5 Thoughtful Gifts For Dad On Father’s Day

Father’s Day can be dreaded by some men because they frequently feel cursed with yet another tie, some underwear, or a pair of black socks. It doesn’t have to be this way though. With a bit of creativity, a little diligence, and love, you can find several memorable gifts for little to no cost.

The Handy-Man

The handy-man father is a tool connoisseur. Trips to big-box construction stores on the weekend are like jaunts to the toy store for him. As a result, he will greatly appreciate as a gift something that he doesn’t already have in his garage or toolbox. Some of the best options tend to be new tools that make life easier doing handy work. One example is a wrench that has rotating interchangeable socket ends on either side. This replaces having to bring along 15 different spanner wrenches of the same socket sizes. Quality power tools, though expensive, can also be an easy father pleaser.

The Sports Fanatic

The sports fanatic dad spends his weekends in front of the TV and then runs in the backyard to kick the ball around with the kids. Since he’s now hit the prime spectator stage, the best sports gift for a June father’s day holiday is to go to the game itself. Baseball and soccer games abound during the summer as well as track & field. While football is essentially retired until the fall, there’s plenty of summer sports such as golf tournaments, tennis or swim events. Though, buying him a sport’s jersey with his favorite player’s number is often an instant touchdown gift.

The Car Lover

The car lover dad probably already has his favorite car in the garage. While he probably won’t mind receiving a brand new free car for the holiday, it’s not considered a budget gift. As a result, a family member has to think in terms of accessories or add-ons to a car or perhaps a trip to a car-related event by surprise. If a father is a bit of a monkey wrench, he will definitely enjoy a surprise trip to a car show or a vintage car swap meet. Unless you really know your dad, a bobble head for his dashboard isn’t recommended.

The Tinkerer

The tinkering dad is usually a mix between a mad scientist and an Inspector Gadget sort of guy. He loves to test new and exciting things, and he never tires learning about the next great thing. At times, this type of dad can be the easiest dad to shop for. Unearth what your dad is currently tinkering with and buy him a book on the subject. Even better, and if your dad doesn’t already have one, buy him a leatherman multi-tool. This gadget tool is perfect for the dad who never knows exactly what tool he is going to need with his tinkering.

The Tech Guru

The problem with buying for the tech guru is that he is as complicated as the handy-man dad. He knows his stuff and probably already has a ton of gizmos and equipment. If he hasn’t upgraded to his choice of the latest technology then you can go this route in getting him a gift. However, be prepared to pay a hefty price for the most up-to-date gizmos and widgets. A cheaper solution is to accessorize his current favorite tech tool. For example you can get a protective covering for his tablet screen, or buy a cool app for his smartphone. Another easy way to go is to give him a gift certificate to ThinkGeek.com. Let him find the perfect gift that speaks to his inner geekiness.


These ideas are just a few. Obviously, get to know your dad and understand his passions, wants, and needs. The more you know him the easier it is to give him something he wants. Yet, the most important thing to remember is that the point of a gift is to show your dad that you love him. If you do this, than he will appreciate whatever you decide to give him — even if it is a tie!

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