3 Great Tips to Use Google Talk to Save Money

The huge shopping season is almost upon us. We already start shopping for Back to School season and once it is over, we start preparing for Christmas shopping. In this situation, finding various creative ways and tools to let us save more is so much fun.

This post is all about using one of our most favorite instant messaging application – Google Talk – to save money. Yes! It’s not only about chatting with friends – it can be turned into an effective money saving tool!

1. Just Ask for the Recommendation

Aardvark is the social question and answer service as well as the Google bot that lets you ask a question via Gtalk and then connects you to the right expert in the question niche.

Just add the bot to friends: aardvark@vark.com and drop your money saving question via Gtalk. Here are some ideas:

  • Just ask something random (depending on what you want to buy). Example: What’s the best site to find a great laptop coupon;
  • Tag your questions properly to make sure they will reach their experts. Examples: tag:shopping, tag:coupons, tag:save money

Aardvark save

2. Subscribe to Your Favorite Money-Saving Feed via Gtalk

As an avid saver you are most likely to be following several great coupon codes directories and aggregators. Except for obviously FatWallet, a few more specifically targeted money saving places I frequent include: FreeShipping.org (for free shipping deals only), Gift Card Granny (for discount gift card exchange) and CouponSherpa (a Digg-like social voting website for deals).

To follow all (or any) of discount sites you prefer, you may want to use iNezha that lets you subscribe to any feed using Google Talk. The syntax is pretty easy – you won’t need to remember anything:

  • Type en for English service;
  • Type “domain.com” to subscribe (the bot will find and retrieve the feed). You will be instantly given your new feed ID. Or subscribe by sending the bot the direct feed URL;
  • Type “-ID” to unsubscribe from any feed;
  • Type “list” to see the list of all your feeds (and to see the ID of each one);
  • Type “Timer [Minute]” (e.g.” Timer 30″ for 30 minutes) to set the update interval.

Here’s how I quite easily subscribed to FatWallet blog for example:

Subscribe to RSS from Gtalk

Tip! If your favorite coupon aggregator doesn’t have the RSS feed (like some of those I have listed above), use this tool to convert any home page into RSS and track it for changes.

3. Search for Deals (on Google and/or Twitter)

More often than not we find best deals on Google or Twitter. But this may take you a while: open browser, then access the search engine, then look through the search results and click through some of them. Why not search right from Google Talk?

Just add the bot to friends: sbot@bot.im and let it know what you want to search for.

Supported search engines:

Search engine Identifier
Google g
Twitter t
Yahoo y
Bing b

Now, send a message to the bot following this format [identifier search term], example:

[t dell coupon]

The tool will list top (most recent) Twitter search results for “dell coupon”:

Search from Google Talk

Similarly, you can search Google for the same query (only first 4 results will be displayed for Google (because of the API limitations)):

[g dell coupon]

Search Google from Google Talk

Let’s turn our Google Talk into the money saving machine! Any other cool idea to add to the list?

This is a guest post by Ann Smarty, owner of My Blog Guest – a free guest post exchange community that advocates quality approach to guest blogging.

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