10 Social Ways to Find and Send Gifts Online

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10 Social Ways to Find and Send Gifts Online

The Internet has made a number of things easier than ever before — and that includes finding and giving gifts. Not only can you surf the Internet, looking for great deals on gifts for all the loved ones on your list, but you can also connect with your soon-to-be recipients socially in order pick the perfect gift, or manage your gift list.

Accomplishing tasks in groups is the new way of doing things, and the Internet provides new ways to shop for those you care about, as well as inventive ways for others to figure out what to get for you. Here are 10 social ways to manage your gift-giving for Valentine’s Day — and the entire year:

1. Amazon:

One of the most popular sites is Amazon, and if you are looking for suggestions on what to get for your special someone, you can connect via Facebook. Search recommendations based on your friends’ interests and other information in their profiles. Perfect for V-day, birthdays and other special occasions.

2. GiveEmThis:

This app uses Facebook and Twitter to get information about a recipient wants. Then, it makes recommendations. You can choose which you think is best — and buy it on the spot for delivery to your loved one.

3. Etsy:

You know the craft site offers a wide variety of unique and interesting merchandise. Connect your Facebook account to Etsy, and you can receive gift recommendations. Recommendations are offered according to friend, using interests and “Likes,” so you know that you are getting just the right thing.

4. Present Bee:

Another option for suggesting gifts for people you buy for, using Facebook. But you don’t just have to rely on what the app tells you; it also allows you to solicit others’ opinions to make sure that you really are on the right track.

5. Giftly:

Still don’t know what to get? This social shopping web site allows you to personalize gift cards to be sent to your loved ones. Works for local businesses as well. Send the gift cards via snail mail, email or Facebook. It’s possible to redeem them with a smart phone.

6. eBay Group Gifts:

Pool your resources with others to get more expensive gifts. This might not work if you want to buy something special for Valentine’s Day, but it’s perfect for birthdays, retirement celebrations and weddings. If you want to get something more expensive for someone, use this feature to get others to chip in using PayPal. Then, send the gift from everyone.

7. From A Birdie:

Give the gift of love with the help of an “Album of Letters.” Everyone involved can send warm regards, fond thoughts, and pictures, using this social application. Once these momentoes are all entered, the result is compiled into an attractive album that can be shipped to the recipient. A heartfelt gift that anyone would love, no matter the time of year.

8. Lottay:

Help others find the perfect gift for you. Create a wishlist, and it goes out to your friends and family. Then, your loved ones can contribute money toward your wishes with the help of PayPal — or at least have a good idea of what you want.

9. DreamBank:

Do you really want a thing? Perhaps you would rather have a vacation, or help buying a home. Put up a dream gift, and let your friends and family know. Then, they can contribute toward it in lieu of buying you stuff for birthdays, weddings, and other occasions. As a bonus, a portion of the transaction revenue goes to a charity that you choose.

10. Elfster:

Despite the name, Elfster isn’t just for the Christmas season Secret Santa events.This app can help you keep everything organized, no matter the gifting event. Not only will Elfster help you organize the event, it also provides suggestions for popular gifts, as well as for wishlists. That way, you can see items that the person you draw wants. It’s a great way to organize your gift exchange at the office summer barbecue, or for any other party.

Now that you have 10 easy ways of finding and sending gifts online, you can enjoy your Valentine’s Day stress free with your special someone.

This guest post is written by Lior Levin, a marketing consultant for an online store that customizes neon signs, and who also consults for an inspection company that provides preshipment inspections.

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