11 Reasons that Prove Dads are Awesome



Dads are awesome, and Father’s Day is the ultimate time to celebrate this fact. While I’m sure you can spit out fact after fact that shows how great dads are, here are 11 more! Although some of them might not relate to your dad specifically, know that there are dads out there who are appreciated for what they do for their children. So as you get ready to spoil your dad with a new tie (but come on, you can do better), praise your dad with all the reasons that highlight his amazingness! To mine and all the dads out there, Happy Father’s Day! – Peter

Reasons to Appreciate Dad:


Dads are great at multitasking with their kids.

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Dads encourage their children to try different types of food.

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Dads teach their children the value of hard work.

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Dads share their hobbies with their kids.

Dads know how important it is to stay hydrated.

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Dads teach their kids the art of fishing.

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Dads teach their kids how important it is to exercise.

Dads teach their kids how to cook for themselves.

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Dads pass on their knowledge of tools to their children.

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Dads know how to relax with their kids.

Photo Source However, what’s great is that it also goes both ways:

Kids push Dad to be a better person and father.

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