control over inventory or ordering process. They canceeled my order with message 'out of stock'. They were suppose to check before I order the item.
5 stars

tire install

by boomboomnj on August 6th, 2012
I purched my new tires online from sears. I went to the store to pick them up and have them installed. They had me out of there in less then an hour. Fast and happy employees made it a good experience for me . Thanks guys Great Job!!!
1 stars doesn't even care their shoppers

by 520 on May 3rd, 2012
I made an order at on 04/18 for a pair of speaker stands. It showed in stock when I ordered it but I have not got it on 04/30. I called sears and I was told they need 3 days to investigate it. Today,05/03, I called them again, I was told they need another 5-7 days to look at it. Bye-Bye sears, forever! No wonder's rating is below 1/10 at That score makes them look like a scam, lol, they don't even care.
1 stars

Codes never work! Bait & Switch!

by electrostatic on April 29th, 2012
total waste of time.. website kicks back and says out of stock when using codes.. Without any code and it rings up full price just fine
5 stars

Great site, instore salesman and super-fast pickup

by synthcomp on March 29th, 2012
The title says it all. I had a great experience with Sears, starting with their instore TV salesman who was totally low-pressure. A big, pleasant surprise there. After taking some time to decide on my TV, I ordered online via fatwallet and 3% cash back on $745! Whoo-hoo! Sears' site was quick and easy to use, and pickup at the store was so fast and painless I couldn't believe it! I just pulled up, swiped my credit card and the gent put my TV in the car. The whole thing took less than 4 minutes!! Very impressed.
2 stars

No wonder they are closing down stores.

by frtannous on March 18th, 2012
Its very difficult to shop at sears now because not only is and Sears two different stores, the employee's at the store don't seem to know how to deal with the .com orders. When you buy something online you can't simply go into any sears store for problems or service like most other major department stores. One other thing, and sears may not always honer each others promo's. It's too bad because I grew up with sears, before target, walmart, costco, etc... gemco was cool but sears was the best.
5 stars

...and I can pick up my order at my local store

by sonofasailor on February 26th, 2012
Never thought of going to Sears for anything but tools but wow!. Turns out they had a great selection and their prices were right there with the others.

Since I found that I could pick it up from the store tomorrow rather than wait, I've now placed other orders from sears. I had to return 1 item and I was able to do that at the store too. I hate having to return online stuff and now that's not a problem. Very cool Sears!
5 stars

Timberland boots for my son for Christmas

by vicann on February 16th, 2012
My son opened his present on Christmas Day with much excitement. He has needed new boots for quite awhile & I must say he was quite pleased with these. Thank you for your help.
5 stars

Very pleased with

by battlecammimi on January 11th, 2012
My TV went out right AFTER Christmas. So I bought one from it was very simple to order. I LOOOVED the shipping.. it only took 2 days to get it. They were very fast! Thanks a bunch!
5 stars

A Very Good, Underrated Dept. Store

by Hoogineer on December 20th, 2011
Sears is a great store for buying anything from clothes to electronics to power tools. Sears has a very liberal return policy -- 90 days, but they'll still give you a gift card beyond that -- and has frequent Friends and Family sales. Most items you can pick up in store, saving you on the cost of shipping. They also print out coupons almost every time you shop there. Prices are usually competitive. In store, I really like the Lands End brand, which is very high quality; due to lower-than-average foot traffic, deals often can be had on it too!
2 stars

Not so good for apparel - return hassles and $$

by Llilith on December 8th, 2011
For an item that did not fit properly, I am expected to pay return shipping AND shipping on the replacement. That would be a total of three shipping charges for one item. Additionally, it wasn't just that I ordered the wrong size, the jacket had shorter sleeves than I've ever seen on a large. Sears won't budge on it being my responsibility to pay for return shipping.
Way easier to order from a retailer that has a better, less costly return policy next time. Sorry Sears.
5 stars

Product was exactly as advertised

by hazem on November 5th, 2011
Delivery was efficient and GREAT customer service even by the men delivering the product. They went above the call of duty by installing the tv as well. Couldn't have asked for a better experience.
3 stars

Watch out for misleading advertising

by rogun on July 2nd, 2011
I was planning on writing this review to praise Sears, because I've been very pleased with several transactions I've had with them recently. Honestly! The idea came to me while clicking through here to make another purchase, but my satisfaction has since soured some.

After receiving an email, stating that Sears was offering free shipping through July 4th, I figured it was the perfect opportunity to order a few items I'd been wanting. After reading the email carefully, to ensure that I understood the terms, I clicked the link to find a banner on the Sears website, advertising the same "free shipping" deal in the email advertisement.

NO WHERE did it say anything about a having to spend a certain dollar amount to receive the offer - not on the website and not in the email. So imagine my surprise when, after wasting an hour of my time choosing the items I wanted, I receive a notice that the coupon code for "free shipping" requires spending at least $99. To be clear, I have no problem with that deal, except that it wasn't what I was led to believe it was. Unfortunately for Sears, the items in my cart did not total $99 and so I just closed my browser down, right then.

