3 Ways to Save on Groceries This Holiday Season

I finished my Christmas shopping a few weeks ago thanks to some successful Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping.  With my checkbook balance a little lower than it usually is this month, I’ve been trying to figure out how I’ll be able to stretch our grocery budget even farther this month as we prepare to host 2 holiday parties.

Here are 3 things you can also do to save money on your grocery bill this month:

  1. Make your holiday menus out now.
    • With your menus already made for your holiday parties, you can start watching now for sales on the items you’ll need for your holiday dishes. This will help not having to make one big trip to the store to get everything you need the day or two before Christmas when everyone else will be shopping.
  2. Go Social
    • “Like” pages on Facebook to find additional coupons for some of the products you need to complete those holiday favorites. Sometimes going directly to the product page can land you coupons that are not available in those Sunday papers.
  3. Have a Freezer and Stock Pile Clean Out
    • This month serve meals from items already in your freezer and stockpile. This way you can spend any extra money on supplies for our holiday parties.

So as the song says “It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year,” it’s not always the most wonderful time of the year on the pocketbook. Hopefully, by using these three tips, you too can save a little extra money and buy something nice for yourself (or buy your kids that Play Station 3 that your husband thinks they need!).

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