12 Unbelievable Recycled Planters: Creative Container Gardening Ideas

Spring is springing (except for maybe here – we’re still getting snow in Wisoncsin)! So it’s time to get out and spend a sunny afternoon planting you garden, right?

The costs can add up quick when you’re buying seeds, flowers, soil and containers. Unless you eliminate your need for containers and pots by using household items as planters!

The great thing about upcycling some of the junkier items in your house or garage is that they look nice in a garden: it’s okay if the planters are rusty or chipped, it adds to the “rustic” look.

So instead of visiting the dump after your spring cleaning, let these ideas to inspire you. Try repurposing found objects into yard and patio containers to hold your beautiful plants and give your home some character!

Check out this FatWallet post on making an effective container garden.

Crafty Planters

1. These Boots Were Made for Plantin’

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Get a pair of rain boots that you’ve been meaning to throw away, wash the dried dirt off them, and display them by your door with some beautiful flowers! Just insert a vase inside the boots to hold the water, and get some flowers. So cute.

2. Dress(er) to Impress

Photo Source
Turn a dresser into a wonderful place to grow flowers! Tutorial from Tracy A.

3. Can Can Can You Plant the Plant-Can?

Photo Source
Have a rusty old watering can laying in your backyard? Attach a ribbon to it so it can hang on your front door, then add flowers and spring decorations galore!

4. Cup O’ Posies

Photo Source
Tea time! Have a chipped cup you don’t want to use? Make sure it’s a wide, oversize one, then put in some soil and plant!

5. Hanging with Tin Cans

Photo Source
Make a Hanging Tin Can Planter for your garden decor! Hang it near your door. Get the instructions here at craftystylish.com.

6. Rack It Up

Photo Source
Getting rid of your magazine subscriptions and need a new function for your magazine rack? Spray paint it to match the rest of your decor and add flowers! From trashtotreasuredecorating.com.

7. Pot of Tea

Photo Source If you have a dented or rarely used kettle sitting around, add it to the tea cups above and make it a planter, as well.

8. Light Up Your Life

Photo Source
Confessions of a Plate Addict has an excellent idea: put some fake flowers in a latern. Simple, easy to manage, and you can put these to the right and left of your door or hang them.

9. Chair-ing is Caring

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Admittedly, this one seems like a lot of work, but it’s not. If you have a chair you don’t like, knock out the seat, staple some find of fabric – burlap, for example – in its place to make a pouch, and insert succulents. See a short tutorial on Flat Creek Farm.

10. It’s Not Un-Sinkable

Photo Source
Replacing your sink? Take your old one and put it to new use. Get some sweet alssyum to create the illusion of soapy bubbles, put some old or slightly broken plates in, and you have an awesome, decorative planter!

11. I Like To Plant My Bicycle!

Photo Source
If you’ve been meaning to get rid of that childhood bike but haven’t yet, turn it into a planter! Keep it rusty if you like the look, or clean it up and spray paint it a spring color. Obtain some wooden or wire baskets for the front and back, and wham, you have a planter.

12. Fool for Tools

Photo Source
Forget window boxes. If you’re getting a chique new toolbox for all of your gear, use your old one as a planter and hang it up somewhere instead of throwing it away.

13. Rolling with a Wagon

Photo Source
Last but not least, a classic – use a wheelbarrow or a wagon as a bigger planter for flowers or herbs.

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