7 Cheap Ideas for a World Series Watching Party

This upcoming week marks the 109th MLB World Series. Now let’s say you’re a life-long baseball fan, like the kind our FatWallet team encountered cheering on the Cardinals in a St. Louis bar at FinCon. Or you’re someone who wants to host a party around your brand-spanking new TV that you bought here, but you don’t want to spend a ton of money to enjoy the game with your pals…

I present to you 7 (in honor of the possible seven games that can be played in a World Series) ways to have the greatest World Series watching party ever on a budget!

1. Home and Away Seating

Have your guests dress in their best baseball fan gear and divide your living room in two sides, one for the Cardinals and one for the Red Sox. Some leeway in the middle can be left for the undecided or those who don’t know much at all about baseball.

If you have any foam fingers, now’s the time to get them out.

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2. Make a concessions stand table for your game day snacks:

The great thing about ball park themed foods is they’re pretty easy to make and cheap to buy – from hot dogs to peanuts to bubblegum, you won’t have to spend a lot to make your living room table look like a booth at Fenway Park.

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Image source: Blog529

Use your coffee mug holder as a swanky pretzel tower.

3. Play Guess Who You Are

Make name tags of current players, coaches, and mascots of the two teams which guests pin to their backs. Then, guests must guess who they are by asking others questions (i.e. am I a pitcher, did I use to play for the Angels, etc).

4. The game is going to have a 7th Inning Stretch – so should you!

Join in on the simple Dizzy Bat game. All you need is a bat and some soft ground. Place the bat so one end is on the ground, then have the player place their forehead on the other end. Let them spin around the bat ten times, then they have to walk in a straight line! Variations include: the player trying to hit a baseball after spinning, or two people spinning at the same time and then having to run to a finish line. This game is fun for kids and adults.

Image source: Mark6Mauno

5. Create paper baseballs that guests can write score predictions on.

At the beginning of the game, have each person guess how many runs each team will get (e.g. 4-2, Cardinals win). The best guess gets a prize (Cracker Jacks, anyone?) at the end of the game! All you need is white card stock, red permanent marker, and a coaster as a perfect circle stencil to make your awesome baseball tags.

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6. Try to build the Ultimate Pop/Beer Can Pyramid.

This is a simple one that you can do throughout the game – gather the cans you finish off and join them together to make a joint masterpiece.

If you manage to have guests who support different teams, make it a competition to see which team can do better.

Image Source: gearfuse.com

Can you do better, Cardinals?! Can you??

7. Give your party a Sweet Finish

This Cracker Jack Caramel Sundae Recipe is a great way to celebrate baseball at its finest.

Image Source: MyRecipes

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Tell us in the comments below who YOU are rooting for this year!

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