Amazon Underground

What is Amazon Underground and Why Should You Care?

Believe it or not, Amazon has done it again: they’ve thrown a wrench in what’s “normal.” Yesterday, Amazon announced it’s new Android-only app dubbed “Amazon Underground.” This app will be “replacing” the Amazon App Store as their flagship Android application. Will this new operation gain the love of the masses, or will it sink into… 

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walmart black friday

Walmart Launches Holiday Layaway Program Two Weeks Early

The holidays are coming around earlier than ever with Walmart launching its holiday layaway program on Friday, August 28 — a full two weeks earlier than last year. New this year, the retailer has lowered the price of eligible items to $10 with a $50 minimum basket. There’s no fee to start a holiday layaway… 

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September 2015 Shopping Trends FI

September Buying Guide – Labor Day Sales bring summer clearance

Consumers cash in big as retailers make space for holiday We don’t think of Labor Day as an opportunity to shop and save, but maybe we should. Like President’s Day and Memorial Day sales, retailers have lengthened Labor Day sales into a 10-day marathon resulting in some of the best prices of the year on a wide… 

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Becoming an Uber Driver FI

Becoming an Uber Driver

How to Become an Uber Driver I looked into becoming an Uber driver last January when I found myself faced with about four months off from my main job. I had used Uber a number of times and found it fascinating how great the system worked for me as a passenger. I did some research… 

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Tribute Key Female Players History Tech

A Tribute To Key Female Players In Technology

Children are encouraged to follow their dreams and taught they can accomplish anything and everything when they grow up. The sky’s the limit for goals and aspirations. Yet, oftentimes young girls are only encouraged to seek out goals that apply to preconceived notions of gender, inadvertently limiting the scope of their potential. A little girl… 

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Resume psychology 101 FI

Resume Psychology 101: How To Think About Resumes

Introduction Here at FatWallet, we are about more than just deals and coupons. Oh, we have a lot of deals and coupons. What we are about is being a community of savvy shoppers. Our forums allow our members to have as much money in their wallet as possible.  We want you to have a fat wallet. Thinking long and hard, it occurs… 

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65 Programs You Didn't Know you needed

Top Free Software List: 65 Programs You Didn’t Know You Needed

Chances are you spent a decent penny on your computer, and you don’t feel like spending any more on it. Why should you have to spend your hard earned money for a few programs? The good news is, there is tons of free software out there. If there’s a paid version, chances are pretty high… 

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How To Make Money Tutoring In College

At college, tutoring is probably one of the best ways to make extra money. At any given point, there’s always going to be someone who needs help in a subject. And if you’re pretty good in a subject, you can make money by helping others out. Getting started can be difficult, but once you have… 

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How Much RAM Do You Really Need FI

How much RAM do you really need?

Buying, building, or upgrading a computer can be a bit daunting. On top of all the compatibility challenges, you’re also dealing with budgets and of course performance.  Windows 8 tops out at 128GB for the 64-bit version, and a whopping 512GB for the Pro and Enterprise 64-bit versions. That’s a LOT of ram, but how… 

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Best Tablet Deals – Back to School or Black Friday?

While American parents ranked this year’s Back to School sales best for finding tablet deals (and laptop deals), ahead of both Black Friday and Cyber Monday (see Back to School Shopping Survey), comparing pricing on tablets is all about timing. Sales for many computing devices fluctuate by the week, and often that unbelievable deal sells out so… 

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