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Testimonials from the FatWallet Community – a collective of the smartest online shoppers in world! They share thousands of timely deals and inside information to help their peers get an edge at saving the most money possible by stacking deals with coupons, cash back, free shipping and other retail discounts.

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Here’s what they’re saying about their FatWallet experience:


I’m thankful to have FatWallet and the community members as such a great resource!
F.A. – USA

I love FatWallet! It got me into big time saving, but still getting the best bang for my buck with no sacrifice in quality. This website definitely made me more a contentious, savvy shopper (not just a mindless consumer). I’ll sing the praises of FatWallet to anyone who will listen. Thanks for all the fabulous shopping.
D.W. – USA

I recommend FW to people all the time.  I tell them it’s a great, easy way to save money and takes almost no extra time. Why *not* do it?! Also, it is a fun way to find deals and coupons. I’ve made some purchases through FW that I wouldn’t have ordinarily b/c it was such a great deal.
Jennifer S. – Monroeville, PA

I’m a big bargain shopper, and get pretty excited about some of the deals I get. It’s fun for me, and I like to share that with others.
Jennifer H. – Galion, OH

A lots of great information and deals, one of my greatest finds on the Internet! Thank you FatWallet!!
D.T. – USA

I have personally saved hundreds of dollars for me and the company I work for, just by perusing the latest deals every day.
Matt C. – York, PA

I tell my friends that times are hard and money is tight, so make every penny count. Save money by going through a portal like FatWallet for all online purchases, and check FatWallet for deals before making any major purchase.
Therison B. – Detroit, MI

FatWallet.com has changed the way I shop and deal with my finances. I consult FW frequently and have found ways to weather tougher economic times in a family with one income using FW.
Amber P. – Merkel, TX

I tell my friends that FatWallet is a great website where one can save money, earn money and overall find great savings. With the economy as it is, I strongly urge my family to shop smart and they can do that through FatWallet.
Amber Z. – Edinburg, TX

Whenever I’m looking for the best price on ANYTHING, I ALWAYS start with FatWallet! Their topic alerts are a great way to watch for deals too.

I have been dubbed “the king of all purchasing”…FatWallet makes my price hunting so much easier because it brings all the deals into one place. Add the cash back and FatWallet is easy to recommend to anyone.

Lots of great information and deals, one of my greatest finds on the internet! Thank you FatWallet!!
Danh T. – Orange, CA

FatWallet is one of the most useful sites on internet. Saves me time by finding deals of things I need, making it easy to shop and giving me cash back to boot. I have nothing but praise for FatWallet.
Ramprasad P. – Leesburg, VA

I love FatWallet community! The people are so positively funny and genuine. They also provide good advice in choosing a product.

I have recommended this site to a countless number of friends and family members. I buy NOTHING online without checking on here first!!! I love it!!!
Amber B. – Little Elm, TX

I’ve been a FatWallet user for a number of years. I couldn’t begin to count the amount of money I’ve saved on things I was planning to purchase and the number of fun things I’ve bought that I had no idea were out there. Truly a great place. I have and continue to recommend it to friends and family.
Jon B. – Westfield, IN

When you offer a great service that’s free and benefits people…IT’S WORTH REPEATING! Thank You. :)
Chuck – USA

I always go to FatWallet first, and I’m 100% likely to refer you to my friends. A 10 is hard to get, but FatWallet is a 10.

Basically, I tell people if they are shopping online the best way to save money is to use FatWallet.com whether it’s the cashback site or the forums or to look for codes. I think FatWallet.com is the best site out there! Thanks!!!!
Brenda V. – Minnetonka, MN

I made amazing savings from little to huge, and I got very valuable knowledge in the forums. Here is how I started with Fatwallet: (small) saved $400 on a cellphone, (medium) saved $1100 on an HD TV and (huge) refinanced 2 houses by reading Fatwallet forums and picking bank. Monthly savings of $600, this has changed my quality of life tremendously. THANKS A MILLION FATWALLET.
Ganesh S. – USA

The best part about FW for me is it is a community trying to figure out the kinks in the ‘system’ while living within the system. Totally legit, totally above-the-board, totally peer driven.

FatWallet.com is the only on-line deal site I use for shopping, and I do a lot of shopping mostly in the categories of electronics and home appliances. The deals here cannot be beat and while other websites may have possibly the same deals found on FatWallet, they all lack the degree of awesomeness and assistance FatWallet Community members possess. FatWallet is my online shopping supplement.
Shannon O. – Rogers, AR

I have gotten so many great deals and free stuff from the postings of all the wonderful FatWallet members. I check out the site several times a day everyday so as to catch anything new. I have tried other sites and always come back to FatWallet. You are the absolute best!!!

