5 Things you can do with Unwanted Christmas Presents

There is only one guarantee over this festive period. Unfortunately, the guarantee is not getting a white Christmas, but the sad fact that everyone will get an unwanted present. Unwanted gifts are as common over the Christmas period as turkeys, with research suggesting nearly four out of five people will receive presents they don’t want or don’t need this year.

So once you have stopped faking smiles and merrily thanking the giver, what can you do with your unwanted gift? Here we highlight five simple tips that you can do to help you save money:

  1. Sell them Online
    The December/January sales can be an opportunity for you to get in the thick of the action too by selling your unwanted present on auction sites such as eBay. Be prepared to sell at a lower value though as sites like eBay see a huge influx of sellers over late December and early January period. So if you want to recoup as much money as possible, hold off until late January before putting your items up. Here is a link to getting started and how much it costs to be a seller on eBay.
  2. Recycle Them
    Instead of trying to profit from presents, you can easily recycle them by giving them away to someone close to you. Either as a birthday present or as a nice gesture whenever you feel they deserve it. The key to this is to make sure the presents are wrapped differently and that they are not given to anyone who knew who gave it to you. Alternatively, you can donate unwanted gifts to charity shops so the profit can go to a good cause.
  3. Return them to the Shop
    We know that it is “the thought that counts” but no one wants a present to go to waste. This tip can be tricky as no one wants to hurt the feelings of the present giver, so be careful. If they are happy for you to return the gift then they might want to give you the receipt which means you can get a full refund. However, if you don’t want them to know you want to return the gift, try and find out where it was purchased. Unfortunately, most retailers will not give you a full refund unless a present is faulty or damaged but due to the season’s goodwill a lot of retailers will allow you to either get a credit note or exchange for another similar priced item.
  4. Exchange gifts with Friends
    If the research suggests four out of five people will receive presents they don’t want, then play the numbers game and see if there are any friends that want to swap gifts. It is an easy and fun way to recycle your present whilst also getting an item that you actually want. You can use your social network profiles such as Twitter or Facebook to find potential swappers.
  5. Swap your Present Online
    If you like garage sales but don’t fancy spending the time setting up your stall and standing in the cold, then why not venture online to swap, barter and negotiate some deals for your unwanted Christmas goodies. Both www.bigwardrobe.com and www.swapace.com cater to these needs and you can do it in the comfort of your own home.

This article was written by guest contributor Sam Murray in association with The Rug House, the supplier of ethically produced large rugs and strong supporter of recycling.

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