Top 10 Sweet and Sexy DIY Valentine’s Day Ideas

Sexy Valentine's Day Ideas
So last year we did this little blog post on Amazing DIY Valentine’s Gifts for Your Sweetheart that got a lot of love from you all in social. We thought we’d do another round of sexy DIY ideas for you to have fun with this Valentine’s Day!

These aren’t the typical Valentine’s Day flowers & jewelry ideas. Instead I went for a little spicier version you could sweeten up or sexy up as much as you want.

Add in some pretty lingerie, and a romantic getaway for a Valentine’s Day to never forget!

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Have Fun & Happy Valentine’s Day!
:) Heather

P.S. This post is PG but some of the articles on the sites we’ve mentioned may not be. You’ve been forewarned.

Valentine’s Day Ideas

Love Notes:

Valentine's Day Idea: Love Notes

Open When…

We all have times when we need a little reminder that we’re loved. Lauren from created a neat list of letters you can write for your sweetheart. Open when: You miss me, You need to remember how much I love you, You want your lips on mine…etc. I love this idea! Write a few mushy ones and a few sexy ones, bundle them up with a ribbon. They’ll be keepsakes for sure. :)

Valentine's Day Idea Balloons

Floating on Love

Jamie from created this super romantic display of affection for her honey. Dangling below each balloon was a photograph of her with her husband with a note on the back of it sharing something she loved about him. Decorating the bed with rose petals was a super romantic touch. Add some heart shaped chocolates, candles and a bottle of champagne for even more amore ambiance.

Valentine's Day Idea Naughty Cookies

Naughty or Nice cookies

My coworker Sandi has been filling orders of sexy conversation heart cookies, for those of us at FW HQ for years! Who could resist a yummy sweet cookie that says, “Kiss Me”? Mix up a batch of these tasty delights or order some from Sandi’

Valentine's Day Idea: Game of Love

The Game of LoveLove Games:

So last year, the post I mentioned above linked to this post about the game of love, by Monica from, where she transformed a bed sheet into a sexy board game for Valentine’s Day.Her DIY Game of Love quickly became all the rage on Pinterest!

Since then, she’s created a travel version with free printables for anyone who doesn’t have the time to whip up the cute crafty bed sheet game board, or who wants a travel version.

Valentine's Day Idea: Sexy Jenga

Sexy Jenga

How cute is this? It’s a game that Red Envelope used to carry but no longer does, but it’s a fantastic DIY idea that would be super simple to do with a Jenga game.You have two options to DIY this game or you could buy the Sex Stack version for around $25 on Amazon.

  1. Truth or Dare: Number the blocks to match up to a numbered list of activities as described in the reddit truth or dare example.
  2. Sexy Jenga: Grab a sharpie marker and label the blocks with the activities as shown on

Valentine's Day Idea Bucket List


What’s on your romance bucket list? Michele from The Dating Divas created some cute printables you can use to make your own steamy bucket list to enjoy with your hottie! A honey-do list he will actually want to finish!

Or if you want to sex it up a bit more download The Naughty Bucket List to your kindle.

Valentine's Day Idea: Lottery Ticket

Lucky in Love

Paige from The Dating Divas shares DIY scratch off lottery tickets you can make for your lover! Mix in a few real lottery tickets and see how lucky you both get on Valentine’s day!

(The men in our office loved this idea and said it’s because they don’t have to do a lot of work to get to the prize. Haha!)

Valentine's Day Love Games

Value Menu & Stud Muffin Wallet

Give your sweetie some bang for their buck with a sexy bedroom value menu! Spice at just the right price for your sexy frugal sweetheart! Once again by Paige at The Dating Divas!

Love Art:

Valentines Day Idea: Boudoir Photos

Boudoir Photos:

You, starring as the ultimate pin up for your sweetheart’s eyes only, could there be a more romantic sexy gift? Surprise your love with alluring pictures of you that you take yourself with a camera and a timer or hire a boudoir photographer.

Boudoir photography is becoming so popular these days, especially for the brides to be, but there is no reason the rest of us wives and girlfriends should miss out on the fun! Guys, you should too–your ladies would love it! Even better, do a couples session with a photographer!

Valentines Day Idea: Love Art

Make Love Art

Is your honey the artsy type? Turn your art of loving into fine art with this Love is Art Kit.

You could get the kit in either romantic red or bold black for $60, or buy a tarp, a big piece of canvas, brushes and some non toxic paints, and…well, I’ll just leave that up to your imagination…



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