Are You Ready for Some Football? Big Game Party Planning in a Pinch

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As the holidays come to an end, there is one thing, and one thing only, that leaves us lingering with excitement… FOOTBALL PLAYOFFS! As one of the greatest American traditions, Sunday, February 3rd the nation will gather to celebrate the biggest game of the year with food, festivities and friends. Dwindling down to the last deciding weeks on which two teams will be participating in the “Big Game”, we begin plans for the annual football bash. In preparation for the big game, we’ve put together a list of affordable must-haves to create the best “Sunday Funday” of the year.

1. Budget List

Determine the maximum amount of money that you would like to invest in your football bash. There are many ways to keep under budget, so don’t worry if your budget seems low. Then make a list of all the expenditures that you know will be involved in organizing this celebration and estimate their costs. Don’t forget that a big screen television, food, ice, beverages and decorations are all a major part of any sports gathering . If your costs are already over budget, include your guests in the party preparations so that everyone is pitching in a little bit for a good time.

2. Big Screen TV

A football game party is always set up around the biggest HDTV available. As the game is the center of attention, we must ensure that everyone will have access to it during the party. If you don’t have a big screen, remember that projectors and home theater systems can be rented from companies like Rentex , ATS Rentals and Projector123 . You and your friends can pitch in to have the ultimate visual experience for the playoffs. Keep an eye out for great HDTV Deals too. Talk about bringing the game to your home! Provide enough seating around the game for your guests and move out any fragile items in the room, as we know that football fans can get rowdy.

3. Fabulous Finger Foods

Everyone loves grazing over the mouth-watering spread of classic game foods. The key is to create portable or bite-size munchies that your guests can bring over to where the game is being displayed. Aside from hot dogs and pizza, Sheila from eat2gather has created a site where fans can link up and share their favorite game day recipes. Think about barbecue chicken wings, guacamole , buffalo chicken dip, mini sandwiches and chocolate covered strawberries with iced laces to add to your delicious bites. If your budget won’t allow you to buy all the food, utilize printable coupons for the supermarket and/or divvy up the list of snacks with your guests. By giving them an idea of what to bring, you will ensure that your party won’t end up with 4 plates of cookies and no chips.

4. Booze and Beverages

What is the classic beverage of choice on Game Day?… Beer! The problem with proving beer on game day is that it can get expensive, especially if you are buying for lots of people. As so, you have two options: a) You can order a beer keg. Depending on the size of your party, you will want to order a regular, pony or mini keg. Remember that you will have to lift and transport the keg. The big ones weigh around 150 pounds, so make sure you have a spacious vehicle and some muscles to help with the pick up. Buying in bulk is always the best for your buck. b) If your guests don’t drink the same kind of beer or don’t want to hassle with purchasing a keg, you can always send out invitations including a BYOB (bring your own booze). This way, guests get to drink what they want, and the host is only responsible for providing water, soft drinks, lemonade or any other non-alcoholic beverages for their guests.

5. Game Day Decorations

Is everyone rooting for the same team? Your guests may or may not be for the opposing team, so best to find out where everyone stands before decorating. Team loyalty is big in football, so you should include decorations for everyone and not risk losing your guests to another party. There are many creative ways to decorate on a budget. First stop, hit up the local Dollar Store. Purchase your paper plates, napkins, plastic cups and a green tablecloth. Draw a football field on your green tablecloth with chalk or white electric tape so that your table becomes part of the party decor. Amy from tethered2home even demonstrates how you can create two miniature goal posts for each end of your “field”. Cover your snack table with loads of football themed foods and cut out team logos. Team colored balloons and streamers are affordable and can be hung all around the room to show off team spirit. And lastly, tell all your guests to wear their favorite team’s apparel!

Follow these guidelines to having a Game Day party worth remembering. Whether it’s for the game or just some good old fashion fun, it’s guaranteed that you won’t be the only one ready for some football!

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