5 No-Brainers to Live a Little Greener

Think Green: Live Greener

For some people, living green is just a part of their routine. Always has been, always will be. But for others, the desire to be more eco-friendly day-to-day comes grinding to a halt when it’s too hard (or too expensive) to keep it up. Greenify-ing your entire lifestyle is possible … eventually. For now, though, start with these five totally free no-brainers to get the eco-friendly ball rolling.

1. Yellow Mellow

Quit flushing so much. Each time you push the plunger, approximately three gallons of water is used to rinse and then re-fill the bowl. But if it’s only “number one” (and you’ve got no guests coming over who might be a little freaked out by your new flushing standards) let that yellow mellow for a couple more uses.

2. Tupperware Mania

Tupperware has been popular for a really long time, so much so that they have whole parties in its name. Take your love a little farther by keeping a few in the car. Bring them in to restaurants so you aren’t stuck with another Styrofoam container at the end of your meal.

Brown-bagging at work this week? Skip the sandwich bags in favor of reusable containers. It’s better for the earth and keeps your PB&J from getting squashed too!

3. Cold Water Wash

Unless your next load of laundry has some serious staining going on, do the loads in cold water. For average, everyday soiling, cold water cleans just as well and you’ll be cutting down on electricity (which protects your bank account just as much as it does the environment).

4. BYOM (Bring your own mug)

If your routine includes a latte or two every day, start bring your own mug. Not only will they keep your drink hotter for longer, you’ll cut down on to-go cup waste and probably save a penny or two while you’re at it: a lot of coffee shops offer a small discount when you bring in your own mug.

5. Wear an Extra Sweater

Turn down the heat! When the air gets a little bit nippier, resist the urge to crank the heat to 70 and stick with the 60s plus a few furry layers. Shearling slippers, wool sweaters and fleecy sweats are cozy, comfy and cute to boot. Throw a down blanket on the bed and you’re in serious eco-friendly business.

In short: you’re saving the planet and saving yourself a few extra bucks. Not bad for a no-brainer, eh?

If you liked these no-brainer tips, please recycle them by passing them on to your friends! And don’t forget to share your own tips here in the comments below!

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