After not shopping at Sears for many years, I've been a very happy customer, on several occasions, as of late. But I do NOT appreciate Sears wasting my time, by leading me on, as they did tonight. Thanks, Sears, for wasting my valuable time, that could have been used to make money to spend in your stores. Next time I'll be far more cautious before shopping at your website.
5 stars

never faced to a problem

by umut on June 19th, 2011
highly recommended
2 stars

Good with order, slow with credit

by Sahar573 on June 12th, 2011
I ordered a dishwasher on Sat. night and it was delivered Monday morning. No problems with that, except that was over 6 weeks ago and still no FatWallet credit. I had to request an investigation a couple of weeks ago, and still nothing, yet. I signed up with FatWallet because I was making this big purchase with Sears, so I'm new to it and I know FW is trying to get me the credit. It's frustrating, tho, because I made a smaller purchase with another store last week and they credited my FW account the same day it was shipped. Why is it so hard for Sears to do that?
3 stars mystery Sears Holding Company recurring PayPal charges?

by mrsthegreat on June 9th, 2011
For whatever reason, after my last three online purchases, which btw were initiated via, a contract for recurring charges showed up on my PayPal account with the "Sears Holding Company".
4 stars

Pick-up process could have been more customer friendly

by crazyforadeal on May 30th, 2011
I have no printer and worker there told me I would need to print up my receipt. I did have my order number and finally found a person who worked in pick-up area. Instructed me to type in my phone number, but the computer was messing up that morning. It finally did work and my order was located. Good price on the hose I bought and I am pleased with the murchandise.
3 stars


by b7mick on May 21st, 2011
It does have some issues but I believe is getting a lot better. Still has room for improvement. If you're doing store pick up, make sure it says that in your cart.
Also I don't like the fact that you can't do multiple codes.
5 stars

Amazing service at my Sears!

by jjmIII on May 20th, 2011
I often buy online, and do in-store pick-up. The speed of service is amazing, and their bar code kiosk check-in system should be copied by other retailers! Getting 6% FatCash is just icing on the cake (or garage door opener in this case!).
4 stars

Almost perfect

by marko1995 on April 10th, 2011
Got a great deal on a garage door opener! Everything went very well with the online ordering and payment process. I opted to pick up the device in-store to save on shipping. Everything went smoothly at pick-up time as well. The only problem I had was that the e-mail notification telling me my order was ready to pick up never arrived. A quick call to the store to verify everything was ready is all it took!
1 stars

Canceled order ..... stay far!

by rita54 on March 28th, 2011
I placed an order (big ticket item for several $$$). I canceled the order within 2 days. The order (after a few days) appeared to be still "in process". I called the customer service (India!)to investigate. My nightmare just started ...... they told me so many different stories was cancelled, no it was not but in the process of being cancelled, it was going to be cancelled soon etc. etc. Each customer service representative (of course always in India)gave me a different story and every time I had to go through the same #@#@ ..... my data, reason for calling etc. A huge loss of time, but most important they were NOT refunding my money. After over 15 days my order did not show as canceled and my money was not refunded. I had to go to my local SEARS where I found an extremely cooperative employee (online order dept) that solved everything in three minutes. It is absolutely unbelievable. Buyer beware!
5 stars

Great Online Service

by keithalt on March 24th, 2011
I order on a regular basis from and have had exceptional service! I use shipvantage for free shipping, and despite what some complain about excessive shipping charges, if you order as often as I do it is well worth the $79 a year for this service. Any time you need something fast it is only $3.99 for next day air, and the regular free delivery packages usually only take a couple of days.
4 stars

Ask for Manager

by macsgirl01 on March 21st, 2011
Any problems not resolved in Customer Service-Ask for the Manager and document the names date and time you spoke with each person. They want your repeat business and referrals so they should make you happy! I have had issues in the past but I will say that Sears is One of the BEST when it Comes to resolving Customer Service Issues! If you don't get anywhere on the phone, make a visit to the store and believe me, they don't want other people Hear you complain!!
Thankyou Sears for all the Years of Great Service and Products!
4 stars

Can't beat the Craftsman value or warranty and near equal quality in tools !

by sw3267 on March 2nd, 2011
I have been using my Craftsman tools for over 20+ years performing the exact same jobs as my co-worker mechanic's in the same shop with their fancy-over priced Snapon,Mac,Matco and SK tools and have yet to experience a job that my Craftsman tools couldn't perform as as well or better at!
Plus with the money I have saved buying Craftsman tools instead of the others mention above and invested over the years, I a nice little nest egg for retirement that will get me out of the shop a year or two earlier than my co-worker mechanics!
1 stars

Never Again Will I Shop At Sears

by imhome on February 24th, 2011
I purchased 4 pair of pajamas at (they were a sears product, returnable at any sears). They didn't fit, I went to sears to return them, they wouldn't take them back. Said they'd have a prepaid UPS pickup that Monday to return to store (this was over 2 months ago). Emailed to complain, got form letters saying they were sorry and would fix it. After 2 weeks of emails, the form letters cycled out I guess because they started again from the beginning. I thought I was dealing with a person (these letters sound like a person is helping), but to my surprise, I got the same 'letters'. I'm out approx. $75. Sears DOES NOT CARE at all. NEVER AGAIN, they got the last penny out of me. This isn't the first time I've had trouble at Sears, but it sure is the last.
5 stars

good experience

by wonjiman on February 18th, 2011
I ordered a PS3 and online for in-store pickup. I got an email within 2 hours informing me the item is ready to pick up. I went to the store and within 5 minutes I picked up the item and was on my way.
4 stars

