10 Tasty Recipes to Try for National Lasagna Day

Today is national lasagna day! If you are looking for a scrumptious lasagna dish to celebrate today, we have 10 recipes for you to choose from.

Whether you love lasagna or not I think everyone has a warmhearted memory of the wonderful dish. For me lasagna is an indicator of a special occasion. My grandma doesn’t cook often, but when she does it means the entire family will be there. Lasagna is unquestionably one of her best dishes.

Others at FatWallet picture Garfield, the cat, chowing down on lasagna. Maybe you can make some new lasagna memories with these recipes.

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National Lasagna Day Recipes

Photo by Food Network

1. Let’s start with the Classic Italian Lasagna recipe from a genuine Italian. This recipe is created by Giada De Lauretiis who has become a Food Network star by sharing her delicious authentic Italian recipes. Making your own tomato sauce is a must for this dish. Make this lasagna if you are looking to impress.

Photo by Pioneer Woman

2. The Best Lasagna Ever may be easier than you think. Ree, author of Pioneer Woman, proves basic ingredients are the best! She also provides easy step-by-step picture directions to help you along. I have to say the result looks mouth-watering!

Photo by Housewife Hellraiser

3.Crockpot Lasagna is incredibly easy, yet still a savory homemade dinner. Laura, author of Housewife Hellraiser and mom of 5, understands how busy life can be. Loving lasagna and living a busy life is no longer a dilemma!

Photo by Taste of Home

4. Chicken Lasagna has all of the great flavor of orginal lasagna with chicken instead of ground beef. Better yet this lasagna is only 240 calories per serving and diabetic friendly. Dena Stapelman, resident of Nebraska, shared her chicken lasagna recipe with Taste of Home and it received great reviews.

Photo by LaaLoosh

5. The Turkey Lasagna Recipe is only SIX Weight Watchers points! This lasagna allows you to indulge, even if you are watching your waistline. The author of LaaLoosh focuses on making great dishes into healthier versions. I know some people are leery about ground turkey meat, but it is better than what most imagine. I am a picky eater so if I like it, there is a chance you will too!

Photo by Anna’s Bananas

6. Not a fan of “red-sauce”? We have you covered with a decadent White Chicken Alfredo Lasagna recipe. Anna from Anna’s Bananas combined her love of lasagna, chicken, and spinach to make this cheesy, creamy, chicken dish. And it makes me want to run home and make it right now!

Photo by The Girl Who Ate Everything

7. Mini Spinach Lasagna Roll-Ups could be perfect for birthday parties, bridal showers, or any reason you can come up with. The Christy, the girl behind The Girl Who Ate Everything, came up with this bite sized lasagna dish. Who knew lasagna could become yummy little appetizers?

Photo by This Gal Cooks

8. Seafood lovers can now love lasagna! This Seafood Lasagna recipe comes from a native Floridian, so you know it’s good. Julie, author of This Gal Cooks, stuffs this seafood lasagna full of scallops, shrimp, and crabmeat.

Photo by Annie’s Eats

9. The Mexican Lasagna recipe includes a colorful blend of corn, black beans, and fire roasted crushed tomatoes. Annie from Annie’s Eats puts her love of black bean to good use with this recipe. If you love the idea of lasagna, but have sworn yourself into the vegetarian life this is the lasagna for you. Of course, you don’t have to be vegetarian to enjoy this tasty dish.

Photo by Spend With Pennies

10. What is better that lasagna? Dessert lasagna! The Chocolate Peanut Butter Lasagna looks like layers of heaven. Who doesn’t love layers of Oreos, creamy peanut-butter filling, chocolate pudding, and cool whip? After you’ve chosen your dinner lasagna, you will need your dessert lasagna. Holly author of Spend with Pennies is the fantastic person who brought this recipe to life.

Hope these recipes can help you celebrate National Lasagna Day properly! Enjoy!

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