A not-so-nerdy Harry Potter Deathly Hallows Review

I’m far from a Harry Potter geek. In fact, I probably wouldn’t even call myself a fan. I liked the first couple movies, but the last couple were a little confusing and borderline annoying.

My daughter, however, is a fan. She even has some Gryffindor attire – even though I’m pretty sure the Sorting Hat would place her in HufflePuff. I gladly attended the 12:04 viewing of the latest movie with her last night. She didn’t dress up as Harry, or even wear her branded attire, which greatly reduced the likelihood of her getting lost in the crowd of other Pot-heads wearing robes and carrying sticks.

There was one guy wearing a giant Super Mario ToadStool hat. It was at least 3 feet in diameter. I don’t recall Toadstool ever having a cameo in any of the Harry Potter movies, but maybe this guy knows something I don’t. Or maybe he had no Harry Potter wardrobe and was in desperate need of attention.

Now on the to movie. I had relatively low expectations. I really expected to not understand a lot of it, and to be in constant confusion as to who all the characters are. These are expectations caused by the last couple of movies and their flood of new characters and the switching of their good/evil roles.

I didn’t plan on asking questions during the movie – as movie talkers really deserve to have an eat slugs curse cast upon them. Luckily for me, the characters were always presented in a way that didn’t cause mass confusion – or if really was unclear who the heck they were…it didn’t really matter because their actions or lines explained which side they were on.

I laughed, several times – which was completely unexpected. Other people in the theater laughed a lot more. Apparently there were a lot of jokes that are funny if you’ve read the books or seen all of the movies several times. I didn’t mind.

The subtle humor in the relationship spats between Ron and Hermoine, and the third-wheel Harry were smile-worthy. The personality of each character really shines through and starts to bloom.

The special effects and magical treats were certainly acceptable, and probably worth seeing on the big-screen (assuming someone with a giant pointy wizard hat doesn’t sit in front of you.)

Overall, the experience was good – aside from being stuck in parking lot traffic for 20 minutes. The movie was actually good. I’d gladly go see it again.

I never thought I’d say this – but I’m actually kind of excited for the next, and final one to come out.

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