8 Unique Easter Egg Decorating Ideas

It’s the time of the year when egg sales go up 420% (…that’s a made up statistic)! It’s a classic tradition of boiling and dunking, but solid colored eggs are for amateurs. This year get your creativity hopping and take the classic to the next level. We’re talking accessories, patterns, the works! You can hard-boil your eggs, blow our your eggs, or even get away with paper mached or wooden eggs in some cases. To challenge your views on the classic Easter eggs, here are some unique twists to the egg dyeing tradition!

Happy Easter!

Chalkboard Easter Eggs

chalk eggs

Cover eggs with chalkboard paint and draw on designs with chalk. You can wipe them off and try new designs, making it impossible to mess up! The contrasting colors can make for a bold statement. Oleander+Palm has a fantastic example of blackboard Easter eggs.

Washi Taped Easter Eggs

Taped eggs

Washi tape can provide you an easy way to add a creative design without the mess. Cut strips in unique shapes and stick them on the eggs. Lovely Indeed has a guide and examples to get you started.

Tattooed Easter Eggs

tattoo easter eggs

This simple decorating tip requires very little preparation and cleanup. Just boil the eggs and then apply a temporary tattoo. Uncommon Designs has examples of the popping colors and details!

Permanent Markered Easter Eggs

sharpie eggs

Use a fine-tipped permanent maker and draw your designs on eggs. Go with a bold black on white eggs, or dye the eggs and use a colored marker. Obviously Sweet shows that you don’t need strong drawing skills to have a strong effect.

Make your eggs sparkle.

glitter eggs

The Girl. Inspired. has a guide to putting glitter on eggs in different patterns to add an elegant appearance to your eggs.

Speckled Easter EggsGlitter Easter Eggs

spekled eggs

Splatter your dyed eggs with paint to give them a speckled appearance with this guide from Poofy Cheeks!

Nail Polished Marbled Easter Eggs

nail polish eggs

Nail polish isn’t just for your nails anymore. Henry Happened shows you how to polish your Easter eggs with an awesome swirled look.

Chocolate Filled Easter Eggs

Chocolate Eggs_l

It may be a bit of work, but the appearance can make it worth it. Martha Stewart has a guide to make your eggs delicious.

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Do you have any other unique Easter egg decorating tips? Show off your work in the comments section below!

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