7 Things Not to Do When Going Grocery Shopping With Your Kids

Last week I was crunched for time to get ready for my son’s 5th birthday party. I didn’t work on Friday, so I decided after preschool, I would take the boys with me to do some coupon shopping and finish buying things for his party. This turned out to be a big mistake on my part. I ended up really stressing out as we made our way through the stores.

On our way home I came up with this list of things you should NOT do when grocery shopping with your children.

  1. Do not take hungry children to grocery shop. They will whine and complain the entire time you are there. Instead, feed them before you shop. Maybe you will get lucky and they will fall asleep in the shopping cart which will allow for more time in the store.

  2. Do not take children grocery shopping at naptime. This will equal very cranky children and one stressed out mama. Instead, try to shop first thing in the morning when you can.
  3. Don’t forget to have everyone use the bathroom before leaving home or first thing when you get to the store. It never fails, that I’ll be halfway through the store, and someone will have to pee.
  4. Do not expect them to behave for long periods of time in the store. If you can, limit your time in each store to less than 30 minutes. This may be stretching it a bit at times.
  5. Don’t forget things like Sippy cups, snacks, and toys. Someone will always be thirsty or hungry or need something to play with as you make your way through the store.
  6. Do not plan your weekly menu as you are browsing the aisles of the supermarket. Have your list ready before you hit the stores, so you can get in and get out in as little time as possible
  7. Don’t lose your cool. It may stress you out even more as you try to navigate through the store (it does me!). My kids also tend to act up more if they know that I’m mad.

These may seem like “no brainer” tips for taking your kids shopping with you, but I’m sure we’ve all been one of “those parents” whose kids are screaming or acting up in the store while mom or dad tries to shop. It’s not fun at all, especially when people start to stare at “those parents.” Next time I’ll either shop by myself, or remember what I should not do BEFORE I take my boys into the store.

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