7 Unique Ideas for Classroom Valentines

classroom valentines


It’s that time of year again, where parents everywhere have to start thinking about what kind of valentines their kid will be taking with them to give to the rest of the class.

Some years it can be as simple at buying a 24-pack of Spongebob foldable Valentines and being done with it. But if you and your child are thinking of getting a little more creative this year, we at FatWallet have come up with some crafty cute ideas that kids will love! (You could even do some of these for your workplace or as party favors.)


Need more help for Valentine’s Day?

Ideas for Classroom Valentines:

1. Hershey Nugget Mailbox

valentines day

This idea comes from Gina at Gigi’s Creative Designs. Tiny and chocolate-y, these are easy to make Valentines that are sure to be unique in the classroom!

2. Love Potion Number 9

valentines day

Amy at Positively Splendid came up with this craft which uses water and kool-aid. Caution: may cause Becky to finally develop a crush on Tom.

3. Candy Airplanes

valentines day

This next idea is easier than it looks. From Spoonful.com comes directions to make an edible aircraft! Send them to class and let imaginations fly.

4. Heart Pie Pops

valentines day

For you crafty bakers out there! If you’re look for a homemade treat, these pies from Cyd at The Sweetest Occasion are just right!

5. Felt Fortune Cookies

valentines day

If you feel like candy is overrated, here’s a non-edible valentine that is just as sweet. Wonder Forest has a craft for Valentine’s Day Felt Fortune Cookies! The sample messages may not be exactly fit for classmates, but you and your child can come up with your own fortunes. Easy to make and original, these “cookies” are one of my favorite ideas.

6. Super Valentines

valentines day

For the SUPER parent! The capes and masks are printable, so all you need is cardstock and Sally’s favorite lollipop. Take Valentine’s Day to heroic heights!

7. Homemade Conversation Hearts

valentines day

Let your kid write their own messages on this homemade version of classic candy hearts (recipe by Jessie on Serious Eats). The messages in this example are pretty sassy, so make sure to use discretion in what’s being written to avoid making some 3rd grader cry.

Any other Valentine tips?

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