5 Top Financial Apps of 2013

Looking to streamline the way you manage your financial life? These apps are free, easy to use and will make managing your money free of hassle.

1. Mortgage Calculator & Mortgage Rates

Mortgage Calculator is a great app for anyone who’s interested in purchasing, saving for or refinancing a home. Using its payment, affordability and refinance calculators, users can see how much home they can afford, what the monthly payments would be, and whether or not they would benefit from refinancing. Users can even see mortgage rates and trends in real time, and they can compare lender ratings and reviews so that they find the mortgage rate that works for them. It’s easy to use and it’s free. Mortgage Calculator & Mortgage Rates is available for the iPhone, iPad and Android.

2. Manilla.com

Manilla.com is the leading, free and secure service that helps consumers simplify and organize their daily lives by managing everything in one place. Using just one password, customers can manage their finances, bills, daily deals, travel rewards, magazine and Netflix subscriptions, OpenTable reservations, and more — all through Manilla.com or the 4+ star customer-rated mobile apps for the iPhone and Android. Manilla sends reminders when your bills are almost due or when your points, miles and subscriptions are about to expire. Manilla also offers unlimited online document storage forever, for free, which means your bills and statements are available to view, print or download whenever you need them. Manilla is available at www.manilla.com and for the iPhone and Android.

3. Cents ~ Micro-Expense Tracking

Cents lets you keep track of your expenses, big and small. It’s perfect for people who aren’t looking to keep complicated and overly detailed expense reports but who would still like an organized place to manage their expenditures. You can add 15 expenses per month, but you get five more by leaving a review of the app, five more by sharing on Facebook and five more by sharing on Twitter. You get even more by paying 99 cents to upgrade. Cents is available for the iPhone.

4. StockTouch

StockTouch provides a wealth of information about what’s going on in the stock market. One of the coolest parts about StockTouch is its interface — it’s clean and unique. Rather than having all of the stocks displayed in the form of the list, they’re shown in an easy-to-use grid. You start by getting a brief tutorial of the app, letting you know that you tap to zoom in, pinch to zoom out and tap to favorite. Once you’re inside, you see that the stocks are sorted by sector. When you tap on the sector, you see the hundred largest companies from that sector, spiraling out from the center. You can get details about each stock by clicking the stock ticker symbol, and the data updates every five minutes. StockTouch is available for the iPhone and iPad.

5. OANDA Currency Converter

Perfect for the avid traveler, OANDA Currency Converter is a free app that lets you convert more than 190 currencies with just a few taps of the screen. It allows frequent business or leisure travelers to get the best, most accurate exchange rates, no matter where they are. And, if you frequent the same destination often, OANDA Currency Converter has a feature that actually saves your most frequent currency conversions. OANDA Currency Converter is available at www.oanda.com and for the iPhone and Android.

Sarah Kaufman is the managing editor of the Manilla Blog and marketing manage at Manilla.com, the leading, free and secure service that lets consumers manage their bills and accounts in one place online or using the free mobile apps. For more financial tracking & budgeting tips, visit Manilla.com.

FatWallet Tip

We loved Sarah’s list and thought we’d share with you a few of our favorite money saving, financial organizing apps too!

One Receipt for iPhone
OneReceipt allows you to keep track of all your paper and email receipts, categorize your purchases, track shipments, and return deadlines for all your purchases. I’ve used it for several months and I love the monthly reporting giving me a recap of what I’ve spent, where I spent it, and how my spending compared to last month.

PushPins for iPhone and Beta on Android
A top mobile shopping app according to Consumer Reports and Washington Post, that allows you to create grocery lists, share them with family members, organize and save with electronic coupons and store specials at most grocery stores across the country. Their website describes it best, “When you’re shopping with Pushpins, all you have to do is scan a box cereal or carton of orange juice with your phone…tap to redeem instant coupons called pushpins…cha ching…the savings will automatically come off when you swipe your store savings card at the register.”

Simplify budgeting, categorizing your spending and setting and reaching your financial goals, whether they’re to get out of debt, save for vacation, or retire in abundant style. Mint is a great app to help you get the big-picture of how you’re doing financially and where your money’s going.

You can stop walking around with a wallet stuffed store saver cards, insurance cards, ID cards, credit cards, etc. Scan them in with Lemon Wallet. They’ll be stored safely in the cloud and accessible on your phone with a pin number. No more worries about forgetting your wallet, you’ve got a back-up of all your important cards in your pocket or purse.

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