4 New Year’s Resolutions for Your Wardrobe

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Vowing to lose 15 pounds or to cut down on credit card debt is boring when it comes to New Year’s resolutions. Those are everyone’s resolutions year after year. Why? Because by mid-April, no one even bothers to keep trying. Because they are boring.

Make 2011 a year of manageable resolutions, resolutions that are both fun and worthy of 365 days of dedicated attention. Resolutions that include shopping!

1. I will get rid of the things I no longer wear.
A heaping closet is only fun if you’ve got a walk-in the size of Mariah Carey’s. The rest of us are stuck with a shoe box stuffed with piles of T-shirts and jeans and “comfy clothes” stacked so high we forget what is on the bottom.

Early 2011 will mark the Great Closet Purge, where you sort though the things that you do not wear and get rid of them. For good.

Face it: if it’s been at the bottom of the pile and you didn’t miss it while it was down there, chances are you aren’t going to miss it when you donate it or sell it to a consignment shop, either. Once you have an emptier closet, you can re-evaluate where you are lacking and what you need to go shopping for.

2. I will stop wearing unflattering clothes.
I hate to be the one to break it to you, but low rise isn’t for everyone. Nor are jeggings, nor halter tops, nor sweater dresses. You know your body best, and you know (deep down inside) that sometimes the things that are currently in fashion might not be the best look for you.

The good thing: trends come and go, but looking your best never goes out of style. Really examine your wardrobe and pick out the things that a) make you feel like a million bucks, b) always garner compliments, and c) are made of quality, long-lasting materials. Keep those. Buy more things like them.

3. I will shop for quality, not quantity.
Everyone loves a good deal. There is no denying it. But those big sacks of clothes from Resolution #1 often come from stocking up on lots of cheaper items as opposed to saving up for one really wonderful item.

This is not to say that expensive = better quality. There are plenty of spendy clothing companies that rely on a label to fly under the radar of cheap materials and shoddy construction. But when it comes to those items that you will wear everyday (think jeans, shoes, sweaters) it’s worth it to invest in the good stuff that won’t fall to bits after a couple of wears and washes.

4. I will dare to be different every once in awhile.
There is something to be said for setting a trend. Think about the first girl you saw wearing skinny jeans or the first guy you saw with the cuffs of his pants rolled up. It’s made a lasting impression, hasn’t it?

Push yourself to think outside the department store and create your own, only-you style. Mix and match in new ways or troll the internet for fashionista inspiration. Be it interesting fabrics, funky accessories or out-there footwear, find a couple of things you love and rock them!

Happy New Year!

Emma Stover is a writer and a sucker for skinny jeans. She plans on dedicating herself to these four fashion resolutions as soon as 2011 hits.

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