Sears on-line is better?

by zeevert on December 5th, 2010
I just ordered a Kenmore microwave on-line. I was surprised to see the web pages were refreshing and coming up faster. The checkout process was actually pretty quick.
After complaining for over a year, this was a pleasant surprise. Let's see if they can keep it up.
1 stars if Full of Problems

by mcmike522 on November 22nd, 2010
I've ordered from multiple times. They are very good at screwing up the orders. When I've called to get orders fixed, it is very difficult to get somebody to do more than make a promise of fixing the issue. I am currently upset becuase I got to spend 2 1/2 hours spread over the past week trying to get them to fix their screw-up.
1 stars

Customer Service-less

by ksufrost on November 22nd, 2010
Long story short, they double-billed me then four calls later, I still didn't get my money back. They were extremely rude...
4 stars

Amazing Customer Service, In-store pick-up

by beaglefan on October 19th, 2010
I purchased a garage door opener for in-store Pick-up. The process could not have been easier. I received an e-mail with instructions stating that the item was available to be picked-up. I arrived at the Sears store, and there was a special parking area for Customer Pick-up. There was a machine to scan in the barcode my my e-mail, and my name appeared on a TV screen with a timeclock. (There was also a sign promising my ordered to be given to me in 5 minutes or less, otherwise I get a $5 coupon.) Within 30 seconds, an employee emerged from the back and took my e-mail. Within another 2 minutes he was carrying my garage door opener and loaded it in the trunk. Three minutes in and out!! This is the new Sears!
1 stars

deals and coupons posted are not honored

by janyap on October 12th, 2010
Sears advertises a free shipping coupon on its own front page, on, other sites. However, that coupon is not working - shipping is not free. An email to a Sears went unanswered.

And shipping is rather expensive - $10 for a small package.
1 stars

What a mess

by jrui on September 19th, 2010
Bought a patio dinning set about a month ago from and then they canceled it. While I have called several times, they still didn't refund my money. Every time they apologized and will refund in two business days. Very frustrated. Will never buy stuff from or sears.
1 stars

Sears Live Agent said that none of the coupons posted on FW are valid

by pipilota on September 1st, 2010
I was just trying to use a coupon LABORDAY posted on FW $10 off $75 or more and did not work. Contacted Sears Live help and they said that none of the coupons listed on FW web site are valid.
2 stars

Slower than molasses!

by andyandsue on July 8th, 2010
I love the selection and prices at Sears, but the website is so slow its painful to shop on it. Land's End isn't so bad (which is Sears owned), so I'm not sure why they can't borrow the technology from them. I finally just bought everything in my cart because I knew I'd be returning some things anyway, and it was easier (free shipping) than trying to edit the cart!
5 stars

Great service + price + products

by cthewitt on June 7th, 2010
Quality of products from Sears is still good. If you don't like your product, the return policy is great. And you can actually pick up the product at the store if you don't want to pay shipping.
1 stars

Beware of cancelled orders

by skinut on June 7th, 2010
I placed an order for in store pickup last night. This morning, I received an email cancelling my order because the item is out of stock--it will be in stock in a week and so I asked to get a raincheck. They said no, I needed to re-purchasae the item at the non-sale price ($75 higher!!). Although they did promptly refund my money, I don't like the fact that they would not honor the price at which I initially purchased it at.
3 stars

sears website is a mess

by khorne55 on May 24th, 2010
website is ancient, double check the price at the final page, sometimes the price changes and it is always an increase. that said, love the craftsman tools and lifetime warranty. good deals can be had when they have sales, combined with FW cashback of course
1 stars

Stay away!

by twocats on May 21st, 2010
This the last order that I'll be attempting to place with Everytime I order online, I have an issue that requires an excessive amount of my time to clear up. This time I ordered a pillowcase and paid via gift card. A few hours after I placed my order, I got an email from Sears telling me that my gift card was declined (???). I checked the balance on my gift card and sure enough, it had been charged. I've now spoken to four different customer service people at Sears. Each has given me a different reason as to why my order was cancelled (system problem with processing gift cards that day, item was out of stock, etc.). Each has also given me a different answer as to when and how I will be refunded. I've been told the amount will be credited back to my gift card, and then by another Customer Rep that they would mail me a new gift card (I still don't know which will happen). I've been told the money will be credited back in 24 hours, 5 business days, 7 days... (and I still don't know which it is). Any of those timeframes is unacceptable. Sears cancelled my order but is holding onto my money. Oh, and when I check my order status online, it tells me that my order is "in process". I'm thankful at this point that it was only a pillowcase and not something more expensive. I will NEVER order from Sears again and will advise those I know to stay away from as well.

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