7 Unique Tips to Save Money on Gifts

Most often than not people find it very difficult to select the right gift for their loved ones which can be both exquisite yet cheap. You may happen to buy gifts that are worth a possession but if it is costly you may feel the pangs sometime after maintaining your monthly expenses. Moreover, its not just birthdays and Christmas when you need to shell out a huge amount of money on gifts. You also have social events like weddings, anniversaries, christenings etc for which you need to be prepared.

It is very important that you do not overspend your expenses while buying a single gift. Instead you can think of some unique ways that can help you get the right gift each time without taxing your finances.

Mentioned below are some of the ways which can help you find a gift and also save a few dollars in the process:

  1. Use your creative skills: If you have good creative skills why not make good use of them? You can actually use your designing and creative skills to give a complete makeover to a simple gift and make it more attractive. You can also design some fun craft items like these owl hats to give your gift a personalized feel.
  2. Try to mix and match: Though it is a term often used for clothes, it is also quite fitting for gifts. By the mix and match processes you can buy a gift at reasonable price and then add something trendy and stylish to go along with it. For example, if it is a dress material, you can present matching accessories like belts or buttons to go along with it. Try out something trendy like this cute crochet headband to go with fashionable attires. It will be unique and at the same time creative.
  3. Frame a memorable picture: If you have any photographs of the person you are giving the gift to, then it would be a great idea to frame those and present them as a gift with colorful wrappings. These kinds of gifts are also considered best for recreating the past memories by a little personalized touch.
  4. Give assorted gift items: A simple yet delightful way to make your gifts unique is to make a collage with certain assorted gift items brought at affordable prices. Or you may simply make it more creative by writing a cute note for every item to make it more personalized. A simple example can be a jar filled with different types of candies with a note inscribed on each of the chocolates. You can easily make it by taking a clean glass jar and filling it with homemade candies. Decorate the outside of the jar with colorful papers or scrapbooking stuff. Take a look at this jar of love notes found on Pinterest. Isn’t it pretty?
  5. Buy in bulk during offers: You would need to buy gifts all through the year for different occasions. So it would not be a bad idea if you buy them in advance when you can get good offers or discounts. Buying in bulk will save you a lot more than what you could have saved if you had bought them individually.
  6. Check out online deals: Nowadays with so many websites offering discounts and offer deals on gift items you can afford to get gifts that suit your budget exactly. You can get gift card on Ebay that is just perfect as gifts. The person can get the things of his/her own choice with it. The deals offered are sometimes better than those available in the market. The best part is that you do not have to go out to get them. You can have them delivered by just ordering for it sitting within the comforts of your home.
  7. Use rewards and coupons effectively: If you are entitled to any credit card rewards program or have any coupons for shopping you can use them to purchase gifts. If you use your credit cards effectively throughout the year you will accumulate some points which you can use to buy gifts. You can also convert your reward points into gift cards which you can offer as gifts to your loved ones. It will allow them to have the gift that they want without costing you any extra money.

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Author bio: Avik Sarkar is a financial blogger and advisor with EasyFinance.com. He helps people to get rid of their financial problem by helping them with expert saving and budgeting tips for various occasions.

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