#67 of Our Black Friday Countdown: Visions of Sugar Plums?

There are 67 days until Black Friday 2011 and we’re counting them down with money saving and holiday shopping tips.

Today’s Tip:

Visions of Sugar Plums? Yea Right…

So I’ve got 3 kids, and I’m gonna tell you, they’ve never had visions of sugar plums dancing in their heads on Christmas Eve. They’re great kids and I wouldn’t classify them as picky by any means, but they do each have a style that’s all their own, even from a young age.

My 3 year old is already asking me if Santa is going to bring him Legos and some Hot Wheels Wall Tracks. And my girls, a tween and a teen, have got a list of things they want from Aeropostale and Abercrombie and Fitch. And while they’ve made a list that consists of hoodies sweatshrits, pajama bottoms, jeans, and cami’s, if “Mom” or “Dad” picks ’em out, you know they won’t be right. How frustrating is that?

And don’t you just hate getting those phone calls from Aunts, and Grandmas asking what they kids want for Christmas? There’s nothing better than being in the middle of fixing dinner with something boiling over on the stove while you try to desperately think, on the spot, what to suggest that will be an item the kids want in a price range that’s appropriate.

So to spare myself the misery, and save my self some money, over the next few weeks I’ll be gathering ideas from the kids, letting them browse their favorite stores online, bookmarking the items the like. That way when Grandma asks for what to get them, I can send her a link (through FatWallet of course) to exactly what the kids want, and I know what to shop for, and can grab it when the price is right!

This year, there will be no more “But mom, do I have to wear it?” from the girls or toys collecting dust because they aren’t age appropriate for my son! :)

66 Tips to Go! :) Please feel free to share any black Friday countdown ideas you have and any topics you’d like me to touch upon in the comments below.

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