Paper vs Tech in College

Paper Vs Tech in College – How Tablets & Mobile Have Changed the College Experience

Today’s university experience is vastly different than the one that previous generations knew. Rapidly changing technology has drastically altered what it means to go to college. Here’s a look at how technology has reshaped modern college life. Textbooks vs. E-books Popularity: Of students who own an e-reader, 98% use it to download textbooks. However, 49%… 

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ssd vs hdd

SSD vs HDD: Which One is Best for You?

SSD and HDD.  They refer to the two most common types of hard drives. If you’re building your own computer, or even trying to improve the performance of an old machine, you’ll need to choose one. Which one is right for you? The most common form of data storage is the hard disk drive (HDD).  To give… 

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A College Student’s Guide to Saving Money for Holiday Travel

For college students who go to school far away it can be especially expensive to come home for the holidays. With most colleges doing separate Thanksgiving and Christmas breaks, some students are faced with the problem of picking one or the other. As a current student who is from Illinois, but goes to school in… 

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Which Stores Sell The Most Apple Products?

  We all know that Apple products are everywhere. You can’t throw a stone without hitting one (please don’t actually throw stones at people’s Apple products). But where are people buying them? Here’s a graph that explains. The Numbers In its first fiscal quarter of 2015 (ending Dec. 27, 2014), Apple sold: 74.5 million iPhones… 

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Walmart vs Amazon

Walmart vs. Amazon: Who Will Win Your Business?

As I’m sure you know, last week Amazon announced that it would be holding a special birthday party for itself in the form of “Amazon Prime Day“. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, go check out our exclusive Amazon Prime Day post, which details what we expect to see on July 15th…. 

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What Is Amazon Prime Day: A Guide On What To Expect

As we previously reported, Amazon is holding its own version of a Black Friday sale on its 20th birthday, July 15th. They are calling it Amazon Prime Day, and they have caught the world’s attention with promises of more deals than Black Friday. We have already noted that we think this sale is going to be… 

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Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime Day Is July 15th, Don’t Miss Out

Amazon Prime Day In case you missed it, everyone’s favorite online retailer,, will be celebrating its 20th birthday on July 15th. They are calling it Amazon Prime Day. Word on the street is, Amazon is planning one heck of a party to celebrate. Amazon is employing especially bold and provocative language, titling their Press… 

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fastest ship in the universe

Fastest Ship in the Universe: How Sci-Fi Ships Stack Up

From the Millennium Falcon to the USS Enterprise, science fiction has shown us a vast array of out-of-this-world spaceships that defy our rules of physics. We’ve rounded up some of your favorite intergalactic crafts from television, film and video games, along with real NASA spacecraft, to compare and speculate who has the fastest ship in… 

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Fatwallet cash back app

Best Apps: How Does The FatWallet Cash Back App Stack Up

Here at FatWallet, we are all about saving you money. We have been rocking the cash back scene for 15 years. We’ve built a strong community in our Forums. With so many people using smart phones on the go, and tablets at home, we wanted to take that experience and make it as seamless and… 

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5 best summer beers

5 Best Summer Beer: IPA, Shandy & More

Summer Seasonal: The Summer Solstice was this past Sunday and that means the Summer of 2015 has officially started. Best of all, it really feels like Summer: beer festivals are in full swing, pools are starting to get crowded, and meals are getting lighter. After a long day at the office, or long day outside, the… 

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