A Guide to Super Bowl XLVII, Ads and Apps for Your Smartphone and Tablet

The Super Bowl brings us some of the best TV commercials we see all year long. With an estimated 110+ million viewers, it’s no wonder advertisers go all in to try and to keep us watching during game breaks. However, technology and social media is changing this marketing strategy, where pre-game launching of ads via Youtube arttract millions of views from tablet and smartphone users. Mobile football fans are changing the way the Super Bowl, and advertising, is viewed (see Mashable story).

Samsung’s Super Bowl XLVI ad went live days before the game in 2012, featuring their Galaxy S II users teasing Apple iPhone lovers while in line for a new release…clever. The ad was a hit online and during the game. But not all advertisers are climbing onboard for the early launch, electing to put out teasers and build anticipation for the live game commercials (tradition has it’s rewards, too).

Smartphone and tablet users can stream the game live and follow most aspects of this historical “Harbaughnian” clash of 49ers and Ravens using these resources.

NFL Mobile App for watching the game live and for free, anywhere on iOS or Android.
Super Bowl XLVII Guide is the insider’s app to what’s going on in and around the game in New Orleans. Stealth, informative, but more useful for those in attendance. FREE
Baltimore Ravens Mobile App FREE
San Francisco 49ers Gameday Live App FREE
Super Ads-Super Bowl Commercials App FREE
Super Bowl Winner/Trivia App FREE

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NFL.com provides the most comprehensive game coverage, through full streaming of the game and you can follow their Game Center for live play-by-play stats, game news and discussion with other fans and social media streams.
CBSSports.com will broadcast live online from 11am ET pre-game through post game.
2013 Super Bowl Ads: Watch and rate this year’s ads as they happen
2012 Super Bowl Ads: Watch last year’s Super Bowl ads at Mashable.

As Volkswagon is saying in their early ad release, “Get Happy” and take advantage of all the awesome tools and channels that allow us to experience all the spectacle leading up to this glorious American sports holiday.

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