10 Technologies Invented Less Than 10 Years Ago We Can’t Imagine Going Without


It’s humbling (and fun) to look at how many things we depend on daily that didn’t even exist 10 years ago.

Some of these products we constantly rely on, such as smart phones, are younger than an 8 year old.

In case you haven’t realized it yes, a decade ago IT WAS 2004. How could that be ten years ago?! Here’s a post that will undoubtedly make you feel ancient once you realize these technologies haven’t even been around for a decade.


1. Social Media

from multitudeofgifs.tumblr

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Pinterest: Considering how quickly social media is growing as an extreme point of interest for companies and businesses, it’s crazy to think that ten years ago, Facebook was still months away from being founded.

2. Apple Store

from the-fourth-kind.tumblr

Released in 2007, this technology changed the cell phone game, and I don’t think anyone’s going back. Having a smartphone is not just a way to call or text, but to e-mail, go on social media, update your calendar, use GPS when you’re driving, and access all of the internets.

3. Youtube

from i.imgur

Yes, I am sure you are as shocked as this kitten. Just ten years ago, what has now grown to be the 2nd largest search engine in the world didn’t even exist. YouTube was launched in 2005. Before that, all we had for access to cute cat videos was AFV.

4. Modern Tablet Computer

from thatscoop

Although tablet computers have been around much longer, the iPads and Samsung Galaxy Tabs you think of today have only been in our hands since 2010. 2010! That was barely four years ago.

5. Amazon Kindle

from movie-ism.tumblr

Remember when you had to read books on paper, like Elizabeth Bennet? Hard to believe we’ve only had E-readers like the Kindle since 2007.

6. Google Maps

from 24.media.tumblr

Google Maps was opened to the public in 2005. How often have you located a place using this site? I practically get directions from google on how to get from my living room to the kitchen.

7. Podcasts

from roosterstiel.tumblr

This one surprised me. I didn’t know that Podcasts didn’t really become a “thing” til around late 2004/2005. Referred to as “free amateur chatfests” by USAToday, podcasts have bloomed into people discussing politics, teaching chinese, conducting interviews, and much more.

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8. Blu-Ray

from i.imgur

Blu-Ray was officially released in 2006. Despite the fact that it hasn’t caught up to DVDs, in 2012 Blu-Ray held a spot in over a quarter of US Households.

9. LCD Flat Screen TV

from gifbay

Technically these were “around” before 2006. But that was the year they were made affordable for people to buy commercially, and now they’re everywhere. Does anyone even have a tv that’s not a flat screen anymore?

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10. Pluto

from mashable.com

Ok so this isn’t a technology or anything, and Pluto was definitely in existence ten years ago. BUT: Pluto was still a planet in 2004. It wasn’t until 2006 that it was determined to be a dwarf planet (and only the second-largest one in the solar system, to add insult to injury). RIP, Pluto as a planet. You are dearly missed.

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