7 Creative DIY Projects to Reuse Your Old Valentine’s Day Flowers

Valentines day


Giving flowers has been a longstanding tradition to show your loved ones that you care. Valentine’s Day means that many people will be doing just that. Unfortunately, flowers don’t last.

Instead of throwing those flowers away when they start to wilt, why not repurpose them in ways that can last a lifetime? Make use of the vibrant colors of your roses or other flowers, and get a greater bang for your buck by creating something original and memorable.

Happy crafting!

DIY Crafts with Pressed Flowers

Pressing flowers is easy. You don’t need fancy tools, you just need a heavy weight and some patience.

Pressed Flower Cards

Valentines day

This craft from Longwood Gardens is a simple way to make original and homemade cards for a variety of occasions. It’s cheap and easy and something the recipient will love.

Framed Pressed Flower Art

Valentines day

Give your flowers another chance to stand out as a piece of art with this very easy guide from This Fashion is Mine.

Decoupaged Pressed Flowers

Valentines day

Use mod podge, like in this guide from Red Ted Art, to attach your pressed flowers to glasses, vases, or other surfaces to add a creative touch to an existing piece.

DIY Crafts with Dried Flowers

Hang flowers upside down to dry them in a dark, dry place to repurpose them!

Dried Flower Wreath

Valentines day

Get creative with floral arrangements with this guide from With a Grateful Prayer and a Thankful Heart to make a new decorative wreath from dried out flowers.

Dried Flower Potpourri

Valentines day


This guide from Country Farm Lifestyles is perfect for flowers that might

no longer look very pretty, but still have a nice scent, reminding you of Valentine’s Day long after it’s gone.

DIY Crafts with Petals

Have some petals fallen off your flowers? Don’t throw them away — reuse them!

Rose Petal Bath Bomb

Valentines day

Upgrade from sprinkling rose petals in the bathtub with this guide from HGTV Gardens to give your bath some extra embellishments to make you smell and feel great.

Flower Petal Paper

Valentines day

Make homemade paper with your petals with a guide from eHow to reuse old paper to create a fresh design.

Do you have other suggestions to bring a fresh life to your dying flowers? Let us know in the comments!

Additional Valentine’s Day Resources

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