5 Ways to Achieve Ultimate Savings and Rewards When Shopping Online

Online shopping is a bargain hunter’s dream. From just one purchase it’s possible to receive instant savings, earn cash-back, and accumulate rewards points. To achieve this level of savings, however, requires you to follow a plan of action when you shop online. Yes, this will mean spending a few extra minutes when making each purchase, but this minimal effort is more than worth it since it makes it possible for you to maximize your savings and rewards.

Many shoppers might use a coupon code here or there when they shop online, but that is pretty much the extent of their efforts to save money. By performing a few more steps, however, they could be saving a lot more and earning handsome rewards, such as gift cards good at their favorite stores. So, if you want to call yourself a true bargain shopper, then you must follow the steps found below in order to achieve the ultimate amount of savings and rewards when shopping online.

1. See How Prices Measure Up

Before the Internet, shoppers often drove to their local store(s) and made purchases without doing much, if any, comparison shopping. With the dawn of e-commerce, however, it has become much easier for the buying public to find a bargain. So, rather than buying from any old website, you should instead use a comparison shopping search engine before you make your next purchase, so that you can find the best price.

2. Coupon Aren’t Just for Clipping

Sure, we’ve all heard about extreme couponers reducing a grocery bill from hundreds to a few dollars, but coupons aren’t just for the grocery store. So, after finding a few websites with promising prices on the item that you’re looking to buy, you should next launch a search for coupon codes to see if you can reduce those prices even further. It isn’t unusual to find that a higher price at one store can actually be reduced to the lowest price with the help of the right coupon code.

3. Put Cash Back in Your Pocket

Now that you’ve decided on a store, and hopefully found a great coupon code, you should next visit a cash-back website. By using a cash-back website, you will sometimes be able to receive quite a large percentage of the purchase price back in the form of cash-back savings. The percentage that you can expect to receive will, of course, depend upon the cash-back website that you choose as well as the store where you will be making your purchase.

4. Accumulate Rewards With Your Credit Card

Once you are redirected from the cash-back website to the retailer’s website, don’t just start typing in the numbers from any old credit card during checkout. Instead, investigate the rewards programs that are offered by your various credit cards and then choose to pay with the one that offers the best incentives.

5. Accumulate Rewards With Your Checking Account

The final step in this process takes place once your credit card bill arrives. When that happens, be sure to pay your bill using funds from a checking account that offers some sort of rewards program. If your current checking account doesn’t include a rewards program, then now might be a good time to think about switching to one that does.

So, as you can see, if you are really serious about achieving the ultimate amount of savings and rewards when shopping online, then it’s imperative that you follow these five steps. Sure, following the proceeding steps will require you to spend a few extra minutes when you shop, but, in the long run, it will all be worth it because these steps will be instrumental in helping you to save extra cash and earn valuable rewards.

Heather R. Wallace is the author of several titles including 75 Awesomely Awesome Websites for Bargain Shoppers. In this book, bargain shoppers will find websites where they can earn cash-back rewards, save on ebooks, get free and cheap apps, get online and offline coupons, save on designer brands, purchase discounted gift cards, comparison shop, score freebies, and so much more.

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