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Shop with a Tiger Direct coupon code and you'll save additional money on all of our already low priced laptop, computer and tablet deals from the industry's top names, like Apple, Dell, and Asus. But that's just the beginning. Use a Tiger Direct coupon to save on a vast inventory of components: motherboards, processors, hard drives, optical drives, cases and more. You'll find the newest, emerging technologies as well. To maximize your savings, stack your Tiger Direct coupons with cash back!

Other products that Tiger Direct carries vary from televisions, home automation, health & fitness, luggage, office supplies, toys, and more. They also offer free shipping on some PC parts. They do offer a price match policy at point of sale for in-stock, available, and ready to ship items. See Tiger Directís site for more details.

Tiger Direct
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Most Helpful Positive Review

5 stars

Excellent experiences thus far

by yostevo42 on November 24th, 2010
I'm a pretty experienced shopper who has seen the good and bad of online stores. Tiger Direct has certainly been a very good experience thus far. My most recent purchase was a HP laptop that I got at an incredible price,shipped promptly and for free on this particular item. Everything I could ask for. Highly recommended.

Most Helpful Negative Review

1 stars

WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE ==> Do not buy from here

by joshmastaaa on November 23rd, 2010
I've been asking for a refund for something they never shipped. I have all of the evidence pointing to the fact they never shipped the product. It's been 15 days since the order date, and every time I contact the customer service, the same responds come out "Please allow 2 ~ 3 days to resolve this issue". Tried to contact the manager, one of the rep says the Manager is so busy helping other customers that I would have to wait hours. Perhaps there are many unsatisfied customer out there.
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Most Recent Store Reviews for Tiger Direct

1 stars

no integrated sales system?

by gardenguy on September 17th, 2014
it took 19 days and 2 emails from me to find out my order was canceled. status was with "drop shipper" for a long time. then is was back-ordered. then cancelled. status changed only after email from me. not the first time i had trouble getting my order from them. how is it that amazon can tell you there are only 2 of an item in stock when you shop but TigerDirect does not know they are out of an item and have been for at least 3 weeks if not longer?
1 stars

Incompetant customer service and order processing procedures

by po90260 on August 23rd, 2014
I had a $10 giftcard. To get it applied it took 2 orders and 1 1/2 hours phone time. Trust me, they are incompetent and their processing procedures fail.
1 stars

Blatant liars regarding their price guarantee! Read this and my Amazon review on this purchase!

by terrry7 on August 17th, 2014
Thisexact same CybertronPC Doom II GM2113C Desktop was originally the same price as on Amazon when I bought it from Tiger, I decided to buy from Tiger, even though I had to pay extra for shipping because of their supposed "Lowest price guarantee", well one week after I bought it Amazon's price dropped $325, and Tiger said they could not honor their price guarantee, as it was under their cost, I asked where it said they had that prerogative, the manager said it was "confidential"! I said so what if they had to take a hit, surely their profits on everything else would be able to take the occasional hit, retail stores do it all the time just to get people into their stores, he said NOPE! It wasn't going to happen and I would have to have wiped the computer and paid $100 to ship it from TN back to CA where it shipped from, so I ended up keeping it but, To quote a popular song: I will NEVER, Ever, EVER buy another thing from those liars again and I have 7 kids all are either in college or going to go to college for Computer Science related Degrees so you know I am buying electronics, computers etc right and left as I have 3 boys currently in college!
1 stars

Broken hard drive from Tiger Direct

by membership on July 13th, 2014
Broken hard drive from Tiger Direct

I ordered a Western Digital hard drive from Amazon. The order was "fulfilled" by Tiger Direct. In other words, Tiger Direct, a computer retailer, had the item in stock and would be shipping it.

When I opened the shipping carton, I was surprised to see the Western Digital drive had been packed against a corner of the Tiger Direct carton, without cushioning on two sides and none on top or bottom. (The Western Digital carton was 7.5" x 8" x 6 (H x W x L), the Tiger Direct carton was 8.5" x 20" x14". Only two sides were protected by cushioning, while four sides of the of the Western Digital carton were against the sides of the Tiger Direct carton, exposed to potential damage.

