7 Creative Ways to Wrap Gift Cards


Giving gift cards is one of the easiest gifts, but they are not as exciting to open as pretty packages tied up with string and can feel less personal than a gift you hunted for days to find and chose by hand.

They’re a great last minute gift, stocking stuffer, or hostess gift, but giving them in the plain old envelope or card does not give them justice. So we’ve rounded up a bunch of creative ways to wrap gift cards that will leave the recipient of your gifts feeling oh-so-special!

7 Simple Creative Ways to Wrap a Gift Card

  1. Tuck a gift card into a gift pillow box or make one out of a tube of cardboard from a paper towel roll and decorate it with ribbons, lace, greenery, and or jingle bells. Such cute examples from Ashely Ann Photography.com!
  • I love how Anne Klein from Wine & ReDesign.com themed a Home Depot gift certificate in a “toolbox” made from a wooden box, chalkboard paint, and twine. So cute and it turns a simple gift certificate into two gifts with it’s functional wrapping.You could also theme your wrapping with your gift card, like decorating a gift certificate to the sewing store by tucking it into a travel sewing kit and adorning it with a flexible tape measure and a pair of small scissors.
  • Similar to #1, you can turn your wrapping paper tubes into gift wrapping themselves. I love how this person on Pinterest turned this tube into Santa’s belly by wrapping it in red paper and giving it a belt and buckle. Would be fun to give your gift recipient some clues to hunt down their present tucked in the tree.
  • Carrie Higgins from MakingLemonadeBlog.com has a free and clever way to wrap up a Starbucks gift card in a coffee sleeve. This one is for her BFF and she’s adorned the back with “Totally Amazing BFF” boxes checked for her friend.Giving it inside of a cute mug filled with candies or inside an empty to-go cup would be fun too!
  • Tuck a gift card into a pocket from an old pair of jeans you scrounged from your donate pile. Go the extra mile and decorate it with a sprig of greens or berries like Brenda from deckthehalls-christmas.blogspot.com did!
  • Take the traditional gift card envelope and spice it up with pizzazz with the tips by Claire at srm-stickers.blogspot.com! She took a simple tag and added a decorated pocket to the front of it, tied on a ribbon, jingle bells and some labels. Super cute, super simple!
  • Snow globes are so hot, making this gift for the snow globe collector in your life! Tuck a gift card to his or her favorite store into a jar before adorning the lid with glitter and ornaments. The simple instructions can be found here at StudioCalicoOther fun and simple ways to wrap a gift card would be to lay it inside of a box with candy or a jar of cookies, frame it in a photo frame, tuck it into a container of mints, or stuff it into a small stocking or gift bag.If you’ve still got gifts to get on your list and you’re running out of time, don’t forget we’ve got a list of more than 100 FatWallet stores that offer cash back on gift cards and eGift cards!Happy holidays!

    :) Heather

    P.S. What other ideas do you have for wrapping gift cards?

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