7 Money Saving Tips For Your Backyard

Saving money this spring through your backyard! If you’re emerging from your house after this brutal winter and looking for ways to save some dough as you spruce up your outer living space, then you’ve come to the right place.

Here are some ideas that will make you environmentally-friendly, keep some cash in your pocket, and make for a fun hobby.


1. Rain Barrels

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Making your own rain barrel is as easy as finding an old plastic trash can or drum, and using any of the kits you can find only for $30 or less. Collect rain this spring and summer, and cut down on bills by using this for watering your plants, garden, and lawn!

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2. Vegetable Garden

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There are several pros to making your own vegetable garden. Pay $2 for tomato seeds and yield several pounds of tomatoes over the course of the summer. If you have a baby, make your own vegetable purees for them so you know exactly what they’re eating. Grow herbs so you don’t have to buy them from the store.

The list goes on and on! Save money when it comes to groceries and know what you’re eating by making a vegetable garden.

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3. Compost Bin

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Create your own compost and save money when it comes to buying soil. You’ll have a fertile, nutrient-rich batch with little effort! As an added plus, the amount of trash you create will lower, as most of your food waste will get to go into the compost bin.

Purchase an outdoor trash can from ACE Hardware and enjoy 2.5% cash back from FatWallet!

4. Put up a Clothesline

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Take advantage of that spring breeze and construct a clothesline in your backyard! Watch the energy savings roll in as you ditch the dryer for a more efficient way of drying your clothes.

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5. Make Mulch

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Make your own mulch by collecting leaves and twigs from your yard and going over it with a lawnmower. Once it’s shredded well, you have mulch!

6. Backyard Chickens

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If you’re adventurous… get some backyard chickens. Start-up costs could set you back a bit, and it will be time-consuming taking care of them. But there is the plus of free-range eggs that you can eat guilt-free! The Earthy Mama has some great money saving tips on backyard chickens.

7. Wait To Buy

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Gardening and landscaping tools get marked up around early spring and summer, because they know people will be buying them. So wait until late summer or autumn to get new tools for the upcoming year, and you will definitely save money! (Much like buying holiday wrapping paper when it goes on sale December 26th)

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