9 Money-Saving Mobile Phone Apps

What is the point of the 21st century if you can’t use the latest technological developments to benefit your everyday life?

One of the main benefits of the evolution of technology is it gives us the power to do exactly what we want. It enables people to be creative and productive. And now it can help you save money. Mobiles such as iPhones, Blackberry’s or Androids are not just useful for making calls. They can also be an integral part of your cost cutting and saving methods.

For everyone who endeavors to be frugal or at least relates to a time when they had to, here is a compiled list of 9 mobile apps that will help you, and hopefully me, save money.

  1. RedLaser (available on iPhone and Android)

    If you have ever wondered if the item you are about to buy is cheaper elsewhere, then this is the app for you. Say goodbye to, “I can’t be bothered to spend a couple of hours looking around in order to save $10.” This app is so simple, all you need to do is use your phone camera to capture the product’s barcode and then wait. No running around hunting for bargains. The app does that for you. Experience shows that it works best on items that are popular and widely available in numerous shops.

  2. Gasbuddy (available on iPhone and Android)

    This is a handy little app that shows you the gas stations with the lowest price, based on your location. So next time you are about to take the car out to fill up, take a moment to load up the app and see what today’s gas prices are. Or if you are already out, the app displays a map which directs you when you don’t know where to find the gas stations. As my mother always said, look after the pennies and they will look after the pounds (roughly translated into cents and dollars). Genius.

  3. ATM Hunter (available on Android and iPhone)

    How many times have you needed money and are forced to pay the extra couple of dollars to withdraw your own cash out of the ATM machine? This app makes sound financial cents – get it? Anyway, this free app uses your geographic location to display a list of banks and ATMs that do not charge you extra for withdrawing money. The app even provides a map for you, perfect if you are on vacation or are not familiar with the local area.

  4. Kids Eat Free (available on Android)

    This is a mobile app every family should own, especially if you have a large family with an appetite. Of course, an insatiable appetite is the case for every growing kid. This app helps by finding nearby restaurants that have special kids’ offers (kids eat free and cheap deals). Over the course of a year, this could potentially save you well into the hundreds of dollars.

  5. Mint Finance (available on iPhone and Android)

    Ever fancied a financial assistant that you can keep in your pocket? The Mint mobile application ensures that managing your money doesn’t interfere with your life. By simply and securely entering information such as savings accounts, loan repayments and other creditors and debtors you can set budgets and track expenses. The great thing is that the app sends you alerts when you overspend and lets you manage your accounts effectively.

    Viber (available on iPhone and Android app on the way)

    Similar to Skype, Viber is an iPhone app that offers free calls over 3G and Wi-Fi between parties that both have the app downloaded. If you have a close network of friends or family that you call regularly, this is a great way to cut down on mobile charges and save money on a monthly basis.

    Make sure you keep an eye out for any news as Viber is planning to offer free SMS.

  6. Nosey Parker (available for iPhone, Android, and BlackBerry)

    Technology is at its best when it identifies common everyday problems and offers solutions. This is why Nosey Parker is so handy – it identifies where you can park, and more importantly, where it is FREE. This is especially valuable if you travel a lot for business or pleasure and find it hard locating parking spaces in new cities or states.

  7. Craig’s List Notification (available for iPhone and Blackberry)

    Everybody loves Craigslist. It is a great way to save money on household equipment ranging from a 2-seater sofa to a fridge. The only problem is all the good products get snapped up quickly. By downloading this app, you can receive notifications on every product in which you have shown an interest – genius.

  8. MyCoupons & MobiQpons (available for iPhone, Android, and BlackBerry)

    Have you ever seen coupon in the paper, cut it out, gone to collect your 20% off only to reach the shop and realize you have forgot it on the kitchen table? If so, then download this app now. These coupons are scanned directly from your phone, meaning you will never miss out again. This convenient app features coupons for stores in your location and you can even save particular stores as favorites to be kept up to date with the latest offers.

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