3 Fantastic Money Making T-Shirt Designing Opportunities

There are a lot of creative and artistic people in this world that don’t realize that there may be a very easy way to put their talents to work and make themselves some extra coin. I personally am a scribbler or a doodler. In other words whenever I sit down if there happens to be a pencil and paper within easy reach before long I am drawing and sketching something. It can be anywhere from some glib saying or a caricature, whatever the mood dictates.

A friend of mine who happened to notice this quirk of mine suggested sending in some of this little artwork into some T-shirt design companies. According to him, these companies are always looking for new ideas. Great idea! It didn’t take long before I discovered 3 fantastic sites on the web that were going to allow me to pursue this new but hopefully lucrative financial adventure.

This was the Company I checked out first, and was glad I did because it got me started on the basics. It wasn’t just a matter of sending in my artwork. They gave me lots of great tips on how to prepare. I have to tell you though the first thing that caught my eye was the whopping amount of money that could be had by me, if I was able to get them to accept my design for print. This was a great incentive. I just used the handy submission kit they provided me with and now it’s up to their threadless community to be the deciding factor whether my work will be on the next threadless t-shirt, and I will be walking around with a wad of cash in my pocket.

Here I found a totally different concept still within the same realm mind you. Here you become more of your own boss and actually get to set up your own store selling your own T-shirts and items with artwork that you personally designed. It is really a simple process and really opened up some opportunities for me to actually have my own T-shirt logo design business.

This is the same sort of concept of being able to sell your own custom designed T-shirts online as well. My first thought was that it was going to cost me a fortune to set myself up, but it’s actually free.

So there you have 3 great venues to start with to begin to get your art work recognized and make you some real money. You don’t have to be an artist to accomplish this. After all think about it! Somebody has to come up with new and innovative T-shirt designs so why not you? Give your confidence a boost and give it a try. You don’t have anything to lose but you sure have a lot to gain! Who doesn’t want to have a little more money in their pocket, or in this case maybe a whole lot more!

This post was written by Lior who works with a task management  start-up from new york and also for Milk Nursingwear, a nursing wear  company.


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