When I removed the hard drive from the Western Digital carton, I wasn't surprised to hear rattling inside the drive. I returned it to the to the shipping carton, without removing the clear wrapping.I reported this problem to Tiger Direct, through Amazon, but received no response.

A week later, I reported the problem, again, but this time directly to Amazon. Within 24 hours, I received an email from Tiger Direct, authorizing me to return the hard drive. I had to pay the return postage, however.

Amazon refunded the purchase price, but Tiger Direct has not refunded the postage.
5 stars

2.0% Cash Back worked great

by barrykari on July 7th, 2014
The 2.0% cash back worked great. I think I'll make my main go-to deal site.
1 stars

Very poor service

by Dipanjan on June 26th, 2014
Very poor customer service. I got a wrong item, it took weeks to get a return slip for refund. After that it will take 2 weeks to get the refund credited to my account.
1 stars

Buyer Beware

by gstoneburn on January 17th, 2014
Flashdrive was on sale. When it was purchased, the sale price was not applied, but the regular price. Attempts to cancel the order were ignored. Very bad experience with Tiger Direct.
1 stars

Worst customer service

by hkbjboy on December 9th, 2013
TigerDirect passed along an incorrect address (cut the apartment number off) to UPS. Instead of being able to request a change easily, they require that I call their customer service hotline and then do a conference call with UPS. Great - except I was on hold for over 50 minutes and still no one picked up. I tried to take care of the situation through chat, and after waiting on hold for 40 minutes, their surly agent just told me that I had to call in or I could just wait until the package was returned to Tiger and they would process a refund. Are you kidding? This is the worst customer service ever. Tiger, you made the mistake, YOU should be responsible for correcting it. Making me spend 3 hours on the phone to get it fixed is ridiculous. I'm never shopping here again, I don't care how cheap things are. It's not worth it.
5 stars

Always reliable and best prices

by Pinguino on October 22nd, 2013
I always find what I need at the most reasonable if not lowest prices. Their order handling and delivery is exceptional.
1 stars

Would not trust for expensive items. No a good customer service.

by PapaK on September 2nd, 2013
My prior experience was OK, although I was annoyed that with every order Tiger Direct tries to sign you up for unnecessary services and to solicits personal information that is not needed to fulfill the order. Most recently, I ordered a laptop. I was encouraged by the warning on the web site that a signature may be requested upon delivery. The laptop never came, despite the fact that someone was waiting all day long to sign for it, and the item was marked on-line as delivered. I reported the problem to TigerDirect. I was told that the company will need several days to investigate it,and will keep me updated on now th investigation proceeds. I got no updates, and every time I called to inquire about the status of the issue, I was told to wait more. During my last (fourth) call, I politely requested to speak with a manager or a supervisor. The rep told me that all the managers and supervisors are too busy to talk to me, and, anyway, they have nothing to tell me (I did have something to tell them!). That is when I realized that I wasted time dealing with TigerDirect and successfully got my money returned through VISA. I may still use the store for cheap stuff, not to buy anything of a value.
1 stars

worst customer service

by madeinpa on July 14th, 2013
They like to play games not only with their products but also with their rebates.

Would never order again unless they are the only game in town.
5 stars

Another fine transaction With Tiger Direct

by arclights on May 24th, 2013
My biggest quandary was about the charge for shipping for the 55" TV we were ordering. So many of the models I was comparing had free shipping, but when I got to the end of the process there was a shipping charge on the LG model. I wish I had understood that before I got sold on this particular TV. Otherwise, it was delivered in fine shape and earlier than expected.
1 stars

From 3% to 1%

by Hojyreddog on May 13th, 2013
To bad they decided to reduce their rate from 3% to 1%, but now I have no reason to be faithful to them. Almost all stores offer 1%. At least at Rakuten you get 1% back and 1% in Rakuten points.
5 stars

Great prices, quick shipping

by jzslider on May 7th, 2013
I order all my replacement monitors from TigerDirect. Priced great and they always arrive when they say it will
1 stars

First order a disapointment

by idainc on March 22nd, 2013
I ordered an SSD with their least expensive method of shipping. Some hybrid UPS / USPS system In any event they charge the card and send a bogus tracking number with instructions to wait 24 hours. Then 48 hours. Then 72 hours... I should have just gone to Newegg.

