8 Irish Mixed Drinks That Will Have You Seeing Leprechauns

St. Patrick's Day drinks

St. Patrick’s Day is fast approaching, and perhaps you want to save a little bit of money by throwing a party or celebrating at home this year. No problem! Avoid crowded bars and getting elbowed in the ribs by making your own Irish-themed drinks.

If you want something fancier than just a glass of Guinness or Magners Cider, then you’ve come to the right place. I’ve compiled a list of cocktails you can concoct yourself! Caution: Not all of these drinks are authentic Irish. Some of them are just green, and therefore fall under the category of appropriate St. Paddy’s Day drinks.

And remember, you can always experiment for yourself. When I was in Dublin, I asked the bartender for a “fruity” drink, and he gave me a glass of whiskey with cranberry juice. So really, anything goes, especially if you’ve got whiskey on hand.

Happy (Responsible) Drinking! It’s very Irish to hold your alcohol. It’s not very Irish to upchuck all over your Cousin Eddy’s new loafers.

1. The Irish Car Bomb

st. patrick's day

Recipe on Liquor.com

Dunk a shotglass full of whiskey and Baileys into your glass of Guinness, and get your dose of Irish liquor all in one delicious drink!

2. Pot O Gold

st. patrick's day

Recipe on Celebrations.com

You don’t have to catch a leprechaun this St. Patrick’s Day to get your gold at the end of the rainbow. All you need is some ginger ale, whiskey, sugar, and orange – and you’re sure to find your treasure.

3. Irish Coffee

st. patrick's day

Recipe on Chow.com

Time to wake up and smell the Irish Coffee. You’ll need whiskey, brown sugar, and whipped cream. And, of course, coffee.


4. Irish Flag

st. patrick's day

Recipe on Agfg.com.au

Never forget what the Irish flag looks like again. Equal parts green crème de menthe, Irish cream liqueur, and Grand Marnier.



5. Tea Toddy

st. patrick's day

Recipe on Tasteofhome.com

If we’re going to have a coffee drink, there certainly has to be a recipe for tea, as it is an equally important beverage across the pond. Get really Irish and slip some cream liqueur and whiskey into your Earl Grey.


6. Green Beer

st. patrick's day

Recipe on Organicauthority.com

The link provided here is to make your beer green through natural means. However, you could always use a drop or two of green food coloring.

7. Irish Black Russian Recipe

st. patrick's day

Recipe on Foodviva.com

Oh yes, the nationalities are mixing now. This is an Irish spin on a Black Russian. It takes vodka, Kahlua, Coca-Cola and Guinness. That’s right, mix your Coke and your beer, and go where few Americans have gone before.

8. The Spicy Leprechaun

st. patrick's day

Recipe on DailyNoff.com

Jazz up your cocktail with Fireball, Creme de Menthe, and Red Hots. Spicy!

How are you celebrating St. Patrick’s Day? Comment Below!

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