Additional Driving Costs to Budget For

Running a car can be expensive business; so many people are forced to sell their cars due to the current economic climate, which has caused many families to struggle financially. If you’re new to driving or thinking of learning to drive, then here are a few expenses to include in your budgeting that you may initially overlook.

Driving Offenses

Many drivers go with the optimistic mental attitude that they won’t make mistakes when driving, but being charged with a motoring offense doesn’t necessarily mean you’re a bad driver. So many people have found themselves with speeding tickets. Just traveling a few miles per hour over the speed limit can land you with a fine. If you do get accused of a motoring offense that you believe you haven’t committed you can hire a driving offense solicitor to help you develop a case and avoid paying the fine.

Some motoring offenses require you to re-take your driving test before being allowed back behind the wheel. Not only is this a major setback for any driver, but paying to re-take the test can really cause further financial strain; especially for those who are already struggling.

Parking Fines

They’re possibly one of the most despised people in society, but parking in prohibited zones can result in you having to deal with those much-hated traffic wardens. Being in a hurry can cause you to think “If I just park here for a second I probably won’t get caught”, but before you take the gamble consider whether your budget can cope with the additional expenditure a parking ticket incurs. In particularly busy areas, there’s a high chance a traffic warden is lurking just around the corner…

Rising Fuel Costs

Although you will have most likely accounted for fuel costs when drawing up a budget for running a car, you may not have accounted for increases in fuel prices. Fuel tends to jump up in price quite often, and even a slight inflation can affect drivers who use their car for day-to-day life. Look out for fuel coupons; many supermarkets provide you with money off fuel vouchers if you spend over a certain amount on your shopping. It’s worth making savings wherever possible!

Toll Roads

Those whose daily commute involves passing through city centres or along busy highways may find that toll roads are burning a hole in their pockets. Whilst toll road costs aren’t generally high, paying the fee on a daily basis can soon amount to a considerably large expenditure. Consider taking different routes to avoid these costs or even take public transport if the alternative route isn’t feasible. With fuel costs and toll roads you may find public transport a cheaper option.

Many people say that their greatest achievement in life was learning to drive, and whilst driving can be extremely convenient there are hidden costs which need to be accounted for when budgeting. Always make sure you have money saved for a rainy day, cars seem to have minds of their own – who’s to know when yours might break down?

This guest post was written by Stephanie Staszko who enjoys saving money wherever possible and has been truly reeled in by the coupon craze! Drop her a line on Twitter @StephStaz!

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