Frankly, I cant tell the difference between their methods and just plain fraud.
5 stars

wow, love it..

by vspike22 on March 14th, 2013
I was looking for the best deal and found it on Tigerdirect. They even have live chatting so they help any questions i had quickly. This has to be my new online shop where I can save on state tax since Amaazoon has become my local Best Buy. Did mention their shipping was fast?
5 stars

Good selection, fast delivery

by Forrestridge on March 1st, 2013
Tiger Direct always has a great selection of products. The DVD drive I needed was in stock, shipped quickly and received in a reasonable amount of time. Tiger is not always the cheapest but the products are as advertised and generally arrive as expected. It appears my cash back is on track to be applied to my account with no issues.
5 stars


by vivendramani on February 22nd, 2013
fatwallet does the best in cash back. Excellent Service from them!!!
5 stars

good selection for barebone computer kits

by alex1688 on February 20th, 2013
some sites have a few of these kits, tigerdirect has dozens of different ones for each popular CPU. Recommend for anyone building a gaming desktop
1 stars

Scam Artists-Stay Away!

by jeffguay on December 30th, 2012
I purchased a MSI laptop frpm Tiger Direct on 9/30/12. On 10/2/12 the price dropped $215. I contacted them regarding their price protection policy and was told I would get a $215 gift card. When the laptop arrived I thought the screen was scratched. I conatcted them for a replacement. The I realizedit wasn't a scratch and I cancelled the return. After a month I never recieved my gift card. I called and was told the claim was cancelled because of the return. I explained I never returned the item and was told a new claim was started. Another month, no gift card. I called again to be told the claim was denied because I made it outside the 30 day window! I have been fighting now for 3 months to get this gift card, their customer service is awful. STAY AWAY
1 stars

TigerDirect SUCKS!!!

by helloabc on December 2nd, 2012
I used to shop at TigerDirect and have made several purchases. These holidays have brought out the worst in TigerDirect. Recently they had Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales and took online orders and have been avoiding to fulfill them. They do not answer calls for long time or reply to emails and when they answer they are rude and will not allow you to talk to supervisor. THey do not follow up on sending confirmation emails after promising something over the phone they would do to keep you from cancelling the order.

1 stars

Would be better if their website is scaled to handle the load

by holeinpocket on November 23rd, 2012
For a tech company, they do not have the resources to maintain the load of Black Friday or any days that have heavier than expected load. They have many good deals but very few can partake the deals. Newegg and Amazon seems to have their act together. TigerDirect will got the way of CompUSA if they keep this up.
5 stars


by carteriv on October 29th, 2012
Fast delivery and good prices. Second TV i have bought from them.
1 stars

rude customer service

by luuderrick on October 22nd, 2012
I called about a price change multiple times. Everytime I got nothing but attitude. Everyone was rude. Was hung up on once. And all other times I never got a bye. They even question my like I was stealing when I reordered with new price to return the old one. They finally gave me a small amount of credit but never told me how to redeem. Still now I don't know where my credit is. Have been 6 months
5 stars

They are a Decent Online Store

by towboatman on October 10th, 2012
I am usally pretty Happy with Tiger Direct, I order from them at least 4 times or so a year mostly electronics
5 stars

quick and efficient site

by niniss on October 7th, 2012
I'm very pleased with my purchase experience with Tigerdirect. The site was easy to use and efficient. They ship their products very quickly and i received the purchased item faster than i expected. Very happy with this transaction.
5 stars

TigerDirect is great!

by EcoTony on July 20th, 2012
I wish they would offer free shipping or go with Shoprunner or somthing. Otherwise, I love Tiger. Always competative, if not the lowest price.
Shipping turn around was 1/2 a day from mid-morning order to shipping tracking number being issued.
5 stars

Good deal

by thanyamato on July 8th, 2012
I was introduced by one of my friend. This site is excellent for shopper.
5 stars

