5 Ways to Show Off Your Kid’s Art (That Isn’t the Refrigerator)

There are only so many pieces of scotch tape and feeble magnets a refrigerator can hold before it becomes less a place to keep your food fresh and more a place for the next playdate creation to shine in all its tempera glory. This year, save your appliances (you splurged on the stainless steel for a reason) and display your mini-Monet’s prized pieces in one of these funky, cool – and often DIY – methods.

Hang them from wire

(via the style files)

Wire clotheslines are modern and marvelous (and they go especially well with all those aforementioned stainless steel appliances). Hanging your kids’ pieces up allows for a constant rotation of artistic endeavors and a wire system can also act as a holder of handy things for you – like your grocery list and your keys. IKEA has kits for these that come in under $30.

Frame Them

(left: via desire to inspire) (right: via velvet and linen)

Framing your little one’s work instantly takes a finger-painted piece and turns it into an artifact worthy of any wall in your home. I love the look of many pieces collaged together salon-style, whether you mix in family photographs or keep it all about them.

Decorate Your Other Décor

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If you have a color scanner handy, the option of transferring a painting or drawing onto any other object in your home is limitless. Be it a mouse pad, travel mug or your throw pillows, the décor of your house can all turn into homage to a budding artist. The key is getting those physical pieces into digital copies. I know some moms who simply take a photograph of art and save it to the computer for a cheerful, whimsical screensaver.

Create One Giant Collage

(via jan eleni)

I have seen collages like this one and fell in love with them, but they certainly are more difficult to create – and can be pricy if you require outside assistance. Savvy Photoshop ninjas could probably create something like this in the matter of a couple of days, but this exact one was crafted by taking photographs of a child’s art, shrinking them down to about the size of business cards, printing them and then piecing them together in a grid. The end result is a beautiful archive of your little one’s creations.

Art Becomes Life (or, at least, other art)

(via 42 concepts)

The first time I heard of something like this was an exhibition at Tacoma, Washington’s Museum of Glass, when artists created glass figurines from children’s drawings. When I looked into it more, I learned that there is a whole world of crafty moms – and some companies, too – that build stuffed treasures from their kids art work. What better way to celebrate your kids’ creations than a special treat that came straight from their imaginations?

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