4 Tips to Furnish a Home

Next Saturday, my fiancĂ© and I will be moving into our first home together. Since we were a little unsure about the market right now, we decided to rent instead. It’s a beautiful home with three bedrooms, big family room and dining room. We couldn’t be more excited! However, with all this new space in our life – that means we need to fill it with furniture and decor. That could be an easy task for some, but in our case – we are coming into this house with little to nothing. So, how do you furnish a house or redecorate without breaking the bank? Time to get creative…

Keep it in the Family

Mom and Dad throwing out those old couches you spent so many childhood days on? Tell them you’ll gladly take them over. Recycling furniture is one sure way you can keep your costs down, and you know where its coming from. Sure there will be wear and tear, but it could do for the meantime. Plus, if you are really the creative type – you can reupholster the pieces. Beneath the ugly flower pattern, the quality of the furniture is often still in decent shape.

Hit the Internet

Don’t be shy to look up some furniture on websites like Craigslist. There are people out there that don’t bat an eye on giving away high quality furniture for nothing. For example, I purchased our tv stand, end tables, and coffee table from an owner in a ritzy part of Chicago through Craigslist. The pieces are gorgeous, and I still can’t believe the deal that I received. Bargain shopping in the upscale part of town can lead to some great finds.

Seasonal Shop

Any smart shopper would know that certain items go on sale during certain peaks of the year. Summer clothes go on sale during Labor Day, and Christmas stuff is hot during January. So, it only makes sense to shop for those important home pieces during the sale times. For example, I scored some great deals on patio chairs from Lowes. Since the summer is coming to a close, all their outdoor furniture is extremely low priced. Just be aware of your purchases and what time of year it is. If you can wait another two months for that patio set, then just do it. It might be worth it for your wallet.

Bird’s the Word

Ask, ask, ask. I’m a big fan of asking for recommendations on anything – restaurants, stores, etc. Anywhere I can spend less – I’ll be there. So when it came time to buy our big items like a mattress and couch, I asked our closest friends and family. Since they already furnished their home (perhaps multiple times), they know where to go for the best quality and lowest price. We scored an amazing sectional from a local department store that sells brand name furniture for way below the value. We only knew about this place through a tip from a co-worker.

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