Tiger Direct Great Experiance

by robertszorro on June 2nd, 2012
I have used Tiger Direct over sevearal years and have allways been completely satisfied. Good selection. Good information. Good price and service. I have also used their retail outlet COMP USA. Also excellent.
5 stars

A Great Newegg Alternative

by BluePortal on May 27th, 2012
I used TigerDirect for purchasing parts for a desktop I'm building. They have a great selection and many product reviews that can help you make your decisions. I use them as my Newegg alternative. Their prices are similar or even more competitive than those of Newegg's products.
1 stars

1/2 Products Backordered

by acfrazier on May 4th, 2012
I'd never buy from here again, they list products that are essential to your order as "in stock" and then they fail to ship them due to it being "backordered". This isn't the first occasion or I wouldn't be leaving this review.
5 stars

Reconditioned Linkys Router

by philipcatchpole on April 11th, 2012
Ordering this item was easy, I am waiting for the delivery, I expect it to do all it should.
5 stars

Perfect experience with 55" TV

by bretterkman on March 14th, 2012
Ordered a Sony 55" TV and Blu-Ray player bundle. Both were delivered via truck freight. Freight company called on the fifth business day after placing the order and the items were delivered one business day later. Everything arrived in perfect condition.
5 stars

great store

by ipinglam on January 30th, 2012
great variety of tech stuff, very well priced. could use more reviews, but good overall.
1 stars

not reliable

by rendevous on January 28th, 2012
got telephone assurance that tv would be sold at a price thru a certain date. tried to buy an the last date. said sale no longer available to ne. said too bad and end of discussion. 2nd time this sort of thing has happened with them. peeasant when they are getting your money. if an issue comes up my experience is they are totally unresponsive
5 stars

Items Shipped Quickly and Working Great

by gomerbr on October 24th, 2011
Recently ordered a 60 inch plasma tv from I absolutely love the tv and haven't had any problems at all. I have ordered many electronic items from tigerdirect in the past and have never had any issues with these either. I suppose the true test will come if/when I have a problem and have to deal with their customer service department. But, (knock on wood) hopefully that day is a long way off.
5 stars

Great price, fast delivery

by qontrol on July 18th, 2011
I am happy with the purchase at Tigerdirect. If offers the best price with delivery within 24 hours.
5 stars

Great experiences with this company

by Hojyreddog on June 16th, 2011
I have had nothing but great experiences with Tiger Direct. I order probably $20k worth of electronics from them every year and I have never had a problem they did not immediately take care of. I have canceled orders, rejected freight damaged shipments, change orders and I have never had any problems taking care of these issues.
4 stars

Nice deals great products

by Just4u on May 11th, 2011
The TV is great and the delivery was on time. I researched about a week and found them with the cheapest price as always. Recommend buying from this site because of the amazing deals and on time delivery.
5 stars

Great Deals!

by Gryffth on April 4th, 2011
I've been shopping at for years now and have never had a single problem. They offer good sales and great package deals. Highly recommended.
5 stars

Sony 55" 3D LCD 240 hz purchase

by keyd on February 24th, 2011
Great prices - shipping was very fast - excellent experience with Tiger Direct! Also purchased 3D Blu Ray w/speakers. Could not be happier with our purchases. Will definitely recommend Tiger Direct to all!
5 stars

Quick and cheap!

by mawfrog on January 2nd, 2011
I ordered a video card and power supply from them on wednesday (early a.m.), got them friday. Card works better than expected, and power supply exactly what I needed. Extended the life of my system cheaply. Very happy!
1 stars

This is the worst store I ever experienced!

by speed218 on December 30th, 2010
I ordered a SONY hdtv for Christmas in the beginning of December from and everything was fine at that time. However, after several days, I checked when I could receive my TV and found it had not been shipped yet. I called customer services and they told me the TV was currently out of stock but they would get some more later and ship it before Christmas. Then the tragedy started. They just kept asking me waiting and waiting.... Now it's the New Year. I called them and asked if I could get this TV. They told me they have no idea if they could get some more in stock or not soon and asked me kept waiting without deadline or just cancel it..... It really sucks! It wasted a lot of time for this Christmas gift... They really don't care about customers!I don't think this store has any credits!

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