April Fools Pranks: Easy and Harmless Office Practical Jokes

april fools pranksWe can’t all be Jim from The Office, who seemed to be able to come up with amazing (borderline mean) office pranks to pull on coworkers at the drop of a hat. It can be difficult to know what is appropriate for pranks with people you work with. Heck, it can be difficult for anyone you know.

Growing up my mom had a tub of plain cheerios with a blue top, and a tub of honey-nut cheerios with a green top. For one particular April Fools, I changed the tops of the tubs. Turns out this made my mom very angry, and it was not considered a good April Fools joke.

So ultimately, performing a prank on April Fools day is about knowing your audience and using your own discretion!

But here are some suggestions.


Our Favorite April Fools Pranks:

“Oh No” Oreos

Take the cream out of some Oreos, and fill them with toothpaste instead. You could even say they’re mint-flavored (that is a thing). Then, serve them up as an April Fool’s Day treat. Fairly harmless, but people might not ever touch any baked goods you bring in again.

Drive Them Up The Wall

Take an extra panel from one cubicle and add it to the cubicle of the coworker being pranked, so that it has four walls and no way to enter. Good for a confusing moment, and easy to disassemble!

Message from Mr. Lee Muhr

While your coworker or boss is gone from their desk, leave a message saying they missed a call from someone like “Mr. Lee Muhr”. Then, give them a number to a zoo! The Blank Park Zoo from Des Moines, Iowa is in on the practical joke. They have different numbers and names you can write down:

  • Ms. Diane Osaurus, 515-974-2670
  • Mr. Lee Muhr, 515-974-2671
  • Ms. Cassie Warrie, 515-974-2672
  • Mr. Al Gator, 515-974-2673

The voicemail greetings are very cute.

The Usual Suspect

This is one of the easy pranks. Don’t actually do anything, but make your coworkers suspicious. Hint before April 1st that you’re planning an epic prank. Keep people on their feet all day with ominous phrases like “Be careful in the bathroom” and “I got this cupcake just for you.” Volunteer to make them coffee and hang around their computer so they discover you when they come back from a break. Paranoia is always funny.

Foiled Again!

A classic. Wrap a person’s desks or things in foil, plastic wrap, or wrapping paper. Or cover all of it in post-it notes. It’s a little time-consuming, but the finished product is very impressive. Get a team together to complete this!

This happened once upon a time here at FatWallet, to Dean…

April Fools Day Prank

Poppin’ Good Time

Do you have a coworker who’s a complete airhead? Even if you don’t, this prank can be really fun. Fill their office or cubicle full of balloons! This also happened at FatWallet:

If you want to get even crazier, you could use packing peanuts.

Can You Handle It?

You might want to get someone’s approval before doing this. If the hinges on your fridge door are easily removed and put on, then switch them to the other size. But don’t move the handle! Sit back and watch as people try to pull on the handle that won’t budge.

Get Mouse-y

Yet another classic, and extremely simple to execute. When your coworker leaves her/his desk, place a piece of tape or a post-it note over the bottom of their mouse (extra points for writing April Fool’s Day on it!).

Or take the time to change the settings so that right and left clicking is switched.

If you want to get really creative, plug in a wireless mouse. Move it from afar and have them think their computer is possessed.

#1 Fan

Does your coworker dislike a certain celebrity or have a rival sports team? Deck their office space in pictures and decorations relating to whatever person or team you’ve picked! So if Jerry is a huge Red Sox fan, post pictures of the Yankees and appropriate memorabilia all over his desk. You can go as far as to change the background and screensaver of their computer.

Lights, Camera, Action!

One time here at FatWallet, people put a fake surveillance camera in the boss’s office. When he noticed it after changing into exercise clothes, he wasn’t very happy, but ended up being a good sport when he discovered it hadn’t filmed anything.

So again, discretion avised, but it is an idea!

Stapler in Jell-O

If you really want to emulate Jim, you could always put some office supply in a big pile of jell-o. Make sure it’s not an important thing, but maybe something like a stapler or scissors. There are instructions on how to do this properly!

Post-It Punchline

One employee here decorated her boss’s office with Post-It Notes and bean bag chairs. Joe talks fondly of finding every square inch of his office covered in notes with funny sayings on them. He found them entertaining and left them up for months.

Happy pranking!What’s your favorite April Fool’s Day office prank?

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