I joined FatWallet close to 8 years ago and the site and FatWallet community has saved me more money than I would have ever dreamed. Great concept that keeps getting better and easier to use ever year! I’m a lifer ;-) Bravo FatWallet staff and members!
Britt C. – Louisville, KY

I consider FatWallet my personal shopper site. Lots of great info and great deals. Saves me lots of time.

Its great to hear so many deals and cash back from one site. Its really amazing. The website comes to my must check list when I start my day.. Thanks for such wonderful interface.

I do not recommend anything that I do not totally believe in, so it has been a natural thing for me to tell others and send a link to your site. I thank you so much for providing it, it is a wonderful service.
janie n – Elk City, OK

FW is my defacto go to website for the best deals. User contributions are generally spot on, and the people are a friendly knowledgable bunch.

I am current on all the hot deals of the day, as well as the most interesting posts from other FW members. FW is probably my favorite site on the net.

It’s a true community of and for consumers. I Really appreciate that.

FatWallet stretches the buying power by at least 30%-50%. It’s straight math from the savings you have.
Puneet B. – Kennesaw, GA

FatWallet is absolutely my favorite deal site. Due to our current financial circumstances, we needed to figure out how to do “Christmas on a budget” and FatWallet provided a very big part of the solution. By buying discounted items and using store coupons and online codes, we were pleasantly surprised that we could stay within our budget. We had a very nice Christmas and found such great deals that we were also able to get many free or nearly free items to donate. FatWallet is wonderful!

I have recommended the place not just for the freebie forums but for the deals and the sense of community. I hope the site is going to be here as long as I’m on the web. I recommend it to friends a lot. Thanks for being here.

People who like to save money as much as I do share their finds and enable me to save money on things that I need, want, and don’t need or want. What could be better fuel to propel the Global Economy?
Kevin B. – Houston, TX

A great source for printable coupons and coupon codes.
Tipayawan B. – Glen Cove, NY

I love how its very knowledgeable…it’s a true community of and for consumers. I really appreciate that.

My favorite part about FatWallet is the cash back. I also like that the website portrays a more personal touch. FatWallet is very simple to use and friendly.
Lourdes C. – Fishers, IN

FatWallet.com has changed the way I think about shopping, spending, and saving. I can never imagine paying full price for something again!

This site, among the best deals on the internet, has very insightful users with very useful information that is valuable for living in the USA. Everyone’s here to help eachother. It is a great community and a rarity on the internet. Good and safe place to be.
Dennis S. – Rodeo, CA

I have been a member of FatWallet since it began. I used to frequent another shopping website, but the posters were mean-spirited. Fatwallet is a community of mostly POSITIVE members who ENCOURAGE each other to find the hottest deals around. I love the camaraderie at FatWallet and there are great deals to be had!
Jennifer L. – Fairfield, CT

Great site. I log on every single day, sometimes multiple times a day, to check the Hot Deals and read invaluable knowledge in the forum section.

Since about 2007, I have been using FatWallet, and I would highly recommend this site to my family, friends, and acquaintances on my personal blog, or through casual conversations. As a student in an expensive city, I appreciate every dollar the site helps me to save and stretch, in conjunction, with the free resources presented to help me secure my financial well being throughout different stages of my life. The FW community really strives to bring the best latest deals and freebies to its users, thus I visit the site several times a day. I secured a place in a competitive program, which furnished an invaluable internship opportunity, due to a member’s post in 2008; hence, I am utterly grateful and strive to look, for more opportunities on the site.
Z.F. – New York, NY

FatWallet is more than a deal site. Its a place where people transform themselves into a smart and savvy people. It has changed the way I used to look at finance. FatWallet is a cultural thing.
Pankaj T. – Lyndhurst, NJ

FatWallet is my “go-to” website whenever I am shopping online. By visiting FatWallet, I can make sure that I am getting the best possible deal on whatever I am buying!
Brent S. – Charlotte, NC

I tell everyone about Fatwallet.com. It’s (that) the deals, Cash Back and best coupon codes are organized in one place for me. …and great customer service!
Michele B. – Cadiz, OH

It doesn’t seem believable, but it is! Great deals, $ back, and a community that wants you to save, or even pay nothing. Something for nothing? Don’t believe what you’ve heard, it exists on Fat Wallet!
Steve K. – Northport, NY

Fatwallet is a savings savvy website that is fun and easy to use!
Christina C. – Ipswich, MA

This is my go-to site for promo codes when I want to save on a purchase. Amazingly, FatWallet also give me Cash Back. I would rate this site higher than a 10 if I could.
Rosemarie C. – Portland, OR



I’ve been recommending the forum to family and coworkers because of the great deals I have found through the “hot deals” and “groceries” sections. Just as an example, the information from other users about deals on new and soon-to-be released Disney movies has been invaluable in saving us huge amounts of money.
P.A. – United Staes

I come here mainly for the Hot Deals and Finance forums. I’ve received awesome deals on things like TV’s and Laptops and I’ve been able to improve my financial standing in less than 6 months using tips from the finance forums.
D.K.J. – United States

I seriously learned how to invest, myself, in the stock market a couple of years ago following the discussion about Zecco (Finance Forum), never would have done it without FatWallet. Love FatWallet!
Allison M. – USA

FatWallet is the best community by far! Quality of the posts is far ahead of all the rest!!
Keshav P. – USA

This is a site where I get not only Hot deals and free stuff but also a place to communicate, help, or notify others. FW is just Awesome!

