6 Fathers Day BBQ Gifts That Don’t SUCK

fathers day bbq gifts

So you think your Dad is a BBQ Guru, eh? Well if he is, Father’s Day is the perfect opportunity for you to show off your savvy shopping skills and get him something that he actually wants. Grilling is serious business, and serious grillers don’t want a stupid spatula with their favorite sports team logo laser cut out of it. Grill Masters don’t want the 40 piece grilling tool kit that comes in the snap-in blow molded tool case or other discounted accessories from those flash-deal sites.. All that crap is worthless and too substandard for even casual BBQ Dads. Don’t let your Dad get burned – Here’s some BBQ & Grilling gifts that your Dad REALLY wants.

#6 Spices and Rubs

All BBQ guys love to sample rubs and spices. Here are my two absolute favorites: Simply Marvelous – Sweet Seduction. This is my go-to rub (secrets out!). I buy two 5lb bags every year. I use this on all my butts and ribs. It’s incredible. It’s like crack (or at least how I imagine crack). ALL of the Simply Marvelous rubs are fantastic. The 7-pack is a great buy.
Oak Ridge BBQ Habanero Death Dust – if your Dad likes it spicy, this is the one for him. It starts sweet, but brings the heat in about 10 seconds (and again in about 10 hours). The Oak Ridge BBQ Competition, secret weapon, and venison rubs are also great. I haven’t tried the others, but I just ordered a sampler pack.

#5 Wood

Give your Dad some wood! The internet makes acquiring rare and non-regional woods easy. Order a variety box from my favorite wood supplier – FruitAWoods and your Dad will love you forever – unless he uses a gas grill, in which case… don’t buy him smokewood. Keep in mind, big box stores typically carry Apple, Cherry, Hickory, and Mesquite – so buy your dad something hard to find. My favorite is peach, apricot, pecan, and maple.

#4 Meat

If your Dad is a grillmaster, splurge on some amazing steaks for him! Head to your local butcher and ask for some 2″ thick porterhouse, ribeye, or filets. Grilling a killer cut of fresh animal flesh brings tremendous amounts of joy. Want to up the ante? Have him cook the meats while you cook the sides – make it a meal and create some memories. Avoid the frozen ‘ship to your door’ meats, and definitely never buy from the back of a white van. Try to find a local supplier with fresh (never frozen) grass-fed beef.

#3 Cast Iron Grates

Every grilling Dad strives to get those picture perfect grill marks. Cast iron grates retain and transfer heat MUCH better than the standard grill grates. He’ll be rocking Bobby Flay’s socks off and become instagram-famous in no time with a sweet set of CrayCort Cast Iron Grates for his Weber Charcoal kettle. Craycort makes the best cast iron options for Webers, Big Green Eggs and Primo grills. Dad doesn’t use charcoal? LAME. Upgrade his poser gas grill with some Mangrates.

#2 Maverick 732 Remote Thermometer

This is THE go-to remote thermometer for low and slow bbq and indirect grilling (roasting). If your Dad is smoking butts (bbq term alert), he needs one of these. He can sit inside drinking his beer, knowing precisely what the temp of his pit and his meat are. Set alarms to go off when the pit gets too hot or too cold, or when the meat reaches a desired temperature. This is one of my essential BBQ tools.

#1 Thermapen

If I had to choose just ONE ‘gadget’ to go along with my collection of grills and smokers – it would be the Thermoworks Thermapen. Its ultra thin probe slips effortlessly into a piece of meat without leaving a gaping drain hole and it outputs an accurate temperature reading within 2 seconds. Sure it’s “manly” to accurately poke test steaks and burgers – but there’s no shame in salmonella prevention. This is the best instant read thermometer on the market. NONE of the cheaper alternatives come close to the Thermapen. My thermapen gets used several times per week. I would cry manly tears if I were to lose it.

No matter the gift – at least get your Dad a card. Write a little note in it and tell him that he matters. Even if you do end up buying him some stupid talking thermometer or a water powered grill brush – he’ll appreciate the effort as long as you attach a little note :)

Author Troy Redington is an avid outdoor cooker, grill collector, and bbq snob. He’s the founder of a popular Weber Grill forums .

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