5 Ways to Save Money on Prescription Drugs


The cost of prescription drugs can be staggering. This is not just an issue for the uninsured. Even people with insurance can end up struggling to pay for prescription medication. With such a large number of Americans on prescription medications of one kind or another, this has become a crucial issue for so many. As people are unable to pay for their prescription drugs, they often opt for dangerous methods of saving money, such as skipping dosages and perhaps stopping them all-together. There are a few innovative things to try that may result in extensive prescription drug savings.

Consult with your Doctor

While it can feel slightly embarrassing to open up to a doctor about money woes, there is no reason to let that stop you from doing so. Your doctor would rather know whether or not patients can afford prescribed medication as it increases the chances that they will fill and take them. Talk to the doctor about choosing a generic option as that is the very best way to save cash on medication. You can save vast amounts of money.

Utilize Prescription Assistance Programs

Prescription Assistance Programs are an underutilized resource for saving money on prescription drugs. Typically they are offered by the pharmaceutical companies for both name brand and generic medications. To find the right program, search using the name of the pharmaceutical company that produces the medications that you take. Most of the companies have a specific application and qualification process for the assistance, often requiring proof of income. If you qualify, expect to receive the medication at a low cost or even free.

Split the Pills

Discuss with your doctor the possibility of splitting pills. This is not possible on many capsules and time-released medication, which is why it’s crucial to discuss this with your doctor first. There can be significant cost savings with a prescription for larger pills that are a higher dose. The doctor will double the dosage and you then just split the pills in half or quarters.

Get Longer Prescriptions

Another thing to discuss with your doctor is obtaining longer prescriptions. Depending on the medical condition and type of medication, this may not be possible. If you get a prescription for 60 to 90 days, rather than 30 days, it can result in a decent cost savings. This type of savings increases if you participate in your pharmacy’s mail order prescription program, if they offer one.

Ask for Free Samples

Find out about free samples that are available. Often times your doctor will have free samples of prescription drugs given to him by pharmaceutical reps. If you have already consulted with your doctor about cost concerns, he may automatically provide you with the samples. If the medication is to treat a long-term condition, samples may not be the best option as they are usually for the most costly medication. However, if the medication is used to treat something short-term, free samples can be extremely valuable. Don’t be shy about asking for samples!

There is no doubt that the cost of prescriptions can lead to people not receiving necessary treatment for medical issues. Whether you are not able to afford the prescription drugs, or simply want to save money, there is nothing to lose and much to gain from utilizing these tips.

Guest author Andrew Rios is a freelance blogger for accessrx.com where you can order medications online. To learn more you can visit the Accessrx Site or their Accessrx Facebook page.

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