I appreciate the tips from other consumers who may have had direct experience with a certain product or service. Saves me time and money!

I love FatWallet and mention it to friends often…When I mention the Samsung laser printer I got for $3 because of a FatWallet post on the Hot Deals forum, they’re usually convinced!

The most helpful to me is the finance forum. The advice from other members on 0% credit cards helped me pay off my business in no time!
Jacob W. – Spencerport, NY

I use FatWallet because I am NEVER afraid to give my personal info. I know it is safe. I also like that in free forum, people who are much better with tech stuff than I, tell you when things are a scam or phishing sites. I really appreciate the FatWallet community.

FW forums have definitely helped shaped how I spend & manage my money, and I regularly share knowledge gleaned from the forums to friends & family to improve their finances/credit.

I really like FatWallet hot deals forum because other bargain hunters comment on the items and give reviews. I trust these reviews and so prefer FatWallet to other competitive sites.


Best Deals

My favorite part is the “best deals” page where I can find quick gift ideas!
A.J. – USA

This is a great site, I am so glad a friend of mine told me about it. I wish I had learned about it earlier, as the daily deals are usually too good to pass up. Thanks Again!
Dennis D. – Windsor Mill, MD

I just use the hot deals forum – it’s almost a “first stop” before I make a technology type of purchase – or even want to switch cell phone plans or get a better deal on my cable tv. A quick search here has saved me hundreds, if not thousands of dollars, over the years.

I find deals here that I cant find on any other deals website. I love the Hot Deals section as I found many local deals too. Members are very involved in finding deals.

I’d tell people that the community is always fun and it’s great to communicate with people about deals. It’s incredibly helpful to talk about the details of deals with other members and the amount of money saved per year is amazing!

There have been times when I have made purchases online and then literally face-palmed myself for not using FatWallet to get rebates and/or discounts. Keep up the great work! Bill
William K. – KING GEORGE, VA

I am a college student and with this this website I can come to Christmas bearing presents like a CEO.

I just could not survive the holidays without FatWallet. I tell everyone I know about the amazing deals and money that I have saved with this site. I believe I may be just a wee bit addicted but hey,an addiction to saving is not really a bad thing.


Customer Service

I am also impressed with FatWallet customer service. It’s one of the best I’ve known so far. Thanks again.
Paulus D. – Davis, CA

Customer service is excellent, very prompt, reliable- best team.

Just recommended the site to a friend today! Explained how easy it is to search and use the deals. What’s not to like about Cash back??? Also, the staff is very helpful, and quick to respond! Thanks, you guys!
Sarah – Des Moines, IA

Customer service is the best!

FatWallet has great customer service, I experienced it once and it was wonderful. But the best customer service is the one where you don’t need it, and with FW that has been the case 99% of the time.
Alfred T. – Cupertino,CA

Customer service is incredible. Any time I have an issue, they would investigate and follow through. I don’t even always expect that level of service when I pay for something, and here they pay me PLUS provide this service.
Yuliy M. – Cuyahoga Falls OH

The help your staff gives when I’ve had a problem with a transaction is simply excellent! Many thanks!

Customer care is responsive and very helpful.
Rohan G. – Harrisburg, PA


Cash Back

I was extremely pleased with the professionalism of FatWallet and the fact that it took only three days to receive a check that I requested online. Thank you, Fat Wallet, for helping me save a few bucks on my recent purchases.
Michael V. – Rancho Cucamonga, CA

FatWallet has a huge list of stores that participate and it is just amazing how much cash back you can earn. Anyone would be crazy NOT to use FatWallet!!!! Thank you to FatWallet!
Lesley V. – Santa Monica, CA

I have personally profited almost $8,000 from FatCash over the years – just buying things that I already have to buy. Can’t say enough about FW… been here awhile and can’t thank Chief Mucky-Muck more for what he’s done for the cheapskate/frugal community.
Larry S. – Lawrenceville, GA

The cash back and instant coupons have saved me several hundred dollars this past year. Shopping can’t get better than that.
Christy P. – Fayetteville, AR

I couldn’t believe that I received my cash back reward check just 3 days after I made the request!!…..what a terrific way to service your members!!